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    Summer's in full swing and we have the quotes to prove it.

    Flip around our slideshow for the week of June 16, 2015 and see what tickled our fancy.

    Did your favorite quote make the list? If not, let us know what it was!

    1. You don't need any money! It's all done through the app.

    Ray and albert ray donovan
    Kidnapper: Where's the money?! Uber Driver: You don't need any money! It's all done through the app.

    2. Good, it's no fun if they don't make you work for it.

    Holly gets grilled power
    Angela: She came out of his apartment, it's personal. She is with Tommy, which makes her dangerous. She's not going to be a pushover....

    3. Compared to ants, we are a higher intelligence, doctor. And I'm guessing we must have seemed...

    Using minx the whispers
    Sean: Compared to ants, we are a higher intelligence, doctor. And I'm guessing we must have seemed pretty intriguing to them too, until...

    4. Is there not one square inch of my life that you haven't insinuated yourself into?

    Going public masters of sex
    Virginia: Is there not one square inch of my life that you haven't insinuated yourself into?

    5. That certainly would be the most expedient thing to do.

    A dangerous enemy the last ship
    Lt. Carlton Burk: Why are we wasting out time trying to cut it out of him? We should just throw him overboard. XO Mike Slattery: That...

    6. I don't think I could handle another one.

    Flack vest true detective
    Elliott: Excuse me. You have one of the largest auras I've ever seen. Green and black. It's been taking up this whole room. I just...I...
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    On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 5, Donovan's death is presented as a moral quandary. In reality, it is black and white. When a chimera threatens to eat your legs, it's okay to stop them.

    Donovan versus Stiles is predator versus prey. Stiles kills Donovan in self defense. Furthermore, Stiles releases the scaffolding to stop Donovan, not to kill him.

    intense Stiles

    So, we can add "accidental" on top of "self defense." Let's not forget, Donovan was hardly dealing with a full deck before the Dread Doctors made him a science project. Stiles gets a pass in my book.

    Stiles, however, reacts like he committed premeditated murder. It's baffling. If Stiles insists on a first degree murder charge, he needs to do a better job covering his tracks. Every time Stiles touched something in the library, I screamed, "Bloody fingerprints!" I could be watching too much CSI.

    Luckily, The Dread Doctors are far more adept at homicide, so they clean up the mess for Stiles. This is the point Stiles should inform Scott he accidentally killed Donovan while defending himself. Instead he lies, and Scott gives him a lecture on the chimera's innocence. 

    They're not the bad guys. They're the victims. We shouldn't be killing the people we're trying to save.


    Stiles lying to Scott about Donovan and Scott's "save the chimeras at all costs" attitude are convenient plot devices designed to force a wedge between these two brothers. It'd be easier to buy if it wasn't so ridiculous. 

    Since when is Scott not Stiles' first call? Since when is Scott unable to recognize obvious self defense? We're really supposed to believe if Stiles tells Scott the truth his response will be, "Sorry Stiles. You should have let Donovan eat your legs." 

    Come on. Scott's Alpha heart may be as pure as Aslan's, but he can recognize an accident when he sees one. I don't think Scott is so far down the higher road he rejects all logic.

    Not to mention, Scott is playing fast and loose with the truth and Kira. She asks him specifically to scan her with his "True Alpha" eyes. Instead of telling Kira she looks like a fiery version of Smokey the Bear, he lies. I'd be more comfortable with Scott perched on his high horse if he didn't lie to his girlfriend for no reason. 

    Kitsune problems are not the only issue on Kira's plate. She's still miffed Scott doesn't remember he said, "I love you." I'm Team Kira on this one.  

    Scott: You know Lydia use to pretend not to be smart.
    Kira: Our Lydia?
    Scott: And Stiles was the only one who knew.
    Kira: How?
    Scott: He paid attention. He listened to her. He remembered.

    Interestingly enough, it's while discussing Stiles' relationship with Lydia that Scott finally realizes what Kira is upset about. Fiery Smokey Bear problems notwithstanding. 

    Kira's kitsune powers are on the fritz, but Scott carries her to safety. She almost electrocutes him to death in the process. As he collapses to the ground, he tells Kira he meant what he said. That's certainly one way to say I'm sorry. Next time Scott, a bouquet of roses will more than suffice.

    It is Stiles relationship with Lydia that teaches Scott how to be a better boyfriend. Hmm...isn't Stiles Malia's boyfriend? They might not be a couple, but Stiles and Lydia certainly act like one. They care deeply for one another, worry for one another's safety, protect each other and argue like an old married couple. 

    Scott is right – Lydia and Stiles are pretty good together. However, it's different now. Stiles discovered a world outside of Lydia, and Lydia accepted who she truly is. They needed to grow as individuals before they could be together.  

    This is the trick with slow burn couples. They tend to check off the emotional components of a relationship before the physical ones. It's good – those are the couples who last.

    Malia is experiencing some self exploration herself. Malia remembers the Desert Wolf killed her family. She's carried the guilt of the accident for years. Malia will want answers from her biological mother. Despite his evil status, there are sparks between Malia and Theo. He's probably using Malia to get to Stiles, but she doesn't seem to mind the attention. It seems Stiles isn't the only one with conflicted feelings. 

    Teen Wolf Season 5 is setting up a love pentagon between Stiles, Malia, Lydia, Parrish and Theo. How the pairings shake out is anyone's guess, but smart money for the long run is on Lydia and Stiles. This slow burn will eventually spark.

    Before she dates anyone, Lydia needs to read The Dread Doctor's book. How is it possible they saw Valack without reading the book? Read the book Lydia. Now

    Everything that's happened. Everything that's gonna happen. It's our fault.


