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    Grab your tissues and a box of chocolates, shippers, because this slideshow is about to put you on your knees yelling "Whyyyy?!?!"

    Yes, it's a sad fact, but TV isn't always perfect, and some storylines don't exactly end up where you think they will. It's especially painful when those storylines turn out to be romantic ones. Maybe someone dies, or an actor leaves for greener pastures. Maybe the show even gets canceled too soon!

    Whatever it is, there are a host of couples that just never really got their time in the sun thanks to unforeseen circumstances. And it's a damn shame, too.

    Take a look at our top 21 Romances That Were Over Before They Began and brace yourself to feel that crushing disappointment all over again.

    1. Klaus & Caroline (The Vampire Diaries)

    Klaus and caroline the vampire diaries
    We can practically hear the agonized wailing of Klaroline fans already. This couple was to die for, but before they could take the leap, our favorite Original was off to New Orleans for his spinoff, while Caroline stayed put in Mystic Falls. As far as couples who never got their shot, Klaroline is a particularly brutal case.

    2. Jaime & Brienne (Game of Thrones)

    Jaime and brienne game of thrones
    After a full season of watching Jaime and Brienne travel around Westeros together, fans fell in love with this topsy turvy beauty and the beast dynamic. Sadly, romance just wasn't in the cards for these two, and they've been on separate paths for over a year now. A tragic case of bad timing if there ever was one.

    3. Daryl & Beth (The Walking Dead)

    Daryl and beth the walking dead
    Speaking of tragic, who else is STILL not over Beth Greene's death? There were only a few hints of romance between Daryl and Beth here and there, but that's all the internet needs to be sent into a full on shipping panic. Fans barely had time to get excited about Bethyl before Beth was mercilessly killed off in the Season 5 winter finale.

    4. Neal & Emma (Once Upon a Time)

    Neal and emma once upon a time
    Poor Neal. He and Emma seemed so happy together in their younger years, but magic (and a really confusing bodyswap subplot) conspired against them in the end. Maybe they never would have reconciled – she had a very dashing pirate waiting in the wings after all – but now we'll never know!

    5. Isaac & Allison (Teen Wolf)

    Isaac and allison teen wolf
    Here we have another couple that lost their chance thanks to an untimely death. Isaac and Allison were just getting started on their little journey towards romance, when Allison took a katana to the stomach and went gently into that good night. We lost a fan favorite character and a fan favorite couple in one blow. The struggle is real.

    6. Oliver & Laurel (Arrow)

    Oliver and laurel arrow
    Remember way back in Arrow Season 1, when Oliver and Laurel were still trying to work things out? Us neither! Laurel might be his one and only in the Green Arrow comic books, but Oliver's feelings for his leading lady didn't last very long before this couple was over and done with.
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    If I were going to summarize Teen Wolf Season 5 A in one sentence, it would be: "Theo you little shit."

    On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 10, Theo continued to be an asshole who ruined lives. We actually learned something about him though. He was the first chimera, and he's part coyote. Congrats on being someone's science experiment, Theo.

    Too bad the Dread Doctors couldn't have given you a heart or a soul.

    Wolf Dude

    Theo's dream pack consisted of some very angry people. He wanted everyone at their worst, their darkest. Looking back, it's clear that this is what Theo has been working towards all along. He spent the entire season trying to uncover and earn the trust of everyone's darker selves.

    He told Malia that he'd help her kill his mom. Theo got Stiles to talk about how it felt good to kill Donovan. Theo wants his pack to be just as dark as he is.

    Out of the Pack - Teen Wolf

    The failed chimeras were killed by the Dread Doctors because they were, well, failures. So what? Theo just brings them all back, and suddenly they aren't at risk of dying anymore? Everyone is a completely healthy chimera?

    This doesn't make any sense. You can't honestly expect me to believe that Theo figured out the cure when the Dread Doctors couldn't. The Dread Doctors wouldn't go through all the effort to kill all their failed experiments if they had a cure. Did Theo go behind their backs to do this, then?

    It seems like curing the chimeras was plan B for Theo. They are not his dream pack. Sure, most of them have the darkness that Theo wants, but Theo has made it perfectly clear that he came to Beacon Hills for a specific pack. Can Theo just declare himself an alpha? How will this pack operate? 

    Honestly, this finale was nothing special. It featured a bunch of questions and a few answers being thrown at us, but that's standard for Teen Wolf. Honestly, it got me more worked up. Sciles fighting in the rain will do that to a person. This finale started out kind of slow, and then the rest of it was centered around Theo's plan of Scott dying. 

    Scott McCall was never going to die, people.

    The main character was not going to die. If he was, it would have been more of a big deal. We're talking Stiles running in right as the death blow was delivered, or Scott hallucinating Allison as he dies. There would have to be serious pain involved, and we would have all died right there with him. Plus, I'm pretty sure we would have heard rumblings of Tyler Posey leaving Teen Wolf.

    Scott dying was never even a possibility, so most of Liam and Scott's fight was spent waiting for it to be over. The fight wasn't edge of your seat material. If anyone would have died, it would have been Liam (sorry bb). Scott killing someone would have been really interesting, especially since he has preached about how they don't kill people for this entire season.

    Did it look bad? Yes. But seriously think about it, in what universe would Scott McCall get killed off?

    The worst (best?) part was Melissa's emotional reaction when she saw Scott lying on the ground. Melissa broke my heart. I knew Scott was coming back, but damn, Melissa made me tear up.

    The one good thing to come out of this somewhat boring fight was that Scott died for fifteen minutes. I am really interested to see what happened while Scott was dead. Did he see people he's loved and get to talk to them one last time? Did he hallucinate some weird mystery that he will try to solve next season like Mike's currently doing on Graceland?

    This show is all about the supernatural, so if they don't explore Scott's time when he was dead, it will be a waste. Fifteen minutes is a long time to be dead, and it's not something you just bounce back from, true alpha or not. Odds are Scott will be affected, and it's unclear if it will be for the better or worse. 

