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    Great news, Teen Wolfanatics!

    Teen Wolf returns on Monday, June 29 at 10/9c and again on Tuesday, June 30 at 9/8c for a two-part Season 5 premiere! As previously announced, the buzzy new series Scream premieres Tuesday, immediately following the second hour of Teen Wolf.


    Well, if that wasn't enough, we also have the official synopsis to whet your appetite.

    What the Heck?

    "On the eve of senior year, Scott and his friends find themselves facing the possibility of a future without each other, a next phase of their lives that might take them in different directions despite their best intentions. Little do they know that outside forces are already plotting to break the pack apart long before graduation."

    There's always the possibility of a future without each other, as we already know Derek won't be spending much, if any, time with Scott's pack for Teen Wolf Season 5. 

    In related news, Faking It has been renewed for a third season and will return on Monday, August 31 at 9:30 p.m ET.

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    While Scandal fans eagerly await word on whether Jake Ballard is or isn't dead, we here at TV Fanatic got inspired to take a look back at some of the character deaths that left mouths our agape, eyes wet with tears. 

    Grab some tissues and take a walk down memory lane. Here are 33 shocking TV deaths we'll never get over.

    We didn't just draw from recent TV history for this collaborative effort. We threw it all the way back to M.A.S.H! (What? It IS #throwbackThursday after all...)

    Fans of that Vietnam war-based series remember when Lt. Col. Blake died. It was nearly unheard of for main characters to exit a series in that manner, and it certainly wasn't the norm on comedies!

    Then there's Joyce Summers. "The Body" goes down in history as one of the most chilling and moving episodes of the entire Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. With vampires, demons, hellspawn, and werewolves, fans were accustomed to seeing death on the show, but we never expected one of our most beloved mortals would succumb to a brain tumor. RIP, Joyce!

    We know this list isn't exhaustive of the vast body count on television, so tell us, which TV character's death shocked you most?

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    We know that actors work hard in order to look good ... but the ones on this list take it to extremes as they never seem to age. EVER.

    Have they found the fountain of youth, a great plastic surgeon or are there vampires roaming our TV screens? You decide...

    1. Ben McKenzie - Then and Now - Gotham

    Ben mckenzie then and now gotham
    Back in 2003 he was Ryan on The O.C. Now he's the formidable Detective Gordon on Gotham. Plus there was a stop in Southland along the way, but other than the hair, not much has changed.

    2. Jennifer Love Hewitt - Then and Now

    11 actors who may very well be vampires scott wolf then and now the night shift
    She was a teen idol of the 1990s but she's only gotten more beautiful as the years have passed. From 1998 to 2013 when she was starring in The Client List, not much as changed. Now you can check her out on the CBS hit crime drama, Criminal Minds.

    3. Pauley Perrette - Then and Now

    11 actors who may very well be vampires pauley perrette abby sciuto ncis
    From NCIS season 1 to season 12 Pauley Perrette still looks as young as when she began. When we read that the actress was supposedly 46 years old we had to wonder, has she found the fountain of youth or could she be a vampire?

    4. Gabriel Mann - Then and Now

    11 actors who may very well be vampires gabriel mann nolan ross revenge
    Does anyone actually believe that this man is about to have his 43rd birthday? I didn't think so. From 2001 to the present, Gabriel Mann appears to have stopped the effects of aging. Really high-end moisturizer or vampire?

    5. Ming-Na Wen - Then and Now - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Ming na wen then and now agents of shield
    We first remember Ming-Na on NBC's hit medical drama ER in 1995. Now we see her kick butt every week on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. You decide if she's aged.

    6. Jennifer Aniston - Then and Now

    11 actors who could be vampires jennifer aniston then and now
    Seriously, this woman only gets more beautiful with age. When we were all watching Friends in the mid-90s, little did we know she'd be this stunning 20 years later.
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    What if the rules of the supernatural world aren't as rigid as everyone thought?

    That could mean many things, including the possibility that people Scott allows into his pack aren't to be trusted.

    The new trailer for Teen Wolf Season 5 suggests that's a definite possibility when Lydia says they're coming for them. All of them. Who? And how do "they" know where to find the pack?

    Lone wolves don't make it on their own, but how can a pack under attack make it through senior year together? It looks like one of the biggest, baddest villains ever to hit Beacon Hills is coming to get them. Is anyone safe?

    Teen Wolf will have a two-night premiere event beginning on Monday, June 29 at 10/9c and continuing on Tuesday, June 30 at 9/8c, so don't miss it!

    Teen wolf season 5 trailer

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    We brought you 17 Beguiling Ball Gowns, and now we bring you the companion piece for the best-dressed men of TV.

    These guys seriously know how to work a bow tie, a windsor knot, and basically any kind of formal attire. If you thought our ladies were sexy, brace yourself for some seriously hot dudes. 

    Whether it's an elegant soiree or just another day in the office, these 17 Fashionable Fellas know how to get dolled up! 

    1. Stefan Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)

    Stefan salvatore the vampire diaries
    Hot damn. The Mystic Falls vampires don't get opportunities to wear tuxedos too often, but when they do, they can really bring down the house. Wipe your drool off, ladies, this one is spoken for by one Caroline Forbes.

    2. Derek Sheppard (Grey's Anatomy)

    Derek sheppard greys anatomy
    We can't decide whether he looks hotter in a ferry-boat scrub cap or a dapper bow tie. McDreamy may be gone, but his sense of style will live on forever. If you don't believe us, just go get lost in the 'Derek Sheppard' google images search. *swoon*

    3. Harvey Specter (Suits)

    Harvey spectre suits
    In his name-partner corner office, every day is a formal occasion for Harvey Spectre. He can rock the three-piece suit like no other, but what really makes this man's wardrobe is his signature smirk. Harvey could wear sweatpants to the office and still close a deal.