    Why? Because this is all the pack's fault. They awoke the Nemeton (for a really good reason, which escapes me now). Bottom line, all the supernatural creatures drawn to Beacon Hills, including the Dread Doctors, is because of the pack's actions.

    Lydia is right. It is their responsibility to fix it. Who ends up with who can wait.

    Watch Teen Wolf online and share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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    It's the end of Wayward Pines! Or is it...

    There was real data found on Proof, but was it right to keep it? People are terrified on Tyrant and Stitchers, but for completely different reasons, and Aria is scared on Pretty Little Liars.

    Find out what else was going down on the tube this week when you scroll through our Quotes of the Week!

    1. Yeah, I was never a fan of peppery.

    A prison attack zoo
    Abraham: I like this Chloe. She's, what do you say, peppery? Mitch: Yeah, I was never a fan of peppery.

    2. Socks? You let him wear socks? Do you WANT to be homeless?

    Face blind rizzoli and isles
    Angela: Socks? You let him wear socks? Do you WANT to be homeless?

    3. No problem. And I'm too smart to get caught. Prison is for assholes.

    Searching for proof power
    Holly: Listen, when you and Ghost are working, I want you to be careful, okay? I mean, if you ever got hurt or arrested, I don't know...

    4. Where's the fun in that?

    Arrested in italy hannibal
    Hannibal: Your people might have assassinated me in Florence, Mason. Mason: Where's the fun in that?

    5. None living.

    News about his family hell on wheels
    Eye-Patch: You don’t have many friends do you? Cullen: None living.

    6. If you can't at least be decent human males, at least be funnier.

    Protecting charmain aquarius
    Hodiak: If you can't at least be decent human males, at least be funnier.
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  • 07/25/15--08:00: 11 Sexy Men of Summer TV
  • Why head to the beach this summer? You can turn on your television, and find no shortage of heat from the men starring on some of our favorite summertime shows! 

    We've got a werewolf, a zoologist, a lawyer, astronauts and more making our temperatures rise.

    Turn up your air conditioners and cool down while checking out just a few of the sexiest men of summer TV! 

    1. Tyler Posey, Teen Wolf

    Tyler posey teen wolf
    Whether he's got puppy-eyes or shades of red, Scott McCall has the market cornered on being a hot werewolf. With a smile that will make you blush, animal instincts that make you tingly, and an intensity that you will melt over, Scott is easily swoon-worthy. Tyler Posey might only be a werewolf on television, but there's no lack of folks who wouldn't mind being bit by this yummy Alpha.

    2. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Extant

    Jeffrey dean morgan extant
    He's steaming up televisions around the world this summer as JD RIchter on Extant, a bounty-hunter cop who's helping Molly investigate unusual pregnancies, and we couldn't be happier. It's been far too long since Jeffrey Dean Morgan was on our TV screens! No one does mysterious and sexy quite like him.

    3. James Wolk, Zoo

    The zoologist
    Who knew that zoologists were so dreamy? On Zoo, Jackson Oz is showing us that there's something enticing about a man who knows nearly everything about animals, and can also save you from a pack of lions in the wilderness. We definitely wouldn't mind a summertime safari date with James Wolk!

    4. Christian Slater, Mr. Robot

    Christian slater mr robot
    Mr. Robot is the leader of fsociety, a team of hackers looking for a digital revolution. Now that he's the bad boy of the computer world, Christian Slater is showing everyone that being a tech whiz is extremely appealing, and also that he's just as striking as he was 30 years ago.

    5. Liev Schreiber, Ray Donovan

    Liev schreiber ray donovan
    Ray Donovan is a problem solver, fixing Hollywood's problems while trying to keep his own at bay. Everyone loves a good guy with a dark side hiding underneath the surface. Even after taking a beating (or giving one out), Liev Schrieber still leaves us breathless on the edge of our seats... this irresistable fixer can fix us any day!

    6. Gabriel Macht, Suits

    Patrick j adams suits
    Harvey Specter makes the law enthralling without even breaking a sweat. He's cutthroat, will do anything for a win, and closes cases with style and charisma. He's smooth, intelligent and pretty easy on the eyes. And as for Garbiel Macht's sexy television wardrobe? Come on... nothing suits him better than those suits.
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    Ah, yes, read the Dread Doctors book to remember your time when you weren't with the Dread Doctors.

    On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 6, the pack held a book club meeting for the Dread Doctors book, something they should maybe do for the actual required reading that they have to help make sure they all pass English. The book club wasn't really a success since there weren't any snacks prepared and everyone fell asleep.

    Teen Wolf Still

    Either the book was supposed to put everyone (minus Theo who already is BFFs with the Dread Doctors) to sleep, or they all finally realized that they have terrible sleeping schedules.

    It's a miracle they are all still functioning. Aside from the whole question of whether the sleeping was an intentional side effect or not, the Dread Doctors book and how it functions is still a bit of a mystery.

    Dr. Valack and his super creepy third eye told Lydia and Stiles to read the book to remember their previous encounters with the Dread Doctors. He wrote it to find other people like him who had met the Dread Doctors before. Okay, so if you read the book but had never met them before, it makes sense that the book wouldn't affect you at all, right?

    Wrong. Stiles and Scott's uncovered memories had nothing to do with the Dread Doctors. They both remembered painful experiences, ones that their subconscious probably buried deep down, but the Dread Doctors weren't involved. They were some really heartbreaking and terrifying memories though. As much as I always wanted to meet Stiles' mom, I did not ask for this painful introduction.

