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  • 08/19/13--21:01: Teen Wolf Review: A New Pact
  • "Lunar Ellipse," the summer finale of Teen Wolf Season 3, was incredible.

    It felt like a beginning of sorts, more of a full season finale than a halfway point. I'm more interested in what's going to happen this winter than what happened tonight, but since it was so damn fun to watch, let's start where we should be and then think about what comes next.

    Kudos to the writing team for tying Tyler Posey's real life tattoo into the mythos of the story because we all learned at Comic-Con that he just sprung that upon them. Tying its meaning back to the Nemeton - and therefore back to the initial episode through flashbacks - was brilliantly played out. It was also just plain fun seeing what two years has done to these "kids." Our protagonists are no longer children, but young men and women, and it shows not only on their faces but in their acting and through the growth of their characters.

    Teen Wolf Summer Finale Scene

    I guess I misunderstood the whole plan Dr. Deaton had for our fearless threesome to make contact with their parents' spirits and and to find the Nemeton, as I thought they were to go under for a short while and if they didn't come back their "person" on this side would bring them back. Instead, 16 hours later everyone was kind of dozing just letting whatever happened, well, happen.

    We have learned that our Beacon Hills Brat Pack works best under pressure, so it's a good thing they only had four hours left until the eclipse. With too much time on their hands, they probably would have screwed things up. Instead, it all played out like a well-tuned instrument.

    Lydia's skills were needed in the fight to save Derek, and Aiden was on his side. Love really can conquer all when one half of a super alpha will go against his pack work to for the other side. Of course, once Lydia started back-talking pedi-bitch, even Ethan couldn't take it any longer and the brothers became one.

    While they weren't fighting for their initial cause, they were fighting against a common enemy: the Darach. Jennifer was having a great time showing Kali how much power she had gained since she was left for dead and in thrilling Teen Wolf style summoned all the glass she had recently plunged through up off of the floor and shot it into Kali and killed her, leaving the twins no choice but to fight for their lives.

    It seemed they were killed by Jennifer in relatively short order, but no....

    Derek and Cora (who left such an impression upon me I kept calling her Nora in my head) had long since driven off at the urging of Peter, but they didn't get very far. Good ole Peter. After that twinkle in his eye last week, we knew he was up to something, but outside of saving Derek's ass by throwing him out of town, he seemed to settle back and just watch the affair.

    Scott thought he needed Deucalion to fight off Jennifer. She just wanted Derek to be her guardian so that she could kill Deucalion. There could only be one right side - which was it?

    Lydia and Cora helped Dr. Deaton attend to the twins while Allison, Scott and Isaac went looking for items that would help them catch the scent of their parents and find the Nemeton. Scenes like the one that followed rely on the details. Mr. McCall was shooting in the dark, trying to understand anything that might make sense to help the missing parents, but nobody was talking. Isaac was casually sucking on an Icebreaker mint and reminded Mr. McCall that both of his parents were dead. There's never a poor time to point out how much Daniel Sharman adds to the cast. It was just enough of a literal icebreaker to give Allison her moment to start talking weaponry and toss a smoke bomb their way. Poetic.

    Plans started to disintegrate from this point onward. Allison and Isaac made their way to the Nemeton. It started to collapse, but we were never worried there was going to be a calamity surrounding that many characters. Plus, Stiles was still unconscious after wrecking his Jeep. He showed up with an aluminum baseball bat and propped the whole place up. Simply a minor annoyance, that crumbling Nemeton.

    Jennifer and Derek had their moment to face off against Deucalion and Scott. Duke took the minute before the Eclipse to try to get Scott to kill Derek and become the alpha he was meant to be. Apparently he thought Scott missed the memo and didn't know he was already a true alpha. Scott had gotten the other memo from Gerard about Duke's blindness, and just before the eclipse used a light trick to blind him so that he couldn't see, even though seconds before he could.

    Everything was thrown into chaos. Jennifer wanted to kill Duke, but Derek said he had never seen what he did to her, and she healed Deucalion. Duke saw her true form and after the healing she was too weak to kill Duke on her own. She turned to Derek to do it for her, but he just isn't the killing kind. That's something we should have all noticed about him. He'd really prefer to talk things over rather than turn to violence. With Deucalion, he recalled the things his mother had said about him and how he was once a man of vision.

    Jennifer did not give one hoot about any of this and threw up one of her spell walls, but this time Scott's true alpha powers were able to penetrate and break her walls. He threatened she return the guardians or he'd kill her but it didn't matter, Duke pushed him aside and sliced her throat. As with all things on Teen Wolf, nothing is ever as it seems.

    So let's chat a bit about where this leaves us going into Teen Wolf Season 3B.

    Derek is no longer an alpha and left town with his sister to start life elsewhere. I assume it's to save face so he didn't have to be a beta to Scott's alpha, although I don't think Scott would ever have held it against him. Maybe he'd just like to forget for a while that he's a Hale. Really, who wouldn't?

    Since the twins didn't die, I wonder if maybe Jennifer killed their super alpha, and they've lost the ability to meld together. Now that they are each happily established with Lydia and Danny, I don't know why they would want to get together as much any more.

    Isaac and Allison are most assuredly on love train, and I don't think Scott minds. Someday things may change, but they went through so much and too much of it was bad memories. Forcing a relationship from wreckage isn't the answer.

    Allison, Scott and Stiles all have parents in the know right now. With Scott's dad staying in town, he and his mom now have a secret to share from him, so not everybody will be privy to what's happening. Lydia's mom is another outsider who, given Lydia's new-found talents, will likely play a more important role on the rest of Season 3.

    Because, let's face it, our big bad is going to be Peter. Oh, how I loved seeing him roar at the end of that hour. Earlier, when he was asking Lydia what she felt, he wasn't asking because he wanted to know or had a hunch, it was because he knows her. There is still a connection there that has to be explored and with his chest pounding "I'm the alpha" behavior we should net us some great material from this winter. There's no end to the talents of Ian Bohen and I hope he'll make Deucalion look like a caricature of the first season Peter Hale.

    There's really no worse place to leave off than walking happily through high school, thinking the worst is behind you and you're getting a fresh start. That's like an invitation for trouble. Scott mentioned his pack. Who is his pack, exactly? Isaac? Derek and Cora left. Aiden and Ethan are alphas. Is Scott's pack the Scooby gang? I don't think they're going to do a lot if faced with a terribly big bad, but they managed quite well so far, so I won't count them completely out.

