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    Bye, bye Mason?

    On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 19, we barely have time to come to grips with the fact that Mason is the Beast before he's taken away from us. That's right, Mason transformed into the Beast all by himself, which means that Mason is no more.

    wolf screen shot

    Okay, there are a lot of issues here. We don't even know what prompted the change. He was hooked up to a green tube (we'll get into those in a bit), and it looked like he was standing up to try to help out Liam and Scott as they fought against the Dread Doctors. Then, he changed.

    If Mason really did die, then that was a shitty way to go. It wasn't sad. There wasn't any heart break or anger. It was just confusing because you are trying to figure out what lead to the transformation. Mason deserved better than that.

    The lack of any emotion surrounding Mason's "death" makes it seem like it's a fake out. This is a character that we've gotten to know over the past what, two seasons? We've grown to love him, and you do not kill off a significant character with no fanfare (for lack of a better word).

    I expected to see Liam crying as Mason tries to fight the transformation or, worse, actually dies. Sure, Mason did call out to Liam, and I was honestly concerned that things were going to get super painful. Instead, we just were left with question marks.

    What did you think of Mason's transformation? Do you think he's really gone?

    True evil only comes from corrupting something truly good.

    Dread Doctor

    Wait, did we actually get some Dread Doctors answers? Huh, that's weird.

    I had basically given up all hope that we would ever learn anything more about the Dread Doctors. Thankfully, Deucalion and Theo made themselves useful. Seeing as how the Beast killed all of them (I believe), this information came a little too late to be useful.

    But hey, any day where you actually gets answers on Teen Wolf is a good day.

    One thing that is still a little confusing is how the Dread Doctors use the people in the green tubes to prolong their lives. Are they taking their power? What exactly is going on?

    Then, we later find Mason hooked up to one of those things. I'm thinking that the green tube and whoever was inside had to be what spurred Mason's transformation. Do you have a theory?

    It was about time that Deucalion stopped playing nice. Sure, it was fun to watch him sass people around, but if Theo was able to keep him subdued, well then that just made Deucalion look super weak.

    I'm glad Deucalion showed Theo that he isn't someone you should underestimate. He was the alpha of an all alpha pack. You should not bring him into the fold and think things will go your way.

    Deucalion decided to teach Theo how to take someone's power. This is something that Theo really needed to know since it's been his mission since day one. You would have thought that he would have researched power stealing or something beforehand. I guess it's lucky for him that Deucalion is there.

    To steal someone's power you have to cause them pain and then kill them. Okay, that sort of makes sense. What was more intriguing was that Theo decided to test Deucalion's lesson on Josh – the electrical chimera. I just learned him name, so I should have known that meant he was going to die.

    Theo's actions never quite make sense, and even Deucalion knows it. He killed Josh, one of the two remaining chimeras that appeared to still be on his side. Now he's basically down to a pack of two – him and Tracey.

    Theo is so focused on power and proving that he's not a failure that he doesn't always think things through. Hopefully, this comes to bite him in the ass later.


    Malia: You know how my mother wants to kill me? I think she might want to kill you too.
    Stiles: Okay that's disconcerting. I should probably have a gun.
    Braeden: I'm not giving you a gun.
    Stiles: You have a gun. The Desert Wolf who is trying to kill me. I think I should probably have a gun.

    I'm so over the Desert Wolf.

    She's become an annoyance who shows up and distracts from the parts of the hour that are actually entertaining. Sorry, but Mason's in bad shape, so I'd rather not watch yet another fight between Braeden, Malia, and the Desert Wolf.

    We know what she wants, and we know she has to wait until the full moon to get it. So why are we wasting time watching them fight?

    Oh hey, Kira left again. Big surprise. On the smallish bright side, the Skin Walkers are back. That's about the only bright side I have, sorry. Much like with the Desert Wolf, I'm not interested in this storyline at all. Are you?

    What did you think of the episode? Are you excited to see what trouble Sebastien causes? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.

    Remember you can watch Teen Wolf online anytime via TV Fanatic.

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    Did the team catch the beast?

    On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 19, they set out to find it after finding out its identity, but they quickly realized their decision could prove deadly. 

    They also needed to thwart the dread doctors from achieving their final plan, but was it a little too easy? What did you think?

    Elsewhere, Scott realized he needed Kira now more than ever and let her know how much she meant to him. How sweet, right?

    Use the video above to watch Teen Wolf online to see how it all played out for our favorite characters. 

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    Is it fair that the Lyon family isn't here to help March come in like a lion? It does seem somewhat unjust.

    Nonetheless, there are plenty of other characters to take their places.

    And some who disappeared off the canvas this week. Death be not proud.

    RIP to the special featured guests who lost their lives (we think) on The 100 and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

    Scroll through the quotes to see what else was in store for the week!


    1. The 100

    Commander in peril the 100 season 3 episode 7
    Lexa: We gather here on this Ascension Day to honor the Commanders that came before me. Those who live on within me. As I will live on...

    2. Girls

    Hannahs dad girls
    Hannah: OK, Keith, well, I don't really know why my dad's wallet would've fallen out of the pants he said he was removing if you just...

    3. Gotham

    Are you kidding me gotham season 2 episode 12
    Jim: That's it? No hug? No kiss? No welcome back? Bullock: You don't deserve these lips.