    Maybe the book likes to cause people pain, and by reading it, you also somehow alert the Dread Doctor's to your existence. It would explain why they showed up at the hospital at the end. Honestly, this book confuses me. Do you have any ideas as to why neither Stiles nor Scott's memories had anything to do with the Dread Doctors?

    If I read they book, why don't I have the full memory of my experience with them?


    Lydia thought she had met the Dread Doctors before, but after reading the book, she changed her theory. The memories weren't her own because apparently banshees can remember other people's memories or tap into them. Maybe one day, Lydia's banshee powers will be fully explained and everything will make sense. We can hope, right?

    Lydia's memory of her grandmother was cool and also disturbing. Grandma Martin has already proven that her banshee skills were on point, and this memory continues this trend. She told Lydia, "they are coming." It's not a far leap to guess that she is referring to the Dread Doctors. If the she wasn't talking about them, then the memory doesn't really serve a purpose. It would be really interesting to learn more about the last time the Doctors paid Beacon Hills a visit.

    Meanwhile in the Theo is always scheming part of the hour, Theo continued to make his move on more than one person in the pack. He's got ambition, you gotta give him that.

    Theo recorded Kira speaking Japanese while she slept because he's a creeper. It's probably best to assume everything Theo says is a lie, especially his translation of Kira's sleep talking. His overall goal seems to be to cause chaos in the pack, and driving a wedge between Scott and Kira is one way to do that. Do you think, "I am the messenger of death," is actually what Kira says in her sleep?

    With Malia, Theo was in shirtless, workout, seduction mode. It almost worked on Malia, but his smug face probably hurt him. It's hard to tell if Theo's interest in Malia is innocent, meaning he actually likes her and isn't trying to seduce her to accomplish anything else. They do have chemistry, and he has kept her Desert Wolf secret. Do you think Theo really does like Malia?

    Theo killed a chimera in front of Stiles, and then told him to keep quiet because he knows about Donovan. Okay, Stiles, I'm going to need your suspicious nature to kick into overdrive. Last I checked, Theo wasn't anywhere near the library whenever Stiles accidentally killed Donovan (which Stiles really should mention to someone). Other than that flaw, Theo's plan to save Stiles' life to deflect suspicion would have been perfect.

    I don't know if I can trust her anymore.


    While Theo is certainly doing his best to disrupt the pack, they are doing a good job themselves at self destruction. Everyone is keeping secrets from each other. Stiles, for some unfathomable reason, isn't telling Scott about Donovan. He also didn't tell Malia or his father when he had a clear opportunity to do so. Scott is keeping things from Kira. Malia isn't confiding in Stiles about her Desert Wolf memory. No one is communicating, and there's no clear reason why they aren't.

    Liam's interactions with Hayden really weren't all that entertaining. Sure, they are cute, but other than that, watching them together was just okay. The kidney transplant "twist" was unnecessarily dramatic. It came out of nowhere and made things get a little somber. However, if Hayden is a chimera, maybe her surgery was how the Dread Doctors got to her. Do you think Hayden is a chimera or is she something else?

    Well, I hope you enjoyed me filling in for Jen this week. What did you think of the episode? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments. Don't forget you can watch Teen Wolf online anytime via TV Fanatic.

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    "Required Reading" was all about the Dread Doctors.

    Apparently the three-eyed man, the one with the extra right smack dab in the middle of his forehead, wrote a book all about them to help out those who might not have recalled their memories of the dreaded docs.

    Except in Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 6 reading the book brought up all kinds of memories for the pack that had nothing to do with the Dread Doctors at all, so what's the point of the book? Maybe when you watch, you'll understand a bit more. 

    But, it's courtesy of the docs that you finally get to meet Stiles' mother, so that seems like a fairly decent reason for the entire storyline in the first place, doesn't it? Make sure you see what's going down with the Dread Doctors and what memories are uncovered when you watch Teen Wolf online.

    Click above to get started!

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    There are just some people we can't live without on our television sets.

    Remember when we first set eyes on Marcia Cross? She had an iconic role as Bree Van De Kamp on ABC's hit Desperate Housewives. Where is her character today and has any of her traits changed?

    Then there's Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy. The dude may be having a successful movie career, but it doesn't help us see him on a weekly basis, right? Wouldn't he fit in very well on Game of Thrones?

    Have a look at our gallery of stars we adore and their next potential career move and what it means for the character!


    1. Scheming Opportunist on Empire - Bethany Joy Lenz

    Bethany joy lenz empire
    Lenz' most notable role to date has got to be that of Haley James Scott on One Tree Hill. She would be a fantastic addition to Fox's hit series Empire. She could easily play a scheming opportunist who blackmails Jamal with some very dirty secrets about his family in order to secure a lucrative record deal.

    2. Game of Thrones Villain - Charlie Hunnam

    Charlie hunnam game of thrones
    Hunnam may have left Sons of Anarchy behind, but he should be back on the small screen like now! With his rugged good looks, wouldn't Charlie Hunnam be a natural fit to portray a villain on Game of Thrones? His character could be a nemesis for Khaleesi as she tries to reason with the Dothraki clan, now that it looks like she'll be with them a while.

    3. Obsessed on Mistresses - Blake Lively

    Blake lively mistresses
    Is anyone else missing Serena from Gossip Girl? Let's be honest, Blake Lively would slot right into the show as one of the mistresses, but what if she had some beef with Joss and just so happened to be working her way through her back catalog of men? Is she obsessed, or is it all just a coincidence?