    4. Oliver Queen (Arrow)

    Oliver queen arrow
    As a former billionaire, Oliver tended to horse around in some very expensive threads, not that we're complaining! Switching between his Arrow suit and a tux in the blink of an eye was a regular occurence in earlier seasons, and frankly, we miss it!

    5. Don Draper (Mad Men)

    Don draper mad men
    Be still my advertising heart! Who can resist the charming Don Draper in a tuxedo? Not this girl!

    6. Nolan Ross (Revenge)

    Nolan ross revenge
    Haven't you heard? Revengers wear red. We're still waiting on the Nolan Ross spinoff idea to really get traction, but his wardrobe fights half the battle for him. From bow ties, to cuff links, to perfectly coiffed hair, Nolan is always dressed to the nines.
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    Every show has a couple at the core of it that makes us fans a little crazy. Some in a good way and others in a not-so-good way. Heck, some shows have more than one couple and it divides fans when said couples swap their partner for another.

    Some shows have fans that are more vocal than others (I'm looking at you, Delena shippers!) and things can get CRAZY.

    We all feel a little attached to TV couples. Some may not find happiness in the end, but the journey they take together can be just as satisfying as the breakup. It all comes down to chemistry and these couples most certainly have that going for them.

    1. Chair - Gossip Girl

    Chair gossip girl
    Finding love in the Upper East Side was no easy task for any of our favorites from Gossip Girl, but fans pegged Chuck and Blair as endgame before they even got together and they were right! Chuck and Blair officially became Chair in the series finale, but can they live a life without scheming?

    2. Delena - The Vampire Diaries

    Delena the vampire diaries
    Elena may be having a Bonnie induced nap, but her love story with Damon will continue to echo in our hearts for the rest of time. Remember that kiss in the rain that sealed Stelena fans hopes and solidified Delena? It was one of the hottest scenes the show has had and then the vampire sex scenes. OH. MY. GOD.

    3. Spoby - Pretty Little Liars

    Spoby pretty little liars
    For a town as small as Rosewood and so full of secrets, there is no surprise that there is A LOT of trysts between the residents. Spencer and Toby have been through thick and thin. Spencer went crazy over all of the A drama and even thought Toby was dead. Well, she ended up in Radley, but she's fine now and very much in love with Mr Cavanaugh.

    4. Caskett - Castle

    Caskett castle
    Sure, Beckett thought Castle was a little weird at first, but it didn't stop her getting between the sheets with him, did it? After a wedding day disaster, these two are still setting the new standard in work place romances.

    5. Ezria - Pretty Little Liars

    Ezria pretty little liars
    Another couple who kept their sordid bed hopping a secret, but that's because Ezra was Aria's teacher. Yes, Rosewood is a town filled with secrets, but most of them are hot.

    6. Olitz - Scandal

    Olitz scandal
    Olivia Pope is anyones after a few wines, but when she gets handled by Fitz, there is no wine in sight! Poor Melly always seems like just a few metres away from all the heavy breathing, but why is it so good?
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    With a rebel yell, she cries, "They're all gonna die!"

    Lydia is in Eichen House in an apparent catatonic state until someone's very big needle comes very close to her eyeball. That'll jog anyone out of catatonia, even in...a dream?

    Unless we've missed an awful lot since the end of Teen Wolf Season 4, we're making a wild guess here and assuming the first six minutes of Teen Wolf Season 5 occur in Lydia's mind. Not only does the general evil feel of the scene give off that impression, but the return of Aiden at just the right moment adds to it.

    Whether it's real or not, we all know if Lydia has a vision of all of her friends dying, they're pretty much up for slaughter. Additionally, if she's really learned all of those wicked moves, she's going to be really badass. It's about frakkin' time!

    Teen wolf season 5 watch the first 6 minutes now banshee becomes

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    Teen Wolf is known for frightening, gory and heart stopping moments that cause you to shriek so loud you wake up the dog.* 

    It's also known for its beautiful, heartwarming, occasionally tragic but always epic, love stories.

    Whether you enjoy Scallison, Stydia, Dethan, Lackson, Scira, Stylia or one of the other myriad of couple permutations, there's a love story for every audience member to enjoy.  At its core, Teen Wolf is about the pack and the foundation of a pack is love.  

    Before Teen Wolf Season 5 begins, and Teen Wolf writers bestow more unforgettable moments to feast upon, let's take a trip down memory lane and countdown Teen Wolf's best "Love Story" moments thus far.

    *Not anecdotal in nature, but based on real events.

    34. Hot For Teacher

    Derek and jennifer make love teen wolf season 3 episode 6
    Derek Hale is notoriously non committal. Other than a relationship with Kate Argent as a young wolf (shudder) and a brief flirtation with Erica, Derek's love life was nearly non existent.

    That all changes in Teen Wolf Season 3 when he saves saves Jennifer Blake, the new teacher, from Boyd and Cara. Innocent flirtation turns into more when Derek goes to Jennifer for help after being badly injured. Derek's injuries begin to heal as they make love.

    Was Jennifer evil? You bet. But those are just details. After a scene like this nobody can deny the healing power of love.

    33. Crazy For You

    Stiles finds love in eichen house
    A teenage boy, a coyote adjusting to her new human form and a psych ward. These don't sound like the ingredients for romance, but somehow Teen Wolf makes it work.

    Initially, Malia was angry at Stiles and Scott for returning her to human form. As Malia spends more time with Stiles in the psychiatric ward, she begins to warm up to him. A lot. Curious about her new form, Malia wants to experience all that humanity has to offer. She initiates her first kiss with Stiles, who adorably asks if it was okay afterward. Then Malia initiates a whole lot more and Stiles is happy to *ahem* satisfy her curiosity.

    It was definitely memorable and oddly romantic, but that's the power of Stiles and Malia. Only they can make a psychiatric ward romantic.

    32. Alpha Goes Domestic

    Ethan fixes dannys tie
    Ethan is one half of a teen duo that morphs into some kind of super Alpha wolf that looks like it came straight from the WWE. Watching an uber Alpha fuss over Danny, who's so wonderfully human, is adorable to watch.