    4. The Originals

    Stefan in new orleans the originals
    Stefan: So, um, full disclosure. I dated your sister once. Freya: Well, that seems like a great story.

    5. Lucifer

    Maze in control lucifer season 1 episode 6
    Lucifer: I am amazed at the deferential respect you people have for rotting flesh.

    6. Bitten

    Elena shines bitten
    Elena: When you first saw me, what did you think? Clay: I was pulled toward you, like no one else. Elena: I know. I felt it too. Maybe we...
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    Is anyone else having trouble processing everything that just went down?

    On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 20, there was so much that happened. It was kind of ridiculous, but this is also Teen Wolf, so you would think that we would be prepared for all of the insanity by now.

    scary teen wolf

    At one point or another, everyone was either injured, dead, or presumed to be dead. It was insanity.

    This hour could have definitely benefited from being split into two hours. That way, we would have had time to breathe and really explore things instead of jumping from one drama to the next. 

    Since there was so much crammed into one hour, we were forced to skip over a lot of parts that could have been really interesting. I was really intrigued by the news that Deucalion and Scott were in cahoots. It makes sense why this reveal was kept a secret because it was shocking and unexpected. However, a flashback right after the reveal would have been amazing.

    Come on, don't you want to know how their partnership happened? Did Scott go to Deucalion? How did Scott convince Deucalion to work with him and play Theo like that? There's so much history between them that you know their meeting had to be insane. I'm just picturing a sass-off between Stiles and Deucalion, and in my mind, it is magnificent.

    Argent double crossing Gerard didn't need to be explained because it was common sense. You were relieved when Argent made that move because it showed that he wasn't an idiot. Gerard making power moves and betraying everyone is what he does, and since Argent and Scott are friends, the double cross wasn't all that shocking.

    No flashback required there, but we seriously missed out on not having a Deucalion and Scott flashback. Also, is Deucalion dead? I mean he can't just be killed by one bullet, right?

    Theo, unfortunately, is not dead. There may have been applause when it looked like Deucalion killed him, but I guess Deucalion grew a conscience and just snapped Theo's neck. Lame

    But Theo went to hell, so that's better than nothing. Honestly, Kira's magical sword that somehow opens up a portal to hell was a little much. I know this is a supernatural show and there's a hellhound, but a direct line to hell? Where did that come from?

    There's a lot we don't know about the skin walkers. Sure, they were a huge (boring) part of one hour, but we never learned why they could help Kira. Now that they are apparently giving/lending her that kind of power, it would be nice to learn more about them. We need to know what they can do, if only so we can make sense of some of the stuff that happens.

    The Desert Wolf storyline continued to be a waste of time. When there was so much going on with Sebastien and the bloodshed he was causing, watching all the Desert Wolf drama was not entertaining. I don't even think she's dead. I think Malia just stole what was left of her mother's power. Did you enjoy this storyline? The best part was Stiles' reaction when he realized what he walked into.

    One thing I really enjoyed was seeing Sebastien access people's memories. He dove into Mason's mind to do things like remember how to drive or to recall people's names. It was a small thing, but it revealed a lot about Mason and Sebastien's weird co-existence. 

    Then, there was Allison. Guys, I was immediately brought to tears when the memories started. There's not an episode that goes by where I don't miss her. It was amazing that she ended up saving Scott's life, again. Crystal Reed playing Marie Jeanne became an even more important part to the story.

    She saved him. Allison saved his life.


    Also, a huge part of the Beast's storyline and existence was Damnatio Memoriae. It was the fate that Sebastien was forced to live with, and the Dread Doctors spent a long time trying to get the Beast to remember his name. In the end, his name became the thing that brought Mason back. We came full circle, so to speak. It was a small moment, but I thought it was nicely done.

    What did you think of the finale? Are you excited that Stiles is following in his dad's footsteps? How long will Kira be gone? Leave your thoughts in a comment below. Remember you can watch Teen Wolf online anytime via TV Fanatic. 

    Until next season, my loves.

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    You guys! It's the Teen Wolf Season 5 finale and, well, everybody died. And lived.

    Bottom line? Absolutely everything happened on Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 20!!

    Lydia's magnificent scream saved a life, so yes, she's a hero. Her best friend is, as well.

    What? You thought Allison was done saving the day? No. Prepare for tears and bring tissues.

    The Beast has been defeated in Beacon Hills. As a matter of fact, so has Theo. And you won't believe where he's going.

    Stiles has made a career decision, and he's keeping it in the family.

    And you better look out. Footprints in the sand meant a new villain was introduced for Teen Wolf Season 6!

    Get ready for it all when you watch Teen Wolf online right here via TV Fanatic!

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    You can admit it.

    Teen Wolf has made you cry.

    Teen Wolf Cry

    Right? Because at the very least, you cried when someone died.

    And dying is just a state of being on Teen Wolf.

    When Allison died, the waterworks were turned on.

    But, no, that's not anywhere near the top ten on this particular list.

    Unless you all gang together and make it so, of course.

    But I'm not sure there is a reason for that, because what's Teen Wolf about, really?

    Friendship. The incredible friendship between Scott and Stiles.

    Will they ride off into the sunset together? Or, God forbid, will one of them die before the sun sets on this series?


