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    On Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 10, a connection between Meredith and Peter Hale is revealed. But what does it mean?

    There is a surprise lurking behind the walls of Grandma Lorraine's walls in the lake house. What does it have to do with the dead pool?

    Meredith decided to it was time to start over when she heard Lydia scream Allison's name on the night of her death.

    If you think this makes little sense, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Watch Teen Wolf online to see the entirety of this mayhem!

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    Another wasted hour.

    We're driving toward the finale, and with Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 11 we got no answers again. If you love action without purpose, then this was the hour for you.

    It was difficult not to feel for Liam as he saw Beserkers everywhere. WE were seeing Beserkers everywhere. The entire episode was like a waiting game for the poor kid to wake up in a nightmare.

    Liam was working out to excess, not sleeping and everywhere seeing the Beserker. Mason was a really great friend and tried to help out, but when the dude is seeing monsters everywhere he goes, it's a little difficult to draw back.

    Liam got a lesson from his opponent on how lucky he is to have a True Alpha in his life, but Liam just wonders why Scott isn't there for him. Imagine his surprise when his Alpha attacks as a Beserker. Oh. My. God. If he doesn't end up in Eichen House, the kid has huge stones!

    Let's be honest, bringing back Kate was a huge mistake. She's over-the-top worthless. She doesn't evoke any fear whatsoever. She's a pain in the ass, yes, but not much more. I couldn't have been more happy to know Peter (dastardly as he is -- all kinds of wrong what he did to Argent) wanted Malia to kill Kate. 

    I admit it. I always agree with Peter. 

    Melissa found Scott's bag o' money and convinced him to return it. The key was when she wanted to know how he'd spend the stack of blood money. It's hard to answer that without looking like an ass. From that came my favorite moment of the hour, when Scott returned the money to Derek and he said it was Peters.

    Scott: Where's your money?
    Derek: You're standing on it.
    Scott: There's another vault?!
    Derek: [laughs] I own the building.

    Poor Derek. He must wonder how things could have gone so terribly wrong that his not only his Alpha status but his being as a wolf were stripped from him for this stupid kid. God love Scott, but he really needs to think before he speaks. It's like he's been taking lessons from Stiles.

    Derek owning that building came in handy for Scott when he used one of the empty lofts to romance Kira. It was short-lived however, when it was interrupted by the useless Kate and the Beserker. I'm really not sure why True Alpha Scott isn't a match for were-Kate. It's rather concerning.

    That said, Scott and Kira's first date kind of sucked in the end, right? But before that fateful moment, I had to wonder -- why hasn't Derek given the kids one of those lofts to use as a lair? That would be pretty awesome. Maybe he just doesn't want a bunch of kids around. But really -- they could have a place to get it on without worrying about parents and they'd be off the streets. C'mon Derek!

    How adorable was Parrish trying to help Argent? Especially because we learned that Lydia and he have been sharing information. Parrish pumping up Argent to help him free himself was just very Teen Wolf. We still don't know what kind of supernatural Parrish is, but his eyes blazed red while he was working with Argent, although he didn't seem to have any super strength. Any more thoughts on what he is?

    So what was the beginning with Deaton? Did he see in that dude's third eye what will happen with Scott as a Beserker (groan)? Will he be the shortest Beserker or does becoming one increase his height?

    Why did Lydia show up at Derek's and Banshee out? Could Derek have any more screams predicting his death?

    Are we going to find out that Kate is Malia's mother? Is she the desert wolf? Doesn't it seem too simple for Peter to turn on Kate at the same moment he learns who Malia's mom is and asks her to kill her?

    Kate's portrayer said this installment was all about revelations. What revelations?! I'm sure you're all dying to tell me how wrong I am. Do it, but share facts, too, will ya? They're really the best part of a comment, me thinks.

    If you need to catch up, you can watch Teen Wolf online any time!

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    On Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 11, Malia got an F on a math test, profoundly disappointing Coach.

    Also disappointing was Liam's need for Scott but Scott's inability to show up for the lacrosse game to help his new Beta.

    Liam was having a heck of a time, seeing Beserkers everywhere. His friend Mason was supportive but it wasn't making much of a difference.

    Deaton was lost, Argent was stuck and Scott and Kira's first date was interrupted in a hella bad way. 