    Ethan reties Danny's tie, fusses with his perfectly coifed hair and offers what I can only imagine is a completely uncessary breath mint. It's Danny. Anyone with a crush knows you'll use any excuse to initiate contact. Ethan brought his A game with three.

    Still, Ethan becomes serious when he warns Danny to find him should anything happen. It was an honest display of humanity from Ethan. This wasn't just physical with Danny. He's important to Ethan.

    31. Lydia Believes In Stiles

    Stiles is smart
    Lydia Martin isn't exactly an open book when it comes to Stiles. The depth of her emotions for Stiles are concealed under carefully constructed disinterest. Lydia is a sharp contrast to Stiles' completely honest and open approach. Slowly, bit by bit, the Teen Wolf writers pull back on Lydia's Stiles Stilinski layers.

    When Lydia accidentially steps on a werewolf trap, it's up to Stiles to free her without triggering the device. Unfortunately, Stiles is ungoing a major mind whammy in Season 3; like losing the ability to read. It makes deciphering those very necessary instructions impossible. Both Lydia and Stiles are quite invested in Lydia keeping all her appendages, so she gives Stiles a boost of confidence with blunt honesty. Lydia tells Stiles he's too smart to need instructions and he's "the one who always figures it out."

    Lydia's intelligence is what Stiles admires most about her. It is nice to discover Lydia feels the same way about him. It's Lydia's belief in Stiles that made Stiles believe in himself.

    Maybe it's just me, but I think Lydia clings to him a little too tightly for it to be "just friends."

    30. Don't Sleep In The Chair

    Dont sleep in the chair
    Scott is always a genteman with Kira. It's one of the things I love most about their relationship. There's an innocence about Kira that Scott seems almost protective over. Sometimes he's a little too protective and it's up to Kira to redefine the boundaries.

    Just before Scott falls asleep, Kira tells him not to sleep in the chair. Completely oblivious to her meaning, Scott reassures Kira he's quite comfortable. Kira repeats herself, more forcefully this time. The second time is the charm and the light bulb goes off. Scott is a gentleman, but he's not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

    As he lies next to Kira in bed, she reassures him by saying they will save Stiles. Scott carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Kira has become his support and a soft place to land. Then they kiss and spoon. Fabulous.

    29. Nervous Isaac

    Isaac and allison kiss
    Due to his abusive father, Isaac suffers panic attacks that are often exacerbated by his werewolfism. He struggles with confidence and is often nervous, but never more so than when he had to negotiate a gun sale with the Katashi. Issac is convinced the Katashi will see through the ruse and realize he's just a teenage boy in a suit.

    Allison interrupts Isaac's freak out with a long, slow, deep kiss. Then she slides his hand down for an ass grab. Allison gives Isaac all the confidence he needs in a way that is both sexy and funny. He walks into the Katashi meet feeling like an Alpha.

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    On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 1, senior year is off to a frightening start as we glimpse into the pack's future, or rather the lack thereof.

    Each Teen Wolf premiere is like a reset. It carries over some elements of the previous year, but launches entirely new storylines with little resemblance to prior seasons.

    The good news is each season feels fresh. It's easy to jump into Teen Wolf Season 5 if you've missed the previous four. The bad news is season premieres can feel disjointed and illogical.

    Lydia on Wolf

    Why is Lydia in Eichen House? Why can she suddenly fight like Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Why does her banshee scream create a powerful force field that knocks down her opponents? Questions like these are typical of a Teen Wolf  premiere. New season. New mystery. That's the good.

    Lydia's abilities come out of nowhere. They are confusing and illogical. That's the bad. However, it's almost as if Teen Wolf Season 5 anticipated the outcry of "Boo! Logic fail!" Lydia's stay in Eichen House is present time. The premiere episode is a flashback. We're suppose to be confused!

    As the episode unfolds, the pack struggles to reunite for Senior Scribe during a powerful storm. Storms in Beacon Hills are never good. This one doesn't disappoint. Why don't they all just stay inside? It's baffling.

    A powerful new werewolf is on the prowl, hoping to steal Scott's "true alpha" power. The werewolf attacks both Scott and seems successful in the attempt. But this is Teen Wolf Season 5.

    It's Scott's show and nobody steals his power. Especially not some newbie werewolf and not in the premiere. Teen Wolf Season 5 does maintain some consistency. Scott gives the werewolf the ass kicking he deserves. He runs off with his tail between his legs.

    It leads to the potential season Big Bad. What are those things? I don't even know what to call them. Robot Werewolves? Robot Monsters? They are so terrifying I can't even conjure a name to do them justice. All I know is they are freaky. They also don't believe in second chances. Harsh and judgmental. A winning combination. 

    Stiles spends most of the episode anxious. Oh Stiles...I've missed you. Your anxiety is like a warm blanket in the cold. Consistency is reassuring. Never change buddy.

    Stiles is worried he and Scott will grow apart after senior year. Rather than focus on where he's going to school, Stiles obsesses where he and Scott will live. The plan ensures no matter where they go to college they will be together. It's sweet, loyal and endearing. The Stiles Stilinski wheelhouse. 

    Scott: We've been pretty much in the middle for awhile. Which means at some point the scale has to tip one way or the other. Things are going to get really good again-
    Stiles: Or really bad.

    Scott is less concerned with what happens after senior year and is more concerned with surviving senior year. He's worried the cosmic balance will shift directions. Things are about to get really good or really bad. Scott knows what's up. Why? Because he's lived in Beacon Hills the last five years. So, he should know discussing the cosmic balance in any way jinxes the pack.

    Scott's anxiety over the present balances against Stiles' anxiety over the future. They are the perfect pair. Stiles and Scott forever. I'm with Stiles. This is a bromance that cannot end.