    What did I say about Parrish? The team needed to hit the books to figure out what he is. It was about time someone listened to me. Parrish is a hellhound. Funny, he doesn't look all that cuddly.

    So we're both harbingers of death? I should probably add that to my resume.


    It's so great to finally have that mystery wrapped up. Now, we can focus on trying to figure out whether or not Parrish is on team good or evil. As a hellhound, Parrish's job is to protect the supernatural. It looks like as long as no one gets in his way or does anything to expose the supernatural, Parrish will leave them alone. What side do you think Parrish is on?

    What did you think of the summer finale? Is anyone else upset that Braeden returned and didn't bring Derek? Is Lydia okay after what Theo did to her? Leave me your thoughts and theories in a comment below.

    Remember you can watch Teen Wolf Online anytime via TV Fanatic.

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    Whether your high school years were the best time of your life or the worst, there's no denying that these fictional TV high schools have a lot to offer.

    Some have the coolest teachers around, some tend to burst into song, and some are full of supernatural happenings (vampires, anyone?). Check out some of our favorites below.

    1. Beacon Hills High School (Teen Wolf)

    Beacon hills high school teen wolf
    Not exactly safe, what with the werewolves and mysterious deaths and all, Beacon Hills High School was built on top of the Hale Family Vault. It's where the characters we've come to know and love from Teen Wolf spend most of their time, and it definitely makes the unforgettable list.

    2. Anchor Beach Community Charter (The Fosters)

    Anchor beach community charter the fosters
    The Fosters' Anchor Beach Community Charter is pretty much just as awesome as it sounds. It's just a good, positive place to be. Plus, location, location, location! It's right on the beach, and there's a beautiful view. We totally wish we could have gone here.

    3. Bayside High (Saved by the Bell)

    Bayside high saved by the bell
    Here's a classic for you. Whether it was teacher swap day, cut day, or random dance competitions, Bayside High was always the place to be. And let's not forget the proximity to the beach and hanging out at The Max. Actually, we'd be happy to hang out anywhere with this gang.

    4. Sunnydale High School (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

    Sunnydale high school buffy the vampire slayer
    I know what you're thinking. Maybe you don't wish you had gone to school on top of a hellmouth. I don't either, but talk about a unique high school experience. Oh, and that school spirit? Everyone bands together on graduation day to defeat a big bad. That's something to be pretty proud of. Plus, there's Giles!

    5. Rosewood High School (Pretty Little Liars)

    Rosewood high school pretty little liars
    There's a heck of a lot more going on at Pretty Little Liars' Rosewood High School than your typical teenage drama and difficult classes. You know if you had gone here, you'd have even more interesting stories to tell about your high school days.

    6. Mystic Falls High School (The Vampire Diaries)

    Mystic falls high school the vampire diaries
    Let's be honest. This is another high school we wouldn't have enjoyed attending in terms of safety (there are vampires lurking, after all), but The Vampire Diaries' Mystic Falls High School is still way cooler than our high schools were.
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    Sometimes, a kiss just can't wait. 

    When two characters are in desperate need of locking lips, they won't let anything stop them, including the weather. The excitement of living in the soggy-yet-sexy moment leaves our palms sweaty, and our hearts pounding.

    And, bonus for the viewers, there are some characters who look really good when they're wet

    Here are 17 romantic television kisses that were made steamier by the falling rain! 

    1. Aria and Ezra, Pretty Little Liars

    Aria and ezra pretty little liars
    Upon seeing his lady at the bus stop, Ezra stopped traffic to give her a sexy kiss under the falling showers. Sometimes, love is too important to pull over for!

    2. Damon and Elena, The Vampire Diaries

    Bonding in the rain
    A promise to be together forever, sealed with a kiss in the pouring rain? Does anything get more romantic than that? Simple answer? Absolutely not. Damon and Elena continued their quest to be the greatest undead couple of all time with this epic kiss.

    3. Scott and Kira, Teen Wolf

    Scott and kira teen wolf
    On her way back from New York, stuck in a car, and over the sound of her mother's supernatural history lesson, Kira heard a familiar bike. She jumped out of the car, and into the rain to race to Scott. The results? One sexy Scira reunion kiss that left us wanting more. Did she have fun in New York? Not nearly as much fun as she's having now.

    4. Emily and Daniel, Revenge

    Emily and daniel revenge
    Emily Thorne may have been faking her identity, but after Daniel's romantic marriage proposal in the rain, there was no faking the sexiness of this kiss!

    5. Jasmine and Crosby, Parenthood

    Jasmine and crosby parenthood
    Estranged for months, Crosby and Jasmine finally rekindled their love on a family camping trip with their son, Jabbar. Under the falling rain, they committed to one another once again, and sealed it with a kiss.

    6. Summer and Seth, The O.C.

    Summer and seth the oc
    Seth wasn't trying to recreate a romantic moment from Spiderman when he climbed up to his roof wearing a mask and slipped. Lucky for him, Summer came to his rescue, but not before doing her best impression of Kirsten Dunst in the rain.
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    These memorable characters said goodbye, in one way or another, during recent TV seasons ... but they will never be forgotten.

    In fact, we still can't believe they are gone ...

    1. Troy Barnes

    Troy as a victim
    Donald Glover left Community to pursue his rapping career. He took his beloved character with him.

    2. Dr. Derek Shepherd

    Doctor derek shepherd photo
    Dr. Derek Shepherd's death on Grey's Anatomy Season 11 was as brutal as it was unexpected and abrupt, a trifecta that left fans reeling like never before ... which is saying something on a show that leaves its fans reeling from tragedies like weekly.

    3. Joss Carter

    Detective carter
    The death of Detective Joss Carter continues to rock Person of Interest fans. But that's the idea, isn't it?

    4. Allison Argent

    Allison aims
    When Teen Wolf announced someone wouldn't make it to the end of Season 3, nobody imagined Allison would be taken. She died in the arms of Scott, her first love.