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    There are some TV characters who have gone through hell and back. Some of those have literally. (Sara Lance, anyone?) 

    Even after so much development has been done and the characters grow so much, unknown forces prevent those characters from ever achieving the results they could.

    Some achieve their greatness, but don't live the life they deserve after. They lost so much in the battle.

    These characters spend so much time working through a problem, or tragedy, only to be pushed to the sideline, or the character lived such a terrible life that they were never able to recover and live a happier life.

    We've compiled a gallery of badass TV ladies that deserved better lives than they were granted.

    1. Spencer Hastings - Pretty Little Liars

    Youre doing what pretty little liars s6e12
    Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) has always endured the hardest torment from the liars' infamous stalkers. She's been framed and accused of murder, multiple times, drove crazy and locked away in an institution and her life has been hectic, regardless. Her family has always treated her as the pariah: never approving of her choices, not approving of her first best friend, Alison, and comparing all of her achievements to her sister's. Five years later and Spencer still gets the short end of the stick. Her current boyfriend, Caleb, cheated on her with his ex, and her best friend, Hanna. While this -A has left her alone, Mona and Charlotte attacked her with everything they had, seeing her as the only real competition of the four liars.

    2. Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorne - Revenge

    Help please revenge s4e22
    Amanda Clarke (Emily VanCamp), also known as Emily Thorne, had her childhood ruined by the Graysons. Her father framed for terrorism and she was left to rot in the foster care system. Years later, she did what she had to do: she plotted and enacted her revenge against the people who framed her father. She lost many people during the years: Fauxmanda, the person whom she called her sister, Daniel Grayson, the man she used as part of her plan but developed real feelings for, and Aiden Mathis, the only person who understood her revenge. In a strange plot twist, her father returned, alive and free, but his return was shadowed by Aiden's death. After Amanda partially got her revenge, Victoria fought back, leading to an epic showdown, where Victoria was killed. Soon after, her father died of cancer. She lost so many people, as did the people she loved and trusted, but her father's death was cruel. She was without him her whole life and hardly a year after he returned, he was dead, again.

    3. Emma Becker - The Lying Game

    The lying game premiere pic
    Emma Becker (Alexandra Chando) fought so hard to have a family. After growing up in foster care, she was reunited with her twin sister, Sutton (Chando), who was adopted by a wealthy family. After Sutton convinces her to pretend to be her for a few days, Emma is sucked into a life of lies. Through that she grows close to Sutton's boyfriend, Ethan, who becomes her boyfriend, but still has feelings for Sutton. The Lying Game was cancelled too soon after too much murder before we saw Emma get the family she deserved: the family she always craved.

    4. Nikita Mears - Nikita

    Maggie q for nikita
    Another show cancelled too soon, Nikita Mears (Maggie Q) was perhaps the worst off of all characters. Recruited by a secret government agency and forced to kill, Nikita escaped and vowed to take down Division. She fought with Alex, who later turned on her for a short time, and took down Percy, the man who ran Division. Forced by the government again to take over Division, they began to hunt agents who did not come in after an order by the President. But Amanda, another head of Division, and her grudge against Nikita remained, leading to the President being assassinated and Nikita being framed. The show had to wrap up its mission in six episodes, where Nikita took to drastic measures to clear her name, only to lose more and more loved ones along the way. In the end, her and Michael, her boyfriend, were able to settle down, but they couldn't. Who could sit on a beach, anyways?

    5. Daisy "Skye" Johnson - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Daisy what do you see agents of shield s3e2
    Daisy (Chloe Bennet) is another foster child, who only wanted a family. She spent her whole life searching, becoming a skilled computer hacker to find more information on the birth parents she never knew. Once recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D., Daisy's objective was to use their resources to discover her lineage, going off one redacted file, only in the process to gain inhuman abilities. Her mother, the leader of an Inhuman group, plotted to use their powers for evil, prompting Daisy's father to kill her mother, as she tried to kill Daisy. She found her family and lost her family within weeks. All she has left to remember them by is her abilities.

    6. Sara Lance - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

    Eye catching dcs legends of tomorrow s1e8
    Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) had a miserable time on Arrow. After being stranded on Lian Yu with Oliver Queen, Sara was forced to join the League of Assassins to survive. 5 years later and her return to Starling City is hardly welcomed by her older sister, Laurel, Oliver's girlfriend that Sara was sleeping with when the Queen's Gambit went down. Before they can completely reconnect, Sara goes back to the League after they helped stop Slade from destroying the city, and in a moment, she was dead. Malcolm Merlyn brainwashed his daughter to murder Sara to set Oliver down a path with the League. She was murdered as nothing but a plot device for both Oliver and Laurel, as she started her journey as the Black Canary. Once resurrected, Sara lost her soul, her body a feral creature. Now, soul returned, on DC's Legends of Tomorrow, she is searching for a purpose and redemption, still dealing with the aftermath of her death.
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    It's no secret that in teen TV dramas, the parents don't always play a large role in the storytelling.

    Some shows, though, are completely lacking in parental supervision, while others have parents that are virtually absent altogether.

    From Pretty Little Liars to Skins, let's take a look at some of the TV shows that had the worst parents ever.