    The boys reunite with the girls. Scott finds Kira in a traffic jam and they share a romantic rain kiss. We're up to rain kiss already? Teen Wolf Season 5 isn't wasting anytime with Scott and Kira!

    Malia passes summer school and is officially a senior. I wasn't too worried about this. It's TV law that all juniors must become seniors regardless of grades. No need for Teen Wolf Season 5 to buck a 20 year trend. 

    Lydia, looking remarkably sane and gurney free, joins the rest of the pack and they attend Senior Scribe. Each of them writes their initials on a library shelf. It's 100% vandalism and 100% awesome.

    Malia chose T for Tate, making a strong statement about who she is; i.e not Peter Hale's daughter.

    Scott writes Allison's initials underneath his. Yes, I choked up. Allison is always with Scott. Seeing her name, in permanent marker next to Scott's, gives a permanency their love story never achieved. Her name is with the rest of the pack's initials. Gone, but not forgotten.

    Did you enjoy the warm and fuzzy moments? Good. Because they are over. The episode flashes back to present time. Lydia is strapped to a gurney. Her hallucination, Aiden, dissipates to reality. Her doctor continually asks what happened to her friends.

    Please! I have to tell them. They are all going to die. My friends. They're all going to die.


    As Lydia struggles to remember, we glimpse the pack's future. It doesn't look bright. Each pack member is in peril or potentially dead. Then the doctor starts drilling into Lydia's head. If you weren't sufficiently freaked by Robot Monsters or the flashbacks, then hopefully the drilling did the trick. 

    It begs the question...who will survive? Teen Wolf has a strong history of killing off cast members whenever necessary, so nobody is ever really safe. Teen Wolf Season 5 will not be any different. 

    Watch Teen Wolf online to catch up on previous Beacon Hill victims.

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    It's back!

    On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 1, the town of Beacon Hills is under attack...again! This time, when Parrish is sent out on patrol, he hears a noise in an abandoned house which leads to a mysterious figure bursting out and going on a rampage. 

    Who is he and why is he so angry? Let the guessing begin! But what about Parrish? Can he survive being up front and center with the creature? Just what is Parrish, anyway? You might get a clue. Or two.

    At some point during the hour, Lydia is at Eichen house. Is it real or imagined? And what does it all mean? There's only one way to find out, and that's to watch Teen Wolf online via TV Fanatic. Click below to get started!

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    Deaton called it. He said the supernatural laws no longer apply. It's because the laws of science are taking over on Teen Wolf Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 2.

    Luckily, the rules of Teen Wolf are in place to battle back.

    The episode follows Tracy, a student experiencing parasomnia – night terrors. It may be robots stalking Tracy in the dreams, but Tracy is the real monster.

    The robots are creating werewolves by some kind of liquid injection and Tracy is their latest victim. Teen Wolf Season 5 is going full on mad science with a reverse Frankenstein. It's terrifying. It's creepy. It's awesome.

    Stiles pic

    Supernatural laws may not apply, but the laws of Teen Wolf still do. Law #1 – Deaton is Yoda. Heed his sage warnings. Honestly, the pack needs to take notes when Deaton starts talking. I sure am. Lydia isn't the only psychic. 

    Night Terrors - Teen Wolf

    Scott and Stiles struggled with trust this episode, and it challenged their friendship in a new and concerning way. Theo was more than just a difference of opinion. Theo shines a spotlight on the different ways Scott and Stiles view the world.

    Scott: Why can't you trust anyone?
    Stiles: Because you trust everyone!

    Law #2 – Scott believes in people. He is trusting because he believes either the person is innately good, like him, or they can be saved. Scott believes Theo is worthy of his trust. When Theo asks to join the pack, Scott sees the fourth grade friend having an asthma attack.

    Law #3 – Stiles always figures it out. It's not that Stiles is always distrustful. In their argument, Scott points out several people that Stiles gave the benefit of the doubt to like Derek and Kira. But when Stiles looks at Theo, he sees Peter Hale attacking Lydia. His gut is screaming one word: danger. 

    The difference between these two best friends is Scott trusts people, and Stiles trusts his gut. These two laws don't always work in perfect cohesion as evidenced tonight. Stiles knows Theo is lying, and he's dangerous. Scott believes even if Theo is lying there is something inside him that's worth saving. So who's right?

    Stiles: You know, I bet you still think there's something about him that can be saved.
    Scott: Maybe.

    My personal Teen Wolf rule is – always listen to Stiles. Yes, Scott's compassion and innate goodness are gifts. It's what makes him a True Alpha. However, whatever is a character's greatest strength is often their greatest weakness. Scott's ability to see the good, and only the good, opens him up for attacks from people who will take advantage of him.

    That's where Stiles comes in. Stiles' intelligence and gut instinct have saved the pack time and again. Of course Stiles is right. Of course Scott should listen to him. But if Scott listened we'd have no story. 

    Change can breed anxiety, which can breed distrust. That's the challenge before Stiles and Scott. In the midst of all this change, they can't lose track of one another. Scott healing Stiles' nearly broken hand foreshadows no matter how broken these two brothers may become they will always find a way to mend it.

    Theo is going to great lengths to infiltrate Scott's pack. The signatures on the speeding ticket and admissions forms didn't match. Theo's parents aren't his parents. To hide the signature mistake, he breaks his "father's" hand. FYI – this is only going to put Stiles on high alert more Theo. Sheriff Stilinski is right – the guilty always make a mistake. Theo just made his.

    Theo challenges Liam, too. How much did you love Liam protecting Stiles during the Theo confrontation? Keep it up Liam. Protecting Stiles is a sure way to endear you into my heart forever.

    Liam is an excellent example of Scott's belief. As he faces off against Theo in wolf form, he shows he's dominant because he's not running scared. Theo is examining the pack's weaknesses. Liam isn't one of them.

    Things are shifting on the romance front, too. Parrish and Lydia are sparking. Malia, in her bold and blunt honesty, makes note of Theo's attractiveness, which understandably rankles Stiles. Listen, she has a boyfriend but she's not dead. Malia's offer to torture Theo in the next breath affirms her heart is with Stiles.  