    5. Chris Traeger

    Chris traeger photograph
    We are LITCHerally in disbelief. Chris Traeger has moved away from Pawnee, Indiana, taking his gal with him. No more Rob Lowe on Parks & Rec!

    6. Ziva David

    Ziva d photo
    NCIS didn't kill Ziva off, thank goodness. But she was writen out because Cote de Pablo wanted a change.
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    We love any character that works in a hospital on TV. 

    There, we said it. There's something really hot about a character who goes out their way to save lives. No, we're not talking about super heroes. We're talking about the ones who are (mostly!) human.

    Given the popularity of medical dramas this season, you can expect to get some more hot docs on your TV set soon. Some of them might even have made this list!

    Have a look at the gallery below for the hottest life savers on Television. 

    1. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley - House

    Elena the vampire diaries
    Does anyone else miss House as much as I do? There were a whole host of hot docs on that show. One of the most notable has got to be Olivia Wilde's portrayal of Thirteen. The character had so many layers and I've loved the actress ever since she locked lips with Marissa on The OC. This is one show that probably will end up getting the revival treatment.

    2. Lily Manning - Chicago Med

    Lily chicago med
    The show may not have premiered yet, but we’ve seen Torey Devito work in medicine as the helper of vampires in Mystic Falls and the keeper of secrets in Rosewood over on Pretty Little Liars. This marks her first series regular gig and we can't wait to see what happens for her character! She's already a favorite!

    3. Alex Karev - Grey's Anatomy

    Alex greys anatomy
    With McDreamy well and truely away from Seattle Grace, it's time for Alex to step up to the mark and get some much needed love. We know he'll never, ever get back with Izzie, but we can dream, right? Also, he's probably the most experienced doctor on the list, so rest assured that you'll be in safe hands with him.

    4. Sara Tancredi - Prison Break

    Sara prison break
    We're still quite speechless that Prison Break is making a comeback, but Sara deserved her place on this list. The hot red head first appeared as Michael tried to make a plan to escape the least secure prison in the world, but her love story with Michael was the only real thing in her life at that stage. Who says a little fumble with an inmate won't solve all your problems?

    5. Melissa McCall - Teen Wolf

    Melissa teen wolf
    And the award for the best TV mother goes to momma McCall. She may be pulling double shifts at the hospital to pay the bills, but she totally embraces her son's werewolf ways and even helps out when she can. Now to get the woman a man who she can juggle with her hectic life. We would recommend the lucky suitor to steer clear of Beacon Hills though!

    6. Danny Castellano - The Mindy Project

    Danny the mindy project
    We don't doubt for one minute that Danny was encoring this dance when Hulu saved the comedy from cancellation. It was a HOT routine. You can tell that by the way Mindy totally wants to take a trip to bone town with him every episode. The man does have patience putting up with his baby mama's antics. Patience is a good trait to have, right Fox?
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    Some people have all the luck. These do not.

    Whether they're fighting demons, unlucky in love or just generally stepping in the worst life has to offer, these folks could really use a good luck charm.

    If you have a four-leaf clover, a horseshoe or some other lucky amulet hanging around, you might want to toss in the direction of these characters who were definitely down on their luck.

    1. Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones)

    Very sad sansa stark
    Sansa witnessed multiple executions, suffered the loss of every member of her family (as far as she knows, at least) and has been engaged to and/or married to nobody of her own choosing, most recently the sadistic bastard Ramsay Bolton. Her history reads sorta like a superhero origin story, but she's not going to rise up sporting a cape, a mask and wielding an iron sword to take over Weseros. Too bad.

    2. Meredith Grey (Grey's Anatomy)

    Meredith arrives at the hospital greys anatomy s11e22
    Being raised by a workaholic mom who developed early onset Alzheimer's and abandoned by her father who left for a new family, the good times kept rolling. Hardworking Meredith fell in love with a married man who she later married, suffered a misscarriage, lost her sister in a terrible plane crash in which she was stranded herself and discovered she has the genetic marker for early Alzheimer's, all this and more before she lost her husband to a terrible car crash before learning she was pregnant with another child she gave birth to after he was dead. Can she finally breathe a little now?

    3. Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)

    Jesse in thought
    Jesse is the ultimate poster child for the message that drugs are bad, mmmkay? If he hadn't been estranged from his parents due to drug addiction, he might not have been blackmailed into working with Walter White to cook meth and that could have averted furture kidnappings, murders, beatings, breakups, breakdowns, gunfights and imprisonments by white supremecists. Just say no.

    4. Debra Morgan (Dexter)

    Debra in trouble
    Does your mother dying of cancer at an early age and your father committing suicide followed by a turn as a vice cop dressing up as a hooker somehow ensure you're future will be inexplicably intertwined with serial killers? Because Deb Morgan dated and got engaged to one who turned out to be her adopted brother's blood brother, and, oh yeah, her brother is also a serial killer for whom she happened to develop feelings...but she's almost a victim of a third serial killer and gets into an accident after being drugged by another killer who killed her boss to protect her brother. Because WTF...something went very wrong in her life somewhere.

    5. Kelly Taylor (Beverly Hills, 90210)

    Kelly taylor beverly hills 90210
    Much like Meredith Grey, Kelly was raised by problem parents. Her alcoholic, drug-addicted mom and absent felon father did nothing to put her on the straight path, so she went to raves (where she was caught in a fire), ODed on diet pills (who does that?), joined a cult, was held hostage at gunpoint, was addicted to cocaine, tried to kill her friend Kelly, thought she might have AIDs, suffered a miscarriage, got shot, had amnesia, was raped and faced murder charged before watching her mother die. Tough life.

