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    After watching Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 24, it became apparent that any attempt to delve deeply into this mind frak of a finale was futile.

    Danny said it and it makes sense to roll with the sentiment: Dude, it's Beacon Hills.

    Teen Wolf Crew

    After the death of Allison Argent last week, there were some really emotional scenes to follow. Isaac instinctively went back to the Argent apartment.

    Argent: I appreciate the concern but you don't have to stay. I'll be alright. I've dealt with this before. I have a capacity and an ability to compartmentalize my emotions.
    Isaac: I don't.

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    It was difficult to imagine where these two would land after Allison's death, and watching Argent coach Scott on how to talk to the authorities was tough. It was nowhere near as touching as the realization that Isaac and Argent now have each other. Together they realized that Allison figured out what killed the Oni and then fought side by side to save her friends.

    When they walked out of the apartment, were they moving on, because looking at the door it seemed final, didn't it? I hope it's just a move within town and not off of the series because that would be too much to take.

    As Derek helped to clean up Aiden and Ethan, he was astonished that they still didn't get what was necessary to become a part of Scott's pack and his passionate speech rousing them to fight would have made anyone jump up and join in the melee.

    Scott's always been about one thing. Saving his friends. He will do anything and everything to save the people he cares about. When there's no chance of winning, he keeps fighting. When all hope is lost, he finds another way and when he's beaten down he stands up again! You want to find a place in his pack? You want redemption? Find another way to stand and fight!


    Fight they did and to the death. After Argent and Isaac found them fighting Oni, Aiden grabbed one of the silver-tipped arrows and thrust it into an Oni, killing it. But he took a sword to the gut and died in his brother's arms. So many deaths and for what?

    It was difficult to hear the answer to that question when Stiles finally came face to face with the Nogitsune and asked why -- to win the game. There was no reason for it other than a mental board game on which each one of the people Stiles loves and the places they occupied were pieces to be taken and captured with the ultimate intent to win by ending all of their lives.

    It's too bad the Nogitsune didn't know he was up against a True Alpha and all that comes with it -- the deep emotional attachments that each of Scott's pack members have made with him and with one another that made that game much more difficult than the fox intended.

    It was interesting to learn that there was nothing special (as of yet) about Sheriff Stilinski's deputy, except maybe being a part of the Stilinski's pack. They have to look out for each other in the same way Scott's pack does and it fits that those who believe in the Sheriff ould fight that hard for him.

    We learned Deaton made the box carrying Talia Hale's claws and that it was made out of wood from the Nemeton. The wood holds the power and can contain the essence of the Nogitsune. There was no explanation why or how the Nogitsune escaped or if capturing that one fly would be the end of it, but I'm rolling with it.

    Scott's parents had a tough time in the hospital and because of that it seems dad might be sticking around Beacon Hills. It would still be preferential for Melissa and Stilinski to make a go of it, but we'll have to see what's next. 

    As things started to get back to normal, Lydia saw Malia at school and soon she was at Scott's house learning how to flip out her claws. There are hints of playful flirting between Malia and Stiles, but with the absence of Aiden and Lydia's freedom, it's hard not to imagine what could be if the two friends let their hearts soar. 

    It seems that the twins were a Teen Wolf package deal since Ethan chose to leave town after Aiden died. Danny decided to break up with him anyway because he didn't think he could date a werewolf. Classic line and let's please hope that his knowledge will bring him closer to the group next season. Wouldn't you love to see more Danny?

    The final surprise was Derek's dream of men infiltrating his apartment looking for the she wolf. He thought they were looking for Cora, but they didn't know who that was.

    As a smoke bomb came into the room, Derek was shot in the gut and Kate Argent stepped out from the shadows and changed before his eyes. Peter Hale's scratch created a she wolf, but she looks nothing like the other gals in town.

    Is Kate part Kanima? She looked absolutely stunning with the hints of blue in her face. Was it just the lighting or was she a different type of wolf? Why would people be looking for her? At least they weren't looking for Malia -- yet.

    You can watch Teen Wolf online to get your fix of the entire season as it unfolded. The Alphas, the Nogitsune... what a ride, right?! Hit the comments and talk about your favorite bits, pose questions, guess what's coming up in June!

    Now for the ultimate test...

    Would you move to Beacon Hills?


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    On Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 24 Scott and his friends have no time to mourn the loss of Allison as they make a final stand to save the life of Stiles.

    Void Stiles goes after everyone Stiles loves and poisons them all, prepping them for death. Scott, Kira, Lydia and Stiles are in Bardo battling the Nogitsune and Stiles realizes something very important.