    4. A Shared Past on Grey's Anatomy - Nina Dobrev

    Nina dobrev greys anatomy
    Nina Dobrev officially bid adieu to The Vampire Diaries a few months back, but we're already missing Dobrev from the TV landscape. What if she showed up ay Seattle Grace as a new doctor, who just happens to share a past with another doctor? This sounds like a winner to us!

    5. Weirdly Obsessed on Supergirl - Teri Hatcher

    Teri hatcher supergirl
    Where is Teri Hatcher right now? She was on ABC's smash Desperate Housewives. What if Kara saved Hatcher's character from a certain death and it lead to a weird obsession? Hatcher would literally be showing up everywhere Kara is and she'd be sending her threatening messages, but why is she doing this? We'd have to tune in for the truth!

    6. A New Teacher on Teen Wolf - Adam Brody

    Adam brody teen wolf
    Brody shot to fame on The OC, but he's not had much luck with subsequent roles. There can never be enough teachers in Beacon Hills, right? What if Brody played a new teacher, who just happened to be a werewolf and had some vital information for Lydia about her banshee problem?
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    Once again, we're running done some of the most interesting quotes of the week!

    We're making it a little easier to find the shows associated with the quotes on this one, so let us know if it's to your liking. After all, we want you to find a new show to dive into!

    We have a tongue in cheek joke on Hell on Wheels, a warning on Scream, an explanation of Sex on the Beach on The Real Housewives of New York City and a word to all the guys out there with pet snakes from Chasing Life.

    See what else was going on when you flip around the slideshow!

    1. Teen Wolf

    What theo wants teen wolf
    Lydia: My mom's bookclub usually had more wine. Stiles: They probably also didn't read books that caused violent hallucinations.

    2. Rizzoli & Isles

    A fussy prosecutor rizzoli and isles
    Jane: Two people in a room. One of them's dead. Who's the murderer?

    3. Hell on Wheels

    Cullen in peril hell on wheels
    Cullen: This race is going to come down to inches, not miles, Mr. Strobridge. Couple six inches a day is everything. Strobridge: That's...

    4. True Detective

    Meltdown true detective s2e6
    Frank: You want out? You're free. You ain't had the nerve for this for a while.

    5. Masters of Sex

    Josh charles on masters of sex
    Daniel: I'm not very interested in nice. I'm interested in a fragrance that says I want you. Go to bed with me. You can't live without me.

    6. The Astronaut Wives Club

    The pressure mounts the astronaut wives club
    Louise: No one expects you to save him. You just have to show up, walk through the door, and be there.
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    Man, the Dread Doctors are giving out something strong because the pack was hardcore hallucinating.

    On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 7, we saw a lot of gory violent attacks. Malia stepped in a bear trap and then a metal rod went through her neck, Lydia had her tongue ripped out, and Scott was stabbed by Kira. Seriously, the gore was over the top. I'm still not over the whole tongue situation.

    What attack scarred you the most?

    Even though it seemed like three different pack members were mortally wounded, hallucination didn't immediately cross my mind. I figured they would brush it off.

    Clearly, I was not thinking straight due to all the blood and gore that kept coming my way. We already know that the Dread Doctors have a thing with memories; after all, you shouldn't remember your encounters with them, unless you read the book.

    Thankfully, Scott brought up the fact that they still don't know what they're up against. This sort of helps to make up for the fact that, well, we still don't know what we're up against. It's episode 7, people! We should know more about the Dread Doctors other than they experiment on people for some strange reason.

    Melissa and the Sheriff made a breakthrough that let us know how the Dread Doctors choose their targets, but that doesn't help us all that much. All it tells us is what sample group the Dread Doctors are pulling their test subjects from. We are still missing the why and the how, not to mention the who is only partially answered. How does one become a Dread Doctor anyway? Do you just need a helmet that is reminiscent of a Scooby Doo mystery?

    Hayden is growing on me. She punched Liam whenever he shifted, so how could I not like her? Her sort-of romance with Liam has been cute. It's been a nice distraction from the horror movie that the Dread Doctors are creating. All those cutesy scenes helped us to see how much Liam cares for her, so it made sense when he got slightly upset when he learned Hayden was being used as bait.

    Scott, promise me you will do everything you can to save her. Scott, promise.


    Liam and Scott's continuing bromance has been one of the best things to come out of Scott becoming an alpha. While they will never beat Sciles out for BROTP of the year, Liam and Scott have a great bond. Scott, as Derek (come back to me) Hale said, is good at training and raising a beta. Do you think Liam is going to pull away from and maybe resent Scott if the Dread Doctors hurt Hayden?

    Just when you think Theo isn't a completely terrible person, you find out he watched his sister freeze to death. He just told Stiles this heartfelt tale about how much he regretted not being able to find his sister in time, and then we saw the truth in a flashback. This was an A+ usage of a flashback. Here's my concern: Theo said Stiles reminded him of his sister, whom he killed, so is this some kind of foreshadowing that Theo is going to try to kill Stiles?

    I think I know what my punishment is. I'm going to lose my best friend. I'm going to lose Scott.


    Theo is clearly playing the long game. He is evil, but he has saved Stiles' life twice now. We don't really know what Theo ultimately wants or how the Dread Doctors factor in to all of this. My best guess is that he wants Scott to suffer for some reason, but Theo probably could have done that without the help of the Dread Doctors.

    He could have just shown up and waited for the next bad guy to pop into Beacon Hills, and it wouldn't have taken long for that to happen.

    It is looking like Kira is more dangerous than Theo at this point. Yes, yes, the scene where she stabbed Scott was a hallucination, but she is still the messenger of death. She was probably the one who left the chimera's body in Scott's kitchen. It was a message of death, after all.