    What to find out why Liam's worst nightmare could be coming true at any moment? Watch Teen Wolf online now!

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    Did the Teen Wolf Season 4 finale wrap things up and make us feel all warm inside?

    That's debatable, but Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 12 offered an evolution of characters and story to carry us into the next summer. Everything wasn't answered, but as the installment essentially brought the season full circle, that isn't a bad thing.

    For now, we've seen the end of the Argent family. Given Allison's death, it makes sense that they would be distanced from Scott and his new pack and new love.

    For a while there, it seemed like both Argent and Kate might meet their deaths but they've lived on to see another day on the series - maybe. They aren't needed on the series, and as much as Argent is loved, Kate is not. I won't miss the Caliveras and hope Mexico isn't revisited any time soon.

    Unfortunately, we didn't learn the identity of Malia's mom, AKA The Desert Wolf, so it won't be surprising if we go back. Since Peter is locked up in Eichen House with the third eyeball man (another WTF is he and we'll solve it another day loose end), it would make sense if Malia ramps up the search for her mom, but she also seemed pretty comfortable with her new family - the Stilinskis.

    That it all came down to Peter's desire for power and that he really thought Scott's pack wouldn't be able to eventually recognize him was sad. The way he kept pushing the necessity to kill was kind of obvious. His fighting skills were pathetic and his rationale equally so.

    Here are some things we learned in the finale:

    • Derek evolved into a black wolf so that he can be important without being an Alpha. (I was unaware they couldn't turn into full wolves, I just thought they chose not to...) I guess it's pretty cool, then, that Malia can be a full coyote.
    • Kira learned to heal herself and got her first tail, made out of the obsidian in the temple. We don't want bad guys to get that tail!
    • Scott got his groove back and handily defeated Peter without even breathing hard. He also remained kill-free.
    • Liam is the new Stiles. While Stiles used to be relegated to saying silly or stupid things, now it's in Liam's capable hands. And that's as it should be. He's a freshman, after all.
    • Being a Banshee sucks for reasons other than predicting people will die. Lydia's always separated from her gang now. That needs to stop.
    • Lydia has a book of beasties and promised to help Parrish (who had the most incredible look on his face, right?!) discover what type he was. We swooned and hoped for more of that action.
    • Argent and Parrish working together will be missed. When they showed up to the party, cheering ensued. Anyone else?

    As a whole, the season felt like a breath between Teen Wolf Season 3 and Teen Wolf Season 5. Nothing major really happened that couldn't have happened in a couple of episodes. After a tremendous build up to the Benefactor story, it ended with a dull thud that hardly left viewers caring about how it played out once it was done. It never requires another mention (much like the Alphas story, with the exception of Ducalion, who was cool).

    It was a season of loose ends, some that were tied up and some that are left dangling. It did successfully close out the past by incorporating new characters who have taken up the spaces left by those we lost previously. They aren't as well-loved as the others, but they weren't given the material necessary to earn that right. It needs more time.

    Without a cliffhanger, there is a completely new road ahead. It's no longer necessary to rely on the past to propel the story forward. Characters have evolved and so has the series. It's sad to say goodbye to what was, but it's also impossible not to anticipate a new direction with excitement.

    The building blocks are in place. Are you ready for what's next?

    If you'd prefer to relive the past, you can watch Teen Wolf online. The rest of us will wait for you to get back!

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    On Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 12, we were spared a death, but people did skedaddle out of town.

    Ta ta for now, Argents!

    Lydia commits to helping Parrish discover what kind of supernatural he is and viewers couldn't be happier.

    Peter's nefarious plan blows up in his face with hardly a fight. Characters are transformed and evolve in ways that will change the series going forward. There is a lot to look forward to.

    Who can go full on wolf now/ Who can heal themselves? Who can fight others with minimal effort? Who learned to use a talisman to ward off the change during a full moon?

    All will be revealed when you watch Teen Wolf online!

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    We're not ready to flip the calendar to 2015 just yet.

    In honor of the past 12 months, we'll be spending the next few days ranking this year's best shows and worst shows; most dramatic moments and most passionate kisses; scariest villains and most bad ass series.

    First up? The small screen's best buddies. You know, the friends who are always there for each other, through thick and thin, murder and mayhem; all the important stuff!

    Flip through our photo gallery, find out why we love these close pals and then weigh in via the poll and/or in the Comments below...