    Isaac and Argent realize what Allison was trying to say with her dying breath and help their friends fight the Oni.

    Another life is lost and someone decides to move out of town.

    Derek cannot figure out if he is dreaming or living something for real, but he's in a dream and the reality is that he's injured and someone has returned to town that he never expected.

    There is so much to the Teen Wolf season finale that you cannot miss it. Watch Teen Wolf online so you don't miss one exciting minute!

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    There will be one fewer pretty face on Teen Wolf Season 4.

    Insiders have confirmed to MTV that Daniel Sharman will not return as Isaac when this MTV hit comes back with new episodes in June.

    Daniel Sharman on Teen Wolf

    The news, straight from producer Jeff Davis, comes on the heels of Allison and Aiden both being killed off on the penultimate episode of Season 3 and the finale, respectively.

    "Daniel Sharman came to us, much like Crystal did, and said that he wanted to go out for pilot season and for movies and try something new," Davis tells the site, adding that the actor requested NOT to have Isaac suffer the same fate as the aforementioned characters.

    Sharman would like a door to be open in case he chooses to return.

    "It was totally his decision, but he really loves the show," Davis said. "He sends me the nicest texts in the world. He loves the show and he specifically asked not to be killed off, so that he could come back someday. Whether it's the fourth season or later, I would say there's a good possibility of it."

    In the last few weeks alone - SPOILER ALERT! - Claire Holt has exited The Originals, while Josh Charles was left a corpse on The Good Wife.

    Will you miss Isaac on this series? You can always watch Teen Wolf online to remember him.

    Here's a gallery of images from the Season 3 finale:

    Teen Wolf Photos from "The Divine Move"
    Lydia, Scott and Isaac give their stories to the Sheriff. Argent coached Scott on how to make it sound right.
    View As List
    After Allison

    1. After Allison

    Lydia, Scott and Isaac give their stories to the Sheriff. Argent coached Scott on how to make it sound right.

    The Twins Learn

    2. The Twins Learn

    The twins learn from Derek what is is that will earn them a place in Scott's pack. To stand up and fight!

    Derek Advises the Twins

    3. Derek Advises the Twins

    Derek passionately tells the twins how to be a member of Scott's pack -- by saving his friends.

    Paging Melissa McCall

    4. Paging Melissa McCall

    Void Stiles asks for Melissa McCall to be paged, but doesn't wait for the call -- the hospital aid is killed instead. Whoops!

    Hello Void Stiles

    5. Hello Void Stiles

    Void Stiles still thinks things are going to go his way. He doesn't know much about Scott and his pack.

    The Original Nogitsune

    6. The Original Nogitsune

    The original Nogitsune that has been pulling the strings behind Void Stiles.

    Kira Taking on Oni

    7. Kira Taking on Oni

    When Scott asks how they got there, Kira reminds him that a year ago she had never held a sword!

    Melissa is Poisoned

    8. Melissa is Poisoned

    Melissa and everyone Stiles loves is poisoned by the Oni. The Nogitsune wants to kill them all.

    The Void and his Oni

    9. The Void and his Oni

    The Void Stiles looks smugly on with his Oni behind him.

    Stiles Prepares to Take His Life

    10. Stiles Prepares to Take His Life

    Stiles decides that if it will save all of his friends, he'll take his own life. Scott doesn't think so.

    It's an Illusion!

    11. It's an Illusion!

    Stiles begs his friends to trust in him. It's all an illusion and they can walk through.

    Stiles and Lydia Watch with Shock

    12. Stiles and Lydia Watch with Shock

    Stiles and Lydia watch as things go down with Stiles' void self.

    The Void

    13. The Void

    The Void Stiles doesn't have much longer to live. Hooray!

    Aiden Goes Down

    14. Aiden Goes Down

    Aiden takes a sword as he fights to save Scott's friends.

    What the Heck?

    15. What the Heck?

    Scott and Kira watch as Isaac shows up in time to catch the Nogitsune's essence.

    Caught a Fly!

    16. Caught a Fly!

    Isaac caught the fly that was the void Stiles from the Nogitsune. Well done!

    I Fainted, Didn't I?

    17. I Fainted, Didn't I?

    After seeing his void self crack before his eyes, Stiles fainted. Thankfully that was the worst that happened to him!

    Does It Hurt You as Much?

    18. Does It Hurt You as Much?

    Aiden asks Ethan if it hurts him as much as he is hurting. It does. Derek assures Aiden Lydia will know he was one of the good guys.

