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    Ready to take a bite out of two Teen Wolf Season 3 clips?

    With new episodes set to get underway on June 3, and with events kicking off four months after what went down on the shocking Season 2 finale, MTV has released a pair of sneak peeks from its intense drama.

    The first is for the birds:

    The second is filled with non-stop action and gets to the heart of what prompted MTV to order 24 installments of the series for this summer and fall.

    Watch now and don't forget to enter our Teen Wolf DVD giveaway!

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    Four months will have passed when Teen Wolf Season 3 kicks off tonight on MTV.

    And while some faces are gone (Colton Haynes is now fighting crime in Starling City on Arrow), plenty of new faces are on the way in the form of a treacherous Alpha pack that plans to make life hell for Scott, Stiles, Allison, Lydia, Isaac Danny and Derek.

    So who better to give us a peek at the new season, but creator Jeff Davis? Scroll down for an exclusive interview with the executive producer, who gave us some juicy new season intel worth howling about...


    TV Fanatic: There’s definitely a sense of fun in this first episode. Is it safe to say we’re going to see more of that this year or is that just kind of we’ll start at a fun place to start before we go darker?
    Jeff Davis: We can go pretty dark, but we always like to start with a little more light-hearted mood. We want to see them being teenagers again. We want to make sure that the tone is still the same as our show. I always liked the fact that Teen Wolf has a sense of humor which a lot of these dark genre shows don’t. So we get to be a little playful.

    TVF: Scott and Allison had their issues last season. Are they on or off in the season premiere?
    JD: They’re off but they’re thrown back into each other’s sphere by the mystery and by this Alpha pack that arrives. They don’t get a breather for too long. They’ve had four months off Scott is dealing with it the best he can, but they’re definitely going to be forced back into close quarters, very, very close quarters with each other. So it’ll be interesting to see how they deal with that.

    Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer

    TVF: Stiles is going to see a bit more romance in the new season, right?
    JD: Romance is definitely in the air for Stiles…with more than one person actually.

    TVF: Oh, I like that! Is Isaac going to play a part of any kind of love triangle? I saw a hint of something in one of the new clips that made me think he could be...
    JD: Yeah, and that’s definitely a meaningful look [in the clip] and it will cause some issues definitely later in the season. It will make Scott wonder if first love isn’t always the last love and they have some difficult times ahead. And seeing someone who’s becoming very close to him covet his former girlfriend.

    TVF: Jeff, you’re a twin right?
    JD: Yes, I am. I’m an identical twin which is part of where the twin Alphas came from, my desire to explore that in a narrative. It came from my own experience.

    TVF: Scott’s mom found out last season that her son is a werewolf but will she find out about where he’s at in terms of becoming the Alpha?
    JD: Whether Scott becomes an Alpha or not is the key part. So in fact that question is hinted at in the first episode but it’s not answered for a while so you’ll see what the mythology is around that. But Scott rising to new responsibilities and new power is very much what season three A is about. (The first 12 episodes of the third season make up the ‘A’ half of the season)

    TVF: Is it safe to say we might be seeing Scott fully transformed this season?
    JD: Scott will look the same. A slight variation in his make-up but he’ll look as he does in the first episode.

    TVF: Lydia is definitely working through some stuff whether it’s with really hot guys in her own bed who may look a little like Jackson…
    JD: When we did our casting, we thought how would [Lydia] deal with the breakup? She gets back out there and maybe in a not-so-healthy way and she starts proving that she can have anyone and anything anytime she wants. Some of her bad habits may come back to bite her. No pun intended.

    TVF: Will we see her go back to those dark places because last season was definitely not fun for her.
    JD: Oh, no. She’s right in the middle of it. But what her arc this time is she is no longer a pawn in this game. She becomes a player in her own rights and it’s a story of her taking control of her becoming empowered, which is what we love about our female characters is they don’t play the damsel in distress very long.

    TVF: Allison got a taste of that power last season even if she didn’t use it to the best means last season, but maybe this season she will?
    JD: Exactly. This is very much the season where both girls find their heroism and the power to be heroes in their own stories. One of the things I love about episode six is that it’s very much a Lydia episode. The episode where she gets to be a hero.

    TVF: Is it safe to say that this new pack of alphas is the ‘big bad’ of this season or is there more bad to come?
    JD: Well, we writers always like to keep some tricks up our sleeve, but I would say that they’re definitely not the only threat this season. There are other malicious people out in Beacon Hills. We’ve never been one to shy away from piling up the villains. So you can have your Gerard, your Kanima, your Alpha. I think it creates all the more tension. There may be some other supernatural forces at work beyond the alpha pack.

    TVF: Would these be new threats or could some of them actually be threats that we’ve seen in past seasons?
    JD: Maybe. [Laughs] I’m going to sidestep that question.

    TVF: We also see in the first episode a lot of strange things happening with animals. What does that signify?
    JD: Well, as Scott says in the first episode it’s like that stampede of deer that nearly trampled him in the pilot episode, it’s the idea of nature run amuck. When something unnatural like an Alpha pack enters the town, as Stiles says, animals can sense it. They can sense when something terrible is about to happen and a lot of terrible things are about to happen in Beacon Hills.

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    The summer doldrums aren’t being found on TV this month because June is offering some great series returns and one awesome new program that’s bound to get you hooked.

    So let’s empty out this week’s Notebook with scoop on favorites such as Dexter, Teen Wolf and more...

    Jim's Notebook

    DEXTER Going into the final season of the Showtime thriller, the secrets about what’s coming on the Dexter Season 8 are bigger than ever – but how do newer actors on the show deal with so much secrecy about their own characters?

    Sean Patrick Flanery (The Boondock Saints) recurs this summer as Jacob Elroy and says that he’s had to deal with being in the dark about some things in regard to his character: “I think everybody wants to know a little bit more,” he told me earlier this week. “It’s difficult to design a character when you don’t know where he came from, where he’s going because the things you do in the present pretty much dictates what you do in the future.”

    Ever the pro, though, Flanery is seeing the upside to being on a buzzworthy show and added: “It’s difficult to foresee where your character is going to be going and the type of person that would do those things in the future. So, it comes with a set of difficulties, but I’m certainly not whining about the job.” (More of our chat coming this week.)

    Dexter Eason 8 Promo Pic

    TEEN WOLF The exciting third season kicks off tonight on MTV and creator Jeff Davis teased that things are going to get a little electric – possibly in a literal sense. “You’re definitely going to see a new kind of power,” Davis told me in regards with the new pack of Alphas that come to Beacon Hill to challenge Scott (Tyler Posey) and the Teen Wolf gang. “There is an episode called ‘Current’ as a bit of a clue.”

    You also might want to keep a close eye on the events that happen in the first few episodes, for there may be signs of things to come: “There are a lot of set ups being played out in the first few episodes that definitely have their details,” Davis teased. (The full chat with Davis is coming later today on TV Fanatic.)

