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    Find out what made out most quotable moments in television for the week of January 14, 2016!

    The Pretty Little Liars are back, but that doesn't mean we chose a quote from Hanna! Spencer gets the honors this week.

    Fiona's talking about stabbing someone in the neck with a beer bottle, but she's not the one in prison on Shameless.

    And there's a cute little nod to Colonel Sanders from the American Horror Story finale you just have to read!


    1. Pretty Little Liars

    Reunited pretty little liars s6e12
    Toby: How's Washington? Spencer: I curse a lot, but it's very therapeutic.

    2. New Girl

    Running the bar new girl
    Schmidt: Should somebody ask you for a second napkin you just say, are you sure? Nine times out of ten they'll just back off and say...

    3. Shades of Blue

    The lie detector shades of blue
    Harlee: Give me a chance to survive your incompetence!

    4. The Big Bang Theory

    Going sheldon less the big bang theory
    Sheldon: I hope laughter is the best medicine because this care package is a joke.

    5. Reign

    For the good of scotland reign
    Mary: What are you doing? Catherine: Well, if your plan doesn't work I want to shove this rag down his throat.

    6. Hawaii Five-0

    Couples therapy hawaii five 0
    Kamekona: Flipper's still around. Levi: Does he still look like a dolphin? Kamekona: Brother's only working for me because Sea World...
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    There's a whole grieving process when a much-loved character is killed off in your favorite show. 

    You get so attached to characters that when it's time for them to go, you want them to stay on the show forever. 

    It's difficult enough to say goodbye to characters, but when they're brought back into the land of the living in a convoluted way, you'd much prefer if they stayed dead. 

    Why mess with the integrity of the show? 

    We've compiled a list of characters who should have stayed dead. 

    1. Peter - Teen Wolf

    Peter hale teen wolf
    Peter wasn’t a good character to begin with. He was just too evil to like, so his random return and the fact that we were being forced to like him, was just plain stupid. He should never have returned.

    2. Alison - Pretty Little Liars

    Alison dilaurentis pretty little liars
    Pretty Little Liars was way more interesting when we all thought Alison was dead. I have no problem with Sasha Pieterse, but she was way better in flashback, being a bitch to her friends. This whole storyline with her as a teacher is so random and stupid.

    3. Tony - 24

    Tony almeida 24
    24 was never a show that was scared to kill off regular characters, but when Season 7 came around, the presumed dead Tony Almeida showed up and it kind of ruined the whole idea of death in the show.

    4. Madison - American Horror Story: Coven

    Madison montgomery american horror story coven
    Emma Roberts can effortlessly play a bitch and it totally sucked when she was killed off in Coven. It was annoying that just as we finished grieving her loss, she was back in the land of the living.

    5. Rumple - Once Upon A Time

    Rumple once upon a time
    Rumple has been a villain for so long that he is no longer redeemable and I could care less about him. Pan killed him at the close of Season 3A, but he didn't stay dead. Yawn. Add in that it’s paved the way for him to become the dark one once more and you have the most pointless return.

    6. Mama Pope - Scandal

    Mama pope scandal
    Scandal has been known to keep viewers on the edge of their seat, but the twist that Mama Pope was alive and the subsequent convoluted storylines left a lot to be desired. It all started with her. She was the reason the show started to go stale.
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    Kira's mom needs a lesson or two in parenting.

    On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 13, Kira's mom took Kira to see the skin walkers because she believed that they would be able to save Kira. Okay, I'm all for unconventional methods, and those skin walkers had some interesting fashion styles happening. This was a cool premise.

    The issue was that it took us away from the main issues of the season – Theo, Dread Doctors, chimeras, and the beast. We had to put all that on the back burner for the majority of the hour to watch Kira and the skin walkers.

    One thing I absolutely loved was that every time Kira judged the skin walkers, her mom shot her down by pointing out that they aren't that much different than Kira. I was applauding. It's not nice to judge people, Kira.

    Here's what I really don't understand: Kira's mom seemed to accept the idea that Kira would be staying with the skin walkers. She even told Kira that if Kira had to live with them forever that would be okay because it would keep Kira alive. It's a little hard to imagine leaving your kid behind to be with the skin walkers, but Kira's mom would do it to keep her daughter alive, which should be the goal of every parent.

    Then, when the skin walkers announced that Kira failed their test and had to stay with them, Kira's mom changed her mind. She didn't have as strong of a reaction as Molly Weasley, but she did draw her sword.

    Kira's mom did a total 180, and it made me question the entire point of this excursion. I'm not even sure she would have let Kira stay if Kira had passed the test. It would have been better to see Kira's mom stick to her guns a bit longer or have her reluctantly escape in Roscoe with Sciles and Kira, and then make some comment on the way home about how maybe the skin walkers weren't what Kira needed. 

    Let's examine Scott's game plan, shall we?