    The McCalls

    19. The McCalls

    Safe from harm, will Scott's parents find their way back to each other?

    Shotgun to the Gut

    20. Shotgun to the Gut

    Derek didn't know if he was dreaming or not, but when he took Stiles' advice he realized men entering his loft and Kate shooting him was real!

    Kanima Kate?

    21. Kanima Kate?

    If Kate was scratched by Peter Hale, she looks like no wolf we know currently on Teen Wolf. Is she part Kanima? Very cool!

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    This has been a particularly dangerous time to be a character on television.

    It seems no one is safe anywhere on the dial, as several of our favorites have met surprising, untimely and tragic ends over the past few months.

    From the ones we expected to those that had us completely blindsided, they've all left us reeling. Some caused very real tears and, hey, we're not afraid to admit it!

    As we struggle through the five stages of grief before finally arriving at acceptance, break out the tissues and mourn some of the most shocking demises in recent TV history here:

    11 Recent TV Deaths We Still Aren't Over
    Yes, we're still in tears over James murder. The tenacious journalist was Cyrus' one true love and father to baby girl Ella. He didn't deserve the end he got but watching him die in the street is a scene we'll never forget.
    View As List
    James Novak (Scandal)

    1. James Novak (Scandal)

    Yes, we're still in tears over James murder. The tenacious journalist was Cyrus' one true love and father to baby girl Ella. He didn't deserve the end he got but watching him die in the street is a scene we'll never forget.

    Will Gardner (The Good Wife)

    2. Will Gardner (The Good Wife)

    We stil can't believe it's true. Will was gunned down doing what he loved, fighting for his client in a court of law. But we can't imagine The Good Wife without him.

    Tara Knowles-Teller (Sons of Anarchy)

    3. Tara Knowles-Teller (Sons of Anarchy)

    We still can't think about it without feeling like we've been punched in the gut. The mother of two and love of Jax life was bludgeoned to death with a roasting fork in her own kitchen sink by her mother-in-law. And you thought you had family drama!

    Lizzie (The Walking Dead)

    4. Lizzie (The Walking Dead)

    After feeding the walkers and killing sister Mika, there was little doubt what needed to be done. Still, as Carol told Lizzie to "look at the flowers" and the shot rang out, it was a death we won't soon forget, even on a show filled with unimaginable horrors.

    Allison Argent (Teen Wolf)

    5. Allison Argent (Teen Wolf)

    She arrived as the new girl at Beacon Hills and became the supernatrual hunter with a strong heart and an even stronger sense of purpose. The only thing that helps us cope with her death is knowing she died in the arms of her first true love.

    Gates (Black Sails)

    6. Gates (Black Sails)

    We have no idea how they are going to get past his death without Flint being lynched by his own crew but we totally didn't see that coming!

    Nicholas Brody (Homeland)

    7. Nicholas Brody (Homeland)

    After so many near misses, (a suicide vest, a possible CIA assassination attempt, the bombing in Langley) we really wondered if Brody could avoid the grim reaper once again. But a tragic life led to a tragic death as it all ended with a betrayal and a public hanging. After all of that suffering, we hope Nicholas rests in peace at last.

    Joss Carter (Person of Interest)

    8. Joss Carter (Person of Interest)

    Just when fans thought that Detective Fusco might meet an untimely end, Person of Interest threw them a curve as beloved cop Joss Carter was the one to die. It was one of the most shocking and emotional moments in the series history.

    Heather Brooks

    9. Heather Brooks

    Heather Brooks was played by the beloved Tina Majorino. Did she have to leave us so soon?!?

    The Starks

    10. The Starks

    It was the most shocking episode in Game of Thrones history. Rest in peace, Lady Catelyn; Robb Stark; and Queen Talisa.

    Sophie Deveraux

    11. Sophie Deveraux

    Poor Sophie Deveraux. Her Harvest Festival prophecy proved to be true... and yet she paid the ultimate price for it.

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    Television off-season?

    What television off-season?!?

    While all of your favorite fall programs will air finales this week or next, the small screen's summer schedule is more packed than ever with returning hits and promising new shows.

    From deceitful young ladies in Rosewood to busy doctors in the Hamptons to scary monsters in 19th century England, click around below and prepare your DVR according to the following summer premiere date calendar.

    So much for going on vacation, huh?!?

    In the Flesh, BBCA,  Saturday, May 10
    If you're missing The Walking Dead, you can check out this British import for a zombie fix. The dead have been reintegrated with society, but it’s not like Resurrection. It's thought provoking and gory. Best of both worlds!