    Also, we will get an explanation in the first episode back about where Jackson is since actor Colton Haynes left Teen Wolf after last season to play Roy Harper on The CW’s Arrow.

    UNDER THE DOME Mix Stephen King with Steven Spielberg and you get the new CBS series, Under The Dome. Based on King’s 2009 novel about a mysterious clear dome that suddenly emerges over a small town, the series stars Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Dean Norris, Britt Robertson and Jeff Fahey and premieres June 24. What is a project with both King and Spielberg like?

    “It seems like Steven Spielberg sees the best in humanity,” said Executive Producer Brian K. Vaughan at a press screening/Q&A earlier this week. “And Stephen King has always seen the worst.”

    Executive Producer Neal Baer (SVU, ER) added: “It’s been really quite a fantastic collaboration with [King] because he has such a wonderful sense of humor…and then we have those Spielberg-ian moments, particularly in our character Joe (Colin Ford), who is kind of the eyes and the everyday kid who we can relate to and has that kind of Steven Spielberg wonderment element that adds to the show, too, so we have light and dark together in this show, which is also really fun.”

    Having seen the first episode, I can tell you that the show, which does take some liberties from the novel, may have a sci-fi premise, but it’s also grounded in character in a way that I, for one, will be anxiously waiting to see what happens next. I trust my fellow TV Fanatics will, too!

    That’s a wrap for this week! Anything else you’re dying to know about your favorite show? Leave a comment here or you email me directly at And remember: follow @TVFanatic for all your TV scoop!

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    We pick up four months after the events of the Teen Wolf Season 2 finale and our little gang of misfits are each dealing with the events in their own way. Scott tried getting the titular "Tattoo" only to have it heal no sooner than he left the chair.

    Let's find out who is new in town, what everyone's been up to and why the tattoo was so important to Scott...

    Teen Wolf Season Premiere Scene

    We have a nice blend of new characters and old in town, and the alpha pack foretold at the end of last season has arrived. With them has come a plethora of frightened animals, similar to the stampeding forest of animals on the night Scott was blessed with his lycanthropy. 

    Alright, the first time we witnessed a beast gone wild - when the deer ran right into the windshield of Lydia's car - annoyed me. Scott and Stiles were discussing whether or not Allison would be back at school when, on a deserted stretch of road, the two sets of friends found their cars at the same red light. The scene was really cute and full of typical Stiles and Lydia goodness.

    What I didn't like was Lydia saying she saw the deer's eyes just before it ran into the car., Lydia, ya didn't. You and Allison were turned around looking at Scott and Stiles in the car behind you. I rewound it and double checked and she did not turn her head. That was sloppy.

    That sloppiness was made up for by the awesome scene in the classroom when the birds attacked, the interesting alpha Scavo twins from Desperate Housewives (so far unnamed on the show) who could morph into one mega alpha and the return of Derek in top wise-cracking form. 

    We learned that alphas embrace their non-hygienic qualities and refuse to pull in their nails, even on their feet. The female alphas, walking ballet style toward Motorcycle Girl, had gone to the trouble to paint their terrible toenails black to remind us just how powerfully disgusting a wolf can be when they want to be.

    Motorcycle girl was apparently nothing but a plot device to bring us cunning fight scenes and round up the alphas in the leftover Bunheads attire to allow the king alpha, Deucalion, to swat the life out of her with those grimy fingernails before delivering the punchline that it was his plan for Derek to kill his own pack, starting with Scott.

    One of my favorite parts of the hour was learning why Scott was getting the tattoo: as a reward for not texting or calling Allison for four months despite his deepest desires to do so. Despite the amount of time passing, and his newfound calling to become an A student, their relationship was still to him an open wound. In Samoan, the word tattoo means open wound. That's why it didn't matter what he got on his arm, only that he got one. That touched my heart.

    Another favorite was the music set against every fight. It was nearly perfect in each scene, making them feel equally frantic and exciting. It was the first time I could remember thinking, "I want a Teen Wolf soundtrack!" It's like it would drive me to want to get up and do something.

    After the last season finale and the switch up in the cast, it was kind of hard to bring everything together for the premiere. But the writers managed quite well to shift focus. I'll leave you with some other things of note:

    • The way they wrote off Jackson as just popping up alive, getting werewolf 101 classes from Derek and being shipped to London didn't explain the Kanima. Wonder if anything ever will.
    • It's strange to see Mr. Argent showing his softer side. He's like a doting father to Allison now. Maybe he and Melissa could find something in common.
    • Scott's mother, Melissa, is handling the news of his condition quite well. I loved her asking if Isaac had any other werewolf emergency contacts.
    • Speaking of Isaac, I forgot how much I liked him. I'm glad he has such a large role this season as his many talents are much appreciated!
    • Derek seemed gentler and almost fatherly in his dealings with Scott and Stiles. Since the alphas want to use him to kill Scott, that's a good thing, but being weak in any way could also be trouble. I wonder how long it will take Scott to find his inner alpha.

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    "Chaos Rising" really picked up the pace and if the season continues in this vein... wahoo!!! That doesn't mean I didn't have some gripes because you'll see a couple. How could you not? It's fun to pick on things. Let's get started!

    Can we begin with how unlucky Stiles is? He actually got invited to the birthday party of a hot girl he's known since nursery school specifically to pop her cherry (and his!) and the alphas tracked him down and stole her out from under his nose. He was even all prepared with his XXL condom!

    Isaac Scene

    We were back on full throttle snark mode this week with the return of Peter. Sweet, back from the dead Peter. Everything he said was quote-worthy. While it would have been ridiculous to capture them all, check out the Teen Wolf quotes because there were some doozies. I remember when he first woke up and he was a bad guy. Thank goodness Lydia brought him to life; it was worth the risk!

    I'm inclined to agree with the commenters from last week who didn't find the twin alphas to be particularly charming. They were even less so when it became clear they might be wooing Lydia and Danny. While it could make for both humorous moments and dramatic tension if they went on a double date, I just don't like those dudes. What an awful dating moment it would be when they would stand up and morph into  mega-alpha right in front of Lydia and Danny. Can we just not go there?

    Did anybody else find it odd that Isaac felt it was necessary to take off his itty bitty shirt before getting into an ice bath but not his pants? Hello! Denim holds a lot more water than a t-shirt. Next time, strip down to your skivvies. I'm just looking out for your health buddy. No, really.

    Derek really should have listened to Allison and Lydia about the logo. His thick-headedness lost them a lot of time. Since Derek was playing big baby about how they treated him in the past, Allison got to their lair long before they did.

    The whole scene with Derek, Scott, Peter and Stiles planning on breaking into the bank was just plain fun - and when Stiles and Peter were left alone, I was making plans for a spin-off. Weren't they just great together?