    He decided that he needs to reunite his pack, and it's about time he caught onto that little detail. Sadly, that's the only thing Scott did right.

    Instead of reuniting with Liam, who was in Scott's room ready to make things work, Scott decides to go get Kira even though she's battling a demon fox spirit that's inside of her. Kira is away for her own safety and protection. Let her work out her shit, Scott.

    If you want to get the band back together, Scott, you don't leave out the drummer.


    Instead, let's focus on the people you can mend fences with. Stiles at least tried to convince Scott to work things out with Liam, but  Scott's clearly hung up on the whole "Liam tried to kill him" thing. That's understandable, but Scott should have stuck around to have a conversation with his beta.

    Then there's Malia. Scott told Stiles that he knows what Malia is planning, but he kinda pushed her aside to be dealt with at a later time. I mean she's just going to go kill her mom, but Kira is more important right now. Because that makes sense. You do you Scott, I'm just going to sit back and judge.

    Who do you think Scott should have tried to reunite with first – Malia, Liam, or Kira?

    One of the annoying things that Teen Wolf loves to do is to just drop you into a storyline without any explanation. Oh, look Theo and Tracey are at the school at night talking about something. We just interrupted their hunt mid-conversation. 

    It's confusing and jarring. Sure, after like a minute we catch onto the fact that they are hunting for the Beast, but how did they know to look at the school? There are a lot of questions, and it's not like we got any answers.

    Another annoyance is that we miss huge revelations. We learn that Theo is looking for a blind alpha aka Deucalion by Mason and Liam telling Scott about what CoreFy told Mason.

    You know what would be more interesting or exciting? If we spent the episode with Theo doing research or something on this mystery person that would solve all his problems (or whatever Theo hopes Deucalion will do for him), and then after trying to guess what Theo's up to, then Theo drops the "blind alpha" bombshell that makes everything click into place.

    It's not all that shocking to hear Liam and Mason repeat what they heard. I can't get excited by that. Also, I'm still confused as to why this came up on Mason's date that wasn't a date. We didn't even get to see Mason hear this information. This "bombshell" should have been handled better.

    What even happened during this hour? 

    No seriously, someone explain it to me. We spent the majority of the time with Kira, and then somehow Liam and Mason gathered things from Theo's pack, and that was basically the hour. Bor-ing!

    There was also some overly dramatic and creepy scenes at Eichen House with Lydia. Yes, I want to know more about her powers, but Meredith isn't telling me anything I don't already know or that Lydia doesn't already know. Instead of doing your creepy ghost teacher routine, how about you actually teach something? Also, if you could tone down the creepy, that would be great.

    Let's have a training montage or something! Lydia's far too intriguing of a character to waste by sticking her in some super weird storyline where she's separated from everyone. Give me like one to two episodes where Lydia actually gets some instruction on how to use her voice as a weapon and whatever else she can do, and then let's reunite her with the gang. Sound like a game plan? Okay, break!

    You don't get a name like Dread Doctors and not get classified as the bad guys.


    What did you think of the episode? Did you love it or were you as unimpressed as I was? Do you think Kira's mom is a good parent? Is anyone loving Mason's relationship with Corey? I just can't find myself to care all that much. Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

    Remember you can watch Teen Wolf online anytime via TV Fanatic.

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    Thursdays really had things rolling this week as Heroes limped off for the second time in television history while DC's Legends of Tomorrow roared onto the night with so many quotable moments, making it one of the most purely enjoyable hours on the telly in ages.

    That was followed by the triumphant return of The 100 and they are never lacking for witty dialog.

    TBS had 25 hours of essentially commercial-free Angie Tribeca to giggle over while Supernatural set the Devil into a new body, but gave Sam the right of first refusal. You can see how well he took that in the quote in this show.

    Find out what else was going on around the dial when you scroll through the slideshow!

    1. DC's Legends of Tomorrow

    Cheers dcs legends of tomorrow s1e1
    Mick: Ahhh. Dollar beers. Ya gotta love the '70s. Who wants to listen the Captain and Tennille? My mother played it. A lot.

    2. The 100

    Bedraggled murphy the 100 season 3 episode 1
    Murphy: Eighty-six days. On my last box of food, so... Really never thought I'd miss the Ark this much but, anyway. Jaha, if you're...

    3. Blue Bloods

    Facing a conflict blue bloods
    Frank: Hit by a bus, that's supposed to be, like you know, a metaphor. You actually get hit by a bus it means things are lined up against...

    4. Shades of Blue

    A dangerous bluff shades of blue
    Stuart: Six years as a Marine. Twenty-five years on the force. Your gut is the reason you're still alive. What does it say? Woz: That you...

    5. Reign

    Narcisse chooses reign
    Gideon [to Mary]: I never said I was a good man, but one can receive good advice from a bad person.