    6. John Locke (Lost)

    Operated on
    Locke was rejected his entire life, conned and manipulated by many. He was pushed out of a window and paralyzed, conned out of his kidney to give to a bastard of a father, even his shot at walking again on the mysterious island was cloaked in rejection by the Oceanic Six. He wanted to commit suicide and was saved, only to be murdered later in cold blood. Thanks for nothing, guys!
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    If you watch enough television, it starts to feel like the characters on TV are your friends.

    What? Just us? OK. Well. 

    Here's a list of some characters we would really like to hang out with. Some of them are smart, some funny, some just like to toss back a few beers and share sad stories. Still, they all have something to offer.

    Who have you seen on TV and thought, hey, they're someone I'd like to get to know? Tell us!

    1. Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead

    Daryl on season 5 the walking dead
    Although Daryl has a sensitive side and always looks out for his friends and family, he also never lets his feelings get in the way of doing his duty. If he needs to protect you, he'll do what he has to to ensure you're safe. He's a patient man who never pushes anyone beyond what they're ready to give and if you do him wrong, he'll forgive you because, well, he's probably a better person than all of us.

    2. Alaric Saltzman - The Vampire Diaries

    A welcome return the vampire diaries s6e1
    Alaric has been so many things; a teacher, a vampire, a vampire hunter, a husband, dead and alive. As Damon's best friend and drinking buddy, you know he can pretty much take anything anybody can dole out and deal with it. He's loyal and loving and a great family man. He stepped in and cared for Elena and Jeremy when they had nobody else and wouldn't have had it any other way. We can only guess he's going to need a friend more than ever after losing Jo.

    3. Clara Oswald - Doctor Who

    Finding the doctor doctor who
    Sure, a lot of people might think it would be more fun to be friends with The Doctor, but Clara has proven to be a pretty amazing companion. She's human and fallible and would go to the ends of the universe for those she loves. She's also funny and likes to go out for a drink after work and generally lead a normal life when not whizzing around with The Doctor. In short, she'd make a great friend who also has access to The Doctor. We could live with that.

    4. Spencer Hastings - Pretty Little Liars

    Back in the game pretty little liars
    It's hard to choose just one Liar, but Spencer "Nancy Drew" Hastings wins this race. Sure, she's a little overbearing at times, but she's also fiercely protective of those she loves, gives great advice, isn't afraid of confrontation and tells it like it is. You'll always know where you stand with a friend like Spencer.

    5. Stiles Stilinski - Teen Wolf

    Stiles as the nogitsune causes strife
    Stiles is probably one of the smartest and most loyal people in all of television, let alone Beacon Hills. He's hilarious and sarcastic, always pointing out what nobody else really wants to bring up until he's said it and then it becomes ridiculously obvious. He's not a player and is genuine in his feelings for others. He's exactly the kind of guy you'd with whom you'd want to spend your time.

    6. Jane Rizzoli - Rizzoli & Isles

    Facial blindness rizzoli and isles
    Let's face it, Jane Rizzoli is just like you and me. She loves junk food and going out for a beer with everyone after work. She's not going to be ribbing you because you're picking up a donut instead of the more sensible choice. She always puts her family and friends first, and although she might whine about what you "force" her to do, she'll be there for you every time.
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    Has a brawl between Sciles been a long time coming? We say yes, and from the looks of this trailer from Teen Wolf Season 5B, we're about to get one.

    But that's not all. There is so much coming our way, including poor Lydia having her abilities enhanced to help her piece it all together. As if she wasn't already sensitive enough to what was going on around her.

    Remember Deucalion? Well, you will after watching the trailer, because he's heading back and when the going gets tough, Scott knows exactly who to call: Papa Argent. JR Bourne will be returning as one of the ass-kickingest fathers on television.

    Watch for yourself, and prepare to be wowed, because you can't possibly prepare for much else!

    If you need to catch up on all of this, you can watch Teen Wolf online via TV Fanatic!

    Teen wolf season 5b trailer all hells breaking loose

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    Don't turn that channel!

    That's the reaction we have when these hotties appear on the screen. Yes, we watch TV for entertainment, but what's the point of watching if we don't get some eye candy along the way?

    Fall TV brought a lot of new, sexy people our way, but that's not to say Jamal from Empire, or Hanna from Pretty Little Liars lost their looks. Not at all, But they have gotten considerably more competition than they had in the past! 

    Intrigued yet? Have a look through our gallery for all of the hot GIFS. If abs, beautiful smiles and just generally pretty people are your thing, then look no further!

    1. Alex - Quantico

    Alex quantico
    Priyanka Chopra is turning in a first class performance as the seductive Alex on ABC's sole freshman hit. In her first scenes, we witnessed her testing a suspension a car – that pun was totally intended!

    2. Frank - How To Get Away With Murder

    Frank how to get away with murder
    ABC's sophomore hit is dialling up the sex factor this year and so far it has resulted in the very sexy Frank in some compromising positions. Cold blooded killer you say? Who isn't on this show!

    3. Beckett - Castle

    Beckett castle
    The show may be taking questionable, contrived risks in order to ramp up the drama, but the Queen of the cops is still looking might fine, eight seasons in. The bigger question is, will we be seeing her and Castle get between the sheets again before us fans disappear?

    4. Stefan - The Vampire Diaries

    Stefan the vampire diaries
    We know he's like totally taken by Caroline, but that doesn't mean we can't look, right? Elena was stupid to ditch him because he's far more interesting than Damon. Why does Damon get all the love? Team Stefan!

    5. Chanel - Scream Queens

    Chanel scream queens
    Chanel is one of those characters you love to hate. She's as treacherous as they come, but her looks can pretty much get her anything she wants. If you've got it, flaunt it, right? Who will she hook up with before the season is over?

    6. Halstead - Chicago PD

    Halstead chicago pd
    We know his relationship with Lindsay is complicated to say the least, but he won't be on the market for long, so she best get it together and get him back. His eyes are the dreamiest on TV. You'll be in a trance as soon as yours meet them.
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    Truly the best kind of female character is the one who is gorgeous, sexy, smart... and could probably kill you with her pinky finger. 