    1. The Vampire Diaries

    A tvd gathering
    The CW's The Vampire Diaries may have some of the worst parents on TV. Sure, Caroline's mom was wonderful, but let's face it, Caroline was allowed to do whatever she wanted. Matt's mother hooked up with his best friend and left him to live alone most of the time. Tyler's parents have major issues, and don't even get us started on Elena's birth parents. Did these kids ever go to school unless it was a decade dance? Where was the parental supervision, the school staff, Child Protective Services, and the police for that matter?

    2. Pretty Little Liars

    Liars listen intently as ali tells all
    The lack of parenting in Pretty Little Liars is astounding. The parents actually do play a central role in the show, but the girls are constantly running off into the woods at night, leaving the house to meet up at the drop of a dime, and landing themselves in life or death situations. This wouldn't be possible if the parents layed down the law. And let's not forget that some moms think it's cool to run off to Austria with their new boyfriend to live their dreams when their son shows psychotic tendencies. Looking at you, Ella.

    3. Teen Mom

    Teen mom og banner
    I'm just going to let this one speak for itself.

    4. Teen Wolf

    Teen wolf gang
    The parents in this show freaking rock. It's one of the few teen dramas that actually have parents that are integral to the story and you root for. That being said, they still let their supernatural creature teenagers do whatever they want. How do all of their parents just let them go running off in the middle of the night like that? I will excuse all of the parents in this show because I like them just as much as the teenagers the series is about.

    5. 90210

    Young stars
    The family drama on this show is insane. From partying to doing drugs, what didn't these high schoolers get away with? They probably could have even gotten away with murder. Oh, wait ...

    6. Gossip Girl

    The clique
    When Serena, Blair and the rest of the gang weren't drinking underage in public, they were either living alone while their mom was out of the country, running hotels on their own or trying to scheme against their own loved ones. Basically, they behaved like 30-year-olds with the mentality of high schoolers.
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    Sometimes after a long day, or a weekend vacation with your extended family, you just really need a good cry. What better way to do that than watch a super depressing episode of television?

    From Buffy finding her mother dead in "The Body," to Will Smith's dad breaking his heart in "Papa's Got a Brand New Excuse," we have you covered with this list. Grab your bottle of wine and your box of tissues and cue up one of these 17 TV shows guaranteed to make you weep.

    This post contains spoilers if you aren't caught up on any of these shows. 

    1. Lost: "The Constant"

    Desmond and penny
    This episode of 'Lost' was one of the best, which is saying a lot for arguably the best series in TV history. Not only did "The Constant" feature some crazy time travel, but it highlighted the beauty that was Penny and Desmond's relationship. It was heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time. So many feels!

    2. One Tree Hill: "With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept"

    One tree hill with tired eyes tired minds tired souls we slept
    This episode was intense and left viewers speechless after it aired. Not only did we hava to deal with Jimmy's mental state while he held students hostage, but there was also that emotional scene between Peyton and Lucas in the library. Our heartstrings snapped when Dan shot Keith and then we found out that Jimmy killed himself. Whether you were a One Tree Hill fan or not, this episode is guaranteed to get to you.

    3. Teen Wolf: "Insatiable"

    Elena and matt scene
    Hey, remember that one time Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) died in Scott's arms and then you still weren't over it two seasons later? Yeah, me too. If you're a Teen Wolf fan (or you have a heart), this episode is guaranteed to make you tear up. Allison died being a hero, but it still didn't make losing her any easier. Luckily, the show hasn't forgotten about her and makes it a point to keep her memory alive.

    4. The Walking Dead: "Too Far Gone"

    Too far gone scene
    Two words: Hershel Greene. The Walking Dead fandom took a heavy hit with this episode. Seeing the sweet man we all wanted to adopt as our grandfather get beheaded on screen — not a happy moment. If you love this show, you certainly shed a few tears for the loss of this brilliant character. Plus, Maggie's face as she watched from a distance totally crushed viewers.

    5. Parenthood: "What to My Wondering Eyes"

    A braverman christmas
    This episdoe was a tough one to watch. In "What to My Wondering Eyes," we saw Kristina Braverman's (Monica Potter) recorded video where she told her kids how proud she was of them while she was laying in the hospital battling complications from chemo. Adam cried, Kristina cried, we all cried. To top things off, this was a Christmas episode, which makes it even sadder because it's supposed to be the happiest time of the year! Just try watching this episode and not crying your eyes out.

    6. Glee: "The Quarterback"

    Farewell to finn
    How could "The Quarterback" not make the list? It was done so beautifully. The purpose of re-watching this isn't necessarily to "make yourself cry," but to honor Cory Montieth's memory and a character that people grew to love deeply.
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    In the spirit of April Fool's Day, we thought we'd take a look at some of the best pranks on TV. 

    Some of these took a lot of time and planning, but the payoff in the end was well worth the effort!

    These pranks are funny and creative, and they just might give you a few ideas for your next target. 

    So check out our list of 15 TV pranks and remember to watch your back this April Fool's Day!

    1. The Office

    The office
    It's impressive Jim managed to actually sell any paper at Dunder Mifflin considering how much time and effort he put into pranking Dwight! It's impossible to pick a favorite, but some of the standouts include the wrapping paper desk, the stapler in jello, and the personal items in the vending machine. There was no telling what Jim would come up with next!