    Not by a long shot.

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    Last night's Teen Wolf summer finale may have wrapped up a number of season-long arcs, but it also left fans with plenty of questions as the series heads into an extended hiatus.

    So as we await new episodes to return on January 6, I spoke to creator Jeff Davis and received the lowdown on a mini time jump ahead, a special Halloween episode and a lot more to come when Teen Wolf Season 3 resumes in a few months...

    Scott Aglow

    TV Fanatic: I love when any show goes back to its origins, especially going back to the pilot.
    Jeff Davis: Don’t they look so young?

    TVF: Yes! But why was this the right time to go back to the beginning?
    JD: Personally, I love cyclical stories and I like the idea that all three of them (Scott, Stiles and Allison) had a connection back then…I wanted it to seem like a chapter of their lives was ending, that we were closing the book on this and starting something new. It’s almost like their childhood is ending when they go into those tubs.

    They’re seeing themselves as much younger. They’re seeing themselves, essentially, as naïve children that have been thrust into this world and now they’re dealing with it as adults and saving the adults. It felt like a fun gift to give the audience who has paid such close attention to the show to show how everything comes to full circle. You can compare the circles on the tree to Tyler’s tattoo. That’s why we titled it ‘Lunar Ellipse.’

    TVF: Jennifer and Kali have a history and we see a bit of that…
    JD: We didn’t think that Jennifer would be Kali’s adversary and we talked about it in the writers’ room whether it was more significant that she was Deucalion’s but I liked that it was Kali’s. They could have even been in love at a certain point but it ended so terribly and we knew that Jennifer was going to get her revenge.

    TVF: You don’t kill Deucalion in the finale…
    JD: Deucalion is not killed. He is healed in a way. He’s given his vision back. I like redemption stories, as well. I feel like Jennifer could have redeemed herself if she is truly dead. If she isn’t truly dead maybe she could come back and redeem herself one day. I debated for awhile about whether Peter should actually kill her but we had that moment written so long ago.

    These are all questions you debate for awhile in the writers’ room, who has to live and who has to die but it’s a lot out of who’s character is done and who you think could go on. One of the reasons I didn’t want to kill Gerard – and I know everybody wanted him dead – is that I wanted to see him suffer a little more. I wondered if Gerard was stuck in a home just bleeding black blood and they would have to go to him for advice like he was some kind of Hannibal Lector and you would come find him and wonder if maybe he wouldn’t be better off dead but it would be a worse punishment to live.

    TVF: Tell me if I’m wrong but Derek had to actually learn from Scott since Scott as the true Alpha didn’t kill.
    JD: Exactly. Somebody said to me once a long time ago about how as you grow you should always be learning and how sometimes someone far younger than you can teach you more than somebody older and I think that’s what Scott does. He teaches Derek compassion again.

    TVF: Is it safe to assume that the twins are now in Scott’s pack and are on the good side of things?
    JD:  That actually remains to be seen and is one of the questions that arises in the first few episodes [of Season 3B]. They’re essentially wolves without a pack and they’re going to need help and will have to come to Scott for help.

    TVF: Scott’s Dad is now around and I assume he’ll be around in the new episodes…
    JD: Yes, and causing a lot of trouble.

    TVF: What’s the relationship between Scott’s Mom and Dad?
    JD: It’s not good and it all has to do with something that happened in the past and we’re going to dig deep into what that mystery is. It’s something Scott doesn’t know about.

    TVF: Does it have any ties to Scott being a wolf and his journey?
    JD: I wouldn’t say it has any ties into the supernatural. We knew that we were going to introduce Scott’s Dad eventually and I was a bit adamant that if we were going to do it that he not have any initial ties to the supernatural. I wanted to explore just a regular human relationship and see how that creates difficulties. One of my favorite relationships in the show has been Stilinski and Stiles and we held off on bringing Stilinski into the know as long as we could to keep that relationship grounded.

    TVF: One of the big questions this season has been ‘Who is Lydia?’ and we know she’s a Banshee, but is that the complete answer or is there more of that to come as to who she is?
    JD: There’s more to come and there’s more to come about her power and about her relationship with Peter and what it has to do with that power. She’s one of the most fun characters to write for because her character arc is so big.

    TVF: Is it safe to say that Peter Hale is going to be the villain of the next cycle of episodes?
    JD: I wouldn’t call him the villain. I’d call him an antagonist. Always plotting.

    TVF: Is there a time jump between where we left off with the summer finale and the next cycle?
    JD: Just about three weeks, which allows us to do a Halloween episode.

    Teen Wolf returns with new episodes on January 6.

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    Teen Wolf Season 3 is on hiatus.

    Which may actually be a good thing because, let's face it, we need to catch our breath following a terrific summer finale.

    As for what fans can expect when the series does return in January? Jeff Davis already gave us an exclusive preview - and now we're here with Tyler Hoechlin for a look ahead to how Derek and Scott's relationship will change; whether Derek still feels anything for Jennifer; and a lot more...

    Derek and the Darach

    TV Fanatic: Despite everything she did, do you think Derek is still going to have feelings for Jennifer? Can he just turn those off?
    Tyler Hoechlin: Yeah, I think with any relationship like that it’s always hard to just shut those feelings off. I mean it’s a grand circumstance that he is under. The relationship has kind of taken a drastic turn so I definitely don’t know that there is going to be any lingering feelings. I think if anything, it’s going to be those feelings that you regret and just kind of really be upset with himself.

    TVF: What is Peter and Derek’s relationship at the end of the season?
    TH: I’m not sure that Derek has ever fully trusted him. I think it’s a relationship based on dependency. I think Derek feels he needs Peter for guidance at certain times. I feel like everything that Peter kind of throws at him is always taken with a grain of salt. So, I think that at the end of this season, obviously Derek is very unaware of that whole situation. So, I think it’s not a completely busted relationship yet, but I don’t think it’s a solid one built on a strong foundation of trust.

    TVF: In the end of the episode, Derek and Scott are a very united front when they let Deucalion go. Should we trust that they are on the same page and they get each other’s roles now?
    TH: I am not necessarily sure. Obviously we don’t know what’s coming up but I would say that I’m not sure they are going to be exactly on the same page. I do think that Derek is going to take Scott’s own power and authority much more seriously. I think that respect level has reached a completely new height, and at this point, there’s really not that separation of, you know, being superior to, it’s really a mutual admiration respect for what each other’s strengths are.