    Kira's mom believes that the fox inside of Kira has more power than Kira the human. The fox is a part of Kira though, right? If so, then why during the fight scene did Kira's mom ask, in Japanese, who she was fighting against? Is it possible that the kitsune part of Kira was infected with some evil fox spirit?

    Maybe the 115 is a clue to the identity of the fox that has taken over Kira's body.

    Did we really need to bring in a Kira mystery right now? I'm all for learning more about kitsunes, but we have this monster of a big bad in the Dread Doctors and Theo. Essentially, the Dread Doctors are three mysteries in one. We need to figure out who they are, why Theo is working with them, and what all of them what.

    This isn't an easy thing to figure out, and it's doubtful that Kira's struggle somehow ties into the Dread Doctors. Who knows, maybe they did something to her, but it wouldn't really make sense.

    So we're standing here waiting for guys with masks and breathing tubes to show up, but who are what are Stiles and Theo waiting for?


    We do have yet another mystery with Parrish, but at least it ties into the Dread Doctors a bit since he is the one taking the bodies of the dead chimeras. Plus, we have been slow burning the Parrish mystery for a while.

    It's about time we got some answers, even if those answers come in the form of a totally creepy hallucination make-out session that starts off with Lydia and ends with some creepy lady who is either burned or covered in some sort of goo. That's not exactly what Lydia and Parrish (Marrish?) shippers were hoping for.

    What did you think of "Strange Frequencies"? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below. Remember, you can watch Teen Wolf online anytime via TV Fanatic.

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    What's the latest with the Dread Doctors?

    Well. we're still not sure. But we think, after watching Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 7, that they aren't the only people we need to be worried about (well, them and Theo).

    Kira is posing a lot more of a threat than anticipated this season. Is her kistune up to no good?

    Don't fix a snack before clicking below, because there is a lot of gore to be had and the lives of some of your favorites are in jeopardy. Or are they? Exactly how do you tell what's real and what isn't? That's often the case with Teen Wolf, and there's nothing like stepping in a bear tap to prove the point.

    Find out who gets slapped and who gets their tongue ripped out when you watch Teen Wolf online. Who wants to miss anything in that sliding scale?!

    Click above.

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    The Desert Wolf has been the talk of Teen Wolf for quite some time.

    TVLine reports Marisol Nichols (NCIS) has been cast as the mysterious character, and the only thing we know for sure is any reunion between her and her daughter, Malia, will likely be less than welcoming.

    We've never Malia's mother, but courtesy of a flashblack earlier in Teen Wolf Season 5, we learned the car accident in which Malia's adoptive mother and sister were killed was caused thanks to gunshots courtesy of none other than the Desert Wolf. 

    Nichols Marisol

    There is no word on when the Desert Wolf will make her first appearance, but we can assume it will be in the back half of the season, as we're rolling up on the midseason finale.

    Then again, maybe they've kept this juicy casting nugget under wraps this entire time. They sure kept the departure of Crystal Reed a secret of the highest order!

    If you've missed any of the season so far, you can watch Teen Wolf online via TV Fanatic to catch up. What are your thoughts? Is Nichols a good choice to play Malia's mother? Are you ready for a Hale family reunion? Should Peter be there for the fun, too? 

    0 0

    Summer programming is starting to go off the air already?! Oh no!

    That's right, we had our last week with Halt and Catch Fire and perhaps our last quote ever if the show isn't picked up (c'mon AMC, do the right thing!) and things fell into utter chaos on the UnREAL Season 1 finale.

    Elsewhere around the dial, there were wars on CBS with Extant and Under the Dome, a prom on Pretty Little Liars and a cop gone bad on Rookie Blue, but still a little time for makin' love.

    See if your favorites made the cut with the quotes of the week!

    1. Mr. Robot

    Elliott goes missing mr robot
    Elliot: I remember when I was a kid I got into web design by ripping off sites I liked. All you had to do was view source on your browser...

    2. Under the Dome

    The resistance under the dome
    Jim: So this is my army? A cripple, two horny teenagers and a plucky newspaper girl? Julia: We're the best you've got. Jim: Yeah, the...

    3. Hell on Wheels

    Violence in chinatown hell on wheels
    Collis: You can be the man with the shovel in your hand or you can be the man who sells the shovel to the man with the shovel in his hand.

    4. Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll

    A hit in new york sex and drugs and rock and roll
    Flash: We're never doing another gig with you as our lead singer. Ira: They're offering us a 175 grand. Flash: We're doing one more gig...

    5. Rizzoli & Isles

    Mauras secret rizzoli and isles
    Maura: You're here, dealing with the effects of a fire that destroyed all of your personal stuff, not to mention a lifetime of memories....

    6. Extant

    Everything changes extant
    Molly: What I need is an exact gene pairing. And I can only get that from my son. JD: The alien? Molly: Yeah. I need his DNA. And I know...
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    There are A LOT of characters on TV who just can't seem to find the one. When they're hotter than hell, the mind really boggles at their inability to have a successful love life. What does that mean for the rest of us?!

    Whether the other half gets killed off or just runs off with someone else, these incredibly hot characters can't find someone to stick around for more than a few weeks. 

    Poor Noah from Scream finally found his one, and then she was butchered by the masked killer as he watched it all go down on Facetime. Of all the luck!

    Have a look through our slideshow, and let us know if you'd scoop 'em up and love 'em for life. 

    Go on. You know you want to!