    There are so many femme fatale characters on TV these days, it was hard to narrow it down to just 19! We combed through all of the best and the worst (and the craziest) kickass women on TV, and we finally came up with a list of girls that you would probably want to avoid if they weren't so amazing and alluring. 

    Check out 19 of TV's greatest femme fatales, and be sure to add any we missed in comments below! 

    1. Katherine Pierce (The Vampire Diaries)

    Katherine pierce the vampire diaries
    If you've never seen Katherine Pierce in action, then boy, are you missing out. She's a vampire with a vendetta, and most of the time, she's about ten steps ahead of you in the plotting and mayhem process. Watch out for that sexy smile, it comes with fangs!

    2. Nikita (Nikita)

    Nikita nikita
    Being trained by a super secret government organization as an assassin and a seductress pretty much gives Nikita the edge in Femme Fatale category. Lucky for you, she's got a heart of gold – most of the time.

    3. Sydney Bristow (Alias)

    Sydney bristow alias
    If you don't think Sydney Bristow is one of the sexiest women in the world, I urge you to take a look at this gif and reconsider. Then, know that about 10 seconds after putting on this sexy show, she strangles the misogynistic pig in front of her and complains about about the uncomfortable nature of lingerie.

    4. Sara Lance (Arrow)

    Sara lance arrow
    Another assassin, trained by considerably scarier people than the government. Sara's famous line, "No woman should ever suffer at the hands of men," pretty much wraps up exactly why she's on this list. And, of course, her ability to seduce and kick butt in the same scene.

    5. Anne Boleyn (The Tudors)

    Anne boleyn
    Perhaps the greatest femme fatale of all time, Anne Boleyn seduced her way into King Henry's bed and managed to get a crown in the process! We're not saying she poisoned his first wife or anything... but she definitely thought about it.

    6. Annalise Keating (How To Get Away With Murder)

    Annalise keating how to get away with murder
    Annalise might be the person you call when you need to get away with murder, but she's also the person you call when you want to plan one, too. She's deadly smart, and more than a little cutthroat. Just ask Rebecca and Sam.
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    TV has a lot of very different characters and sometimes it's difficult to give every one the time they deserve on screen. 

    Have you ever loved a guest/recurring star so much that you hoped they'd become a series regular? We feel you're pain because we've all been down that road.

    We've compiled a list of currently airing shows featuring a character we're getting those exact same feels for. You know you want to read on! Don't forget to let us know in the comments if you think of any others!

    1. Hannah - How to Get Away With Murder

    Hannah how to get away with murder
    Hannah Keating was the pain in Annalise's butt. She knew there was more to her brother's murder than met the eye and would stop at nothing to get revenge on her. We do know someone attempts to kill off Annalise in a few weeks, could it be her?

    2. Camilla - Empire

    Camilla empire
    We know she's penciled in for a return at some point this season, but we could totally get used to seeing her every week. Her sparring matches with both Cookie and Lucious were beyond hilarious and she and Hakeem were a HOT pairing, despite the age difference.

    3. Collin - Awkward

    Collin awkward
    He really was a fun character and made Jenna a much more interesting person for the short time he was on the show. Wouldn't it have been way more interesting if he stayed on full time? It'd be way more believable than some of the obstacles in Jenna and Matty’s way this season. I could also totally ship him and Jenna, with Matty out of the equation.

    4. Dina - Jane the Virgin

    Dina jane the virgin
    Dina was a fun character who worked with Rogelio and also dealt him the blow that he'd be killed off his own show. She could easily return and worm her way back on to The Passions of Santos. There has been more crazier developments on telenovelas, right?

    5. Kelly - The Vampire Diaries

    Kelly the vampire diaries
    Poor Matt has like no family. Tyler left him to fend for himself and he's not exactly on good terms with Bonnie, or Damon, so it would make perfect sense that his mother would return and actually be a mother. It's not like Melinda Clarke is doing much else at the moment, right?

    6. Liz - Grey's Anatomy

    Liz greys anatomy
    Neve Campbell was pretty awesome in her short stint on ABC's medical drama. There was a lot of story left to tell and there's also the added benefit that she's already in the medical profession. Isn’t it time for her to move to Seattle and take a position in the hospital?
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    There are some couples on TV that are a breath of fresh air and then there are others who are just a complete waste of time. 

    For every Nathan and Haley from One Tree Hill, there's a Ryan and Natalie from Quantico. 

    We've compiled a list of couples that should totally call it quits and move on. 

    Everyone has different favorite couples on the small screen, so there's bound to be some who won't agree. 

    Why not hit the comments with your pick of couples who don't work that are not on the list? You know you want to!


    1. Frank and Laurel - How To Get Away With Murder

    Frank and laurel how to get away with murder
    Laurel and Frank may have a weekly steamy hook up that has us questioning why they got away with it on Broadcast TV, but what Laurel doesn't know is that Frank is a cold blooded killer and she's probably as expendable to him as Rebecca was.

    2. Luke and Joanna - Heroes Reborn

    Luke and joanna heroes reborn
    They may be on the outs right now, but I'm not ruling out a reunion between them before the season concludes. Joanna has taken her husband on a brutal killing spree of all the evolved humans and it isn't exactly a healthy thing to do.

    3. Mary and Francis – Reign

    Mary and francis reign
    The show seems to want us to think they love each other, but it's glaringly obvious they don't. There is ZERO chemistry between them and Mary seems to always have her eyes on some other fool. With Francis dying this season, why not just let them stay apart until he goes?

    4. Ryan and Natalie - Quantico

    Ryan and natalie quantico
    Ryan and Alex may have been between the sheets 9 months ago, but whenever the show takes us to the present narrative, I get so close to switching the TV off. Who the frack wants to see Ryan and Natalie together? Ryan is hot, Natalie is not. Well, she is, but her personality is just horrid.