    TVF: In Scott’s voice-over at the end of the episode, he says that Derek leaves, but is it safe to say you’ll be back in Season 3B?
    TH: I cannot say that.

    TVF: What was the hardest challenge for you in filming Season 3A, whether it was physically or emotionally?
    TH: I think finding that vulnerable side of Derek. It was nice to see that side of him, but definitely, it was a challenge in the fact that it was finding new ways to present this character without compromising the integrity of who he was to begin with while being honest of who he is becoming and the things that he was going through. So, I think that, to me, was a really fun and interesting thing to do [to take] a character that you have been playing for two years and completely add a new side that people have never seen. That was really fun, and a challenge in ways as an actor. It is always fun to play with.

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    While some shows wrapped up their seasons this week (Teen Wolf), others are heading toward their finale and others (Syfy's Haven, TNT’s Cold Justice) are set to return/debut in the near future.

    The good news is I’ve got some scoop on all of them – and some wedding reflections from Emmy nominee Cat Deeley. Ready to open up this week's Notebook? Let's do this!

    Jim's Notebook

    HAVEN As you saw in my exclusive interview with Kate Kelton, her character of Jordan McKee will be back when Haven Season 4 kicks off on September 13 on SyFy. The actress told me that she knows a thing or two about holding a gun on the show even when she can use the weight of it for her character. She told me they have both a rubber gun and a decommissioned gun, but she recently had to work with the latter: “There is a scene where I’m holding it up for quite a long time. Let’s just say that it’s a testament to the brilliance of the writers that Jordon’s emotional state is quite shaky when she’s holding the gun because, I was quite shaky when I was holding the gun through all of the takes and close-ups and long-shots and covered shots and reverses.”

    However, being the consummate professional, Kelton gave it her all even when she doubted she could: “You forget just how many takes and minutes you’re actually standing there holding a gun up when it’s just a few seconds on screen, but there was a moment there where I’m not sure I could have held it up any longer even if I wanted to!”

    TEEN WOLF The MTV summer finale aired earlier this week and I asked creator Jeff Davis if seeing Allison (Crystal Reed) and Isaac (Daniel Sharman) together at the end if we can expect their relationship to go to the next level coming in Season 3B, which starts in January. “Yes, definitely,” Davis said. “We’ve come up with some bumps in Scott and Isaac’s friendship but what I wanted to do was handle a breakup in high school and what happens if one of your best friends starts dating the girl you thought you were going to be with forever and how weird that is. Can you get over it? Can you be okay with it?”

    Also, did you know that the character of Lydia (Holland Roden) has origins with a character in one of the weaker installments in one of the biggest movie franchises? “Not many people know this,” Davis told me, “but her character is actually inspired by a character in Superman III. Isn’t that crazy? The character of Lorelai is this blonde secretary to the rich, evil guy and she is secretly a genius and doesn’t show anyone but she’ll pop out with a genius remark here or there.” He likened that to the early days of the show where Lydia didn’t let anyone see her true intelligence or (now) her supernatural powers.

    Tyler Hoechlin and Tyler Posey

    CAT DEELEY Besides her Emmy-nominated host gig on So You Think You Can Dance, Deeley is also hosting a new TLC pilot called Best Wedding Ever where she helps give an unsuspecting bride her dream wedding. Deeley kept her own wedding last year to Patrick Kielty low key, though she can now look back and be happy she did some things she initially fought.

    “The biggest thing was my grandma couldn’t be there. My mom was never given the opportunity to come to the bridal store and have the day and tears and the crying and all the rest of that and she said to me ‘Look, the one thing is your grandma can’t be there so could you do a wedding video?’ I went ‘Absolutely not under no circumstances. I am not doing that. Are you joking?’ She’s like ‘it’s the one thing I’m asking you for. Do you think you could?’ We actually got the girl who films “In The Dressing Room [Deeley’s Yahoo series] and I flew her there because I knew that she’d be uber cool and it wouldn’t be in your face."

    Deeley said she’s now grateful for that video, even when she’s just hanging out at home with her new hubby: “Sometimes if we’ve had a bottle of wine with dinner, we’ll sit down and we go ‘Should we just put the wedding video on?’ We do and there’s a ten minute version and then there’s a 45 minute super deep version and we’re like ‘should we just put the 45 minute version on?’ (You can read my full interview with Deeley right now.)

    COLD JUSTICE From Executive Producer Dick Wolf (Law & Order) and Dan Cutforth & Jane Lipsitz (Top Chef), this real life crime series premieres September 3 on TNT and follows former prosecutor Kelly Siegler and former crime scene investigator (and inspiration for Marg Helgenberger’s CSI character) Yolanda McClary as they dig into small town unsolved murder cases. Here’s the trailer for the new series, courtesy of TNT:

    Cold Justice Trailer

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    Ryan Kelley is set to lay down the law on Teen Wolf Season 3

    According to Deadline, the young actor will appear on multiple episodes of this MTV drama when it returns in 2014, portraying the newest member of the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department.

    Look for his character to help Linden Ashb's Sheriff Stilinski in her attempt to unravel the town's supernatural happenings, only to eventually become party of those mysteries himself.

    Ryan Kelley Pic

    Teen Wolf will kick off its back half of Season 3 episodes on January 6.

    Check out this interview with creator Jeff Davis for plenty of scoop on what's to come, including more on Scott's parents and the exploration of Lydia.

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    MTV delivered doubly good news to Teen Wolf fans today at New York Comic-Con.

    First, the drama will return in the summer of 2014 for a 12-episode fourth season.

    Second, it will premiere a companion series titled Wolf Watch that follows each new installment and is hosted by Jill Wagner, who portrays Kate Argent. Like Talking Dead on AMC, the talk show will delve into the show's mythology and present behind-the-scenes scoop to fans, along with and crew appearances.

    Enraged Derek

    Teen Wolf Season 3, meanwhile, resumes on January 6.

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    Fans of Teen Wolf were hit with a double dose of good news this week:

    First, MTV confirmed that the drama has already been picked up for a 12-episode fourth season. Second, it announced the creation of a companion talk show titled Wolf Watch that will be hosted by Jill Wagner and air following each new episode.

    So while we've still got months to go until Teen Wolf Season 3 kicks off on January 6, we clearly have a lot we can talk about with creator Jeff David and star Dylan O'Brien... which is exactly what TV Fanatic did this weekend at Comic-Con in New York City.