    When they finally realized Deucalion had been starving Boyd and whoever was being held with him so they would be particularly ravenous, it was too late. Derek noticed the girl who had replaced the now dead Erica (RIP!) was his once thought-dead sister Cora (or, as she'll be known in the fall on Reign, Mary, Queen of Scots). Allison came to the rescue of Derek and Scott, but set Boyd and Cora free on Beacon Hills.

    I have no idea what that meant overall, but it sure set off one a hell of a scream from Lydia. Maybe she's still linked in some way with Peter and the Hale family.

    To wrap up the week:

    • Realizing Erica wasn't a fan favorite, I always kind of liked her spunk. I'm going to miss her.
    • I was very happy not to suffer through a bunch of poorly manicured alphas again this week, so here's hoping that was a one time deal to try to drive some sort of unsanitary point home.
    • In "Tattoo" I thought maybe Motorcycle Girl was brought in to replace Ms. Morell in the scheme of the series, but wasn't that Bianca Lawson on the arm of Deucalion at the end of the hour? He called her Marin. We've never known the first name of Ms. Morell, so weigh in if you would. Was I seeing things?

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    "Fireflies" continued on a confusing Teen Wolf streak, as we had two relatively separate stories going on at once and the gang trying to connect them.

    On one side of town, Scott, Derek and Isaac were tracking Boyd and Cora; while on the other Lydia's body was being used as a beacon of sorts to find a dead body, leading Stiles to get involved with the murders they at first thought to be werewolf related.

    As things heated up in town, Scott turned to an unlikely source for help: Allison's dad. Mr. Argent was reluctant to help at first, but when he realized what Boyd and Cora were capable of, he couldn't let all of his training go to waste. Neither could his daughter. They worked autonomously, but without their help Cora and Boyd wouldn't have been captured.

    Boyd Attacks

    Things I'm really enjoying this season include Scott's mom and how easily she has engaged in the whole world of the werewolf. She calls in his pals when she knows there's something fishy is going on and seems to know which ones to trust and which not to speak openly about the topic. 

    I also love Isaac more with every minute of screen time he gets. His Teen Wolf quotes are almost as great as those of Stiles. Bringing up the hot factor of Derek's sister to Derek was a brilliant touch. Derek didn't have to say a word as Isaac carried on the fruitless conversation with himself and dug his way out of the hole. 

    There could have been more Peter time for my taste, but his few minutes were well worth it as he pointed out they should save the reunion party for Cora until she wasn't an unstoppable killing machine. What's interesting about Derek is that as much as he seemed intrigued about his sister being back and would clearly have chosen to have her live over killing her... if it had come down to Cora killing a bunch of innocents or him killing Cora and Boyd, he would have done the latter. None of them wanted to entertain the idea, but they didn't nix it either. 

    Lydia is still clearly tied to Peter in some way, unless she's being used now by the alpha pack. If she is, God help her. Stiles deduced the murders weren't directly related to Cora and Boyd, but were human sacrifices of virgins, his old friend Heather included. Frankly, if I were Stiles, I'd beg Lydia to make me a man to save my life because unless something happened while we weren't looking, he's a prime suspect for their virginity sacrificial top 10.

    Especially being so close to the hometown pack without being in it, you'd think he'd be their most exciting candidate. That worries me.

    I was wondering when we were going to learn anything about the alphas, not realizing they were tying things together whole time. It was done rather well and I'm hoping next week gives us some deeper insight into Deucalion. We really need everyone working together on this - and that includes Allison. She has to forgive and forget what she learned about her mom. No more lone-wolf, fight the demons by herself crap. She's not a wolf, she's merely a well trained marksman who would add to the team. 

    Miss Blake knows what's going on now, giving Scott an ally at school. Call me crazy, but I'm guessing all the kids will be missing a few classes here and there while they fight the big bad evil that wandered into town. I wonder how long it will take for everyone to figure out the twins are a part of the pack and right under their noses at school.

    Although I was confused for a while, I was pleased with the progress and the ending. Share your thoughts on the episode and Teen Wolf Season 3 in the comments!

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    On the latest episode of Teen Wolf Season 3, Scott turned to Mr. Agent for help, while Isaac continued to grow on viewers and Miss Blake became a new ally.

    Where will things on this MTV hit head following an intense "Fireflies?"

    Look for Scott to attempt to keep Isaac from confronting the twins in school on next Monday's "Unleashed" and also for Stiles try try and prove his theory about the murders. And get your first look at what's to come via the following MTV trailer:

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    Teen Wolf is set to take another bite out of Comic-Con.

    MTV confirmed today that the intense network hit will return to the annual San Diego fan festival next month, with a panel discussion set for Thursday, July 18. It will include stars Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin and executive producer Jeff Davis.

    Scott McCall Image

    As first reported by Entertainment Weekly, MTV is also planning its first "MTV2 Party in the Park," which will be open to all Comic-Con attendees.

    Learn more about it, the Teen Wolf panel and other MTV activities scheduled for Comic-Con in this rundown of network events:

    Teen Wolf Comic-Con Panel (Thursday, July 18): Cast members Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed, Holland Roden, Daniel Sharman, Max Carver, Charlie Carver and Executive Producer Jeff Davis are taking Comic-Con by storm again, and giving fans an exclusive first-look at an all-new trailer, along with the latest scoop from season three during the Q&A session. Jarett Wieselman, Editorial Director of ET Online, will moderate the panel.  The panel location and exact time will be announced at a later date. Teen Wolf Season 3 airs Monday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

    MTV2 Party in the Park (Thursday, July 18, 7:00 p.m. PT): The first-ever “MTV2 Party in the Park” will celebrate the fans at Comic-Con, with access to live musical performances, and free food and drinks.  Performers are still TBA.

    MTV Presents: Creator Pitch LIVE! (Friday, July 19): MTV Comics Executive Editor Tom Akel hosts the 2nd annual “MTV Presents: Creator Pitch LIVE!,” a live pitch competition between three of the top creators in the business. Last year’s winner David Petersen (Mouse Guard) will be back to defend his crown against two new challengers. Creators are presented with a topic just a few weeks out from the convention and then develop original pitches that the fans vote on to determine the winner.

    MTV Comics Premieres Graphic Novel The Gloom: From acclaimed writer Tony Lee (Doctor Who, Starship Troopers), and artist Dan Boultwood via Arcana Studios, comes the graphic novel The Gloom. In 1940s Manhattan, vigilante The Gloom is America’s last line of defense against the Nazis, classic pulp heroism, and common sense. Tony Lee will be signing copies of The Gloom at Arcana’s booth #2415

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    We need to get something straight here. Nobody likes to see a dog killed on television and nobody likes to see a boy who loves his dog killed on television. Especially a virgin! That's exactly what we witnessed on "Unleashed" and it did not make me happy. 