    5. Hayley and Jackson - The Originals

    Hayley and jackson the originals
    Jackson is a decent enough character, but he's standing in the way of Haylijah, so if he must leave, he'd be rendered collateral. We want to see Haylijah be totally together, but that isn't going to happen with Jackson in the mix.

    6. Olivia and Fitz – Scandal

    Olivia and fitz scandal
    These two have been through A LOT, but they've kind of gotten long in the tooth and I could care less if Fitz was even part of the show any more. Why not have him on the back burner and see how much better Olivia could do? It might stop the ratings fall.
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    Some days your hair is great and some days you feel like a windblown troll doll.

    These characters will never know our pain because week after week they pop up on our televisions with their flawless locks making us green with envy.

    Here are the 17 best heads of hair on television to inspire you and/or make you weep with jealousy. Enjoy!

    1. Jon Snow - Game of Thrones

    Jon snow
    He may have the worst luck in the seven kingdoms, but Jon Snow has the best hair!

    2. Agent Melinda May - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Agent melinda may agents of shield
    Things Agent May won't tolerate: drama, co-pilots, Hydra and a hair out of place.

    3. Laurel Lance/Black Canary - Arrow

    Laurel lance slash black canary arrow
    She will beat you in the courtroom, in a fist fight and in the hair department.

    4. Blake Shelton - The Voice

    Blake shelton the voice
    He is always perfectly gelled and ready to judge.

    5. Jane - Jane the Virgin

    Jane jane the virgin
    She has an excellent outlook on life and makes new motherhood look gorgeous.

    6. Laura Calleros - Empire

    Laura calleros empire
    She sings like an angel and looks like one too! On Empire, Cookie always looks AMAZING but it's hard not to fall in love with Laura and her gorgeous waves.
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    Despite the abundance of comic book related shows, not all of our fights for our year in review come from them.

    You think you might be able to guess what our crew chose as some of the best?

    Well, wait no longer, Take a look and then weigh in with your thoughts on the greatest fights televsion had to offer this year.

    And keep coming back because our lists will continue as the year winds down.

    1. Peggy vs Dottie - Agent Carter

    Peggy vs dottie agent carter
    Peggy versus Dottie in Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 8 was as intense as it gets. It had it all including knives, strangulation, and a baseball bat. It culminated in Peggy throwing Dotty through a glass window. What more could we want?

    2. Daredevil Fight Scenes

    Daredevil fight scenes
    Every fight scene on Daredevil. The choreography of every fight is flawless. I almost never find myself on the literal edge of my seat watching fight scenes on shows, but Daredevil? Every time. Fights are made even more incredible with the added camera nods to the things that Matt Murdock CAN'T see and the way we, the viewers, get to be a part of how he acknowledges their existence, whether it be a chain jingling or shoes scraping, or any of the things that capture his other senses. Every fight is breathtaking to watch.

    3. Daisy/Skye on Agents of SHIELD

    Daisy slash skye on agents of shield
    Goes to Daisy/Skye on Agents of SHIELD episode "The Dirty Half Dozen" at the end of season 2 in April. She had a full 36 second continuous fight scene with no cuts that showed exactly how bad-ass she had become since season one. You wonder how many times Chloe Bennet had to practice that entire scene to get it right in one take!

    4. Norma and Romero - Bates Motel

    Norma and romero bates motel
    Norma Bates and Sheriff Romero in Season 3 Episode 10: “Crazy”. With Norma furious about a flash drive and Romero in need of the truth, the two end up in a frenzied and physical altercation. It was a violent, passionate, and breathtaking scene culminating in one of the most intense SQUEE moments that never happened. Two damaged people both with secrets spiraling out of control, both tired of running from their inner demons, and both repelled by, yet attracted to each other. They could have easily succumbed to the moment, but instead, rejected their feelings, gathered up their control, and continued on their way – a brilliant display of denial that each has perfected in their own way over the course of three seasons.

    5. Supergirl Fight Scenes

    Supergirl fight scenes
    I like any fight with Supergirl. But my favorite was with Livewire, probably more because of the story behind it her and not the fight itself. I really liked Livewire as a villain for Supergirl.

    6. Cookie vs Anika - Empire

    Cookie vs anika empire
    Cookie vs. Anika on Empire. It was the fight we were all waiting for, and boy was it worth it. Further proof of Taraji P. Henson's rock-star status.
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    The wait is almost over!

    Teen Wolf Season 5 returns on January 5, and so it's only fitting that we take time to reflect on the first half of season five. Let's be honest, there are some things we wish we could change.

    Here's my personal wish list for 5B. Some of my wishes I know will never come true, but hey, a girl can dream. Plus, there's this handy little thing called fanfiction.

    What do you hope to see when Teen Wolf returns? Leave your wish list in a comment below.

    1. Sciles

    I miss my Brotp. Remember when they were happy and the best of friends, and no monster or jerk could come between them? Yeah, those were good times. Their whole fight was so stupid and made zero sense. Scott would never trust Theo over Stiles, and Stiles would never keep something from Scott.

    2. Answers on Dread Doctor

    Answers on dread doctor
    Who are they Dread Doctors? How do they work? Where did they come from? What do they want? We basically know nothing about them. Seriously, what did we learn during the first half of this season? NADA

    3. Derek

    We all miss him. There's just so much to love! I mean there's his eyebrows, his relationship with Scott, his cute but menancing behavior, and oh so much more. Sigh, there's always fanfiction.

    4. Sterek

    Speaking of fanfiction, I miss these two dorks together. I'm not saying I need them boning or anything, but I miss their sarcastic scenes. They have such a strange dynamic, and I love it.

    5. Banshee Skills

    Banshee skills
    We've seen glimpses of Lydia being a badass banshee during her attempted escape from Eichen House, but we still don't have any real answers as to how her skills work. There really should be a banshee trainer or someone who can teach Lydia about what all she can do.