    2. The Simpsons

    The simpsons
    Bart has made countless hilarious prank calls to Moe over the years, and poor Moe falls for it every time! Some of the best fake names Bart has made him say include "Al Coholic," "Hugh Jass," and "Anita Bath."

    3. The Big Bang Theory

    The big bang theory
    Howard has taken all kinds of abuse from Sheldon, but he got his revenge in the best way possible with his hilarious fake heart attack. Sheldon thought he was the one doing the pranking, planning to shock him with a handshake. But, Howard then falls to the ground and Bernadette exclaims he has a heart condition. She makes Sheldon stab him with a fake adrenaline needle. This time, the "bazinga" was on Sheldon!

    4. Castle

    Kate and the boys pulled off a fantastic, "Rear Window" esque prank on Castle when he's laid up with a broken leg. They manage to convince him there is a murderer across the street, to the point where Kate goes over there to check it out. Castle sees her get attacked from the window, and that's when it is revealed to be a suprise birthday party! Castle seems upset for a second at thinking Kate was going to die, but then proclaims the prank to be the best birthday present ever.

    5. Parks and Recreation

    Parks and recreation
    When Ben starts his job as city manager, he's a little uptight, even for him. Donna, April, and Andy decide he needs to loosen up a bit, and the best way to do that is to prank him! They get him fake arrested, and then Andy agrees to help Ben prank them back. The problem is, Ben is a terrible prankster, and he just winds up getting fake blood on everyone.

    6. Teen Wolf

    Teen wolf
    It's tradition to prank Coach Finstock the day before Halloween, which also happens to be his birthday. When he finds a box on the desk in his office, he pokes at it with a lacrosse stick, suspicious of a prank. When nothing happens, he opens the box, finding screws. When he lifts it, all of his pictures come crashing down because the screws have been removed. He's angry and runs into his classroom, finding another box on his desk. Thinking it's another prank, he throws it down and stomps on it, only to discover that it was a coffee mug for his birthday.
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    Fashion on TV has an undeniable affect on fashion trends off-screen. Some of the most stylish TV characters (both men and women) have inspired the clothing, accessories, makeup, and hair styles we see in the real world.

    They also give us, as viewers, the confidence to try new styles for ourselves.

    From Olivia Pope and Jessica Day, to Lucious Lyon and Sherlock Holmes, here are 17 TV characters with impeccable personal style. 

    1. Olivia Pope

    Olivia pope scandal season 4 episode 19
    Scandal's Olivia Pope is how every fierce woman wishes they could dress on a daily basis. From power suits and peacoats, to those super fashionable capes, Olivia Pope is a TV style icon. Don't believe me? The character has inspired her own line of clothes at The Limited. Her style is classic, yet sexy, and her hair is always on point. Girl, work!

    2. Lydia Martin

    Lydia martin photo
    I could talk about her fierce braided updos all day, but let's focus on her wardrobe. Lydia Martin of MTV's Teen Wolf is one of my all-time favorite female characters, and her confidence and personal style are part of the reason. Her look is preppy, fresh, and suprisingly age-appropriate (something pretty rare on TV these days). The character is a great model for teenage girls looking to dress just like her.

    3. Lucious Lyon

    A family business empire
    If there's one word to describe Lucious Lyon of Empire's style, it's 'sharp.' Those suits and statement blazers just exude power and confidence. Lucious constantly looks like he's ready to shoot the cover of GQ.

    4. Felicity Smoak

    Nice dress arrow s4e14
    Smart is sexy, especially when you're Arrow's Felicity Smoak. The heels, the colorful body con dresses, and the black-framed glasses are what make up her signature style. Felicity always comes off professional and classy no matter what she's rocking.

    5. Damon Salvatore

    A final request the vampire diaries s6e14
    There's something hot about a guy who knows what he looks good in and sticks with it. For The Vampire Dairies' Damon Salvatore, that's a neutral cotton v-neck t-shirt, a black leather jacket, dark-wash fitted jeans, and a glass of bourbon in hand. Hey, it's been working for him for over a century!

    6. Aria Montgomery

    Lucy hale promo pic
    All of the leading ladies on Pretty Little Liars have an amazing sense of style, but there's something special about Aria Montgomery's. It's quirky, funky, and a little bolder than the other girls. She's also not afraid to rock statement jewelry and bold prints. We can all appreciate a fashion risk-taker and trend-setter.
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    Can you believe Kira has been with Teen Wolf for over three years already?

    Now for the bad news. The storyline for the character has played out.

    Arden Cho took the time to record an emotional goodbye to her fans before she met with some of them for a Q&A, knowing the topic might come up.

    She not only expresses how much the character and her family has meant to her, but how sorry she was if she misled fans along the way by mentioning upcoming Kira storylines for Season 6. Talk about a class act!

    "Unfortunately, it looks like we are wrapped up with Kira's storyline and she won't be coming back for Season 6."

    "I'm sorry there were some interviews where I said we were excited for Season 6," she continued, "but I think at the time we were assuming that we were back. But you know, sometimes in show where there are so many characters, there isn't always time for everyone and their storylines."