    We still don't know a damn thing about what's going on with the killings in town other than they are druid-related and Mr. Harris was helping the murderers, but we learned a bit about Deucalion. He's a turd.

    Trouble for Scott and Isaac

    I'm sorry, I wish I was more invested in the Alpha storyline, but I'm not. At all. They are boring as all get out. I actually laughed out loud when Duke (hey, that's what bad-pedi-alpha called him) blew his top screaming that he was the apex of alphas, the "demon wolf." He shouted this shortly after proclaiming he was the strongest ever because he killed his previous pack of betas and absorbed all their powers. Except their sight? WTF? I guess that's why he can only hang with alphas now. Everyone else becomes dinner.

    Seriously, how are we supposed to be afraid of a dude who relies on a stick or a chicks arm to get around? His "demon wolf" senses are so poor he can't even walk out of a room on his own and we are supposed to think he's going to come into town and defeat our intrepid team of new werewolves? I don't think so. I'd bet on Scott, Derek, Isaac and all their buddies against that gang of goons any day.

    Feel free to tell me if you feel differently, but if the topsy twins were so easily tricked by their stupid motorcycles, what else will bring them down? I'm far more interested in the murders and the lack of friendship between our core characters than anything happening with the alphas, including the return of Cora.

    She's brought nothing of merit to the canvas so far, except to keep Derek from more important matters. Kicking Isaac out of his place was great for Isaac, but I'm guessing this is the part where Derek starts making stupid decisions to protect his last remaining sibling over his pack... and actually considers Duke's offer. Oh brother.

    On the other hand, we have Stiles, who has absolutely no powers and is working double time trying to find a pattern in what is happening in Beacon Hills. He and Mr. Deaton are beating the pants off of everyone else who's trying to solve the case. They figured out the pattern. At least the virgin sacrifices are over, but it didn't stop one great exchange from happening.

    Can I say it's about damn time we had some more Danny on screen? Even if part of the reason is those deplorable twins, he's grossly underused. How about this fantastic interchange as Stiles worried he would be the next person killed since he was still a virgin:

    Stiles: Missing and presumed dead, Scott, because he was probably a virgin. You know who else is a virgin? Me. I'm a virgin, okay? You know what that means? It means my lack of sexual experience is now literally a threat to my life, okay. I need to have sex. Like right now. Someone needs to have sex with me like today. Like someone needs to sex me right now!
    Danny: Alright I'll do it.
    Stiles: Woah! What?
    Danny: Come over to my place at 9. Plan on staying the night. I like to cuddle.
    Stiles: That is so sweet. Are you kidding?
    Danny: Yes. I'm kidding.
    Stiles: You don't toy with a guys emotions like that, Danny. It's not attractive, alright? | permalink

    Other than that, things aren't really coming together for me on Teen Wolf Season 3. I think the alpha pack story is a total bust. Everyone is so far apart emotionally it's difficult to get into what's happening. Only Scott and Stiles are still friends, and while I love the inclusion of Isaac very much, Lydia and Allison off doing their own thing effects the flow of a lot more than it did when Allison's family was integral to the plot. 

    Now that Derek is going to remove himself, and Isaac already trusts Scott very much, it might be the start of Scott showing his own alpha nature and becoming the leader Motorcycle Girl and Deucalion know him to be. Derek could be biting himself in the ass with the separation, but enough of his in and out emotional crap. He's not very pack-like, even though he tends to act like being in a pack is important to their species. 

    I have a feeling y'all are going to disagree with my take on the episode, so have your say in the comments. Batter up!

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    Teen Wolf went the Memento route of storytelling this week - and it was more than just "Frayed."

    The episode was so disjointed it was practically impossible to keep everything straight. Timelines were crossing in various places and we were trying to paste them together to get a fully formed understanding of the big fight that Scott thought left Derek dead.

    I'm all for artistic storytelling, but given the season so far, this was just one more annoyance in a series of them. It wouldn't hurt to have a straight out, well-told hour of plot for one freaking week. There was layer upon layer of memories being revealed and it was just too much for the narrative.

    Scott and Allison

    Outside of the fact I hated the way the program was laid out, there were some really good moments to be had. When Scott initially approached the pack and asked they consider a different way other than flat out murder every time they attacked a situation, Peter asked if anyone knew what happened when a head of a hydra was chopped off. He and Scott were on the same plane in their thinking that killing Deucalion would only make more alphas crop up in his wake. 

    That wasn't Peter's only great moment. His encounter with Cora and their dual mistrust of each other definitely had me on his side far more than hers. We know where he's been and his capabilities. She has six years of missing time to account for and that makes her a wild card. 

    Also great was Scott going to Allison's with the arrowhead he found. It wasn't a very strong try on her part to blame the non-existent archery team... and their fight scene was rather erotic. It's about damned time they found their way back to each other. After the fight, Allison wouldn't let Scott out of her sight. Her attempt to stitch him up when his alpha scratch wounds wouldn't heal reeked of familiarity we haven't seen in a while.

    As she faltered, the one person she didn't expect to help her help Scott popped out of her psyche to spur her into action. Her mom. That was a really intimate touch that resonated with me in a way nothing else her mother ever did while she was alive. By far my favorite scene of the episode.

    The remaining alphas, sans Deucalion, took that beefy tattooed alpha (Ennis?) to Dr. Deaton after the fight to be saved, and he managed to bring him through the hard stuff. But it appears a commenter from last week was right: Duke might be getting greedy. For no reason that I can think other than to absorb his strength he crushed his skull with his hand. 

    So, definitely some good things happening. As for things I could have done without?

    • The obligatory toenail scraping of pedi-alpha. Couldn't she have just died? 
    • The twins always fight with their shirts off. Really? Is that because they have nothing else going for them but well toned torsos?
    • They dropped the ball on the druid story for the majority of the hour, so we don't even know if they found the teacher in the woods. Weird.
    • Mr. Argent just turning his back on the fighting going on in town is ridiculous. First, his daughter is asking him to get involved, which means he knows she's going to break their pact. Second, his family has been doing it for generations. Could he really just turn it off? Thread the needle my ass.
    • Lydia has always been a doofus, but not an idiot. When someone says the twin is one of the evil alphas, she wouldn't go out and screw him. There better be more to that story.
    • There wasn't nearly enough Isaac. Utilize the greatness that has become Isaac. If they need to know what to do with him, pair him up with Peter to solve crime.

    So what's left?

    Scott has red eyes during the fight. Was that indicative of his alphahood? What, exactly, is the determining factor? From what I know, other than being the leader of the pack, there hasn't been too much information how someone becomes an alpha or why. I assume we're about to find out.