    6. NCIS

    Murder of a seaman ncis
    Dacey: My night crew won't be in for a few hours, but you guys are welcome to stick around. Actually, it's 90s night, in case you guys...
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    I need to stop being shocked by the levels of Theo's douchiness. 

    On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 14, Theo decided to do something nice and help Malia by drugging her and then later shooting her.

    I'm honestly still not sure why Theo had to join in on the Deaton rescue mission. What was he going to do anyway aside from make snarky comments and then betray everyone?

    Can we take a moment to discuss the Dread Doctors' goggle moment? That was way too much.

    I had to turn away from the TV whenever Malia put the goggles on. I don't mind gore, but this torture element came on a little strong for my liking. What did you think?

    Pleading With Lydia - Teen Wolf

    I was actually shocked that Theo shot Malia. It was an actual gasp out loud moment. I'm kicking myself for believing that Theo was above hurting her.

    He just seemed to like her enough to not leave her for dead. Now it's crystal clear that the only person Theo cares about is himself. He would kill anyone to get what he wants.

    Theo's endgame is to steal the beast's power. Its power is just that it can kill really well, right? I don't know why Theo needs to steal that power. I'm sure he can be a great murderer all on his own. He did a decent job killing his sister, so...

    This master plan is definitely not what I was expecting, so it earns points for that. Plus, it speaks a lot to the kind of man Theo is. He's always looking for his next power fix. It doesn't matter how powerful he is, it is never enough.

    In order to steal the beast's power, we are going to have to dig into the beast's history quite a bit, and that is one of the more interesting aspects of this season. It's what I would have liked to have done with the Dread Doctors, but whatever, let's leave them a weird mystery.

    Most of his chimeras (not sure if Hayden is in the loop) seemed to know about Theo's master plan, but why are they helping him become a killing machine? It's hard to see what's in it for them.

    Previously, Theo told Hayden that if they stick together, the beast won't hurt them. Maybe the chimeras are operating under the assumption that if Theo becomes the beast, they will be spared. It's all a little confusing. Why do you think the chimeras are helping Theo out?

    MVP of the night is Braeden, hands down.

    She was the one who looked out for Malia's best interest and became the BFF that Malia is in desperate need of. Braeden clued Malia in on the obvious fact that Scott wouldn't hold Malia accountable for Deaton's capture, and then she also pointed out that Theo is a snake.

    He killed Scott so he's no friend in her book. We should all strive to be a little more like Braeden, you know? A badass with a good head on our shoulders.

    Well, Lydia finally learned how to use her voice as a weapon. Meredith didn't do all that much teaching, so she was useless. What was nice about this whole "training" session was that a premonition that Malia was going to die was what kicked Lydia into gear.

    It was the realization that her friends are in danger, and she's trapped in Eichen, helpless.

    Please I have to tell them. They're all going to die. My friends, they're all going to die.


    Lydia's always been about trying to save her friends. To take it back to a super painful moment, when Lydia was kidnapped she tried her best to keep Allison away because Lydia knew that if Allison came to save her, Allison would die. Lydia's friends are everything to her.

    It would have been so great if Lydia escaped Eichen and just showed up at Scott's house right as they were planning their rescue mission. Lydia doesn't need a pack to save her. She's more than capable of doing it herself, thank you very much.

    While it's strange to admit, Gerard was actually a nice addition. He's someone who has a lot to bring to the beast fighting table, so to speak. Plus, it's really interesting to see him interact with everyone again.

    He brings a strange dynamic, and it's fun watching him and Argent fighting on the same side. The team up to confront Parrish is a prime example of that. 

    Parrish: Hellhound. What if you were wrong? Would you have burned my eye out?
    Gerard: Yeah.

    What did you think of the hour? Was anyone else thrilled to have a Deaton and Scott hug? I was going to be so upset if they didn't hug it out. Deaton's a father to Scott. Leave me your thoughts and theories in a comment below.

    Remember you can watch Teen Wolf online anytime via TV Fanatic.

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    Ready for a look at what went down on Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 14?

    Let's do this, shall we? Scroll down now...

    On this installment of the MTV drama, Scott attempted to put his pack back together after all that took place last week.

    Elsewhere, Malia and a new ally set out to rescue Deaton from the Desert Wolf.

    This was a challenge, however, as you might have expected it to be.

    What else took place? How did the hour leave us hanging off a cliff?

    Click on the video above to watch Teen Wolf online and to get the answer now.

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    This is a great week for beginnings!

    The X-Files made its return after 30 years!! Bravo!!

    You, Me and the Apocalypse hit NBC with nothing BUT quotable moments, Suits continued its fifth season on USA and The Magicians premiered on Syfy.

    Scroll through the slideshow to see what goodies were brought to you from these shows new to the list this week.

    1. Supernatural

    The mysterious song supernatural
    Sam: Turns out Harold was stealing the other residents' Viagra. Dean: I know. It's a real dick move.