    6. Desert Wolf

    Desert wolf
    What kind of craziness is going on where Malia's mom wants her dead? At least now we've seen her face, but other than that, the Desert Wolf is a HUGE mystery. At this point, I'll take any answers we can get.
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    It's time to get your shit together, Scott.

    On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 11, Scott slowly began to repair the epic mess he made. The first step is obviously to fix things with Stiles because there is no pack without Stiles. There's just not.

    I like that Scott has realized that he's messed up and that his pack is in shambles. He gets it. You can see that by the way he refused to let Stiles handle things on his own and also by the way he reached out to Malia.

    He offered his ear if Malia should ever need someone to talk to, but he doesn't force it. Scott knows how Malia is, so Scott basically just waved a friendly flag to remind Malia that he's there.

    Scott hasn't completely repaired his relationship with Malia or Stiles, but he's trying. The alpha pack symbol at the end is Scott saying that him and his pack will be back and stronger than ever. Scott just has to mend a whole lot of fences first, and then the rest of the pack has to work on fixing their own relationships as well. Hopefully, the McCall pack reunion will provide some great character moments. 

    I'm excited to see the McCall pack come back together. The pack being separated and doing things solo was not entertaining at all. They were all clearly forced apart by reasons that never completely made sense.

    I'm sorry but Stiles not confiding in Scott about Donovan's murder made zero sense, and the same applies to Scott believing Theo over Stiles. I'm never buying it.

    Malia: We kind of broke up, I guess.
    Scott: Yeah, we kind of broke up too.

    It's always nice to see Scott and Stiles do some detective work. The whole scene where they analyzed Theo's heartbeat and replayed the conversation that Stiles and Theo had to pick up clues was applause worthy. It made me so, so happy. It feels like forever since we have really seen them work through a problem like that.

    Plus, it was a cool way to use Scott's werewolf skills. 

    Oh my god, I had forgotten how confusing the timeline is.

    Lydia's time in Eichen house is the present, and everything else is the past. There were definitely moments where I was just like, "wait what order did this happen in?" It probably could have been a bit more clear, but by the end of the episode, things started to click into place.

    This whole flashback situation that's going on should, in theory, help to build suspense. Sadly, all it's doing is making things a hundred times more confusing.

    We did learn things though. We learned that Theo has known the Dread Doctors since he was 10, and that the doctors managed to create the perfect killer. Okay, that's great, but there wasn't a direct tie in to what the rest of the hour was about – saving the Sheriff, Layden, Lydia's warning.

    We could have at least glimpsed the ultimate killing machine or maybe seen the Dread Doctors take a new person to experiment on, and then that person would end up being the killing machine. 

    There needs to be a bit more of a connection, rather than having Lydia sort of tell us what is going to happen sometime down the road. Are you liking the whole set up of this season with the majority of it being in the past via flashback? 

    Holy crap the Stilinski Family feels were coming on strong. It was an emotional hour that I spent mainly wanting Sheriff and Stiles to hug it out. 

    It's so great that we really get to see the bond that the Sheriff and Stiles have because they have been through hell. Stiles hearing the words his dad said to him at his mom's funeral? So not okay.

    I just about died at that part, but it is an amazing way to highlight just how close Stiles is to his dad.

    Stiles and the Sheriff look to each other for support. They are each other's rocks. When life is falling down around them, they reach out to each other. Can we put the Sheriff and Stiles in a protective bubble? No more harm can come to them.

    It's a supernatural tree that has to want to be found in order to see it?


    Mason's reaction to Liam ripping out the page from the book is hands down my favorite moment from this season. I mean how can you not love this kid?

    While I'd rather spend time focusing on Sciles than on Mason and Liam (Liason?), I have to admit that Mason is pretty amazing. His sass is on point. I mean he called out the nemeton and the insanity that surrounds it. 

    Honestly, there was so much stuff going on in this hour. It was difficult to keep up with everything and to process all the information that was being thrown at you. I mean how do you even make a chimera out of a berserker and a jaguar? I think berserkers should be left alone, but that's just me.

    Then there's Parrish with his sexy time hallucination type things that he has featuring Lydia. Dude, control your hallucinations. Don't hallucinate and dive. You are a deputy, Parrish! Act like it.

    We need to narrow down the focus a bit or at least group more people together working towards one goal. Once Liam and Scott reconcile, that will help things out. Then, you know, we will only have to follow around the McCall pack, Theo's pack, Parrish, the Dread Doctors, and whatever else this season throws at us. 

    What did you think of the episode? Any theories on why Theo wants a hellhound? Share your thoughts and theories in a comment below!

    Remember you can watch Teen Wolf online anytime via TV Fanatic.

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    Happy New Year!

    We're bringing you the best quotes from the first week of 2016. 

    What's fun about this week are the pop culture references scattered throughout the quotes. 

    There are quite a few from Modern Family, Supergirl gets in on the action, as does Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce and NCIS.

    Have fun reading them, and let us know if we caught your favorite! You can find more right here


    1. NCIS

    Abbys brother is a suspect ncis
    Vance: I'm thinking it's time we bring Tony Stark in for questioning. Gibbs: [blank look] Vance: Iron Man. Smug. Tech mogul slash super...

    2. Ash vs Evil Dead

    One last effort ash vs evil dead
    Ash: Alright Pedro, I'm comin' for ya! Uh, uh Pablo! I meant Pablo!

    3. Galavant

    The crystal ball galavant
    King Richard: Can you get cancer from walking because I really feel like my feet are getting cancer.

    4. Family Guy

    The guys make a music video family guy
    Joe: You're dad doesn't wear this Dickie anymore? That's crazy. Why would anyone get rid of a perfectly good Dickie?

    5. Downton Abbey

    Fox hunt downton abbey
    Lord Grantham: If I could stop history in its tracks, maybe I would. But I can't, Carson. Nor you nor I can hold back time. Carson:...