    Watch now as Davis talks about the renewal and what viewers can expect in early 2014:

    Then, click Play to hear O'Brien discuss how he, Scott and Allison will be suffering the effects of dying in the August finale:

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    As if we needed another reason to look forward to the return of Teen Wolf Season 3...

    E! News confirms that Shelley Hennig, best known for her role as Diana on The Secret Circle, will play a key role when this MTV drama returns with new episodes on January 6.

    It's just unclear at the moment what that role will be.

    Diana Meade Image

    We do know the following about the back half of Season 3, courtesy of an interview with creator Jeff Davis:

    • The twins will come to Scott for help.
    • Scott's dad will be "causing a lot of trouble."
    • We'll learn more about Lydia's power and relationship with Peter.
    • Peter will be the "antagonist" who is "always plotting."
    • There will be a three-week time jump and a Halloween episode.

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    The door has been opened. An evil has been unleashed.

    And Teen Wolf Season 3 is about to show us exactly what this means.

    MTV has released a new trailer for the return of this dramatic hit, which starts to air fresh episodes again on January 6.

    The footage depicts hooded figures… masked men… along with talk of hauntings, mind losses and dark spirits. And it answers the question: What is worse than a mass murderer?

    Press Play now to see Scott attacking a girl, Alison drawing her weapon and Stiles screaming for his life:

    And remember: you can watch Teen Wolf online at TV Fanatic to catch up before the 2014 premiere.

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    With Christmas around the corner, TV Fanatic is here to help one lucky reader put a special DVD prize pack under his or her tree.

    Courtesy of the good folks at ThinkJam, we're giving away copies of the following DVDs:

    1. Teen Wolf Season 3, Volume 1
    2. Family Guy, Volume 12
    3. Futuraa, Volume 8

    Entrants must be over 18 years of age and must reside in Canada or the U.S.

    Just complete any or all of the following steps prior to midnight PST on Sunday, December 22 and we'll then select one winner at random to take home all three DVDs.

    Good luck and happy holidays!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    It’s my final Notebook post of 2013 and it’s only fitting that I’ve got scoop from some of my (and your) favorite shows, all of which will be back on the air next month.

    Ready for some good scares with new episodes of Teen Wolf, The Following, Pretty Little Liars and also the game show, Hollywood Game Night? Let’s do it!

    Jim's Notebook

    Teen Wolf: Want a good scare? Without spoiling anything, I can tell you the opening of Teen Wolf Season 3B freaked me out. Creator Jeff Davis said he thought of it a long time ago, as far back at the 2013 finale.

    "We sort of consider 313 and 314 to be a two-parter and what it does is it sets in motion the psychological thriller aspect of this season," Davis added. "We’re going to get in the heads of these characters and there’s going to be a psychological war happening…it’s about the dark half of our leads Scott, Allison and Stiles.”

    One thing Davis marveled at was the work he got of his actors doing this half of the third season: “We were actually determined to push all of our main characters in interesting directions this season because we’re seeing these kids grow up and we’re not only seeing these kids grow physically but we’re seeing them grow as actors, as well.”

    Watch for Dylan O’Brien, in particular, to get more dramatic work to do in the coming episodes. (Teen Wolf returns on January 6at 10 p.m on MTV)

    The Following: We know that a year has passed when we pick up with Ryan Hardy, who has put his life together post-Joe Carroll on The Following Season 2.

    But what about Emma, the loyal Carroll follower who survived Season 1? Creator Kevin Williamson told me that while we don’t see her much in the first episode back, “she does emerge in a big way as the episodes sort of continue, but she has spent the year hiding in the shadows of society. She’s got nose rings, and she dyes her hair every time she walks out the door. She’s had a hard time of it. She’s the FBIs most wanted, so she kind of is going to have an interesting journey, because she thinks Joe’s dead.”

    Since we know James Purefoy will return, we’ll find out how Joe Carroll survived the cabin explosion from the first season finale and, to put it lightly, Emma is going to have a lot of mixed emotions.

    “Did he abandon her? Did he have his reasons?” Williamson asked. “She is very conflicted, and she’s going to want some solid answers. She’s not the little girl; she’s not this little nanny who took care of this kid. She’s not so much follower anymore. She’s a little bit more of a leader.” (The Following returns for Season 2 with a special episode on January 19 and then the official season premiere on January 27.)

    Kevin Bacon Promo Pic

    Pretty Little Liars: You’ll see when the series returns that the gang is all there, including Mona, Toby and, yes, Caleb and, as Executive Producer Joe Dougherty told me, we’ll also see Jason and Noel Kahn very soon, too. The purpose of all these characters?

    “They’re going to come in and move things forward,” Dougherty said, adding that the entire fourth season has been designed to be "a season of answers" and that really continues in the first episode back. “We’re really changing the game,” he said.

    But what I really wanted to know is, after we’ve seen Toby go from good to bad to good again, should we be looking at Ezra as a full-on baddie? “I think what you see on most characters on the show is that they’re usually motives behind motives and rationales behind rationales,” he offered. “So that what you see is true and we’re not going to take anything back but the story, there is a complete story that’s told and you’re just seeing fragments of it now.” (Pretty Little Liars Season 4 returns January 7 at 8 p.m. followed by new episodes of Ravenswood on ABC Family)

    Hollywood Game Night: Yes, I can now say I know just how tough the Jane Lynch-hosted NBC game can be since I played the game with some press colleagues recently -- and my team won, thank you very much.

    Lynch was there, too, and she previewed tonight’s holiday episode.

    “We played our games with some holiday themes here or there,” she said, “But basically it’s our coming back on the air and we kind of did it festive.”

    They did start some new games for the new episode including Clue-Boom, where two opposing contestants pull clues from a bowl rigged to, well, explodes without notice. “I love Clue-Boom because it scares the hell out of everybody,” Lynch said. “It’s really not dangerous [but] it’s a random amount of time on the clock, even I don’t know.”

    In tonight’s episode, Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Dekker are the first real-life couple to appear together, but Lynch did say they will be on opposite aquads. Other celebrities to be features are Rachel Bilson, Gavin DeGraw and Ray Romano/

    In an episode airing in the new year, Rosie O’Donnell and Penny Marshall are on and the longtime friends, Lynch explained, “insisted on being on the same team so we put Chris Colfer in between them to knock down the testosterone.”