    2. Suits

    Will we be able to save him suits s5e11
    Harvey: That woman has to show you're a fraud, but as far as the world knows, you're a goddamn lawyer and that's the way it's gonna stay....

    3. Chicago Fire

    Dawson faces consequences chicago fire
    Brett: What happened to the mustache? I loved the mustache. Dawson: Oops.

    4. The X-Files

    Genetic mutations the x files
    Scully: Have they found Molly or Kyle? Skinner: You were the last one to see them, Agent Mulder. Mulder: I blacked out after Goldman's...

    5. Hawaii Five-0

    Danny: I see what he's doing there. He's doing Jack Nicholson. And it's very appropriate too, because the last six years of my life has...

    6. Galavant

    The broken crown galavant
    Galavant: Sounds like you've found your manhood, Richard. Richard: Bobby found it. A bunch of times, if you know what I'm saying, huh?
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    Introducing McCall's Six, a sort of well oiled criminal mastermind machine.

    On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 15, we take a break from a good bit of the supernatural terrors that are plaguing Beacon Hills, and we switched gears to breaking Lydia out of Eichen.

    Anger on Teen Wolf

    This was a pretty well thought out plan, and it was fun seeing Scott and Stiles getting into trouble like this again. Even though we're dealing with a criminal offense, it was more fun and a lot lighter than the normal hijinks they get into.

    I'm glad that we took the time to show each plan being set into motion. We had Stiles trying to convince Parrish to drive the van, Liam and Scott getting body bags from Melissa, and Malia helping Kira prepare. Nothing was rushed, and it added to the enjoyment. 

    My favorite part of the entire hour was Malia being Kira's cheerleader. If I had to pick someone to cheer me on, my first choice would not be Malia. She really did try her best to be encouraging though.

    Her scenes with Kira put a smile on my face, and I enjoyed seeing these two spend time together. We could have easily had Scott be the one to help Kira train, and while it would have been cute, it wouldn't have been as cute as Malia in goggles.

    One thing that bothered me is how all of a sudden Lydia was dying tonight. How did we come to that conclusion? Will she most likely die in Eichen if she doesn't get out soon? Yes. She has been in bad shape for awhile, but I don't know if she would have died that night.

    It felt like a way to raise the stakes of this escape mission, but it didn't really work. At the end where the guards are coming and Theo and his gang of chimeras are there was a much better way to raise the stakes.

    It got your blood pumping, and I don't know about you, but when Stiles first got to Lydia, I was yelling at him to hurry up. There's no time for chit chat. You only had five minutes to get her out.

    Of course, the hour ends with Lydia still being stuck in Eichen. On the bright side, everyone else is locked in too. The fact that Eichen went into lockdown did make things a bit more interesting, especially since this means that the next episode will be spent with everyone trying to get out of Eichen alive, assumedly.

    Theo and Hayden, they found it. They were looking for Noah, but they found a symbol. A circle inside another circle, carved into a wall. The symbol of Scott's pack.


    However, I would really just like Lydia to be out of Eichen already. I feel like we've been trying to break her out for awhile now, probably due to the fact that we've seen parts of this hour in previous episodes (example: We've seen Theo stroll in saying he's here for Lydia but actually wants a hellhound).

    Hey, remember when Lydia was happy and not in danger? Good times.

    Speaking of Stydia, their reunion was heartbreaking. Between Stiles' face at seeing Lydia's present condition and Lydia's reaction to Stiles being there, I was a wreck. Were you satisfied with the Stydia reunion?

    The Hayden and Deucalion scene came out of nowhere. Everything else is going down at Eichen, but then we cut to Hayden on guard duty. It was jarring and completely random. I love watching Deucalion be sassy, but I would have rather spent time in Eichen.

    What do you think Deucalion's was trying to accomplish by telling Hayden that the talons will kill Theo? It's not like Deucalion cares for Theo's best interest or anything, so there has to be something else going on. Maybe he was trying to gain Hayden's trust, so he has someone he can manipulate later on. What's your theory?

    So you never worked for anything and you're basically a cheater?


    What did you think of the episode? Leave your thoughts and theories in a comment below.

    Remember you can watch Teen Wolf online anytime via TV Fanatic.

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    Let's take a closer look at what went down on Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 15, shall we?

    You can watch the episode online via the following video, too, of course.

    But this installment of the fun MTV drama centered on Stiles learning that Lydia was in imminent danger, reacting to this situation by coming up with a plan to break her out of Eichen House.

    Theo, however, had his own plans for her.

    Cue the dramatic music!

    To see how this showdown came to a conclusion, do what we said above:

    Click and the watch Teen Wolf online right here and now.

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    On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 16, the McCall pack has to join forces with some chimeras in order to save Lydia and make it out of Eichen alive.