    Finally, did anyone think Derek would really be dead? He's DEREK. He's out of his league and lost this season, but he's not going to die. He's going to need to be a little less alpha, though, because he's being shown up left and right. With the return of his sister, his head is not in the game. Now he has a love interest in Ms. Blake. He's going to have to give up some power or they'll all die. Plus, I like he and Blake together. It's strange but somehow it just works. 

    You've been waiting for this... it's your turn. Let loose Betas and Omegas!! Grrrrrooooowwwlllll.....

    0 0

    Let's face it: Derek is probably not dead.

    Despite what Teen Wolf viewers witnessed on "Frayed," it's safe to assume this key character will pull through. But try telling that to Scott.

    Tyler Posey says that this Monday's new episode of the MTV hit is his favorite of the season, largely because it will focus on his character's reaction to Derek passing.

    “It shows a side of Scott you’ve never seen before and it was a lot of fun to play and very emotional and everyone on set was crying,” Posey said to EW, adding that viewers ought to prepare some "tissues" and previewing:

    "Stiles steps up and becomes the man and shows Scott the right way to go.”

    Scott and Stiles in Hiding

    As for the midseason finale of Teen Wolf Season 3? Which will air in August before the series returns this fall for 12 more episodes?

    “It’s going to be the biggest thing in Teen Wolf history so far,” Posey teases. “And Scott is going to finally show why he’s the lead of the show.”

    0 0

    It took six episodes into the season for things to gel, but "Motel California" was a flawless episode of Teen Wolf. Yes, you read that right. After all of my whining over the past five weeks, I couldn't find a single thing to complain about from this hour. It was exceptional.

    It was essentially a continuation of "Frayed," as the kids found themselves still stranded in the middle of nowhere on the way to the track meet and they pulled over to the Glen Capri Motel. This particular motel had the highest rate of suicides of any other in California and included that of one Alexander Argent, Mr. Argent's uncle, back in 1977. 

    Instead a taking the traditional route to the next round of sacrifices, Stiles and Lydia eventually deduced they were drawn there specifically to kill three werewolves. This was good stuff!

    Derek Hale, Shirtless

    At the beginning of the hour, Mr. Argent finally took the time to check out the scene of the big werewolf fight. He didn't like what he saw. He called Allison and asked if she wanted him to come pick her up because he finally understood what she had been up against. I liked that he didn't berate her for not telling him she had been at the fight because it wasn't for lack of trying. He saw the damage only her arrows could do and it appeared his head was back in the game, but without judgment. 

    The hashtag #SherlockStiles flashed across the screen for a portion of the program and the spotlight was definitely on him, Lydia and Allison using their human wits to save their friends from the menacing forces at the Capri. Because of Lydia's past connection with Peter, she was the only of the three that could hear the cries of the former suicide victims and thus connect them with their current counterparts. 

    Isaac got off fairly easy of the four werewolves on the bus, continually hearing his father, rattling chains and the closing of the freezer as he was locked inside. Thankfully, his reaction was to hide rather than to take action to hurt himself. His recent encounters with the same memories must have worked in his favor.

    There was a lot of sex this week, the first of which was between Ethan and Danny. We finally got a glimpse of emotion from Ethan that allowed room for future redemption. As they were getting it on, he imagined Aidan trying to break out from inside him. That ruined his moment with Danny, to say the least, and he tried to use a band saw to cut him out.

    It was a pretty freaked out scene, and only heat from a nearby ceramic heater that burned his hands got him out of his stupor. He later questioned whether it was worth it to save his life, which was the first of two decent things he did during the hour. The second was to tell Scott on the bus, after all the shenanigans were over, that Derek was most likely alive, but things would never be the same.

    Boyd was haunted by what seemed to be a skating accident in which his sister died (I'm not sure on this, but the radio fragments told that type of story) and the guilt must have been riding inside him since he was a small child. Whether she broke through the ice and drowned because he wasn't paying attention, or a hole just gave way, when he went to get a bucket of ice, it threw him into action. 

    A past suicide in the building involved a baby being drowned in a bathtub and he tried to emulate it by taking an entire safe into the bath so no human could save him. Lydia and Stiles had been paying attention, however, and got the flares off of the bus to "heat" Boyd out of his traumatic event and saved his life.

    With one flare left in hand, Stiles egged Isaac out from under the bed. 

    Throughout the episode we watched Ms. Blake care for Derek. She wasn't fearful or even very inquisitive about exactly what he was. He was hurt, extremely hot to look at and needed her help. That seemed to be all she required. Because that was all she needed, and her kisses healed Derek with out much other help, I'm now wondering exactly who she is. Can she really be that naive? Is she working for somebody - God forbid - Deucalion?

    Scott was still beside himself with grief at the thought of Derek's death, and his own demons were cursing through him at the ghostly motel. He saw Duke slice his mother's throat. He began to wonder if perhaps being dead wouldn't be best for everyone, as witnessed in this lovely Teen Wolf quote of friendship between he and Stiles -  

    Scott: It all started that night, the night I gotten bitten. Remember the way it was before that? You and me? We were nothing. We weren't popular. We weren't good at lacrosse. We weren't important. We were no one. Maybe I should just be no one again. No one at all.
    Stiles: Scott, just listen to me. You're not no one. Scott, you're my best friend, okay, and I need you. Scott, you're my brother. Alright, so if we're gonna do this, then I think you're just gonna have to take me with you then. | permalink

    Stiles was willing to give his life for Scott, covered in gasoline, holding the final flare from the bus - the one the gang was hoping to use to bring him out of whatever painful place he had settled in to commit suicide. The crafty bastard doused himself in gasoline. Always one step ahead. As the girls saved Stiles and Scott, Lydia looked over at the giant ball of fire and saw what appeared to be death himself withering back into the blackness. 

    Does that mean they've conquered the sacrifices and the dark druid? They were right about wolfsbane being present, and found it in Coach's whistle. Every time he blew that thing like the madman he is, the werewolves were ingesting it, just prepping for what was to come at the motel. If the druid sacrifices are done, then maybe it's time to clean house of the alpha pack.

    Mr. Argent isn't taking any more chances with his daughter's life. He realized the gravity of the situation enough to go to grandpa Gerard (was I the only one who didn't know he was alive-ish?) and find out who bit his uncle Alexander. It was Deucalion. His family is wrapped up in this fight whether he likes it or not, and he's got the skills to help the new human Sherlock gang and their werewolf pack friends to bring that bastard down.

    0 0

    Scott finally learned the truth about himself in "Currents," we lost another member of the team and Derek discovered how Erica went out fighting. All in all, it was a very satisfying episode of Teen Wolf.

    I thought after last week the sacrifices were over, but it really didn't matter, as it doesn't seem there are any dark druids in play at all. It has all been a ploy to get to Scott. We essentially knew Deucalion wanted Scott all along, so why all the dramatics? If he had done any homework on his prey at all, he would have known that the further he pushed Scott the more likely he would be to find out about himself. 