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    The time for mourning is over.

    The time for action will soon be upon Stiles, Derek, Lydia and Scott.

    So teases the first MTV promo for Teen Wolf Season 4, which does not depict any new footage, but does include the tagline "Can't Go Back," a clear reference to Allison's shocking death last year.

    With a new villain (known as "The Benefactor") on the way this summer, it's time to rise from the ground and get ready to battle.

    Watch our favorite characters do so in the following trailer:

    Teen Wolf Season 4 premieres June 22 at 10/9c.

    You can always watch Teen Wolf online if you need to watch up before then.

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    The 2013-2014 television season is officially behind us.

    Having already reviewed the best and worst of recent finales, it's now time to take a longer, more in-depth at the past few months of small screen action, specifically a handful of characters who captured our attention in unexpected ways.

    The following men and women broke out in a big way this year, whether they were new to a series or simply given new material with which to shine.

    Who exploded off the screen this season?

    A vampire, a king, a clone, a superhero, a cop, a father and many more.

    Did your favorite character break on through? Who did we miss? Who would you not have included as a surprise standout? Flip through the photos and sound off now.

    Enzo - The Vampire Diaries
    A hidden gem from Damon's past, this bloodthirsty lab rat became a fan favorite. Like a breath of fresh air, he brought charm, wit and forced everyone to think on their toes. "Break out the popcorn, Blondie. Elena’s little sex romp isn’t over yet." -- Enzo

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    It's a new age in the world of television.

    Yes, ratings still matter. But if you're looking to gauge the true popularity of a series, you may be better served signing online and seeing what's trending on Twitter.

    With that in mind, Nielsen has come out with the 10 most social media savvy shows, letting us know which were most Tweeted-about from September 1, 2013 to May 25, 2014.

    Ready to count 'em down? Do so now:

    Dancing With the Stars
    Dancing with the Stars shows no signs of slowing down through Season 18. Folks love to Tweet about the Rumba, the Tango and many other moves.

    So, what do these rankings reveal?

    • He Who Knocks is He Who Rules.
    • Folks love to Tweet about blood, gore and the supernatural.
    • Shonda Rhimes has this social media thing handled.
    • Juan Pablo Galavis is more of a viral villain than Tywin Lannister.

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    MTV has released a new trailer for Teen Wolf Season 4.

    And, unlike the previous teaser for this smash summer hit, the latest promo features actual footage from upcoming episodes.

    Specifically, the 30-second spot features a pair of fresh/terrifying/mysterious characters cropping up toward the end. Who are they? Heck... what are they?!?

    Take your best guess below:

    The above promo also gives us a look at an exchange between Stiles and Lydia, along with Kira and Malia, while also kicking off - tragically - with a reminder of how Teen Wolf Season 3 concluded.

    Rest in peace, Allison Argent.

    0 0

    Be afraid, Teen Wolf fans. Be very afraid.

    A few days after MTV released a brief promo that teased a couple new villains on Teen Wolf Season 4, the network has now come out with the first full-length trailer for new summer episodes...

    ... and they look frighteningly fantastic.

    Specifically, the 90-second trailer provides us with our first look at the season's main big bad, a character known as The Benefactor, along with shots of Papa Argent taking on a fatherly role with Scott and a lot of awesomeness involving Derek Hale. 

    Check it out now!

    Teen Wolf Season 4 kicks off on June 23 at 10/9c.

    And if you need a refresher, you can always watch Teen Wolf online.

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    Changes are coming to Teen Wolf.

    That much is clear, based on the shocking death that concluded Teen Wolf Season 3 and the new villains on the way to the MTV hit this summer.

    But changes aren't simply coming to storylines and characters... they're even coming to the show's credits!

    Indeed, a week ahead of the Teen Wolf Season 4 premiere, MTV has debuted a fresh opening sequence, one that features new regulars Shelley Hennig and Arden Cho, along with close-ups of Scott's red eyes.

    Don't worry. There's still plenty of skin, viewers. Check out the credits now:

    Need to catch up prior to the June 23 return?

    You can always watch Teen Wolf online!

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    Summer is supposed to be hot.

    For years, the television season was dry, but not sizzling. But how times have changed!

    Returning favorites and exciting new shows bring some of the most beautiful and sexy faces in the business to the small screen.

    Choosing one or two gorgeous stars from the plentiful casts was a difficult task. Agree or disagree with what you see? Don't be shy. Share your opinion in the comments.

    Click around, drool a bit and rejoice that summer is no longer a dark wasteland for good scripted television and sexy, talented stars.