    Kira and Scott continue to be strong and steady. Scott's focus on school and determination to be a veterinarian is undermined by good old fashioned self doubt. My heart broke when Scott said he didn't think he was smart enough. Luckily, Kira was there to bolster confidence with support words and sex. Ya know, I like Kira. She's okay in my book.

    Still, romance on Teen Wolf can shift like the wind, and I'm sensing this is the season of change. Sheriff Stalinski took off his wedding ring. Anyone else think he's going to ask Mrs. McCall, aka Scott's mom, on a date? No? Just me. Okay. I'll be alone in my wishful thinking

    No matter what the danger or impending change, the key is that Scott, Stiles and the pack cannot lose trust in one another. Their belief in one another is the golden law of Teen Wolf. It's their best defense against the supernatural laws, broken or otherwise.

    You can watch Teen Wolf online and see how Scott, Stiles and their bonds of trust consistently save the day.

    0 0

    There are a couple of new teens at Beacon Hills High, and at least one of them wants to be a part of Scott's pack. Both of them may be followed by demons.

    Only one of them appears to be running from the demon, while the other appears to be, well, perhaps embracing it.

    When you watch Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 2, you'll get to know these two kids just a little bit. Tracy is haunted by parasomnia and if you thought waking nightmares were a walk in the park, think again.

    Theo claims he's an old friend of Scott's from the fourth grade. He sure knows a lot about Scott, right down to how they shared visits to the school nurse to combat their asthma attacks. But not everything adds up and Stiles, Scott's truest friend, is concerned.

    Get to know more of these two infiltrators when you watch Teen Wolf online. All is not what you think and it's time you find out what it is!

    0 0

    Werewolves have become the new supernatural being of choice on television - and with this sexy group of male and female wolves to choose from, who can blame us for turning to the canine beasts?

    Please note: This is not a countdown. You can use our handy dandy poll to cast your vote for the hottest werewolf!

    In the meantime, toggle around and try not to drool all over your computer.

    1. Scott McCall - Teen Wolf

    Scott mccall photograph
    Scott was once a goofy kid who just wanted to play lacrosse. Then he was bitten. With his powers as a werewolf and his personal charisma and compassion, he was revealed to be a True Alpha. Hawt.

    2. Klaus Mikaelson - The Originals

    Joseph morgan as vampire diaries klaus
    Klaus is the original hybrid, half werewolf by birth, half vampire. He's sadistic, impulsive, narcissistic and emotional which sounds horrible but makes for one sexy hybrid!

    3. Clayton Danvers - Bitten

    Clayton danvers
    Clay was a feral werewolf child found in the swamps of New Orleans when he was taken in by his pack. Now a professor and fiercely loyal, he has an unending love for his ex, Elena.

    4. Josh Levison - Being Human

    Josh being human photo
    Josh lost a fiancee and his future when he was bitten on a camping trip, and only found solace after meeting vampire Aidan with whom he decided to try to be human. Now he's married to fellow wolf, Nora, and together with ghost Sally they struggle to keep up the facade of being human. If you like your sexy with a dose of humor and snuggles, Josh is for you.

    5. Derek Hale - Teen Wolf

    Derek hale shirtless
    Derek is sexy, brooding and sarcastic and comes from a family of werewolves. He was the Alpha until Scott proved to be a True Alpha. Now more of a big brother, that doesn't seem to have hurt his sex appeal.

    6. Tyler Lockwood - Vampire Diaries

    Lockwood tyler
    Tyler is another hybrid, werewolf by birth, and half vampire. He was an angry teen who learned how to control his temper to become a better man as a beast. He'd like to save the world, one cause at a time.
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    We're back with more quotes!

    This week Salem finished up with a blood bath ending to the Witch War, Zoo premiered, proving you'd best be careful what you feed your animals and Suits reinforced the old saying that you should never, ever discuss your salary with others in the work place.

    See what quotes tickle your fancy when you scroll through the slideshow. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Be free!

    1. For centuries, mankind has been the dominant species. We've domesticated animals, locked them...

    The zoologist
    Robert Oz: For centuries, mankind has been the dominant species. We've domesticated animals, locked them up, killed them for sport. But...

    2. Haven't you ever seen a movie? Puppies fix everything. You said you were lonely, so I got a...

    Taking back the club power
    Holly: A puppy? You bought me a puppy? Tommy: Haven't you ever seen a movie? Puppies fix everything. You said you were lonely, so I got a...

    3. Lose my sister to casually date you.

    The head master mistresses
    Joss: Nothing, Harry. I just, you know, I didn't, I didn't do this for this. Harry: You didn't do what for what? Joss: Lose my sister to...

    4. Well, if you have to ask...

    Louis vs harvey suits
    Gretchen: I prefer my men manly. Harvey: Am I not manly? Gretchen: Well, if you have to ask...

    5. Morning beautiful, sorry I'm late. I wish I could blame it on the traffic, but somehow I...

    Wayward pines betrayal
    Big Bill: Morning beautiful, sorry I'm late. I wish I could blame it on the traffic, but somehow I don't think that'll fly.

    6. Oh. The young man here, he got a dynamite anecdote.

    Ani true detective
    Ani: His insurance had these forms. Items likely stolen from his place. We can put out pawn sheets on them. What'd you guys get? TD: Oh....
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    It's rare for a television show in its fifth season to tread new ground, but that's exactly what Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 1 and Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 2 set out to do.

    The two night premiere showcased a new format and a terrifying Big Bad while shining a light on characters previously left in the dark. Change is in the air!

    Read on as TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Lindsay Macdonald and Jennifer Knutson discuss Lydia's new superpowers, Scott and Stiles' strained friendship and favorite moments from the premiere. 

    Join in the discussion by leaving us a comment!