    The show is not only fun to watch but, Lynch said, “nobody likes making celebrities look silly more than we do at Hollywood Game Night.” (Hollywood Game Night airs tonight at 10 p.m. on NBC)

    Happy Holidays & a Happy New Year to everyone!

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    From ice baths to nightmares. 

    That’s basically where we’ll find Scott, Allison and Stiles at the start of Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 13 (aka Season 3B) that roars to life tonight on MTV.

    In season 3A, the threesome tempted death by voluntarily stepping into ice-filled water - but what you’ll see from the first moments of the new episodes is that that experience is still very much with our threesome. It is going to be very tough to shake.

    Who better than series creator Jeff Davis to fill us in on the nightmares and the various romances on the show, as well as where Derek is since we saw him depart Beacon Hills at the end of 3A? Scroll down for an exclusive Q&A...

    Teen Wolf Season 3B cast

    TVFanatic: I don’t know that Teen Wolf's actually ever truly scared me, but the 3B opening really freaked me out.

    Jeff Davis: That's great. I actually thought of that opening a long time ago. I've actually had sleep paralysis myself and it's a terrifying, terrifying thing. You have this feeling like you can't wake up and it's almost like your body is struggling to leap out of bed. So maybe some of my own experience got in there, which is a good thing for a writer. If you can translate your own terror, you can scare the audience that much more.

    TVF: What does the first episode back set up for this whole half of the season?

    JD: We consider 3-13 and 3-14 to be a two-parter. What it does is is it sets in motion the psychological thriller aspect of this season and that we're going to get into the heads of these characters. There's going to be a bit of a psychological war happening. It's very much the theme of this season, which is sort of about the dark half of our three leads, Scott, Allison and Stiles. Scott dealing with the encroaching Alpha aspect to his character, which is the fear that he'll become a monster like Peter. Allison's fear that she'll become a hunter like Kate [Argent]. And Stiles' fear that there's something dark inside him as well.

    TVF: Do you feel like you got different things out of your actors in this half of the season? I feel like even with Dylan in that opening it was different than what I'd seen him do before.

    JD: Absolutely. We were actually determined to push all of our main characters in interesting directions this season. We're not only seeing these kids grow physically, we're seeing them grow as actors as well. So one thing you want to do with young actors, I believe this truly, is to really push their talents. I think a lot of shows with young actors don't do that actually…I think they're satisfied to stick with their strengths, where we want to find new strengths.

    I think Dylan is a very funny actor. I think he's also a phenomenal dramatic actor. So we're intent on giving him some really good drama this season. I wanted to give Crystal some funny stuff to do this season and push her comedic talents. So you get a little bit of romantic comedy with her actually but you're also going to see some heavy drama too.

    With Tyler Posey, we really wanted to push him as well in almost all areas. He's growing up as an adult, so I wanted to see him take on the adult responsibilities in his character, to see him trying to be a leader, to see him figuring out he's got this new status, how does he manage that status while also being a teenager.

    TVF: When we, the viewers, are inside these dreams, are there clues we should be looking for? Things in there that we can expect to be significant later?

    JD: There are always clues. There are significant things. We like to lay a lot of clues in the first half of the season for the later half. We do like our audience to pay attention.

    TVF: Going back to Stiles, is his dad going to figure in a lot more this season?

    JD: Yeah. He really does. Linden does some phenomenal stuff this season. He gets into a lot of action too. I love Linden Ashby and I knew we were going to do this kind of stuff. But he really shines this season. I'm really excited for the audience to see him.

    TVF: Talk to me about Lydia a little bit because she's a little outside of what Scott, Allison and Stiles are going through so I'm curious what her role is in this season.

    JD: She's got a very big role this season. This is a season of Lydia discovering how to master her talent. Last season it was realizing that she has a supernatural capacity. This season is her attempt and her determination to be able to control it and use it. She learns a lot about it actually.

    One of the things I really like about this show is that another theme about it is friendships and that Scott's pack doesn't consist necessarily of werewolves but of disparate parts of his world, a hunter, a banshee, a best friend who's kind of a detective. They're all part of his pack. So it's really about her becoming a member of his tribe really, and a useful one, a very useful one.

    TVF: Is it safe to say the Scott, Isaac, Allison triangle is going to become a that right, a quadrangle…with our new character [Kira, played by Arden Cho] that comes in?

    JD: I don't know if you can call it a quadrangle or triangle because we approach it in a kind of different way. I was determined to not approach Scott having a new love interest and Allison having a new love interest as a love triangle. I feel like we see that all the time. It's always two girls to one guy. Well it's not always two girls to one guy, two guys and one girl, as you see on Vampire Diaries.

    I wanted to actually approach the idea that in high school you do date lots of people. You could end up dating one of the best friends of a former boyfriend. How do you approach that as a growing adult? Is it with jealousy or is it with compassion actually and with respect? So you'll see them trying to navigate these complicated emotional waters, and do it differently. We really wanted to take a different approach to it because we know this stuff does happen in high school.

    TVF: What does this whole Tate family…how does that play out? Is that kind of the big thrust of this season? I know it comes up in this first episode.

    JD: It's an important…I can't say too much about it but the story sort of wraps up in the next episode. But she is a character who is going to be important later on.

    TVF: Where is Derek in all this since he left at the end of last season?

    JD: His journey is finding his place. He's a kind of failed leader. He's wondering what is he supposed to do now. I think we took him from a kind of bad guy in the first season to morally on the fence by the end of the first season, to bad guy again in the beginning of the second season, a rival pack to Scott to a hero in season 3A in the first half of our season three.

    This is our chance to make him a real hero in 3B. I like the idea that characters change in the course of serialized TV. What the real challenge for the characters is can they live up to that change, can they keep it or do they fall back? We're going to see if Derek can maintain that change that he's made into a hero.

    TVF: The twins – Ethan and Aiden – are not in the first episode, and Danny isn’t either so I'm curious, of course, about the relationship between Danny and Ethan.

    JD: The twins return in 314 (airing January 13). They're also characters who are looking for their place as well. They have no pack anymore. They're the lone wolves, Omegas. After 3A they kind of disappeared for a few weeks, not knowing what to do with themselves, not knowing if they'd be accepted by Scott and his friends or outright rejected. We're going to see them struggle with that as well. They need a new pack. They need Scott but Scott doesn't necessarily trust them. It's the question of you can't suddenly declare yourselves one of the good guys after all that you've done. And they're going to wrestle with that.