    6. Supergirl

    Keeping her secret supergirl
    Kara: Ms. Grant, I'm sorry. Think what you think, but it's not true. I'm not Supergirl. Cat: One time at a party Paul McCartney swore to...
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    The television landscape can feel overwhelming sometimes. 

    What's worse is when you want to jump onto a bandwagon years after a show has started and the new season is on the way, or even's already come and gone completely!

    The good news is, that hardly matters anymore with all the online streaming going on.

    The following shows are available to watch on Amazon Prime from their first seasons through their latest fully aired.

    The next time you're shopping online, you can stop and take a television break!

    1. The Royals

    The royals
    E! has a certified hit on their hands with this shocking look at royalty. Yes, they're fictional. Watch the first season now!

    2. Wolf Hall

    Wolf hall
    You like the story of Anne Bolelyn? Well this is the story of Thomas Cromwell helping her hubby, King Henry VIII overcome opposition when he wants to marry her, despite already being married.

    3. House of Lies

    House of lies
    Marty Kaan is a management consultant who uses anything and anyone to get ahead in business. Look out world!

    4. Schitt's Creek

    Schitts creek
    The only thing a once wealthy couple has left after going broke is the small town they bought years earlier on a lark – Schitt's Creek. Good times!

    5. Fortitude

    A picturesque town in the arctic is changed for ever when its non-violent crime streak is wiped away after a research scientist is murdered. What secrets lie beneath the town's icy suface?

    6. Teen Wolf

    Teen wolf
    After a teenager is bitten in the woods, he suddenly discovers there are a lot of supernatural creatures in his hometown of Beacon Hills, and his destiny is to become a True Alpha, ruling a pack of his own.
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    Theo really sucks at making friends.

    On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 12, Theo decided to bond with his new chimera pack by helping them murder people, electrocuting them, and threatening them. Is that not what y'all do with your friends?

    I'm honestly not seeing what power he has over all of the chimeras. Fear would make sense, but the way Hayden has been acting, it's like there's something hardwired into her that makes her listen to Theo even when she doesn't want to.

    What's your theory?

    Scott Gets Turned Down - Teen Wolf

    There's still so much we don't know about this new chimera pack. Did we even figure out how they all came back to life?

    Aside from that, Hayden mentioned how ever since she came back, nothing feels right (except Liam because love conquers all, obviously). Could you be more specific, Hayden? Do you feel like you are drawn to do darker things or what's going on? Let's stop being vague because it's not like we're in your shoes so we can relate to your struggle or anything.

    Mason and the Sheriff are the MVPs of this episode. Someone give them a trophy.

    For the Sheriff, he finally had a chat with Stiles about the Donovan situation. With all the stupidity that was the Sciles fight, I forgot how much Stiles was still blaming himself for Donovan's death.

    What was so amazing about this exchange, aside from the Stilinski family emotions, was that Stiles was actually able explain how he was feeling.

    Sheriff: Stiles, I can't protect you if I don't know the truth. Did you really feel like you couldn't tell me?
    Stiles: I couldn't tell anyone.
    Sheriff: Did you think that I wouldn't believe it was self defense?
    Stiles: What if it wasn't? What if I told you I wanted him dead?
    Sheriff: I believe you. I also believe that wanting someone dead and murdering them are two very different things.

    It sounds like a stupid thing because everyone says how they are feeling, but Stiles full on explained what was going through his head, and how he believes that he murdered Donovan.

    After that scene, you can understand Stiles a bit better. You can't understand Hayden better after she said "nothing feels right. Stiles didn't really leave anything up to our imagination. He was able to vent.

    Mason helped Liam to get up the nerve to talk to Scott. Much like with Stiles and Donovan, Liam hasn't really talked about what happened with Scott. I mean it's not hard to guess what Liam was feeling, but it was still nice that Liam got to voice his own fears. I cannot wait to see Scott and Liam's reunion. 

    Theo logic will just never make sense to me. He, for some reason, decided to have his chimera pack (minus Hayden) try to kill Scott. Then, after he called them off, Theo told Scott not to worry because they were on the same side now.

    I just don't understand how that made sense in his little Theo head. You can't tell someone you are on the same side after trying to have him killed literally seconds before.

    I can't take Theo seriously at all as a bad guy because nothing he says or does makes any sort of sense. 

    We still don't know anything about how he became BFFs with the Dread Doctors or how he made his pack. Now, he's claiming to have all this info on the beast. Theo told Hayden that the beast would kill a lot of people but not them if they stuck together.

    Does he have beast immunity or something? Then, he told Cory (invisible cutie) that he would protect Liam and Mason aka Scott's pack, but it's hard to take that seriously with the whole "I ordered my pack to kill you but same side bro" situation.

    I'm sorry but Theo leading an evil chimera pack wasn't exactly a natural progression to the conversation.


    Nothing makes sense anymore. I think the only way it might make sense is if Theo just sat down and explained to me his whole back story and evil plan. What do you make of Theo's intentions?

    There was so much going on in this hour. Most of the storylines had a connection to Theo and the beast, so it was okay, but even then, things should have been dialed down a bit. Lydia's horror movie situation that was happening in Eichen was a bit much.

    Did anyone else think of The Ring? While I'm so happy that we will finally see Lydia learn more about how to channel her banshee skills, it felt out of place with the rest of the hour. 

    The same can be said for Malia's adventure. I'm all for Desert Wolf answers, but it took us away from Theo and the beast. Maybe eventually Scott will offer to help out Malia as a way to try to reign her back into the pack. 

    Gerard is back, unfortunately. The only reason I'm a little happy to see Gerard again is because he's being brought back to provide some answers on the Dread Doctors and the Beast/Last Chimera. Finally, someone has answers!

    Gerard revealed that there's a tie between the Beast and the Argent family. I'm excited to learn more about the Argents, especially since it means Crystal Reed will be back on my screen!

    What did you think of the hour? Were you happy to see Kira again? Leave me your thoughts and theories in a comment below!

    Remember you can watch Teen Wolf online anytime via TV Fanatic.

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