    1. Cami - The Originals

    Cami the originals
    Cami appears to be nothing more than person who listens to the Mikaelson clan's problems before being compelled to forget it. She deserves to be taken on a date, and there's certainly a lot of chemistry between her and Klaus. Can they get it on already?!

    2. Matt - The Vampire Diaries

    Matt the vampire diaries
    Why do all the supernatural beings in Mystic Falls get to have all the fun? Matt has played second fiddle to so many characters now that it's clear he is just on screen as the third wheel. Let's hope his new found Sheriff status gets him some action before things get dark in town!

    3. Cookie - Empire

    Cookie empire
    Cookie has a love story with Lucious that spans almost two decades, but he just always seems to be screwing her over. Will her new relationship with Malcolm be able to stand the test of time, or is it as fake as Mrs Lyons' nails?

    4. Kenna - Reign

    Kenna reign
    Before Lady Kenna got BASHED, she had a relationship with the king. I mean, he even left his freaking mistress for her. Okay, he didn't leave his wife, but it was the next best thing in those days, right?

    5. Mellie - Scandal

    Mellie scandal
    Mellie has a cheating husband who was too busy handling Olivia to satisfy her. She remained faithful to him, so she deserves the same in return from someone new.

    6. Severide - Chicago Fire

    Severide chicago fire
    Things seem to be going well with April, but remember when Severide got married to a chick he knew nothing about? Either he's got issues, or he just takes love when it comes his way. Let's hope April keeps him happy.
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    For a bad guy, Theo's got a thing for being the hero.

    On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 8, while Scott panicked over not being able to find Liam and Hayden in time, Theo got the job done.

    He could have maybe called Scott to let him know where Liam and Hayden were being held, but that would have just ruined the hero moment. It's much more awesome to rescue people all by yourself than to have back up.

    on Wolf, Teen

    Maybe this is what Theo wanted all along – to be a hero and to have people adore him like they adore Scott. Teaming up with the Dread Doctors is an odd way to go about it, but right now, it's my best theory. Theo's going to have to fix that "too perfect to be anything but evil hair" he has going on, though, if he wants to be a good guy.

    Also, it looked like Scott may suspect him now. He was giving Theo a look whenever he was going around getting congratulatory hugs for rescuing Liam and Hayden. Do you think Scott is on to Theo?

    We spent a lot of time with Liam and Hayden in captivity. Aside from watching them be adorable, we didn't actually learn anything. Their chat with fellow captive Zack only told us things we already knew. Why bother wasting time introducing a chimera if he isn't going to be useful? It's Episode 8, and we still don't know much of anything about the Dread Doctors. This is getting ridiculous.

    Nothing good can happen from the parents fighting. Melissa wasn't too happy with Sheriff's insistence to follow the rules. To be fair, it must be difficult to be the sheriff and constantly have to skirt the law. Both of them make good points.

    The supernatural requires a little law breaking, but there has to be a point where the law must come in. Did Sheriff Stilinski make the right call in reporting the murder?

    Sheriff: Melissa, I've set my badge aside a few too many times in the last couple weeks.
    Melissa: Well, you may need to do it a few more considering what our kids get in to in their free time.

    Well, it's kinda hard to prosecute without a body. Parrish managed to get past multiple cops to get the body out of the hospital, but he didn't do it all that secretly. His little dead eye performance hopefully clued Sheriff into the fact that there's something up with him.

    If not, well then Stiles figured it out. See, look at this progress we've made. Now that the pack knows about Parrish, we can get answers. This storyline is progressing so much better than the Dread Doctor/Theo nightmare.

    After getting out of an arrest, Kira figured it was time to leave Beacon Hills. Thanks to some speedy backwards reading, Kira remembered that the Dread Doctors did something to her. They stuck a needle in her eye, and then lightning hit it. Talk about ouch.

    There really wasn't any explanation as to why she had to leave other than she thought that she couldn't figure it out in Beacon Hills, and she didn't want to hurt anyone else.

    It would have been better if Kira's mom had shared some wisdom or knowledge of a person who could help Kira. This would have made it seem like Kira and her family were headed towards someone or something that could be helpful. Instead, it just looks like they are running out of town. Most likely we won't get to see what Kira gets up to in her time away from Beacon Hills, which is a shame. There's still so much we don't know about kitsunes.

    Something's different with me and my friends, all of us. Something's changed. I think it is because of me, and I don't know how to fix it.


    Deaton has returned! Too bad he was only back for like five minutes, and we didn't really find out what he discovered about the Dread Doctors.

    On the bright side, it's nice to know someone is actually investigating them. The pack is constantly fighting them, so there's not a whole lot of investigative work that happens. Maybe Deaton will be the one to finally give us answers.

    Oh, Deaton also met Malia's mom, the Desert Wolf. She's lovely, and wants to meet her daughter so she can kill her. You know what would have been great?

    A hint as to why she wants Malia dead. We already knew that she was behind the car crash, so her wanting to kill Malia isn't exactly news.

    It's not like she accidentally caused the crash or anything. She stood in the road and shot the car her daughter was in. Is she working with the Dread Doctors? Why was she in the same place as Deaton?

    All of these would have been great questions to have answered. Do you have any theories?

    What did you think of "Ouroboros"? Leave me your thoughts and theories in the comments below. Remember you can watch Teen Wolf online anytime via TV Fanatic.

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    There were a lot of similarities running through the week.

    A Power quote noted Plan B and it was the name of the Under the Dome episode.

    Two quotes made mention of Game of Thrones (See, you aren't the only one who loves the HBO show!).