    Somehow I don't think it was Duke's plan to know he is a true alpha. 

    Wet Derek

    Last Monday, Lydia was so full of good, working with everyone to save the day - and here she was a sex starved idiot again. I hope, after watching Boyd die at the hand of pedi-alpa and her minions Aidan and Ethan, she'll let Aidan go. How she could choose to have sex with him and casually laugh it off after what he is capable of doing is mind boggling.

    I'm still disappointed that the Argents aren't communicating about working on the "mission" again. They're even both walking in and out of grandpa's door within seconds of each other. I was hoping, given the strong beginning where they seemed to be trusting in each other, that when they decided to get back into the business, they would do it together and support each other. Apparently not. 

    The only good thing about that development is that Allison and Scott got stuck in a closet and he couldn't hold back his feelings for her. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. That was an adorable scene, and I just wish they had started making out right there and then. Sure, they had important issues to attend to... but that's important, too!

    I really hated how pedi-alpha forced Derek to be the one responsible for Boyd's death by essentially impaling Boyd on Derek's claws. Boyd was sweet until the end, appreciative of the love and life that Derek had given him and he shared how Erica went out trying to kill Pedi. Oh, how I wish she had succeeded. When she does finally go, my wish is that someone chops off her toes with an ax. 

    The fight scenes with Derek and Pedi were made all more disgusting by her many attempts to slash his face with her toes. Someone really needs to encase her feet in concrete.

    For a quick second, I thought Stiles' dad was going to be in on the secret when he showed up and shot down Dr. Deaton. They had alluded to it earlier and he could have seen Scott trying to move the force field around Deaton. Oh well, some characters are just meant to be in the dark. I still love him. 

    What we did get was an explanation for how Scott became an alpha. Not only do he and Deaton know it now, but they know why and they know Deucalion is in Beacon Hills for him. Let's end out the review with this worthy Teen Wolf quote exchange and wonder what's up next now that this news has finally come out.

    Dr. Deaton: Your eyes, they were red, bright red.
    Scott: How is that possible?
    Dr. Deaton: It's rare, something that does't happen within a hundred years, but every once in a while a beta can become an alpha without having to steal or take their power. They call it a true alpha. It's one that rises purely on the strength of character, virtue, by sheer force of will.
    Scott: You knew this would happen.
    Dr. Deaton: I believed. From the moment I knew you were bitten, I believed. | permalink

    0 0

    The cast of Teen Wolf (the "talented and gorgeous" cast of Teen Wolf, as one fan put it) stopped by Comic-Con yesterday for a panel discussion that looked ahead to various events on Season 3, from a pair of major kisses to an episode creator Jeff Davis describes as "Die Hard in a Hospital" to fights, fights and more fights.

    We'll rundown the most pressing spoilers and tidbits below, but first a look at fresh footage from a teaser that kicked off the Q&A:

    The winter season of Teen Wolf will premiere on January 6.

    Among other highlights from an entertaining and enthusiastic on-stage gathering:

    • "The virgin sacrifices are over, but the question of Stiles’ virginity has not been answered but it will be answered in an upcoming episode," Davis said.
    • Episode 9 of Teen Wolf Season 3 will be titled "The Girl Who Knew Too Much" and explain "what's up with Lydia," according to Holland Roden.
    • This Monday will mark a flashback episode for Derek, as previewed by Davis: ”It’s one of the most different of our episodes that we’ve done and we’ve done a lot of experiments this season…but [it] akes us back to Derek’s past and we’re really proud of it. You get a lot of insight into the Hale family, especially the question about a werewolf eyes.”
    • Look for the winter season to include a "new direction," Davis says, one that focuses on… a Japanese shapeshifter.

    TV Fanatic will be on the red carpet today with Teen Wolf producers and cast members. So submit questions and return early next week for a series of exclusive video interviews!

    0 0

    Fans of Teen Wolf were treated to quite a few surprises and spoilers at the show's Comic-Con panel Thursday night, as a new trailer revealed upcoming footage and we learned tonight's episode would center on Derek, while Japanese shapeshifters are on tap for later this season.

    What else can fans expect?

    Dylan O'Brien really hopes Stiles will lose his virginity, as he told us in this exclusive interview on the Teen Wolf red carpet:

    Dylan O'Brien Exclusive

    Holland Roden, meanwhile, prepares us for a Lydia-centric episode while also claiming she could sell more meth than Jesse Pinkman:

    Holland Roden Exclusive

    And, sorry, Allison and Scott fans, but Crystal Reed says these two characters won't be getting much closer this season than they were in that closet:

    Crystal Reed Exclusive

    Finally, Daniel Sharman talks about his increased role on Teen Wolf Season 3 and whether he'll be stuck in any future confined spaces:

    Daniel Sharman Exclusive

    0 0

    "Visionary" brought us tales of the past, told from two perspectives and at different times. While the stories were interwoven and shared a place in history, they weren't of the same story. We either learned a lot, or were at least given a lot of hints.

    Learning about the past, especially in terms of the Argent family as hunters and the Hales as hunted, gave us so much information it's difficult to know where to start. I'll start here: Introducing Talia Hale in the form of Alicia Coppola was very welcome. She's one of my favorite actresses and fits the canvas of Teen Wolf perfectly.

    Dying with Derek

    There is something about the way she delivers her performances that makes her immediately trustworthy and I love how she interacted with the various packs while keeping them together and focused on a common goal that would keep them safe as well as promote their agenda as wolves. 

    Peter, who has come such a long way from the man we first met, was the perfect person to tell the tale of Derek's love of Paige. I was absolutely fascinated not only in the story of Derek's first love - an impossible love that Derek was sure would end if the tiniest hint of his true identity came through - but in the kind and concerned way in which Peter shared the memories.

    It's hard to know what of the stories was true, as both Stiles and Scott realized the reports were coming from tainted points of view. Yet if we're to believe Peter's story, Derek would have gotten the girl based upon his merits as a man/beast alone. Paige wasn't unaware that he was different and would have loved him without being turned. That might be Derek's biggest regret. 

    It makes sense to the present why Derek is always so reserved and keeps his love inside. He's lost so much, and it could have been at his own hands. That's not an easy thing to accept, even after years of ruminating on it and trying to forgive yourself.

    Meanwhile, Scott and Allison visited Gerard, who told one story... while we saw something different visually unfolding. It was as if we were seeing Scott's interpretation of Gerard's story. The Deucalion we saw was so different than the man stalking Scott now - and it seems to be Gerard's fault. 