    Teen Wolf Round Table 660px

    The entire season is a flashback. Are you pro or against the new format and why? 

    Paul: I agree with Lindsay that it's rather interesting. It's a similar format Revenge had in earlier seasons and it worked really well, so I'm all for it.

    Lindsay: I think it's an interesting new mix up on the tradition Teen Wolf storytelling method that's probably necessary around this time. I think if they play with it too much though, it will get old fast.

    Jennifer: We are five seasons in. I was thrilled they were shaking things up. Teen Wolf always constructs their seasons as a mystery, but this season in particular is like a puzzle we are piecing together. It feels more engaging.

    Lydia can fight like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and has banshee super powers. React.

    Paul: Finally! I knew she had this potential, but it's amazing to finally see her use it to her full advantage. Teen Wolf Season 5 is Lydia's season to shine.

    Lindsay: I love that Lydia apparently has mad banshee fighting skills now. I hope we see a good arc of how she develops those because I'm such a Lydia fan, and she has a bad habit of getting sidelined on this show.

    Jennifer: Crazy confused where they came from, but thrilled to see Lydia kicking butt. This is one of the flashback's better mysteries. There's no reason why Lydia can't get in on the action. I'm excited to see this side of her explored.

    Scott and Stiles have very different perspectives on Theo and trust. It's causing some tension in their friendship. Who do you agree with and why?

    Paul: I agree with Lindsay. I do like that we are getting to see another dynamic to these best friends and I'm sure it will make for some interesting storytelling.

    Lindsay: I have to agree with Stiles, especially factoring in what we as the audience know of Theo. Scott wouldn't be Scott if he wasn't the most trusting little puppy in the pound, but that why Stiles suits him so well. Someone's got to be the skeptic. 

    Jennifer: I adore Scott's open heart, but where Stiles goes so goes my nation. A little caution in their world is not the worst idea. At this point, Theo is looking super evil, so it's difficult not to side with Stiles.

    Are the robot monsters/scientists the season Big Bad or is someone else in charge? If so, who do you think it is?

    Paul: I think they are a red herring. Has the show just totally ditched the Kate storyline? She could be involved and it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

    Lindsay: I think they could definitely be a red herring. Too soon to tell if they're the puppet masters or the puppets, but I'd keep my eye on Theo. He seems particularly shady.

    Jennifer: This is one format Teen Wolf is sticking with. I think they are a red herring too. I agree with Lindsay – Theo is my prime suspect.

    What was your favorite moment from the Teen Wolf Season 5 premiere?

    Paul: My favorite moment was the new chick putting gum on Liam's chair. The reaction on his face was hilarious.

    Lindsay: Lydia unleashing a can of banshee whoop-ass during her escape attempt. MORE MORE MORE of that please!

    Jennifer: I really enjoyed Stiles and Scott's fight. It was incredibly emotional and showed a more complex layer between these life long friends. It was incredibly well acted too. Posey and O'Brien really showed their range.

    What Season 5 storyline are you most excited about?

    Paul: I'm most excited about Lydia's storyline. It must be a wild journey to end up where she was in the opening minutes.

    Lindsay: You know, I feel like this is finally the season where Mama McCall and Sheriff Stilinski get moving on getting together. That slap in Lydia's flashback wasn't for nothing right? That's the one I've got on my books!

    Jennifer: I have to go with my boys on this one – the Stiles/Scott bromance. I think there are a lot of changes coming their way and I'm interested to see how their friendship weathers it.

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    Happy 4th of July y'all! 

    Those of you in the states are probably planning to set off a heap of illegal fireworks, grill out on the back porch, and enjoy your independence day to the fullest, like any good American would. Here at TV Fanatic, we're celebrating with a roll call of all the greatest TV shows set in the United States.

    Not every state hosts a plethora of TV shows – looking at you Montana – while others are practically booming with dozens of fictional worlds. Either way, all of our favorite characters are no doubt celebrating this awesome national holiday in their respective states just like the rest of us.

    Take a look and see which show corresponds to your little slice of land here in the U.S.A!

    1. Alabama

    Hart of Dixie - Bluebell, Alabama. Big city doctor meets small southern town? What more can you ask for?

    2. Alaska

    Men in Trees - Elmo, Alaska. Sophisticated, single, writer gal finds herself surrounded by burly single men in small town Alaska. Bundle up and get warm together!

    3. Arizona

    The Lying Game - Scottsdale, Arizona. Twins and mixups and hookups were par for the course on this ABC Family teen soap!

    4. Arkansas

    19 Kids and Counting - Springdale, Arkansas. This one might not be long for this world if they can't get rid of the molestation scandal surrounding their entire family.

    5. California

    Teen Wolf - Beacon Hills, California. Back for their fifth season, Scott, Stiles, and the rest of their pack know how to have fun in the sun (and moon) the California way.

    6. Colorado

    Community - Greendale, Colorado. Poking fun at community college life, this band of under-grads spend most of their time getting into hilarious trouble rather than pursuing higher education.
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    Night terrors and a murderous rampage. Buckle up viewers. Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 3 is getting its freak on. 

    Tracy, our unstable science experiment, believes she's in a nightmare. No sweetie, you're just in a Teen Wolf episode. Tracy copes with her "night terror" by embracing murder and mayhem. Sweet dreams are made of these.

    The cast warned Teen Wolf Season 5 is one of their goriest seasons. If Dreamcatchers is any indication, I'm inclined to agree. A blood spattering massacre, split spine, kanmina tail, oozing metallic liquid and grave hunting. I lost track of how many times I said, "Gross."

    After I finished shrieking, of course.

    I'm not angry like I'm going to throw a brick through your window. I'm angry like I'm going to find you, I'm gonna get a knife and I'm going to stab you with it until you're dead.


    With their mad science Big Bad, Teen Wolf Season 5 is rotating new characters in and out. Dreamcatchers introduces us to yet another new player – Donovan. He certainly makes an entrance by threatening to kill Sheriff Stalinski. Sorry to disagree with Stiles, but it was one bone chilling speech.