    And, more than one show had its finale, as Pretty Little Liars gave us a lot of down and dirty answers, Complications Season 1 came to an end, Major Crimes shut down the precinct until winter and True Detective Season 2 went out with a LOT OF BANGS.

    What quotes were exciting? The only way to know is to flip around the slideshow!

    1. Scream

    Into the killing field scream season 1 episode 7
    Brooke: What are you doing? Noah: I'm making a knife stick. Brooke: A knife stick?

    2. Hannibal

    Seeking wisdom hannibal
    Will: Poor Dr du Maurier. Swallowed whole, suffering inside Hannibal Lecter's bowels for what must have felt like an eternity. You didn't...

    3. Mistresses

    Behind bars mistresses
    Ellis: My assistant is a half wit. She doesn't eat carbs, poor thing.

    4. Significant Mother

    The ladies face off significant mother
    Harrison: I wouldn't over think the outfit. I mean, there's no dress code at Chuck E Cheese.

    5. Power

    Truth nightclub
    Dre: You should have never let a boy do a man's job, man. What you wanna do now? Kanan: Plan B, motherfucker.

    6. The Strain

    Kowalski plus two the strain
    Barnes: You're not gonna win Eph. You can't beat them. Now, don't be stupid or naive and end up on the wrong side of things. In the...
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    Superhero shows are hitting television left and right, which means one thing: sidekicks!

    Our favorite TV heroes always need a good body man or computer whiz to back them up on their latest mission to save the world!

    Don't rule out the werewolves or the zombies though, they've got some of the best backup ever, when it comes right down to it. And then there are those every day best friends, who stick with you through thick and thin! 

    Check out some of TV's sexiest sidekicks below and try your hardest not to drool. Some of them are just too pretty for words. But don't let looks deceive you! Some of these guys could probably break you in half without even trying.

    1. Felicity Smoak (Arrow)

    Felicity smoak arrow
    No one can deny that when it comes to sidekicks, Felicity Smoak brings both brains and beauty. Give her a laptop and some wifi, and you just know you're taken care of. Oliver would tend to agree, since he puts his life in her hands practically every night of the week.

    2. Stiles (Teen Wolf)

    Stiles teen wolf
    Are we ever going to learn Stiles' real name? No matter how unpronouncable, it would be nice to be on a first name basis with Scott's ever-faithful human sidekick. Stiles is always on hand with his quick wit and super sleuthing skills whenever Scott needs help with the latest supernatural disaster to befall Beacon Hills.

    3. Donna Paulsen (Suits)

    Donna paulsen suits
    For 12 years, Donna served Harvey faithfully as his secretary, the best kind of sidekick there is for a top tier lawyer in New York City. Whether it's finding a button for an old suit, dodging unwanted appointments, or even impersonating a federal agent, Donna will do whatever it takes to help Harvey win.

    4. Jorah Mormont (Game of Thrones)

    Jorah mormont game of thrones
    Has there ever been a more faithful or devoted servant in all the seven kingdoms? Okay, disregard that one time he was a spy. He's really, really sorry about it! Moving forward, let's hope that Jorah can redeem himself in Dany's eyes and take his rightful place as her trusted sidekick. No one else quite fills those shoes like he does.

    5. Cisco Ramon (The Flash)

    Cisco ramon the flash
    Team Flash would be lost without brainy little Cisco, and the meta-humans of Central City would be completely nameless. You think it's easy to come up with winners like Captain Cold and the Bug-Eyed-Bandit? Think again! Cisco is the heart and soul of STAR Labs, and don't you forget it!

    6. Bird Castro (Finding Carter)

    Bird castro finding carter
    While it hasn't always been smooth sailing between Bird and Carter, there really is no better friend than a girl always willing to lend a hand – or a spare dollar – in your time of need. Especially when Carter's times of need so often tend to tangle with law enforcement!
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    Who and what are the teens loving these days?

    Find out when you take a look at the winners of the 2015 Teen Choice Awards in the television categories. Who rode the big waves??

    It should come as no surprise, as teens and adults don't fall far from the same trees. Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Teen Wolf came out strong!

    Check out the full list of winners below.

    PLL Teen Choice Winners!

    Choice TV Show, Drama:

    Pretty Little Liars

    Choice TV Actor, Drama:

    Ian Harding, Pretty Little Liars

    Choice TV Actress, Drama:

    Lucy Hale, Pretty Little Liars

    Choice TV Show, Comedy:

    The Big Bang Theory

    Choice TV Actor, Comedy:

    Ross Lynch, Austin & Ally

    Choice TV Actress, Comedy:

    Lea Michele, Glee

    Choice TV Show, Sci-Fi/Fantasy:

    The Vampire Diaries

    Choice TV Actor, Sci-Fi/Fantasy:

    Jared Padalecki, Supernatural

    Choice TV Actress, Sci-Fi/Fantasy:

    Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries

    Choice Animated TV Show:

    Family Guy

    Choice Reality TV Show:

    The Voice

    Choice TV Villain:

    Vanessa Ray, Pretty Little Liars

    Choice TV Scene-Stealer:

    Dylan O'Brien, Teen Wolf

    Choice Breakout TV Star:

    Grant Gustin, The Flash

    Choice Breakout TV Show:


    Choice TV Chemistry:

    Jensen Ackles & Mischa Collins, Supernatural

    Choice TV Liplock:

    Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder, The Vampire Diaries

    Choice Summer TV Show:

    Teen Wolf

    Choice Summer TV Star, Male:

    Tyler Blackburn, Pretty Little Lairs

    Choice Summer TV Star, Female:

    Ashley Benson, Pretty Little Liars

    0 0

    All in favor of Theo getting punched in the face say aye.