    Scott and Stiles -- Teen Wolf
    Hands down, Scott and Stiles from Teen Wolf. Is there any better best friend duo than these two? They are so ride or die (literally) and I love them. I mean if your best friend is willing to go into your head when you are possessed and save your life, or rescue you when you're trapped in an animal body in a Mexican know you have a keeper!

    Who were Best Buddies on television in 2014?


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    Villains are necessary to keep all the good guys on their toes.

    We've compiled some of the most vile from 2014. They might use their daughter as a hitman, kill their son's girlfriend, play both sides of the law or take the form of some other monster (no, really, monsters are on the list!).

    Whatever the case, we get great pleasure in seeing them rise up and sometimes even more when they finally fall crashing down.

    Flip through the slideshow and weigh in with your favorite by taking the poll and/or dropping us a comment!

    Gemma Teller -- Sons of Anarchy
    In a fit of rage, Gemma stabbed her daughter-in-law to death with a carving fork and then pointed the finger at a rival gang which sent her son on a horrifyingly violent quest for revenge. The body count piled up so high we lost count. Few people deserve to get shot by their own son but Gemma Teller makes that list.

    Who is the best villain of 2014?


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    It sucks when our favorite characters leave. Heck, it sucks when characters we just met leave.

    Let's admit characters exits can be some of worst moments on television, but how they go out can make for some of the best viewing. They're exits dramatically effecting the series or ones you'll remember for years to come.

    When we put together our TV Fanatic staff picks for the best character exits, the answers started pouring in.

    One character was a blink and you miss it appearance but, but so amazingly perfect Twitter lit up with discussion. There were momentous deaths by terribly violence, sweet losses after a long illness and the need to finally switch things up and make a positive change (we're looking at you, Cristina Yang).

    Flip through our slideshow of the best character exits of 2014 and then vote in our poll and/or in the comments.

    Sara Lance/Canary -- Arrow
    College student-turned-assassin Sara Lance stood by Oliver and his fellow heroes when they saved Starling City from Slade Wilson and his Mirakuru-enhanced army at the end of Arrow Season 2. So it shocked pretty much everyone when the Canary was abruptly and brutally murdered in the closing moments of the Season 3 premiere. Sara's death and the mystery of her killer's identity haunted the first half of Season 3, inspiring her sister Laurel's quest for justice "outside the courtroom" and leading up to Oliver's own apparent death during a duel with Ra's al-Ghul himself in Season 3 Episode 9, the mid-season finale.

    What was the best character exit of 2014?


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    In 2014, Internet users loved to be scared.

    They enjoyed watching people sing in front of famous artists.

    They wondered whether Andi Dorfman and Juan Pablo Galavis would find soul mates; they got caught up in one Scandal after another; and they continued to wonder: Who the heck is A?!?

    Indeed, Nielsen has come out with a list of the most Tweeted-about programs in 2014, with television’s highest-rated cable series leading the way.

    The Voice
    New judges, same old success: NBC continues to strike it big each season with The Voice.

    Which other reality shows and dramas made the list?

    Check out the above photo gallery for the answer and sound off below with a rundown of the series that you Tweeted about most often in 2014.

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    With 12 MonkeysSeason 1 launching Friday, I thought it would be fun to list 12 movies that became TV shows.

    Though it seems like every new television series these days is making the jump from the big screen to the small, it's not a new trend. M*A*S*H* was a 1970's film which later ran for 11 seasons on CBS. Did you know Clueless, Private Benjamin and Ferris Bueller's Day Off also spawned TV shows?

    For every movie turned TV series that bombs, I'm lookin' at you Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, there are several like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Highlander and Stargate that run for many years.

    Flip through the slideshow and check out 12 (in honor of 12 Monkeys) series that originated as feature films.

    12 Monkeys
    Syfy's 12 Monkeys premieres this Friday and it's just the latest film to make the jump to television. Many fans are skeptical that Terry Gilliam's 1995 film is being revisited as a TV series. What they might not realize is that Gilliam's version was inspired by the 1962 short film La Jetee. In other words, this series is a reimagining of a remake. With clever writing and a great cast, you owe it to yourself to check out 12 Monkeys. Trust me, you'll thank me later.