    Cho wishes they had more time to develop more of her powers and the skinwalkers and there would have been more of an "epic" ending, but as viewers learned with the quasi-return of Crystal Reed during Teen Wolf Season 5, there's always a possibility Kira may return sometime in the future.

    Take a look at Cho's emotional statement and let us know what you think about this surprising shift in the story!

    As always, you can watch Teen Wolf online right here via TV Fanatic to catch up and see the end of Kira's story.


    Arden cho out of teen wolf actress records emotional goodbye

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    TV is a big revolving door of characters coming and going. 

    If we watch a show for any length of time, we expect a fitting conclusion for a character. 

    What we don't expect is for the character to leave in a way that's so far out of character, that you still hold a grudge about it years later. 

    Not all of these characters left the show in a coffin. Some of them left their show and took what was left of the show with them. 

    We've compiled a gallery of 17 of the most controversial exits for you below!


    1. Abbie - Sleepy Hollow

    Abbie sleepy hollow
    This one pretty much came out of nowhere. Abbie was brutally killed off in the first half of the third season, but she came back. Then the season finale rolled around and she was gone for good with the actress departing the show. It was anti-climactic primarily because she was killed off earlier in the season.

    2. Laurel - Arrow

    Laurel arrow
    Laurel was taken very recently and it was the most horrible thing to watch. The character had been sidelined all season, so it was obvious the writers couldn't think of anything for her to do, so they killed her off in order to kick start the pace of the show. Instead, all they've done is piss off fans worldwide and catered to the minority that ships Olicity.

    3. Stephen - Scandal

    Stephen scandal
    Remember when Henry Ian Cusick ditched Scandal after the freshman run with terrible resolution? Yeah, we're still not over this one. It would be great if he somehow returned, but that's unlikely considering he's over on The CW's The 100.

    4. Rebekah - The Originals

    Rebekah the originals
    Rebekah keeps popping back up sporadically, but it's only a fan service. The last time she appeared she was staked and put away to keep her safe, but it's kind of annoying knowing that if she comes back, she'll only be around for an episode or two. It's time to wrap her storyline up for good unless she comes back permanently.

    5. Lexa - The 100

    Lexa the 100
    This one was outrageous. She was such a badass character and all the writers could come up with was that she was killed by a stray bullet. That's not how to say goodbye to one of the best characters in your show!

    6. Ethan - 90210

    Ethan 90210
    How do you revamp a show that's lacking? Cut one of the best characters! Yeah, that was a very odd decision by the powers that be in favor of trying to make us love Liam. Plot twist: It didn't work.
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    We have all done it. We see two characters with ample amounts of chemistry and thus our shipping begins! 

    Then the glorious day comes when that couple FINALLY gets together and our little shipper hearts burst with joy as the couple skips off into their happy ending! 

    But what happens when our ship hits that metaphorical iceberg and starts slipping into the big icy blue sea? They sink and not even their cute couple moniker can save them. 

    Let's take a look at 11 couples that called it quits this season! 

    1. Arrow - Oliver and Felicity

    Arrow oliver and felicity
    Arrow was all about Olicity until Felicity couldn’t get past the fact that Oliver had a child with another woman. Talk about jealousy! Even after Samantha explained to Felicity that it was she who ordered Oliver not to tell her about William, Felicity still wasn’t satisfied and ended their relationship.Yet, she continued to work with Oliver and vowed to stay when everyone else left at the end of the season. It makes you wonder if Olicity will rise from the dead? We hope not.

    2. Castle - Beckett and Castle

    Castle beckett and castle
    Fans rooted for Castle and Beckett to finally become a couple for four seasons. We were beyond thrilled when it finally happened at the end of Castle season 4. Granted we weren’t happy when the season 6 wedding was sidelined for a silly abduction story but the ‘ship still sailed and the romance lived on…until Castle season 8.

    Suddenly the love story that was supposed to last for “Always” got sidelined by some ridiculous conspiracy called LokSat. Kate left Castle in order to protect him, which never made any sense. Castle let her walk out the door and even when they finally got back together, they lied to all of their friends about cheating. What had once been an epic romance sunk right before our eyes and fans were left with 30 seconds of happily ever after to appease them after the eight seasons they invested in this ‘ship.

    3. The Good Wife - Alicia and Jason

    The good wife alicia and jason
    Alicia and Jason spent all of that final season getting closer. When they finally got together, fans cheered. When Alicia asked Peter for a divorce, it felt like there was real hope. And Jason disappeared at the series end with no explanation. Was that the end for this ship? We'll never know.

    4. Scorpion - Happy and Toby

    Scorpion happy and toby
    We couldn't have been happier when Happy and Toby finally took the chance on a real relationship, despite Walter's concerns about them ruining the team. Everything appeared to be going so well, especially when Toby had a special engagement ring made for his true love. After a brush with death, Toby couldn't wait to pop the question, but no one expected Happy to say no...because she was already married! Does that mean this 'ship has sunk for good. We certainly hope not but we'll have no answers until Scorpion season 3 returns next fall.

    5. Gotham - Jim Gordan and Dr. Lee Thompkins

    Gotham jim gordan and dr lee thompkins
    Jim Gordon and Dr. Lee Thompkins have been to hell and back since they started dating back in Season 1. Lee has tolerated Jim’s lies, his obsessive devotion to Bruce Wayne, and his continual dallying with the dark side of When she became pregnant this year, it should have been a bright light in Jim’s dark world. Instead, he shunned her after being convicted for Officer Pinkney’s murder. She left Gotham and lost the baby. Jim ended Season 2 determined to find her, but will he be able to un-sink this ship?