    Meeting with Gerard, who arrived alone, in a distillery wasn't to his disadvantage but to the werewolves, as Gerard just cannot be trusted. He appears to be the ultimate cause of Deucalion's blindness and something tells me that although we saw this played out, Gerard didn't deliver the appeal to Scott and Allison:

    Deucalion: Don't, don't do this! I had a vision. A vision of peace!
    Gerard: A little short sighted, wouldn't you say? | permalink

    With Talia at the helm, even after a member of Ennis' pack was killed, they truly seemed to want to make things right with as little overall disturbance to the peace of the community as possible. The outcome was anything but. Until Gerard did the unthinkable, Deucalion could have had a much different future ahead. He seemed reasonable and thoughtful. I'd like to see that man again.

    Other thoughts:

    • I'm still confused why Derek's and Peter's eyes are blue - it's because they took innocent souls? At least Derek did it out of love. It's nice to know that the color of eyes has a lot more meaning than just who is an alpha.
    • I hated to see how quickly Deucalion changed once he was attacked by Gerard. It was almost immediate. Now that we've seen him in the past, I want Scott to save him somehow, to use his True Alpha state to heal what was destroyed by Gerard. Can a True Alpha heal tortured souls?
    • I'm anxious to discover when we'll learn what part of the stories we heard were true and what were not. And for Scott to exact revenge against Gerard for lying.
    • We finally know the deal about Deaton and Morrell. Emissaries to werewolf packs. It seems that their alliances have changed over the years, but I'm surprised Deaton hasn't given up more info about Deucalion to Scott given he believed he would be a true alpha. 
    • How do werewolves age? From the jeans Paige wore in the flashback scenes, I'm guessing Derek was the equivalent of a 15-year old in about 1983 or so. I'm sure you're dying to tell me how I've missed the flowchart on werewolf aging, so let me have it!
    What did you think about the flashback episode? Could you possibly hate Gerard more? Are you surprised at the man Deucalion once was?

    0 0

    Whoa there, Teen Wolf. "The Girl Who Knew Too Much" is making me head to the floor in a fetal position from all of the revelations of the episode.

    The first big reveal was Stiles finally laying it all out for Papa Stilinski. The latter has plenty of skepticism to go around, and, really, no one can blame him. It’s a lot to take in, but it’s looking like he will finally get there. At least I hope so, considering Ms. Blake - also known as the freakin’Darach - showed her face for the first time this week and kidnapped our favorite sheriff.

    Lydia at School

    My gut is telling me our officer is fully aboard the Beacon Hills paranormal train, though; considering the records Mrs. McCall pulled for him mentioned the girl found wailing in the woods is connected with hundreds of birds sacrificing themselves. The same event took place way back in “Tattoo” in Ms. Blake’s classroom.

    Another moment that stuck out is the exchange between Blake and Stilinski and her emphasis on the word “virgins” as she leaned in to kiss and reveal her Darach form to Mr. Stilinski. Is Jeff Davis and company playing with our hearts here? Or could our favorite abominable snowman actually be adopted?

    No matter what the answer is to that question, I just hope Ms. Blake isn’t able to complete her sacrifice and this is the end to Papa Stilinski. He makes the first half the awesome pairing that is Mrs. McCall and Mr. Stilinski. Please don’t kill my dreams, Teen Wolf.

    Moving on, the “whatever” part of Lydia was finally revealed tonight:

    She’s a banshee.

    Aside from alerting everyone to incoming deaths (which, again, I hope is not Mr. Stilinski. Feel free to kill off Derek’s sister, Cora, however. I can’t say I particularly care for her, plus there’s this show Reigncoming out)... I wonder how Lydia figures into the show’s mythology now.

    Odds and Ends:

    • I’m wondering if Paige might be Ms. Blake. They left Paige’s body in the forest last week, and Sheriff Stilinski remembers picking up a girl in the forest. It’s a thin theory. The only additional connection I can make is since Lydia never turned into a werewolf after being bit my Peter, and Paige didn’t turn because she’s actually Ms. Blake/Darach. Plus, the in love with Derek thing they have going on.
    • The Darach’s special effects are leaving much to be desired.
    • Just when you think the twins are completely terrible people they go and do something adorable. Ethan helping Danny prepare for the recital was very cute.
    • A love quadrilateral might be beginning to take form with Alison and Isaac and Scott and Lydia. There were some definite moments and connections between all four of them tonight.

    0 0

    "The Overlooked" was another hour full of revelations, albeit at a much shakier rate than in last week's "The Girl Who Knew Too Much."

    We learned the true identity of Ms. Blake, how she knows Derek and why the hell she's a Darach. It's not a pretty story, and it's difficult to know how much to believe.

    Let's get to it!

    A Sweet Moment

    Cora is still a pretty worthless character, doing nothing more than gathering too many people at the hospital, which was extremely vulnerable during a dangerous storm. The best part about setting the hour at the hospital was the use of Melissa. Her reaction to seeing Peter was fun and her ass-kicking of the twin in its combined form was pure mama McCall goodness. 

    Peter teaming up with Scott was also very hot, as he looked the part in a V-neck sweater, something I wouldn't ordinarily suggest a man keep in his closet. Peter, he can do as he pleases.

    The Argents and Isaac were called in as reinforcements and while all of this was happening around them, we finally learned the identity of Jennifer Blake: Jennifer was once named Julia, and she was Kali's emissary. Killing her was Kali's mission to join the alpha pack with Deucalion. She didn't do her job, however, and when she heard her breathing, decided to let her die a peaceful death rather than take her out.

    Nice try, Kali, but after being slashed so badly by your poor pedicure, suffering in the smoldering sunlight and being drained of blood was hardly a peaceful death. If there was some lame attempt to make Kali seem somewhat sympathetic in her near-miss killing of her emissary Julia, it didn't work.

    What did work was how I came way from the story of Julia-turned-Jennifer feeling a bit more for her plight. We also learned her tie to Derek. At the same time she was suffering in the dirt, Derek was sacrificing his innocent love, Paige. Her blood was just enough to light the fire in the Nemeton (it IS in the basement of the Hale house, coincidentally, isn't it?) that was then enough to keep her alive until she was found by Sheriff Stilinski. From there she was saved, somehow found a new face and adopted a new identity... made an oath to kill the alphas and returned to Beacon Hills.

    It has certainly taken her plan a while to come to fruition. You have to wonder how much of what she tells Derek is true, but on the other hand, she owes her life to him. There is method to her madness in making him her lover, and wanting to get close. 

    By the end of the hour, Stiles figured out what guardians she is after and rushed to warn Scott. What I love so much about Stiles is that he would choose Scott over both his father and Scott's mother. Together with his best friend, he feels invincible. Without Scott by his side, a part of himself is missing. As much as he loves his dad, he knows that with Scott he can come up with a way to save their parents. Without him, he must rely on others who don't share what they do. 

    Scott's head wasn't in the game. He walked off with Deucalion. He has no idea what is wanted of him, or whether Deucalion has his parents. He hasn't been in on the conversations with Derek and Julia.