    Stiles is correct about one thing. It was over the top. Three to five years in prison, with a potential two year deal, hardly seemed to warrant such a menacing threat against our beloved Sheriff. Donovan isn't dealing with a full deck. Serious anger issues. Duly noted.

    Ramping up Donovan's story means ramping down on Tracy. One mad science project at a time. Turns out Tracy is not a werewolf, but a kanima. Not only are the robot doctors creating werewolves, they are creating the monster version of werewolves – the kanima. Or is the kanima simply the result when their subjects fail to turn?

    Anyone experience a flood of Jackson feels with all this kanima talk? Now that he's officially left Arrow (I'm still not okay with Roy Harper leaving), I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a Colton Haynes return – even if it's just one episode.

    Lydia and Kira play Nancy Drew for a good portion of the hour and realize Tracy believes she's in a night terror. Well, if your spine split open and a scaly dinosaur tail appeared – what would you think?

    Tracy is experiencing homicidal somnambulism. She targets those who have helped her – her father, her psychiatrist and her school counselor Mrs. Martin. I'm assuming everyone in a night terror is a threat, which is why Tracy is killing people she doesn't want to kill. 

    The pack is split on whether to save Tracy or kill her. The moral lines in the sand are drawn and it's interesting to see where the characters side. Not surprisingly, Scott and Deaton want to save Tracy.

    I meant a shot to kill her.


    Malia, exhibiting characteristics of her mother The Desert Wolf, believes killing Tracy protects lives. In a surprising twist, Stiles leans more towards Malia's side. Perhaps Stiles' possession by the nogistunes had more of an effect on him than we realize. He's flirting with the gray zone.

    Ultimately, the call is Scott's because he's the Alpha. Not just any Alpha, but a True Alpha. Save Tracy it is!

    When Scott fails to heal from paralysation as quickly as Malia, it falls to her to carry out his orders. I can't say I was confident Malia would save Tracy. My concern was valid as the two battled. Malia gets the upper had and nearly crushes Tracy's windpipe.

    Luckily, humanity won over animal instinct. Malia not only releases Tracy, but she tries to save her by explaining she's not in a dream. Just as Malia is getting through, the robot monsters end their failed experiment by killing Tracy.

    Her condition is terminal.

    Robot Doctors

    It's difficult to watch Malia experience the painful parts of humanity. She's like a child in so many respects. Malia brings out the protective mother in me.

    It's becoming clear why Lydia learns to fight. She was completely defenseless against Tracy. As her banshee powers continue to grow,  Lydia will be pulled deeper and deeper into danger. Lydia's mother is also attacked. It's a certainty Lydia's desire to fight will stem not only from a need to protect herself, but those she loves.

    Speaking of Mrs. Martin, I'm sure she's a wonderful person, but did anyone else groan when she turned out to be Sheriff Stalinski's date? Mrs. McCall is his forever love! I'm holding out hope Mrs. Martin is the Sheriffs' dating training wheels. All roads lead to Melissa. Wishful thinking? Perhaps, but leave me to my rainbows and unicorns.

    This week's installment of Teen Wolf was fast paced, terrifying and exciting. It moved the plot along while intermixing a little humor along the way. Tracy may view her reality as a nightmare, but this episode of Teen Wolf is like a dream.

    You can watch Teen Wolf online to binge on all the horror of season's past and determine if Teen Wolf Season 5 is truly the goriest thus far.

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    MTV touched down in San Diego for Comic-Con on Thursday evening and dropped two pieces of huge news on Teen Wolf fans:

    1. The series has been renewed for a sixth season.
    2. There is a ton of craziness to come on the second half of Teen Wolf Season 5.

    The latter point is based on the following extended trailer, which also dropped during the show's panel. Check it out now:

    Cast members Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig, Dylan Sprayberry and Cody Christian were on hand to answer fan questions at the event.

    They were joined by Executive Producer Jeff Davis for a panel moderated by renowned director, writer and actor Kevin Smith.

    The next all-new episode of Teen Wolf airs on Monday, July 13.

    Remember that you can watch Teen Wolf online any time via TV Fanatic.

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    The pieces are finally coming together in Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 4. Unfortunately, answers simply beget more questions.

    How can the pack piece together the puzzle when they don't know how it's suppose to look in the end?

    Deaton is terrified. Supernatural laws are the picture on the puzzle box. Deaton can always see the way ahead because supernatural laws are like a map. Without them, he's as clueless as the rest of us.

    I've lived in the world of the supernatural a long time, but I'm still a doctor. I'm still a man of science. Something like this happens, it rattles the foundation of everything you believe. Something like this shakes you to the core.


    Of all the characters, Deaton is the most reassuring. He calms the other characters. He calms the audience. So, when Deaton is freaked it's extremely unnerving. 

    Not all the characters are terrified. In fact, some are tired of being scared. Some are ready to fight back.

    Lydia helps many characters harness their powers. It makes sense she wants to harness her own. She is fed up after nearly bleeding out from being stabbed by Tracy's reptilian tail. (Only in Teen Wolf does that sentence make sense).

    Lydia is ready to harness her own power. She's ready to fight. Just her luck there's a handsome deputy willing to train her. Bring on the Kung Fu!

    Essentially, Lydia is Beacon Hill's supernatural therapist. Last week, she helped Tracy. Unsuccessfully, but it was the thought that counts. This week she's helping Parrish control his powers.

    Lydia's banshee powers, and her innate compassion, allow her to feel the emotion behind supernatural powers. She feels a person's supernatural rhythm and flow. It allows her to understand the why so much sooner than other pack members.

    Her trick with the lighter works. Parrish learns to control his powers more. Lydia also helps him tap into a memory.

    It seems Parrish was drawn to the Nemeton, like all supernatural creatures of Beacon Hills. In the memory, Parrish is carrying a body to the Nemeton. Parrish is using his supernatural abilities and the power of the Nemeton to heal several burned bodies. 