    6. The Flash - Barry and Iris

    The flash barry and iris
    This ship had just barely launched when Barry decided to change the game and go back in time. I'm sure I'm on my own, but I'm not feeling Barry and Iris on The Flash at this point anyway. Time to move on from them and give both an actual interesting love interest. Patty was great for Barry, bring her back. Iris needs a storyline outisde of Barry. If they really are end game, maybe this ship will resurface some day but right now, it'd dead on the water.
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    A Pretty Little Liar is staying put in Beacon Hills. 

    Yes, Cody Christian is officially returning for Teen Wolf Season 6!

    What Theo Wants - Teen Wolf

    If you recall, Christian's character, Theo was dragged to hell by his sister at the close of Teen Wolf Season 5. 

    It was all a bit out there, but his exit gave the show a jolt of life. 

    Teen Wolf Season 5 was not the greatest season of the MTV drama. 

    It featured many questionable choices by the writers. 

    Theo didn't help matters. It was like his sole purpose was to get between Stiles and Malia. 

    He was quite the polarizing character. 

    He was really all over the place. One minute it seemed like he was evil, but then he was good. 

    Couldn't he make up his damn mind?

    Either way, this season of Teen Wolf could very well be the swan song for the series unless the ratings turn around. 

    We now know that Dylan O'Brien is returning to the show. 

    It was a bit touch and go for a while because we had no idea whether his injuries on the the set of a major motion picture he was filming would prevent his return. 

    We're now hearing that Stiles plays a very important role on Season 6. 

    We also know that Arden Cho won't be appearing on the show again. 

    Will Scott get a new love interest?!

    Does anyone care?

    Hit the comments!

    Remember you can watch Teen Wolf online right here on TV Fanatic. Get caught up now!

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    Teen Wolf is officially coming to a close. 

    The news was announced during the MTV drama's panel at San Diego Comic Con.

    Teen Wolf Gang

    "Teen Wolf has been an extraordinary journey, one that captured the hearts and imaginations of fans more than we could've ever imagined," showrunner and executive producer Jeff Davis said. 

    “We’re eternally grateful for the support we’ve received over these past six years and we’re excited to take our brave fans on one last, thrilling adventure.”

    This does come as a surprise given that no episodes of Teen Wolf Season 6 have aired. 

    We thought, at the very least, they would wait to see if the ratings recovered, but alas, it really is the right time for the series to go. 

    Teen Wolf hasn't been the same since the exits looming fan favorite characters such as Crystal Reed's Allison and and Tyler Hoechlin's Derek. 

    By bringing the series to a close now, the stars could all move on to bigger and better things. 

    Teen dramas have a history of overstaying their welcome, so fans should be glad that it's is going out with a bit of dignity. 

    There was a time when Teen Wolf was MTV's signature series, but a downturn in ratings took away it's ratings title. 

    The Teen Mom franchise continues to pull in a decent crowd, but the scripted series just don't seem to be hitting the mark for the channel. 

    MTV recently let go of Awkward and Faking It due to low ratings, with Scream expected to follow suit. 

    The Shannara Chronicles seems the most likely candidate as successor to Teen Wolf, at least on the scripted originals front. 

    That sci-fi series launched with soft ratings but regularly tripled its live ratings with a week's worth of viewing factored in. 

    What do you think about Teen Wolf coming to an end?

    Is it time?

    Hit the comments below!

    Remember you can watch Teen Wolf online right here on TV Fanatic. Get caught up on all the drama now!

    Teen Wolf returns in November and will conclude after 100 episodes sometime in 2017.

    Check out a bit of Teen Wolf Season 6 right now with the new video below.

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    How will Teen Wolf end?

    It was announced earlier today that Season 6 will be the last hurrah for the MTV series. 

    The news came as a bit of a surprise considering there was no indication prior to this. 

    That said, the trailer is nothing short of breathtaking. 

    If you had qualms about Teen Wolf Season 5 (we all did!), then this preview for the final season should have you excited. 

    The Wild Hunt finally arrives in Beacon Hills. 

    If you recall, this was already predicted to happen by Kira's mother way back at the top of Season 5. 

    The trailer also features a race to save Stiles. 

    It certainly seems as though the series is reaching its frenzied climax, but will they be able to save him?

    Stiles has earned the right to be the focal point of the final season. He's hands down the best character on the show. 

    We are incredible worried for him, we're not going to lie.

    What if everyone forgets him forever? That would make for one terrible ending, wouldn't it?

    But look at this. There is even a Nazi werewolf after him and his friends!! 

    Elsewhere Theo returns from hell, but will he be able to right the wrongs he made before going there?

    We also know that Peter Hale returns to cause even more drama. What tricks will he have up his sleeve this time round?! 

    Honestly, we don't care. The world seems right as rain with the return of Peter Hale. If only Derek would pop his head in after he's flown a flew times around Supergirl in his Superman costume...

    Everything is up in the air right now as we eagerly await the return of the show. 