    As with fashion or boy bands these trends are cyclical, but you've got to admit today's showrunners sure are delivering some top notch television. Let's hope this new golden age of TV continues for at least another decade.

    So... which TV show based on a movie has been your favorite so far?


    12 Monkeys premieres this Friday, January 16 at 9/8c on Syfy. Make sure to follow our 12 Monkeys Twitter account.

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    Hot, sexy, shirtless men. TV has 'em, and so do we.

    Why? Why not? 

    One of the joys of entertainment is taking a peek at the things we can't have. The men on this list? They fit the bill. Whether they're supernatural beasts on The Vampire Diaries or The Originals or fighting them off on Supernatural, they look damn good without their shirts.

    Fighting fires on Chicago Fire? Oh yeah, it gets hot battling those flames – remove that shirt! It's absolutely imperative to strip down on Hawaii Five-0 and if Vikings are cold, they're also strong so they can remove the fur and bare the chest.

    We could go on and on, or you could enjoy the first of what will be many Sexy Saturdays to come and dig into this slideshow.

    Alex O' Loughlin as Steve McGarrett - Hawaii Five-0
    Over the course of Hawaii Five-0 we have laughed and cried right along side Steve, but what some of us like to do the most is stare at him in his natural beauty.

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    As previously documented, plenty of television characters are unlucky in love. They'll simply never find anyone to be with.

    Others, meanwhile, are stuck with the opposite problem: They can't decide just who to love, given multiple options on the romantic table each week.

    It's a problem that afflicts D.C.'s most dogged fixer. It's an issue that makes it challenging to exact revenge in the Hamptons. It's an obstacle that makes it difficult for Queen Mary to reign.

    We speak, of course, about one of television's most common tropes: the love triangle.

    Which shows are employing it the best these days? Which have bent this formation right out of shape, angering viewers in the process?

    And who would YOU choose if you were Olivia Pope?!?

    Because our solution of pairing up various characters with those NOT on their actual show is unlikely to ever take place, click around the above photo gallery and choose your sides now!

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    The biggest shock last night on the red carpet of PaleyFest 2015, which featured MTV's Teen Wolf for the evening, was not the new villains. Nor the state of romance for our various characters.

    It was that original cast member Tyler Hoechlin (Derek Hale) would not be returning as a series regular for the new season.

    While Hoechlin won't be seen in the first few episodes of Teen Wolf Season 5, fingers are crossed he's brought back sooner rather than later.

    In the meantime, the rest of the cast -Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Holland Roden, Dylan Sprayberry, Shelley Hennig and Arden Cho - stopped to talk to TV Fanatic about what we can expect in the new episodes. 

    We catch Tyler Posey talking about what Scott has learned from Derek and the status with he and Kira.

    Dylan O'Brien may have been fighting a cold but he dished on whether Stiles will be venturing to the dark side at the start of the new season.

    Dylan Sprayberry says that Liam is no longer the newbie but may find romance with a new cast member.

    Shelley Hennig is glad that Malia is not a "glam girl."

    And we close things with a few words from Holland Roden:

    Teen Wolf Season 5 will air this summer on MTV. For more on PaleyFest, visit the Paley Center website

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    It happens every day on your favorite TV shows: the dream couple, the greatest ship to ever sail, finally gets together.

    Whether it's a kiss, a relationship, or even just a really hot roll in the hay, you scream and shout and flail like any good fan would.

    And then inevitably... it ends.

    They break up, or they decide to just stay friends, or it turns out to be a one time thing. Then you're curled up in your sweatpants with a giant tub of Haagen Dazs because your life is officially over.

    We all have those couples that we loved together, but are sadly no more. So many of them deserve another shot at happiness!!

    We decided to highlight a few of those couples this weekend and celebrate their sexiest hookups. 

    Enjoy our Sexy Saturday list of couples who went there and absolutely need to go there again. 

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    Some shows are happy and fluffy and bright, with laughing and ponies for everyone.

    Some shows are just plain evil, killing off beloved characters and ripping them away from us for all time. Heck, The Walking Dead has practically been making a sport of it lately. You'll also discover a duo long dead on Supernatural we still can't get over, as well as a female archer (or two) who should rise up and take aim once more.

    But you know what? Just because someone made the decision to kill off characters we love doesn't mean we have to stand around and take it. We've done that for far too long and it's time we did something about it.