    On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 9, Theo continued to be a jackass. I really need to stopped being surprised, but his version of Donovan's death was shockingly cruel. He told Scott that Stiles went postal on Donovan.

    Then, Theo provided a bloody wrench as evidence, and Scott believed him over Stiles.

    Nothing about Theo screams trustworthy but whatever Scott

    Wolf scene

    The rain is either the backdrop to an emotional kiss or a devastating scene. Sadly, there wasn't any Sciles kissing that happened.

    We got a heartbreaking Sciles fight in the rain that featured a hurt Stiles pleading with his brother to believe him. I could have gone my whole life without seeing that scene. In what universe does Scott believe Theo over his own brother?!

    Angering the Dread Doctors - Teen Wolf

    Of course, nowhere during this fight did Stiles actually talk about how Donovan died. You would have thought he would have clarified that it was not Stiles in the library with the wrench. But no, that part never came up.

    Stiles should have realized how Scott thought the wrench got bloody. I guess I really shouldn't be surprised because in this alternate universe, Stiles didn't immediately tell Scott what happened either. 

    Let's go back to Theo because he is super problematic. What are his motives? At least we got clarification that the Dread Doctors wanted Theo to keep Scott out of their way, and in return, they would help him get a pack. It's sort of an answer, although we had already worked that part out. Theo wanting a pack isn't exactly a secret.

    The Dread Doctors don't seem too happy with Theo, but it's practically impossible to tell because I can't understand a word they say. Where are the Dread Doctor subtitles?

    It's clear why Theo badmouthed Stiles to Scott, but he told the Sheriff that he killed Donovan. So Theo wants Stiles and Scott to break up, but he doesn't want Stiles to be in trouble with his dad? Theo that doesn't make any sense.

    Maybe Theo wants Stiles all to himself. Theo wants to break up Sciles and form Stileo (do they have a shipper name?). A relationship built on lies and deception won't last, Theo.

    You should win Stiles over some other way. I would say just be yourself, but you seem like a psychopath, so maybe don't do that.

    You're the true alpha! Guess what all of us can't be true alphas! Some of us have to make mistakes! Some of us have to get our hands a little bloody sometimes! Some of us are human!


    It's difficult to accept this world where the pack is as estranged as it is because it comes out of nowhere. There isn't a reason for Malia and Lydia to be distant from the rest of the pack. It's like we were supposed to see the pack slowly stop talking to each other, but this didn't happen.

    This is unnecessary drama to add to the show, although Scott's voiceover at the beginning was pretty great. 

    The only tension that makes sense is between Liam and Scott. Liam is all about Hayden right now, and considering how Scott has used her as bait, Liam's right to be upset. Liam and Scott might be alpha and beta, but they haven't been friends for all that long. Their relationship is still developing.

    They do not have years of friendship and trust to fall back on. Of course that still wasn't enough for Stiles and Scott. I'll never be over it.

    Flipping over jeeps and attacking colleagues doesn't exactly fit with protect and serve. I'm covering up the bodies of murdered teenagers!


    Parrish, Parrish, Parrish. What in the world are you? We still don't know (shocker), but we have a theory. Lydia thinks that Parrish is simply trying to keep the supernatural a secret by stealing the bodies.

    Where exactly do fire punching people and flipping jeeps fit into this? While it is great to sort of get an answer, it didn't really answer anything.

    If this was an episode of Buffy, the scoobies would have hit the books at the first suspicion of Parrish, and they would have already figured out what he is.

    This really seems like the only way to find out anything about Parrish, although the pack could also try calling Derek for help. I'd be okay with that. Do you think we will know what Parrish is by the end of this season?

    What did you think of the episode? Will Sciles ever be the same again? Will Hayden survive? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

    Remember you can watch Teen Wolf online anytime via TV Fanatic.

    0 0

    Is one of the best bromances in the history of television falling apart at the seams?

    That's sure how it seems (ha) after Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 9. Stiles finally had an opportunity to tell Scott his most dreaded secret about the life he felt he took (we take issue with that idea), and Scott didn't support him.

    He barely even asked about how the events unfolded.

    It was terrible.

    Elsewhere, Lydia was doing some kickass training in the woods with Parrish when his eyes glowed red. He confided in her what he's been doing at the nemeton. He doesn't seem to want to know if he's good or evil, as his mind might be made up already.

    Find out all about it when you watch Teen Wolf online via TV Fanatic! Click below to get started.

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    This will be our last quotes post for a while, folks! The summer is truly winding down.

    Enjoy the quotes and we'll see you again the third week of September when everything starts back up again with premiere week!

    1. Significant Mother

    Keeping secrets significant mother
    Jimmy: She can't be pregnant, I did the hokey pokey. I put my whole self in, I pulled my whole self out.

    2. Killjoys

    John tracks down khlyen killjoys
    John: If they bust us, no more license. No more Killjoy. Dutch: Are you asking me not to do this? John: I'm asking you to be awesome....

    3. Hannibal

    Close to home hannibal
    Hannibal: How do you supposed he's contacted me? Personal ads? Writing notes of admiration on toilet paper?

    4. Power

    Worried power
    Proctor [to Ghost]: You're right, you are good. But you don't have eyes in the back of your head. You want out, you want to walk away...

    5. Hell on Wheels

    Hell on wheels logo
    The Swede: Sooner or later, the devil makes us all pay. This time he has chosen you.

    6. Ray Donovan

    Whos over there ray donovan
    Teresa: I told you, I go where my people go. Bunchy: Maybe I'm your people.
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