    Unfortunately, we need to wait until November for the premiere of Season 6!

    It's unclear whether the season will be split, or if it will run straight through. With 20 episodes, though, it's almost certain we're getting two parts to the final season.

    What do you think of this trailer? Awesome or not? Is that the Horseman of Death chasing someone around? Who is that?

    Remember you can watch Teen Wolf online right here on TV Fanatic. Get caught up on all the drama now. 

    Hit the comments with your take on the trailer and what you want to happen in the final season!

    Teen wolf season 6 trailer

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    When will Teen Wolf Season 6 debut?

    That's been a huge question ever since the conclusion of Teen Wolf Season 5

    Pleading With Lydia - Teen Wolf

    The MTV drama left a lot up in the air, so fans have been waiting eagerly for news of a return date. 

    The premiere date is Tuesday November 15. 

    Granted, that's an odd date to premiere the final season, but MTV won't be caring about the ratings at this stage. 

    We really don't know much about what will happen in the new season. 

    The official trailer makes it look like things for Stiles are going to be pretty bad. 

    All of his friends will forget who he is. 

    It's a pretty harsh reality and he's going to have to battle it out with the Nazi werewolf that escaped at the close of Teen Wolf Season 5. 

    We don't know how the show will write Arden Cho's Kira out. She served as Scott's love interest, but recently announced her exit. 

    A lot of fans are no doubt wanting Tyler Hoechlin's Derek to return. 

    The Hales have been a pretty big part of the mythology of the show and with Peter returning, it would make sense. 

    Is there hope that Allison could return? 

    Crystal Reed popped up in a recent episode, but not as Allison. 

    Remember you can watch Teen Wolf online right here on TV Fanatic. Get caught up now!

    What do you think about the final season announcement?

    Who do you want to return?

    Hit the comments!

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    There are couples on TV that work and others that just don't.

    Sometimes it can be a string of complications that force them apart, or it can simply be a lack of chemistry. 

    We've compiled a list of former couples who shouldn't get together again because the characters are better on their own.


    1. Oliver & Felicity - Arrow

    Oliver and felicity arrow
    This couple simply can't seem to make it work, so why bother trying again? They're never going to be a thing while working together on Team Arrow. Their personal issues will always to get in the way, and that's not good for anyone. It's time for them both to move on...for good.

    2. James & Lucy - Supergirl

    James and lucy supergirl
    It's so obvious that James wants to be with Kara, and it would suck for Lucy to get stuck in the middle of that. Hopefully, there's no more back and forth between these two when the show returns.

    3. Alex & Piper - Orange Is The New Black

    Alex and piper orange is the new black
    Alex and Piper were a breath of fresh air when Orange Is The New Black first began, but it's becoming increasingly more apparent that they work better as friends. They've tried as a couple. Now it's time to move on.

    4. Rumple & Belle - Once Upon A Time

    Rumple and belle once upon a time
    Rumple will never put his wicked ways behind him, so Belle should really get away from him whenever she awakens from her nap. Rumple has given her so many empty promises. We don't think it would be wise for her to fall for any more lies.

    5. Fiona & Sean - Shameless

    Fiona and sean shameless
    These two were a hoot at first, but the fact that Sean ditched Fiona on their wedding day makes me think these two are really over. Fiona has a knack for revisiting old romances, but this one should remain in the past.

    6. Jaime & Cersei - Game of Thrones

    Jaime and cersei game of thrones
    This couple is just wrong on so many levels. Granted, they have a lot of chemistry, but they are brother and sister! It's never stopped them before, but it's time their intelligence trumps their lust.
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    The teens have spoken.

    They don't mess around when it comes to picking their favorite television, and when they love it, they really love it.

    Check out the full list of winners from the 2016 Teen Choice Awards below.


    Choice TV Show: Drama

    “Pretty Little Liars”

    Choice TV Actor: Drama

    Ian Harding, “Pretty Little Liars”

    Choice TV Actress: Drama

    Ashley Benson, “Pretty Little Liars”

    Choice TV Show: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

    “Once Upon a Time”

    Choice TV Actor: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

    Grant Gustin, “The Flash”

    Choice TV Actress: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

    Lana Parrilla, “Once Upon a Time”

    Choice TV Show: Comedy

    “Fuller House”

    Choice TV Actor: Comedy

    Ross Lynch, “Austin & Ally”

    Choice TV Actress: Comedy

    Candace Cameron Bure, “Fuller House”

    Choice TV: Animated Show

    “Family Guy”

    Choice TV: Reality Show

    “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”

    Choice TV Villain

    Janel Parrish, “Pretty Little Liars”

    Choice TV: Scene Stealer

    Sasha Pieterse, “Pretty Little Liars”

    Choice TV: Breakout Star

    Matthew Daddario, “Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments”

    Choice TV: Breakout Show

    “Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments”

    Choice TV: Chemistry

    Ashley Benson & Tyler Blackburn, “Pretty Little Liars”

    Choice TV: Liplock

    Jennifer Morrison & Colin O’Donoghue, “Once Upon A Time”

    Choice Summer TV Show

    “Teen Wolf”

    Choice Summer TV Actor

    Dylan O’Brien, “Teen Wolf”

    Choice Summer TV Actress 

    Shelley Hennig, “Teen Wolf”

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