    Joe Mangiello - True Blood
    It's the last summer for this hot-tastic body to grace our screens; on True Blood at least!

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    Are Scott and Kira going to be on or off again this summer?

    Teen Wolf Season 4 kicks off on June 23 and while the Alpha may still be hurting from losing his first love, Allison, could he be ready to take things to the next level with Kira?

    On set with Arden Cho last week, the actress teased that even she's not completely sure what will happen - but she explained why Kira is drawn to Scott, as well as how she's a "scaredy cat" when it comes to some of the things she's confronted with on the MTV drama.

    And could we see Kira and the very different Malia become the best of friends?!?

    Check out what the bubbly actress had to say about what we can expect to see when the new season starts on Monday:

    And if you didn't see the new opening credits, check them out here...

    Teen Wolf Season 4 airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV. 

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    Hold on to your seats.

    When Teen Wolf Season 4 kicks off tonight, don't expect Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Kira and Malia to be hanging out in Beacon Hills.

    Instead, they're in Mexico - and while you'll eventually figure out why they're south of the border, don't expect things to slow down on this thrilling MTV series.

    Late last week, Arden Cho gave us her perspective on the new season and on the same set visit we also made sure to grab some time with series creator Jeff Davis to talk a different kind of big bad this year, the love lives of our characters and some of the new faces that we'll see on the episodes to come...

    Teen Wolf Gang

    TV Fanatic: So, the first episode back, it’s jarring to see that we are suddenly in Mexico.

    Jeff Davis: What we wanted to do was take them out of Beacon Hills. We wanted to open up the world a little, make it a little adventurous, start them out in a completely different area and it’s fun because the audience has to catch up. The audience says, ‘Where the hell are they? What’s happening?’

    This was our sort of Indiana Jones type way back into this season and a way to show how, after two months, Scott and his pack have been together, they’ve been helping Malia, they’ve been training her a little and they’re working as a team. We really wanted to show how they really work as a team. It’s almost a super hero story really.

    TVF: From what I’ve seen of the new season, it doesn’t seem that the big bad is grounded in the supernatural side of things as we’ve seen in the past.

    JD: Right. He’s not supernatural. I had an idea back around Christmas, I was with my family. We were reminiscing about how my mother, a single mother, raised three boys, working two jobs and how it was very difficult. We never realized actually how poor we were. As kids you are pretty blinded to it.

    I thought wouldn’t it be interesting to get our Beacon Hills kids back to very human struggles? Show how a town is hit with a bad economy and how medical bills can pile up and how we can do almost The Treasure of Sierra Madre-type story where, what if there is a temptation to money? What if we did a season bounty hunters and professional killers and assassins? Instead of doing a whole big mythology and a new supernatural creature to discuss and theorize about, we just make it really human.

    So, that’s basically the theme of this season. One of our overarching themes is, not all monsters do monstrous things and what we find out is that many humans do monstrous things.

    TVF: In terms of relationships, Scott and Kira are kind of hovering around each other as are Stiles and Malia. Are we going to see a more mature side of those relationships?

    JD: Absolutely, we’re going to find them trying to define their relationships actually. Scott and Kira don’t quite know where they are at the beginning of this season. Stiles and Malia shared an experience at Eichen House, they don’t know where they are either. We delve into that pretty fast. It’s fun to see these relationships evolve while all this supernatural goings on are occurring in town.

    TVF: Where do we find the Hale brothers in the new season?

    JD: That’s actually answered in the end of episode two. The Hale family has a big problem after the end of episode two. It affects everyone. I think we’re really excited about what we’ve come up with for Derek and Peter this season and how they figure into the main plot. It’s going to be fun to see how they grow and evolve.

    TVF: You’re bringing in new characters at the start of the season like Liam and a few others. How do you approach bringing new characters into this world?

    JD: A lot of it’s to do with casting to see if they’re going to have chemistry with our characters. But a lot of it has to do with wanting to bring in new relationships. What I like about bringing in new characters is that it allows you to see a new side to our main characters.

    They always come in as foils in a way to our main characters. It’s not any sort of replacing of the main characters, which I know fans worry about all the time that it’s going to take away screen time, but it’s about seeing new relationships.

    I was very focused on giving Stiles and Scott a kind of little brother this season and that’s who Liam is. So, it’s going to be fun to see that relationship grow. He’s a pain in the ass. He’s a little like Jackson at first but we find out he has difficulties and sides to him that are very different. He’s a cocky, arrogant, little kid, but we show very quickly that he has a lot of depth to him as well and some issues. So, it will be fun to play.