    TVF: Is there more to come with the romance with Danny?

    JD: Ethan has disappeared and he has to kind of struggle to win Danny back. As does Aiden with Lydia.

    Teen Wolf Season 3 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. 

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    The first half of Teen Wolf Season 3 felt seriously disjointed at times.

    However, Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 13 opened the second half of the season with scenes reminiscent of some of the best in Asian horror films, and since that's going to be the vibe for Season 3B, that's a beautiful place to be.

    Narrowing the focus from the overindulgent casting that occurred in Season 3A with the extra Alpha pack back to the core characters made the creepy bits feel all the more frightening.

    There weren't outside forces attacking Scott, Stiles and Allison - but their very own sanity was in question. It reminded me a lot of The Ring, except they didn't watch a video tape -- they took a dip in very icy waters.

    Teen Wolf Return Pic

    I don't know if you've ever suffered what Stiles did in the opening scene, but having nightmares within nightmares are real. There is nothing worse than waking up several times thinking you've finally reached asylum only to learn the worse is yet to come.

    I almost bought it when Stiles woke up the second time, but being next to Lydia was a giveaway. What were the odds he was going to get the girl just after suffering two back to back nightmares?

    Scott's issue of wolfing out unexpectedly and seeing his shadow as his wolf self didn't seem too bad in comparison to either Stiles or Allison. Allison? She's seeing the chick from The Ring crawling in jagged ways, showing up in shadows that she doesn't see and affecting her ability to wield her bow -- and she's taken the form of her Aunt Kate.

    Similar to Stiles, she also walks while awake through scenes that her mind builds to trick her into doing things she wouldn't do otherwise.

    Frankly, it's brilliant. The series feels fresh and invigorated, and everyone seems to be centered and excited about the material.

    Although the focus was narrowed back to the core characters, that doesn't mean we weren't introduced to some new faces such as Mr. Yukimura and his daughter, Kira. With the Asian influence promised in 3B, they weren't a surprise and better yet, they were a welcome addition. Immediately their father/daughter banter made them sympathetic and interesting.

    Mr. Yukimura: I thought you said you wanted to make friends.
    Kira: Not like that.
    Mr. Yukimura: You said you wanted to be noticed.
    Kira: Not like that. I could set myself on fire and be noticed.
    Mr. Yukimura: Well then you'd be dead.
    Kira: Exactly.

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    The hour was named "Anchors" because Scott didn't have Allison to think about to keep him from wolfing out and Melissa told him to be his own anchor. The transformation of her character from a mom accepting Scott's predicament to a fully fleshed out character supporting his friends and the town as they discover the extent of its supernatural ties has been excellent.

    Elsewhere with the parents, Sheriff Stilinski is reopening all of his unsolved cases to examine them from a supernatural standpoint, which makes complete sense. Not only has his world been rocked, but his professional career probably seems like a joke when he sees missed opportunities as he did with a young girl named Melia whose body had never been found after a car accident. He's taken to the responsibility at a more rapid pace than did Melissa.

    Mr. McCall has chosen this moment in his life to go after the Sheriff for his record of unsolved cases. There always has to be an ass in the group. I supposed he'll be the fellow with egg on his face by the end of Season 3B. Sadly, there wasn't any action between Stilinski and Melissa, which I thought we might see after their near death experience at mid-season. 

    There were some things that aren't true, such as Stiles belief that you cannot read in your dreams (I do), but it served a good purpose. After he had another crazy dream he had in class (a lucid dream) when everyone was using sign language because it was something he could read, he and Scott went to Dr. Deaton. That's when they learned "when is a door not a door?" When it's ajar. Deaton said that the doors they left open in their minds need to be closed, stat.

    If they each need to close the door as soon as possible, there must be triggers for each that are keep their doors open. I wonder if those triggers are tied to their dreams. Allison is still dealing with some sort of guilt over Kate's death, maybe Stiles worries that he never woke up and is really dead and Scott is afraid he will lose control of his wolf. Just tossing ideas out -- share your own!

    We also saw Isaac pursuing Allison, but afraid of Scott's reaction. Allison is worried about Isaac, too, or Kate wouldn't have been strangling him in her dream. Scott may have run into the Kitsune (a Japanese shape shifter myth about a were-fox and trickster spirit) that's coming this season when he thought he found Melia in the woods and lo and behold -- we got a glimpse of Peter and Derek.

    Where the hell are Derek and Peter, anyway? In somebody's basement, strung up on a wire fence pumped with electricity, shirtless and snarky as ever. It will be interesting to discover how they ended up together and how Mary Queen of Scots disappeared, other than through time travel and into Reign

    There's a very detailed Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 13 recap in case you missed anything. Hit the comments, as always, to talk about everything that happened and about your hopes for the remainder of the season. In the meantime, let's take a poll!

    Who is suffering the most with their open mind?


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    On Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 13, Scott, Stiles and Allison are all suffering strange side effects from their icy trips into the other side to save their parents. 

    Stiles can no longer tell whether he is alive or dead, and he's unable to find a point of reference to keep him connected to his waking life. Is he awake or is he asleep? How can he tell?

    Seeing Kira

    Scott can't keep his transformations from occurring at any time or at any place, and even his shadow has decided to play tricks on him. What if he's in school, in front of others and turns?

    Allison's hands are shaking and she's seeing visions of her Aunt Kate, what's worse is she's walking through space that just isn't there. Is it day or is it night? Who is across the room? Why can't she shoot her bow any longer?

    Who is the new girl at school who seems to know about the world between life and death, and why is her father trying to humiliate her?

    Scott's dad is in town making life hell for Sheriff Stilinski and all Sheriff Stilinski wants to do is make up for lost time. Time he didn't know he had lost, unaware that Beacon Hills was truly a beacon for the supernatural. No wonder so many of his cases have gone unsolved. How can he be held accountable for something he didn't know, and something he can't tell anyone?

    These are only some of the topics you will learn about and questions to which you may find answers if you watch Teen Wolf online by clicking the link below. Don't miss out! 

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    If you thought Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 13 was scary, you ain't seen nothing yet.

    The day after last Monday's big return, TV Fanatic sat down with stars Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien and Crystal Reed to talk about how they feel regarding the psychological new episodes and what we can expect moving forward. 