    The question is, who is Parrish saving and why? In Teen Wolf's world the answers to these questions are seldom pleasant.

    Lydia and Parrish step up the witty banter during their training session. Lydia's lighter isn't the only sparks flying. I absolutely believed Parrish was going to say, "You" when Lydia asked him what he was thinking about. Her eyes are hypnotic.

    While Lydia and Parrish got their flirt on, I'd be remiss not to mention Stiles' reaction to Lydia's gapping wound. Frozen in absolute horror springs to mind.

    Know what else springs to mind? Remember when Stiles told Lydia if anything ever happened to her he'd go out of his mind? We just witnessed it.

    Stiles, who always figures it out, couldn't think. He couldn't react. All he could do was stare as Lydia bled out-- completely frozen in fear. That's what happens when your worst nightmare is realized. 

    Luckily, Theo uses his belt as a tourniquet. (Side note: this is an actual first aid technique. File it away. It could save your life or someone else's someday.)

    Any gratitude towards Theo for saving Lydia's life is completely obliterated by mind numbing rage because he's SUPER EVIL!

    Teen Wolf Law #3 --Stiles always figures it out. Of course, Stiles was right. Of course, Theo is evil. Of course, Theo is working with the Dread Doctors. I'm calling it now -- Theo gave Tracy the creepy Dread Doctors book.

    Not only is he working with them, Theo targets the unhinged psychopath of the week, Donovan, on Stiles. No forgiveness in the world for such an action. For Theo it kills two birds with one stone. Donovan gets his revenge against Stalinski and Theo eliminates an obstacle.  

    The adults grapple with the senselessness of the supernatural world in Condition Terminal. Sheriff Stalinski wants to make Tracy's death a crime scene. He's a good cop trying to control the madness around him.

    Deaton questions the insanity of his plan by offering basic rationalization. Once you cross certain lines, it's difficult to go back. The simple fact is Stalinski is in over his head. Supernatural wars need supernatural warriors. 

    Mrs. Martin isn't interested in tails, claws or the supernatural world. She only saw a crazed girl trying to kill them all. Explanations took a back seat to her baby girl lying on a gurney. When your child is hurt it's all you can see, hear and think. 

    Mrs. McCall continues to win Mom of the Year award. She accepts who Scott is and recognizes his powerful abilities. When Scott doubts himself, it's his mom who snaps him back into focus.

    So...Scott loves Kira. He's a man overwhelmed by his girlfriend's awesomeness. Can you blame him? Any woman who uses a blade to shut off an alarm clearly deserves an "I love you."

    The problem is, Scott's matter of fact declaration of love felt like a bomb to Kira. A warm and fuzzy bomb, but a bomb nonetheless. Scott's been handling his "firsts" with Kira in a perfunctory manner. Kira certainly reciprocates his feelings, but she wants these moments given the time and attention they deserve. 

    Poor Mason. The pack is remiss in not informing Mason he's either the weekly bait or the dude in distress. Rough gig buddy.  

    It did lead to an epic pack fight. There is nothing cooler on Teen Wolf when the entire pack fights together. Pack fights promote solidarity and generally ramp up the kick ass meter a solid ten points. Watching the pack protect Mason, who's so adorably innocent he's basically a puppy, was one of Teen Wolf's best fight scenes to date.  

    Not in small part to Kira. Wow! Those kitsune powers are kicking into overdrive. Kira and Parrish should have coffee with The Human Torch from the Fantastic Four sometime. Maybe form a "flame on" support group. 

    Lucas was down for the count, thanks to Liam, but he almost took Kira out. It seems to ignite a rage in her she couldn't control. If Scott hadn't stopped her, Lucas would've lost his head. Allison and Kira are Scott's triggers for control. It seems Scott is Kira's trigger for control as well.

    Scott: Why did you do that?
    Dread Doctors: His condition is terminal.
    Scott: What does that mean?
    Dread Doctors: Failure.

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    Unfortunately, Lucas' fate remained the same thanks to the Dread Doctors. I had to stifle a little laugh when Scott demanded, "Why did you do that?" Because they're evil, Scott. Obviously.

    However, their morose response was equally chilling as it was mystifying. Lucas was unconscious, not dead. As a weapon, he was the most successful to date. So what do the Dread Doctors qualify as a success?

    It seems answers only lead to more mysteries on Teen Wolf. You can watch Teen Wolf online to catch up on previous seasons' mysteries.

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    From a Game of Thrones star stopping by Doctor Who... to the return of Josh Holloway to television... to the introduction of new villains on The Originals Season 3, Comic-Con was home to a number of fun teasers, trailers and promos last week.

    And we've collected each and every one in a single place.

    Anxious for your first look at The Walking Dead Season 6? At Heroes Reborn? At what's to come on Teen Wolf?

    Sit back. Scroll down. Click away...

    1. Colony Trailer

    Colony trailer
    Welcome back to the small screen, Josh Holloway! Check out the official USA trailer here for Colony.

    2. Doctor Who Season 9 Trailer

    Doctor who season 9 trailer
    The first trailer for Doctor Who Season 9 is here! Ready to feast your eyes on the fresh action to come?

    3. Teen Wolf Season 5: Midseason Trailer

    Teen wolf season 5 midseason trailer
    What can fans look forward to as Teen Wolf Season 5 progresses? Check out this MEGA trailer now.

    4. The Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer

    The walking dead season 6 trailer
    It's here! Feast your eyes on fresh footage and check out the first trailer now for The Walking Dead Season 6.

    5. Fear the Walking Dead Trailer

    Fear the walking dead trailer
    It's here! Check out the first, extended trailer for Fear the Walking Dead now!

    6. Vikings Season 4 Trailer

    Vikings season 4 trailer
    Feast your eyes here on footage from Vikings Season 4. This trailer debuted at Comic-Con in San Diego.
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