    TVF: I know a lot of people are still going to miss Allison. Is her memory still present with everyone in the new season?

    JD: Very much. She leaves kind of a shadow on all that goes on. One character who is deeply affected by it is Lydia. She lost her best friend. Lydia is one who steps back from romance. I think she needs a little time on her own. I find Lydia to be a strong character, especially with her own sexuality and to see her step away from it a little, I think, is interesting.

    TVF: We’re going to see more of Ryan Kelley this season, too, which is great.

    JD: It’s funny because Ryan was a friend of mine well before he was on the show. I had auditioned him twice for the show. He actually auditioned to be Isaac, but Ryan Kelley is in that position where, he’s not quite a boy anymore, not quite a man.

    When I came up with this character of Deputy Parrish, I thought, you know this could be just right for Ryan because it’s a 20-something, young looking guy. He fits quite a bit into this season. His relationship with Stilinski is growing. His relationship with our main characters actually is growing too as he gets more and more involved in the supernatural aspect. Ryan is a great actor and it’s nice to see him now growing into a man.

    TVF: I remember last year you wanting to challenge your actors so how would you say you’re challenging yourself and your actors this year in ways that you didn’t before?

    JD: The challenge, I think, was to lighten things up a little. We went really dark and I think it’s actually easier to go dark in heavy drama than it is to keep things adventurous and fun. What we love to do on this show is play around with genres. The first episode is a kind of romantic adventure, the third episode is very much a horror movie and that’s one of the most fun things about writing this kind of show is we don’t stay in one genre. We get to do different things. 

    Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 1 airs  at 10/9c on MTV.

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    Well. That was...odd.

    Teen Wolf has been odd for a while now, and Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 1 was no different. It's trying far too hard to be edgy when the success of the show rides on the characters and their witty dialog.

    Thankfully, the premiere remained solid because of the new dynamic that was created by the loss of Allison. In her place stand both Kira and Malia and their inclusion works.

    Interestingly, this would be a fine place for new viewers to tune in. If you're a newbie, raise your hand. With new main characters and the backgrounds of the Argent and Hale families explained in some detail, following along from that aspect wouldn't be that difficult.

    Araya being a hunter who is willing to allow a True Alpha and his pack live is a unique choice. Should Scott take an innocent life, she'll be on his ass. But, for now, she just hopes they lead her to Kate.

    Nothing that we learned about how Kate was changed was all that interesting, to be honest. She was never a beloved character so what she does from here forward will be what lasts.

    Scott is a caring Alpha who puts his pack first. They didn't find Kate, but they found her captive, Derek. He just looks a bit... different. It was difficult to tell because the actor would have had to age since he last filmed, but it appears Ian Nelson is reprising his role as young Derek. He's a darn good match for Tyler Hoechlin. 

    The life of the hour came from sharing with viewers how the gang will interact from here on out. I was surprised to find out that Scott didn't consider Kira his girlfriend (out loud, anyway). That seemed fairly clear before Allison died. Perhaps he withdrew a bit after her death. Given her last words, it would be difficult to fully embrace a new relationship so quickly.

    Stiles has been trying to rip the wild out of Malia, but I'm glad he hasn't been completely successful. Her forthright behavior and admission she would leave Lydia behind (or eat her if hunting season was bad), as well as Kira if necessary, but never Stiles was cute. 

    It turns out that Kira and Malia make a pretty good team. Will they be the new girl BFFs to follow on the show in place of Lydia and Allison? Their dance scene was at first awkward, then funny and finally sexy. Everyone enjoys two girls dancing sensually in front of a crowd, right? They also fought really well together and partnering in the desert proved they think in the same way. 

    Now everyone is all up to date on what's happening with the exception of the secret Lydia has -- that Malia is Peter's daughter. When that comes out and how it will affect people should be interesting. 

    It seems fairly obvious that Scott is ready to see past Allison and accept Kira as his girlfriend. Maybe they next time he heads into danger, she can send him off with a kiss instead of a quick hug and "be careful." 

    Overall it was a great starting off point for Teen Wolf Season 4. Not the best and not the worst of episodes, but sitting well on the strength of the characters and their repartee. 

    Were you surprised to see Derek's condition?


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    We're back for another season of Teen Wolf and the crazy, odd factor that started in Teen Wolf Season 3 greeted us in Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 1.

    There is a new dynamic as the lives of many have been altered. Scott takes his pack out on the road to find their friend Derek. They all work together to in their quest.