    The chimeras proved that they aren't all bad. Well, except for Tracey. I still don't trust you. 

    from wolf

    The electricity kid (I need to make a chimera name cheat sheet) helped Kira in exchange for Malia helping Corey. It was so entertaining to see him and Malia state their lack of trust in the other person, and then the life saving happened, and it was beautiful.

    Why can't we just be one giant pack, you know, maybe without Theo and Tracey. They need to prove themselves at least five times before I completely trust them...maybe seven.

    Speaking of Theo, he teamed up with Stiles, and thankfully, Stiles got us some answers. Theo can bullshit his way with just about anyone, but not with Stiles. Been there, fell for that. Stiles is done buying into Theo's lies, and he makes Theo spell things out. This is just one of the many reasons why I love you, Stiles.

    It turns out, Theo does want to steal the beast's power, but only so he can snap its neck and save the day. It's still hard for me to completely trust Theo, but I like this possibility. It means that Theo does ultimately want to do the right thing.

    He just goes about it in morally gray areas, and he totally has a thing for power. Do you believe that's what Theo wants to do with the power? Also, what did you make of him claiming the Dread Doctors tricked him into killing his sister?

    We finally got some answers about the Dread Doctors and the Beast! Huzzah!

    Thanks to the now deceased Dr. Valack, we know that the Dread Doctors want the Beast to remember who s/he was back in the 1700s – a crazy good and stone blooded killer.

    Once the Beast remembers who it was, the teenage chimera that the Beast currently is will cease to exist and the killing machine will be back. It's nice to have some answers, isn't it?

    So maybe I'm not the good guy in your eyes, but I might end up being the guy who saves all your asses.


    Of course we still don't really know anything about the Dread Doctors themselves, but let's just ignore that. I've pretty much given up hope on ever learning anything about them. If they could just go away, that would be great.

    We need to stop using Lydia's predictions to just amp up the drama and tension. If a banshee says someone is going to die, well then that person should die.

    Lydia has said too many times that everyone is going to die. She even told Stiles that he wasn't going to make it, so either Stiles needs to be near death next episode or Lydia needs to stop saying things like that after screaming. Not that I want anything bad to happen to Stiles, I just want something Lydia predicts/says to actually carry some weight.

    It's become hard to tell when Lydia is actually making a prediction. I've stopped caring whenever Lydia says someone will die because her predictions haven't come true in a long time. Is anyone else getting annoyed by this?

    First off, let me say that I absolutely adored Stydia tonight. There was slow motion running, hand holding, a plea to survive, and "Stiles saved me." Stydia stepped up its game, and I was a wreck during it.

    Stiles was tearing up at the end when Lydia took a breath after way too long (there may have been yelling at the TV...I wasn't going to let Teen Wolf kill Lydia like this). 

    It will be impossible to go back to being just friends after this. Stiles and Lydia went through one hell of a life or death situation, and Stiles proved just how far he will go for her. Stiles and Lydia have danced around this before, but you can tell by the way they looked each other in the eyes that something has changed.

    Sorry, Parrish, you did a good thing by hugging Lydia and blocking the force of her scream, but Stydia was the ship of the night.

    You saved my life, mom. Stiles saved me.


    All that being said, I still would have preferred that Lydia rescued herself. She's a badass, but recently she's been deduced to nothing. She's there for the horror element or to make predictions that, as we just discussed, don't seem to carry any weight. 

    Lydia is stronger than this. I know we have Malia and Kira being all badass, but that doesn't mean that there's not enough room for Lydia to join in. I don't want a Lydia who needs to be rescued or is in a catatonic state. I want Lydia back with the group making contributions and getting stuff done the way only Lydia Martin can.

    Seriously, what did we learn by having Lydia locked up? I feel like we gained the most from her time in Eichen during this hour. We got Beast answers, and we saw the chimera/McCall pack team up. Other than that, what did Lydia being away from everyone else do?

    I don't really know what to make of Deucalion's presence. He's just sort of there to be sassy. Deucalion was someone to be feared, and now he just sits around and tries to cause tension in the chimera pack. Is he ever going to actually do something or are we just in store for more chit chats between him and Hayden? 

    Okay. Here we go. Ram the wall. Going to ram it with my car. Just smash through it. Take out the power. Save my friends. Here we go. Alright. Just ram it and destroy my beautiful car that my parents bought on my birthday, but I'm going to save my friends. Here we go. Ram the wall.


    What did you think of the episode? Are you happy Natalie is in the know? Was anyone else super proud of the puppy, Liam, for taking on all those orderlies so Scott wouldn't be interrupted? Someone get him a Scooby snack! Also, Mason is adorable, and we can't forget that. His little pep talk in the car was too cute for words.

    Leave your thoughts in a comment below. Remember you can watch Teen Wolf online anytime via TV Fanatic.

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    We're gonna start by giving quick props to the title of Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 16.

    Lie Ability? We get it. And that's a pretty great play on words.