    O'Brien discussed about how much Stiles' father will play a part in the coming weeks and tried to sign the same way as was seen in last week's installment, while Posey previewed Scott's love life and his own road to getting engaged and Reed gave us a window into what Allison is thinking in terms of Isaac.

    Watch the exclusive interviews now:

    Teen Wolf Season 3 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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    While the were-coyote got closer and closer to danger on Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 14, Scott, Allison and Stiles pushed themselves to their limits to be the heroes their friends know them to be.

    And, perhaps, close the doors that are still open in their minds in the process.

    How many were-animals are we going to run into this season? The Kitsune myth is supposed to be a were-fox, and Melia was a were-coyote. Who knew there were so many? My sister has half Yorkshire Terrier half Toy Fox Terrier; on the next full moon maybe I should be on the lookout for a were-YorkToyFoxTerrier. I could dig it.

    Alpha Scott

    The way in which each person met and addressed his/her fear was interesting, especially since it had to be organic. There wasn't a magical cure, as Scott learned when the twins tries to help. It was honorable that they made the attempt, and even more when one twin stopped the other from helping too much. They've come a long way since we first met them.

    For Scott, his fear of changing and not being able to control it was only conquered when he knew the importance of bringing the girl (Melia) back out of the were-coyote. First Stiles realized what she was doing; taking the baby doll back to car accident as a memorial to her young sister. If that wasn't enough to bring a tear to your eye, then you're pretty damn dried up inside. 

    Their father was hurting and wanted to take out his pain on the coyote just because he could, but Melia had been lost for eight years, with only the accident site to connect her to the life she lost. The idea was so terribly sad, compounded only when I thought what she must be thinking when she saw her daddy pointing a gun at her.

    Scott pushed beyond his fear and met Melia at the site in wolf form (or partially, anyway) but Alpha enough to roar her back into human form. Imagine having that kind of power as a teenager. Go Teen Wolf! I wonder if Melia will become a character we see around more often. After all, she has to be pretty damn confused about what has happened for the last eight years, and fitting in will be difficult. I'd like that.

    Allison overcame her inability to shoot when Melia's father was taking aim at her. It was either shoot straight and tranq him or allow him to kill his daughter. Allison's logical brain is much stronger than her fear of becoming a killer like her aunt. She also had Isaac at her side, gently talking her through it, soothing her with his steady voice. 

    Finally, Stiles was faced with Lydia caught in a trap. She asked him to read the directions and he couldn't. Lydia said he didn't need to read, he was always the one who figured everything out and he would figure this out, too. Stiles always believes in Lydia's faith in him.

    We all get filled with self-doubt now and again, but send us into the place between life and death and forget to close the door and those thoughts will consume us. I really liked the positive lessons that came out of the traumatic experiences they suffered. There was something overall warm and fuzzy about what they learned about themselves.

    Meanwhile, Motorcycle Girl was hired to find Derek by Deucalion. Who saw that coming? There wasn't much to the story of he and Peter's rescue other than Derek wouldn't leave without "it." It was some candle shaped thing hidden in some sort of ash that they couldn't touch that when removed from it's casing brought the Nemeton to life, sent fireflies out of it (what is with the fireflies this year?!) and then... what? I guess we'll find out.

    The outliers are that Kira experienced the were-coyote and was, again, humiliated by her dad. That dude has some horrific timing. Stiles was on fire trying to humiliate Isaac (What's with the scarf? It's 65 degrees.) and Agent McCall is still pitter pattering behind Sheriff Stilinski just to annoy viewers so that when he finds out about his son we can laugh at him.

    I'd have to disagree with the title of this hour, as I think there was a lot more good than bad here.

    Do you think the doors to the minds of Scott, Allison and Stiles are closed for good?


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    On Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 14 Scott, Allison and Stiles are tested to their limits and have to try to work past their overwhelming self doubt.

    Peter and Derek are still hanging and being electrocuted and someone asks them were the were-girl is. They have no idea who she's talking about and someone loses something special to them. An unlikely and unexpected ally shows up to help.

    Allison Aims

    Melia is after Scott and Stiles again, even breaking into the school. They all determine it's incredibly important for them to find a way to help her by overcoming their fears so that her father does not kill her. Each of them tries to figure out what will work and keep them focused and put them in control of their faculties again.

    Melia's father starts setting traps and things get perilously dangerous for not only Melia, but everyone else in Beacon Hills.

    Stiles discovers what it is that Melia is doing and what they need to do to reach her. Can they do it in time to save her before any harm comes to her or anyone else?

    Find out about this and what happens with the Nemeton that will blow your mind when you watch Teen Wolf online. Don't waste another moment.

    Wolf out right now by clicking below!

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    Was it just me... or was Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 15 one whacked out installment of this MTV hit?

    I watched the entire hour twice and I'm still not sure what I saw. It felt a bit as if it was happening in a dream state, but that part of the series has taken a back seat, right?

    Did anyone else find it extremely odd that while a murderer was on the loose, Scott was having a date at Kira's? That's so unlike Scott, to be out of the action like that. 

    It was as if the hour consisted of vignettes instead of one streamlined plot to follow. Sure, we had the Barrow escaping story prevalent throughout the entire installment, but everything else felt like pieces that didn't make the same puzzle.

    There were some fun moments. The pranks on Coach are always cool, and I liked what they did with the screws and nails. That was brilliant. Those are some smart high school students.

    Aiden and Ethan were looking for an Alpha and a pack, and when they were turned down as untrustworthy, they decided to go back to high school where they can at least get a piece of tail. Aiden catching Lydia was a lot easier than Ethan's pursuit of Danny. Ethan should have known Danny would be a catch.

    When Isaac finally made a move on Allison and she rebuffed him for being a werewolf, his slick move of removing his shirt and looking sexy was a winner. She countered only to have her dad walk in and he wasn't angry that she was topless with a dude, but with a werewolf. 

    In an offshoot story in it's own little world, Derek and Peter continued playing with the jar they got from the ash chest. Inside were Talia Hale's claws. Derek wanted to use them for a ritual of some sort, but we don't know why or what he learned. We did get an idea that Peter didn't want to know what Talia might have told Derek about him.

    After everyone tried to keep the kids safe from Barrow, it was as simple as conking Scott on the head and taking someone away. That was one of the funniest approaches to conking I've ever seen. I replayed it a few times because of how funny Barrow looked in his approach and the funny jump before hitting him.