    Will they be successful in finding Derek? How do the new characters work with the loss of so many familiar faces? You can find out when you watch Teen Wolf online.

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    Professional killers with thermal cut wires relieving Beacon Hills' citizens of their heads is at least one thing to look forward to on Teen Wolf Season 4.

    The following super teaser also promises a high body count, Malia doling out sage advice to Derek to think more like Stiles and ... kissing!

    Peter senses the bezerkers are coming and there are at least two new players on the lacrosse team -- hunky newcomer Liam and Kira! That's a surprise, right? The way Kira can wave her sword around must translate to a wicked lacrosse arm.

    There's a dead pool of supernatural creatures and all of our heroes have made the list. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a dead pool is list predicting who will die and when. Will everyone make it out alive or will we be forced to suffer through more carnage like we survived in Teen Wolf Season 3?

    Check out the clip and prepare yourselves for what's to come. It's going to get nasty in Beacon Hills!

    Don't forget: TV Fanatic makes it easy for you to catch up on the latest installments when you watch Teen Wolf online.

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  • 07/01/14--15:34: Teen Wolf Review: The Heist
  • It appears Kate has been a busy bee.

    We learn in Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 2 that she might be having trouble knowing when and how to change, but that hasn't stopped her from making plans to rob the Hales blind. Everything they had left, it seems, is now in the hands of what appears to be an associate of Kate's. 

    The really bad news is that bearer bonds belong to whoever is holding them. They haven't even issued them since 1982 because they were used heavily in the criminal underworld. Now Kate and friends have $117 million to use as she sees fit.

    You have to admit, Kate Argent is gooood.

    Not a whole lot really happened other than the trickery by Kate. 

    Apparently a lot more people know about Malia than I realized. Does Peter know? I couldn't tell by his comments.

    Scott: This is Malia.
    Peter: Beautiful eyes. Did you get them from your father?
    Malia: Mother.
    Peter: Interesting. Anyway, I'm sure they told you a lot about me.
    Malia: The homicidal killing spree came up.
    Peter: Well, we're all works in progress.

    Peter is always welcome. How funny was it when he ran away from the berserkers? I guess that right there should answer my question about Malia. Surely he wouldn't leave his daughter to fight them without him. The one thing Peter probably wouldn't endanger would be his own spawn.

    For me, this installment was made up of moments. There was girl time with Kira and Lydia. Kira's a kickass kitsune with a katana -- and Scott it totally into her. Seeing the glee on Kira's face as she jumped into the fray with the berserkers was awesome. She didn't do much, but damn how she tried.

    Stiles was amazing with his "cousin Miguel" and Mr. McCall. Learning how he spends about five nights a week with Malia apparently mauling him and then climbing into bed to spoon him (he's always the little spoon) was also priceless.

    Deputy Parrish really stepped up and helped when he was needed. He's a kind man and exactly the kind of deputy that Sheriff Stilinski needs at his side; someone he can eventually trust. Oh, another awesome Teen Wolf quote:

    Sheriff Stilinski: I want you to be honest with me. Totally and completely honest. Have you been time traveling?
    Stiles: Hang on, what?
    Sheriff: Because if time traveling is real, I'm done, I'm out. You're going to be driving me to Eichen House.
    Scott: We found him like that.
    Sheriff: Where? Swimming in the fountain of youth?!
    Stiles: No. We found him buried in a tomb of wolfsbane in an Azetec temple in Mexico underneath a church in the middle of a town that was destroyed by an earthquake.

    Papa Stiles has some limits and time travel? That's one of them! I am really hoping the adults get some more airtime and become friends now that most of them are in on the secrets.

    There are a lot of questions as a result of "117.'

    Who was in the black leather, stealing the bearer bonds? How do they know Kate? Is it a member of the Hale family, alive? How else would they know about the bonds?

    Why did Derek's eyes turn yellow again? Did all the stuff with the Nemeton bring Paige back to life? Even if he returned to his youth for a short time, he still killed Paige when he was actually young, right? That's why his eyes were blue before he aged again.

    This season is definitely lighter than Teen Wolf Season 3. It's still completely confusing, having no idea what's next and it's a boatload of fun.

    You can watch Teen Wolf online via TV Fanatic any time you like. Hit the comments and share your favorite moments and theories on what you just witnessed!

    Were you surprised at Derek's golden eye color??


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    On Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 4 the pack deals with young Derek. 

    They also deal with a Kate Argent who isn't sure how to manage her change and some berserkers.

    Peter comes in to help out and asks some interesting questions of Malia.