    As for what actually went down on this installment of the MTV drama, Scott really hoped to rescue Lydia after she found herself trapped in Eichen House with Theo and his Chimera Pack.

    Did he succeed?

    What was the fallout? Where did the hour leave us heading into next Tuesday night?

    Click on the video above to watch Teen Wolf online and to find out right here and now.

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    Where is the love?!

    That's what we're asking, as we slide into Valentine's Day weekend with nary a single quote about the gooey stuff to be found.

    Bah humbug! Well, wrong holiday, but you get the idea.

    To find out what else was hanging around this week, scroll through the slideshow!

    1. Grey's Anatomy

    Meredith is attacked greys anatomy
    Richard: Forgiveness is a powerful thing, Meredith. Not only to make the other person to feel good, but to heal you. Forgive her for not...

    2. How To Get Away with Murder

    The fallout how to get away with murder
    Asher: My Dad didn't kill himself. The police say he did, but I think someone killed him and covered it up. Happens all the time. Oliver:...

    3. Scandal

    Marcus: She's a... Huck: Total badass. Marcus: I was gonna say trailblazer, but yeah, badass works too.

    4. The Vampire Diaries

    Ian somerhalder as damon salvatore
    Damon: I have no desire to kill Caroline. I mean, not since the last time I tried. I think we can all agree that was a huge...

    5. The Originals

    Hayley: Elijah, I’ve spent the last 24 hours being so angry at Tristan, at your family, at you, at Jackson even, for always being so...

    6. Grimm

    Captain renard photo
    Renard: I don't believe in monsters unless they're people. And this one is guilty of murder.
    View Slideshow

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    Love is in the air...

    It's Valentine's Day and many single guys and gals are scrambling for a date on this most romantic night of the year. 

    And then there's folks who are ditching the dates and sticking to their television sets! 

    If you're without a Valentine this year, we've compiled a list of TV characters who'd make EXCELLENT Valentines. 

    For those of you who've already got a date, get inspired for your evening with the men and women on our list!

    Don't forget to tell us who you'd choose to be your Valentine!

    1. Tony DiNozzo, NCIS

    Tony dinozzo ncis
    Tony DiNozzo is the “Very Special Agent” we’d like to take home for Valentine’s Day. Admittedly, the guy has had lousy luck in love. His former strictly work partner, Kate was killed. Ziva took off to parts unknown leaving him behind. His relationship with Jeanne was for an undercover mission but we think there was a sliver of truth in the words “I love you”, even if Tony denies it. Given he’s single once again, Tony could be up for a movie marathon and other fun this Valentine’s Day.

    2. Belle French, Once Upon a Time

    Belle french once upon a time
    Belle's had such a rough time in the romance department. We'd love to give her many roses (not just one!) and talk about literature over an awesome cup of tea. Belle would be the ideal Valentine, maybe even a happily ever after Valentine!

    3. Rick Castle, Castle

    Rick castle castle
    Rick Castle is the perfect Valentine. He’s handsome. He’s funny. He’s smart. He’s rich. He’s a great dad and best of all he’s got a great, big… heart. Yes, we know he’s married to the supposed love of his life but these days it’s a little hard to tell what’s really going on between he and Kate Beckett. So if Rick Castle is available, we definitely want him to be our Valentine.

    4. Cary Agos, The Good Wife

    Cary agos the good wife
    There's no one we'd rather have a healthy Valentine's Day argument with than this handsome lawyer. Cary can make us swoon with his charming smile while dazzling us with romance. This is one Valentine we wouldn't object to!

    5. Bonnie Bennett, The Vampire Diaries

    Bonnie bennett the vampire diaries
    Who wouldn't mind having Bonnie Bennett cast a spell on them for Valentine's Day? She's gorgeous, she's smart, she can make us laugh and cry, and most importantly, she can literally make us walk on air.

    6. Cisco Ramon, The Flash

    Cisco ramon the flash
    Oh Cisco. First of all, the man's got brains - he's a brilliant engineer. On top of that, he's hilarious and witty, he's impossibly cute, he wears awesome t-shirts, he's loyal and devoted to his friends. Also, as if all that wasn't enough, he's a geek after my own heart AND he has superpowers. Not to mention a big, loving heart. And that hair. Seriously. Cisco Ramon could be my valentine any day of the week.
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    Is Parrish dead or alive?

    On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 17, Argent and Gerald devised a way to have Lydia talk to the Hellhound. It was great to finally have a chat with the guy, except it brought on a lot of questions.

    He said that Parrish was dead – specifically he died in Afghanistan, so ever since Parrish appeared in Beacon Hills, he's been dead.

    Okay, that part sucks, but I can understand that, maybe. The part that trips me up is that Parrish comes back when Lydia asks the Hellhound to remember the moment Parrish died. Please bear with me while I try to make sense of it all.