    Up for grabs was Kira, and Barrow even left a code on the blackboard at the school in case anyone dared to track him. Potassium, iodine and radium. Thanks Barrow.

    Lydia got to use her banshee powers to hunt down Barrow and they worked quite well. Barrow had Kira tied up and was ready to electrocute her but instead she rose up and sucked all of the electricity into her arms. What the hell is Kira? Is that a Kitsune? I don't recall hearing anything about electricity in that tale of the were-fox.

    Since Barrow was looking specifically for Kira to kill, and she has this Electra Woman thing going on, and Barrow previously killed kids with yellow eyes, might Scott be attracted to Kira because of her electrical pull? 

    I admit I'm grasping at straws here, but really -- what the hell?

    When Kira sucked the electricity out of the city, Isaac wound up stuck in a dark room, surrounded by masked, somewhat robed, dark figures who wouldn't let the Argents in to help him. They were obviously tied to the mask Isaac and Allison saw while doing research, but how does it fit? Another WTF moment in an hour full of them.  

    I'm wondering if Barrow is still alive, his essence in the electricity, like he had those flies in his gut. Why else did the mask come into play? Nothing seemed to tie together, so I hope they all make sense somewhere down the road.

    If it made more sense to you, by all means, share your thoughts in the comments. I'd love to know what my thick skull was incapable of processing.

    Meanwhile, if you want to relive this or any installment, watch Teen Wolf online right here on TV Fanatic!

    Should Allison give Isaac a chance?


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    On Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 15 a new evil comes to town, one that tests the cunning and resolve of many of the residents of Beacon Hills, and Scott learns to use chopsticks and eats sushi.

    If you think that opening paragraph was weird, you ain't seen nothin' yet! This installment is full of oddities test your mind. Melissa McCall is first on the scene when a murderer is brought into the hospital for surgery to repair old shrapnel wounds -- so they're told. Not much is as it seems in Beacon Hills.

    Derek and Talia

    Aiden and Ethan are back and looking for a pack and an Alpha -- will the find a new group with which to belong with Scott or will the Omegas be left to fend for themselves? What do forever teen werewolves do when they can't find a new pack and have no friends?

    Lydia's banshee skills are tested at the urging of Stiles, her rock steady companion. Do they do the job they hope?

    Who is the murderer after? Does he find them and why is Scott off eating sushi with Kira and her family instead of searching for the killer? Who is protecting his pack? 

    Witness the first glimpse of what Kira is hiding on this installment and find out what was in the container preserved with ash that Derek was so eager to get his hands on. It's all available for you to see when you watch Teen Wolf online by clicking now!

    Be sure to drop by and read the Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 15 review and share your thoughts on the episode when you are through!

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    Just when you think things can't get any crazier, Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 16 comes along and proves you wrong!

    Allison and her dad managed to get to Isaac just after the smoky masked men left him cold on the floor. Interestingly, Mr. Argent thought they were looking for him and asked the two shocked teens to give him 24 hours before telling anyone -- including Scott -- what they saw.

    It took me a while to try to piece things together, and frankly, I'm still stumped. But now I think Mr. A. is one of them. Is that why he had a mask of his own and was injured at the end or the show? Or did he manage to kill one in the past and get one of their masks? But who, or what, are they?

    Aiden and Ethan are still trying to get back into Scott's good graces; Ethan more than Aiden, of course. They decide to use Derek's loft to help Danny throw a Halloween black light party. Or, as Lydia called it, a 90s rave. Where was Derek? It doesn't matter, because the smoky men still found him, just after he scared the crap out of three little kids who had the audacity to Trick or Treat him at his car. They deserved the fangs the little ingrates. Who holds up a candy bag at a car?

    Kira was busily freaking out about her phone being lost because her photos have been showing up with a flame-like aura around them for the past couple of months. Scott thinks it's cool, and looks like a fox that's protecting her. That's better than the demon she's imagining and fits in with the Kitsune myth being about a fox.

    The black light party lead to all kinds of interesting things. Scott could see Kira's aura without the camera or flash when he used his wolf eyes and there were a lot of shirtless boys. The smoky men also showed up and marked three people with inverted numeral 5s behind their ears, having already marked Isaac and Derek. Lydia, Ethan and Aiden are now marked, as well.

    The rumor has been that someone in the main credits wouldn't make it to the end of the season alive. Did these 5s just mark one of the dead? Did the smoky people pull a Dead Like Me move and remove their souls so they can die and become the next smoky people? Why do their eyes glow like the fireflies that came out of the Nemeton and how are they connected to the Nemeton?

    Given the vision Derek had last week of Talia Hale on top of the Nemeton, she must be connected in some way. That still doesn't explain Mr. Argent and the mask he has hidden in a box. If the box is made of ash, that's an even better connection. 

    The smoky men can rise and disappear from and to anywhere and are unable to be harmed. One second their necks were snapped and the next... all fixed up. Given their traveling ways, they probably don't have corporeal bodies as we know them.

    They were also able to stop Lydia's banshee scream and do something very freaky with her face. Teen Wolf is adept at taking our minds and twisting them all up until nothing makes sense, and these creatures fit right in.

    The other big reveal was about the key that appeared on Stiles key ring indicating that perhaps he is not 100% himself after the beginning of the season after all. He doesn't remember writing the formula to kill on the chalk board that sent Barrow to kill Kira, but it matched his handwriting. What else doesn't he remember?

    What if one of the marked five will be responsible for killing Stiles because he has become a dark soul that needs banished? The thought of that is almost too much to bear, but talk about raising the stakes to new levels. To kill off Stiles would be one of the riskiest moves Teen Wolf could make.

    A few other things worth noting:

    • Kira had to pick one of the few phones that doesn't work off of a charge when the battery is dead. Thankfully it wasn't fully gone, as it can take up to 20 minutes to start functioning!
    • How sweet was it when Scott saw his photos on his dad's computer? I'd like to see a little more effort put into uncovering things about them.
    • Allison teasing Isaac was very sexy. They have something chemical that she and Scott didn't have. They were first loves. Isaac is different.
    • Didn't Kira see Scott's wolf teeth and eyes or did she just not have time to respond? She must be blown away after seeing those smoky men and is probably feeling "normal" right about now.

    Don't forget -- if you miss any episodes, you can always watch Teen Wolf online here at TV Fanatic!

    Would Teen Wolf dare kill of Stiles?


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