    And do something we shall! Flip around our slideshow and discover which characters we think were taken too soon, and whose return from the dead we are demanding. Immediately.

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    It's Sexy Saturday, and this week, we're going down a different path.

    How can two people who are sexy in their own right, walk together and become a drag? Well, chemistry is a tricky, tricky thing for onscreen couples, and sometimes they're a major flop. 

    We've all seen the pairings that just can't quite hit the mark. Maybe the characters don't work well together, or the actors just don't have the right connection. Maybe there's simply too much action going on with the plot, leaving no time to worry about the kissy stuff. 

    Regardless, chemistry is usually subjective, and fans will get into some pretty rabid discussions about who belongs with who.

    Flip through the slideshow and let us know what you think about our list of chemistry flops. We'll be sure to duck and cover and probably run for our lives.

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    As a proud feminist, I have to say it’s been great to see so many TV shows making big steps in the right direction for female representation.

    Gone are the damsels in distress and the over-dramatic “crying girls” who sit on the sidelines.

    Women on TV these days get shit stuff done. Plain and simple.

    They are leaders and doctors and assassins, they fall in love and have families, they go a little crazy sometimes, and they're not afraid to kick some ass. Basically, they just spend their time being intense, complex human beings, which has, sadly, not always been the case for female characterization on television.

    These are some of the shows that are letting their feminist flag fly, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

    Did we miss any other fabulous shows that rock the feminist agenda? Tell us about it in comments below! 

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    Losing a main character under any circumstances is always a distressing time for a TV Fanatic. 

    This is especially true for many at the moment, as Nina Dobrev is leaving Mystic Falls behind – but she certainly isn't the first lead to depart a successful show.

    A lot of the time when a key star says goodbye to their series, they are killed off, but not always. A classic heartfelt farewell can be sometimes be just as satisfying and/or sentimental.

    Below, we've collected 19 photos from 19 shows that bid farewell forever to a fan favorite. Which did the best job of carrying on without him or her?

    We know how upset you were when you had to say goodbye to not one, but two residents of one Tree Hill, but the show continued on for three more successful seasons. Sometimes characters leave because they have run their course and fresh new additions can make things exciting again.

    There are also shows that have no choice but to write out a lead because of tragic circumstances (RIP, Cory!).

    What do you think of this list of leads? Have we missed anyone? Hit the comments below!

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    If you walk away from this article with one thing, it should be the sneaking suspicions that Hollywood might be in the process of a hostile Australian takeover.

    More actors than you'd think are actually from all over the world - mostly from Down Under - masquerading as Americans.

    You can't rule out the British contingent, though, as the UK puts forward quite a few leading ladies and gents who trade in their lilting accents for southern twangs and California cool. 

    Equally impressive are the characters who attempt the opposite swap, adopting an English accent in place of their typical American drawl.

    Some of these actors pull it off beautifully, leaving you floored when you find out they're from WHERE? Others don't quite have the same finesse, letting their original speech patterns slip in a little too often.

    Regardless, it's an amazing talent to take on a foreign dialect, and these people deserve all the awards for it. 

    Check out our list of 21 characters whose real life accents might surprise you! 

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    The doctors will see you now.

    Or, not. 

    While most of us have been wary of going to the doc at one time or another, after watching the teaser promo for the upcoming Teen Wolf Season 5, we may all be canceling our appointments.

    The wicked staircase looks a lot like Eichen House and so do the trappings within, including incredibly long needles and whatever the hell kind of torture device someone is trying to clasp onto Liam's little head.

    Otherwise, the pack's all present and accounted for; Scott, Kira, Stiles, Malia, Lydia and Liam. For those of you living under a Nemeton, Tyler Hoechlin will not be returning as a series regular for the 20-episode fifth season as fan favorite hunky werewolf Derek.

    Further adding to the evidence that the action might be taking place at Eichen House is the voiceover, which sure sounds like Seth Gilliam, or Dr. Deaton to you and me. He was last seen going crazy next to the dude with the eyeball in his forehead in the upper floors of Eichen. The rules have changed, indeed!

    Does this promise to make the business with the nogitsune and evil Stiles look tame by comparison? Hit the comments with your thoughts. 

    If you need a refresher, feel free to watch Teen Wolf online. We have a spot for that!

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