    Maybe the Hellhound is the only thing keeping Parrish alive. Obviously Parrish is alive because it's not like the Hellhound can fake Parrish's personality and memories. The Hellhound could be saying that if he left (not sure if the Hellhound could even do this), Parrish would die. Does that make sense?

    The other option is that the Hellhound just views everyone as dead because like he said, he is infinite. Honestly, who knows, really? This is Teen Wolf we are talking about here. There are some things that you just have to accept. 

    Time for the next Parrish/Hellhound related question! Parrish now remembers that he is the Hellhound, I think. How does Parrish remembering the Hellhound reveal what the next step in defeating the Beast is?

    If the Hellhound knew, wouldn't he have just done whatever that next step is? Does the Hellhound just not have the energy or power to be the Hellhound full time, even though Parrish has been "dead?"

    So, it wasn't until the Hellhound and Parrish remembered each other that the Hellhound could do whatever he needs to defeat the Beast?

    My brain hurts. I think I'm also more confused now than when I started writing this review.

    It happens every night. I don't know when, and I don't know what triggers it, but at some point every night, I leave. When I come back, I find burned clothes and blood. If I didn't know certain things, I'd call it sleepwalking. But I'm not just wandering out the door. I'm heading out with purpose. I'm searching for something. That's why I need you to follow me. I need to know where I'm going, and what I'm doing. If people are getting hurt because of me, if I'm adding to the body count, I have to know. When I wake up at night, when it takes over, I want you to follow me. If you have to, I want you to stop me.


    It was nice to have a talk with the Hellhound though. He clearly was the missing link to the puzzle. Of course, we are left with more questions, but isn't it the thought that counts? Plus, it was awesome to see Lydia go toe to toe with the Hellhound. "You're not the only harbinger of death, bitch" is basically what she said.

    Speaking of Lydia, it was so great to see her out and about again. Not going to lie, she looked a little weird wearing normal clothes. I'm just not used to it. 

    I wish there was a reference or two to Lydia being in Eichen or at least a time frame as to how long it's been since we broke her out. Lydia seemed completely back to normal, and if I was her, it would have taken me at the very least two weeks to return to that state. I would be having Eichen nightmares for months. 

    Finstock, I love you. It was so great to see him again. He really lightened up the hour. I loved that what got him out of rehab was that Stiles and Scott wanted to forfeit the game. Finstock checked himself out of rehab just to make sure the game played on. We need more Finstock in our lives.

    Finstock: I hate charity games. They're meaningless.
    Stiles: Well, I don't think the charities would disagree.
    Finstock: What's it for this year?
    Scott: Cancer.
    Finstock: For or against?
    Stiles: Against, Coach, deeply against!

    Those skin walkers are looking pretty good right about now, aren't they?

    Kira's not good. She's gone all demon fox again, and while Scott got through to her, it took awhile. I'm so happy that Kira's condition didn't just magically go away. This is something that needs to be handled.

    How? No idea, but it's doubtful that Scott or Deaton has a plan that Kira's own mother didn't think of or try first. Do you think there's any cure for Kira?

    We did get some more answers on the Beast tonight. Basically, the Dread Doctors are forcing the Beast to shift every night to help speed up the memory retrieval process.

    Eventually, the teenage chimera will disappear and the Man of Gévaudan will return. Does it make sense? No, but it's a little bit easier to understand than Parrish's situation.

    It's nice to understand more of the Dread Doctor's end game. We knew what they wanted, but now we know how they plan to go about getting it. They are using their favorite tool. No, not torture – frequency. Mason, you are a genius for figuring this out! 

    Anyone know where Theo went? I'm not saying I missed him and his shady hair, but it was weird that he wasn't there. Maybe he was off having a sass-off with Deucalion. Also, it looks like two members of his pack have joined the McCall pack. I'm sure he's not happy about that.

    What did you think of "A Credible Threat"? Did Liam survive his attempt to fight the beast? I mean Parrish looked like hell (pun not intended) after going up against the Beast, and Liam's basically Scrappy Doo. I love you, bb, but I think the Beast can kick your ass without breaking a sweat.

    Leave your thoughts and best explanation of the Parrish situation in a comment below. Remember, you can watch Teen Wolf online anytime via TV Fanatic.

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    Did Scott and the pack's attempts to reveal the beast work?

    On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 17, a charity lacrosse game was the best they could come up with to help them figure out who the beast actually is.

    Meanwhile, Lydia continued to come to terms with her new banshee status, but who helped her through it? The answer may surprise you.

    Also, an old character showed up in Beacon Hills, but how much trouble did he or she bring?

    Use the video above to watch Teen Wolf online to find out the answers to all these questions and many others.

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    Ever wonder which Teen Wolf villain you would be?

    Hey!! Me too!!!

    Hint: I'm Peter Hale. 

    Another hint: I didn't pick the answer that was V-neck T-shirt!

    TW Villains

    Right? You probably go into these quizzes thinking if you answer the most typical answers, you're set for something specific.