    I was a little lost at the end as to whether Deucalion truly knew where their parents were being held or not. Stiles is going to have to rely heavily upon his second team of Derek, Peter, Isaac, Allison, Mr. Argent and Lydia (if she's up for it) to get Scott back and save him and their parents. I don't doubt Stiles can do it, but I know he'd be more confident with his friend by his side.

    0 0

    "Alpha Pact" had me on the edge of my pillow. I was oohing and awwing my way through the entire episode. If Teen Wolf can follow up the second half of the finale as well as it paced this hour, we're in for a hell of a ride next Monday. 

    The scene stealer from the opening was Isaac. He has earned his stripes this season, with his natural humor and charisma and loyalty equaled only by Stiles. Coming in a close third is Peter - and all three of them shared absolutely mesmerizing scenes tonight.

    Lydia on Alpha Pact

    The look in Peter's eyes after he told Derek he may be able heal Cora using his powers as an alpha was so slyly sinister I wanted to crawl into Peter's brain to understand exactly what he was thinking. Did he want Scott as the new alpha? Did he want to take Derek's place and then battle for alpha status from Scott? He knew the pack was already turning away from Derek and toward Scott after witnessing Isaac's wicked tongue lashing of Derek for doing nothing to save anyone but his sister. 

    Still, Derek refused to turn his back on Cora, even knowing the full moon and the lunar eclipse were two days away. He and Peter prepared to heal Cora while elsewhere others in town tried to find the missing parents. What is so difficult about this whole plot line is how very little Cora means to us. While I get that she's Derek's sister, to me she is nothing and the show has done little to endear her to us. That makes Derek look like an absolute ass as he goes full on alpha in an attempt to save her, while most likely going back to beta. 

    Peter: I can understand not seeing a downside to this as you haven't exactly been alpha of the year, but think about what else you'll be losing.
    Derek: I don't care about power. Not any more.
    Peter: What about the power to fight back? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Kali's ultimatum still stands and the full moon is tomorrow night. And if you couldn't beat her as an alpha, how to you think you're going to beat her as a beta? | permalink

    Well, Derek, the rest of us do care about your power; and your pack probably could have used your help. Thankfully, they are stronger now without you than they ever were with you at the helm. If Scott doesn't become the new pack leader, they'll have to find a different alpha because after this move, all faith in Derek will be lost.

    We finally know where that kiss between Lydia and Stiles was coming from. She stopped a panic attack with a giant smooch. Once those two were together, their Scooby skills kicked in and Stiles realized Lydia hadn't been drawing a tree at all, but the Nemeton - he just had to turn her tree upside down.

    There was an FBI Agent in town, probably looking into the fact that the local sheriff had gone missing. Some classic lines between he and Stiles and all around good Teen Wolf quotes during the episode. 

    Stiles: So you're asking me to tell you what I wouldn't not tell you?
    FBI Agent: First, I have no idea what you just said. Second, how about you just help me help you.
    Stiles: Well I don't know how to help you help me tell you something if I don't know it. | permalink

    They seemed so familiar with each other, and I had no idea who the agent was at the time. The reveal brought tears to my eyes and an audible gasp from my lips. I'm easy, what can I say? Did you see that coming??

    Ms. Morell was busily trying to escape the alphas when Deucalion and Scott stumbled upon them. She finally told us who Motorcycle Girl was - Braden - sent by her to help Isaac and the others as an emissary. She gave Scott the information he needed to make an informed decision about teaming up with Decalion, and Duke apparently didn't quibble at Scott's desire to walk away because suddenly he was with his friends in the quest to find the Nemeton and their parents.

    Honestly, that surprised me.

    I'm sure Argent had some great plan to overpower Jennifer when he got into the Nemeton, but he wasn't using his best brainpower for that one. She stripped him of all of his weapons (duh!) and he was left unprepared and tied up beside Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa in the Nemeton. Melissa had finally filled in the Sheriff on all of the supernatural details since they had the time to toss some ideas around, and he admitted he had known it for quite some time, but refused to believe.

    I have to draw the line at Sheriff Stilinski blaming himself for staying beside a wounded girl at an accident "because he didn't believe" her when she said his wife was dying. He's a fantastic man and even if at his core he did believe, it wouldn't have been any easier for him to walk away from a dying teenager to go to his dying wife. I think even he knows his wife would have rather he stayed with a dying girl that rush away from her to her side. Life if full of horrific decisions, and even knowing about the supernatural, that would be a hellish decision to make. 

    So the big ending came down to Dr. Deaton "killing" Stiles, Scott and Allison in those crazy ice baths he loves so much, clutching items keeping them close to their parents, that would somehow ignite the Nemeton and lead them to the unknown location in an attempt to rescue them. Of course, he has to bring them back first....if he assigned the right people to do the job. Lydia for Stiles, Isaac for Allison and Dr. Deaton himself to bring Scott back from the dead. 

    It was just before going under that Stiles let Scott know - in case he didn't make it back - that his dad was back in town. They flashed to Scott's bedroom where the FBI agent was on sitting on Scott's bed. Hello Agent McCall!

    So what's coming next week in the summer finale? Will Derek lose his powers, making way for Scott to be the next alpha for the pack? Will all three parents make it out alive? What alphas will take a fall? Is it Monday yet???

    0 0

    The first half of Teen Wolf Season 3 comes to an end Monday night and, having gotten a sneak peek, I can assure viewers: it is chock full of great moments and fans who have enjoyed the ride this summer will not be disappointed.

    The biggest question, of course, is whether our Beacon Hills heroes will stop Jennifer and Deucalion and, in the process, save the lives of the captured Guardians (aka, the parents of Allison, Scott and Stiles).

    No major spoilers follow, but here are 10 statements about the summer finale that could be false... or could very well be true. Have at 'em now!

    Enraged Derek

    1. There is some major wet t-shirt time with a few of our characters…and I’m not talking about the female ones!
    2. Scott comes face to face with his just-returned father, who immediately grounds him and sends him to his room.
    3. Allison proves once again she really knows her weapons.
    4. Lydia’s banshee scream is heard but this time calls Vampires to Beacon Hills.
    5. Derek contemplates staying with Jennifer but does NOT contemplate shaving.
    6. Twins Ethan and Aiden find out they aren’t really twins but part of a cloning project, a la Orphan Black.
    7. While captive, Scott’s mother and Stiles’ father hook up. Sadly, Argent is the odd man out. 
    8. Stiles drives the jeep and looks amazing doing it.
    9. Isaac takes a beating from Jennifer and suddenly speaks with a British accent.
    10. A baseball bat becomes very important - and it’s not to hit a home run. 

    Which of these statements are true and which are false? Find out by watching the summer finale of Teen Wolf on Monday at 10 p.m. on MTV and get a sneak peek at the following trailer:

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