    Kira worries that Scott might be upset with her for electrocuting him and Sheriff Stilinksi decides he draws the line at time travel.

    Sound crazy? You don't know the half of it. Watch Teen Wolf online to get the full picture!

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    Hello Sean, and goodbye. We hardly knew you.

    Our first wendigo came and went on Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 3 in a rather remarkable fashion. 

    First he seemed to be the character of a horror movie, then a lonely child left after a "family-murdering ax murderer" killed his family and then, finally, an eater of flesh as he chewed upon a deputy guarding his hospital room. He declared himself a hungry wendigo who was then killed by -- the benefactor?

    If you've read spoilers, you know there is a benefactor coming to Beacon Hills and given the pointed references to money woes and the $117 million stolen from the Hales, he's coming soon. Is the fellow without a mouth him? 

    The muted one apparently killed Sean's family because he was a wendigo. He saved Scott from a terrible fate. But his introduction wasn't as important to the wendigo storyline as what happened with another new kid in town.

    Until Liam was in the hospital room and his cocky demeanor had been erased by a junior and captain of the lacrosse team (Scott) by way of a broken ankle, it was hard to like the kid. It turns out he was only trying to fit in and doing a pretty horrible job of it, if he was hoping to impress the cool kids anyway. 

    Deciding the regular crew didn't need to be informed of the nature of the family murder, Melissa and Sheriff Stilinski let the kids have a day to be kids. That included tryouts for the lacrosse team. With so many gone this year, Coach opened up all positions on the team to anyone who wanted to try out. He didn't even guarantee Scott his position as captain.

    It was nice to see Stiles and Scott being teenagers again, even if it was for a relatively short time. It grounded us in the reality of their friendship and reminded us why they are so great together. Dylan O'Brien was doing his best comic relief, just short of classic pratfalls, during tryouts. Did you see the looks he was making with is adorable face? 

    Scott worried about being the captain and became so competitive that he went above and beyond, slamming Liam to the ground and breaking his ankle. 

    Stiles: Scott, if you had used any wolf power, that kid wouldn't be limping. He'd be crawling back to the other half of his body.
    Scott: If I hadn't been so worried about being captain, he wouldn't be hurt either.
    Stiles: It's OK to want something for yourself once in a while -- team captain, alpha werewolf. It's only human.

    Scott's concern about the team and having human needs also forced him to address his situation with Kira. In the hallway he was so comfortable with her that he gave her a kiss before heading to class, throwing everything out of whack. They haven't talked about being girlfriend and boyfriend and Scott said he kissed her like he kissed his grandmother -- it was hardly first kiss material.

    Can you believe that was their first kiss? 

    After Kira was marked for the lacrosse team and Scott apologized for the awkward moment, he came back and made it official with a real kiss. Finally!

    While Stiles and Scott were being trounced by Liam on the field, Malia was worried about her studies. There was a lot going on in this installment to prepare her for a relationship with Stiles. Her personality was better formed and when she revealed her usage of highlighters and how her own line of thinking so closely matches Stiles, it felt right.

    Malia's trying to get caught up and using Lydia's notes, as everyone does. But Stiles realized why Lydia's notes weren't helping her -- they weren't math, but looked similar to what the benefactor was viewing on his computer. WTF?

    Meanwhile, Lydia was investigating the murder house with Deputy Parrish. They stumbled upon the room of bodies Parrish thought was venison. Lydia is reading things from the benefactor. Once again, he doesn't seem harmful at this point, but considering the dead pool, I'm guessing he's waiting for that to happen later.

    Peter and Derek hired Braeden to find Kate so they can find their money. Braeden knows what Derek really seeks is related to the color of his eyes and that's what he wants to find that Kate stole from him. Memories? I honestly don't know. I do know Derek and Braeden might make a cool match. What do you think?

    It all lead up to Sean the wendigo rising up out of his hospital bed and chomping on the deputy, going after new kid Liam and Scott's inability save him. To ensure he didn't die should he slip from Scott's hands, Scott turned Liam by biting him on the arm. Scott hasn't killed, but he made his first prodigy, as the vamps would say.

    Money woes, romance, mystery, a new wolf and a new big, kinda bad are all on tap going forward. Since Kira is going to be on the team, we probably have a lot of lacrosse coming out way, too.

    I don't have any big theories on what happened, but it is a lot more interesting than I expected. If you'd rather revisit the nogitsune, you can watch Teen Wolf online via TV Fanatic. Otherwise, drop your thoughts in the comments.

    What was your favorite part of Teen Wolf "Muted"?


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