    It turns out, you may not be who you expected AT ALL.

    If that's not a reason to take the quiz, then I don't know what is.

    We know two things. Peter Hale and Gerard Argent are among the choices.

    Who else might be there? Kate Argent? The Nogitsune? The Darach? The Oni? The Kanima? 

    Find out when you take the quiz and report back to us. We need to know! And we need to know how bad(ass) you are.

    Best of luck!

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    What makes a good quote?

    Hopefully, it can stand on its own. You don't need more context. It just is.

    Maybe it makes you laugh, think about something you wouldn't otherwise. In the best case scenario, it makes you tune into a show you've never thought you would watch before.

    If any of these quote turn your head, let us know!

    1. Lucifer

    Seducing chloe lucifer
    Lucifer: There are several lovely ladies milling around out there. Which one do you desire? Security Guard: You. I'm gay.

    2. Code Black

    An odd wedding code black
    Angus: What's this? Heather: Adderall. Angus: You have ADHD? Heather: No, I'm a surgeon who works thirty-six hour shifts.

    3. Younger

    Getting to know you younger
    Liza: Great. Morning beer. Josh: We're at a bluegrass festival, Liza. That's how we roll.

    4. The Vampire Diaries

    Brother and brother the vampire diaries
    Mary Louise: Since when do you eat disgusting garbage food? Nora: Since I stopped caring about getting that exact reaction.

    5. Days of Our Lives

    Days of our lives
    Philip: I love you. Victor: Good for you.

    6. The Originals

    Elijah mikaelson
    Hayley: How exactly do you plan on keeping her distracted? Elijah: With a little salt and an old wound.
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    Time to gather around creepy Uncle Gerard for story time!

    On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 18, Gerard tells the story of Marie Jeanne, the Maid of Gevaudan to Lydia because he and Chris Argent believe that Lydia is essential to stopping the beast.

    Before, we delve into that, let's discuss the tale of Marie Jeanne, who had a pretty badass cloak, by the way.

    teen wolf image

    It's a shame because her story was a bit rushed. We had to pick up pieces of slightly important information as Gerard's tale progressed. For instance, Lydia pointed out that Marie Jeanne didn't take down the Beast alone, but aside from Henri, what did everyone else do?

    I mean they went on a hunting party and got killed. Did they just help Marie Jeanne burn things that Sebastien owned because I'm pretty sure she could have done that herself. 

    Then, we had rapid introduction of characters like her brother Sebastien and either his friend Marcel or their other brother. Honestly, I'm not sure. Then, there's Henri who seemed to know a bit about the supernatural, and yet Marie Jeanne is considered the first hunter and not him. 

    There were also things that just never quite clicked during Gerard's story. Marie Jeanne's tale should have gotten a full hour, so we would have really had the time to flesh it out. Still, it was really cool to go back into history like that.

    Based on the dramatic music, the Argent connection was supposed to be a surprise, but I'm pretty sure that as soon as Crystal Reed was announced as returning as coming back to Teen Wolf, we knew that she was playing an Argent. 

    They searched from dawn till dusk, hoping to find the Beast where it slept, but they knew that they would most likely only encounter it at nightfall.


    it's still unclear to me how Lydia is potentially a way to defeat the Beast. Is she supposed to tap into the Beast's mind or something or what? Like she said, she isn't Allison. She doesn't have Argent blood flowing through her body, and she isn't a skilled hunter.

    It would have been nice to have Argent or Gerard give at least a hint as to how Lydia can stop the Beast. Because right now I've got nothing. Gerard convinced Lydia to stay to hear the story because she could play a huge part in stopping the Beast. So now I'm a little confused. How do you think Lydia can help?

    Even when Scott was hiding from the Beast, he was aware and concerned for all the innocent students around him. It's moments like these that make you remember how great of a guy Scott is, and why he is a True Alpha. 

    I was so relieved that Scott had a plan. I was hoping that maybe he was fighting the Beast just long enough to keep it focused on him and not the innocent people, but I got concerned during the intense showdown in the library. Scott does not have a good track record with fights to the death in the library.

    Braeden it's me. I'm at the school, and we need you. Bring your shotgun, bring all your shotguns.


    Scott fought the Beast for that long in order to get it's scent so he could track it once it became human again. A+ planning there, Scott! I'm proud of you. Sure enough it worked, and the Beast is Mason?

    My brain cannot process this. I need to know more about when the Dread Doctors experimented on Mason, and how he is a genetic chimera. Other than those questions, this was a pretty good twist. 

    We like Mason. We don't want him to be an evil killing machine and get erased from existence. Mason's too adorable to be the Beast. I mean he was in shock whenever Liam ripped the page from the library.

    Mason being the Beast means that now the fight to defeat the Beast has a whole new other purpose. We want to save Mason from being the Beast, if that can be done. In an ideal world, we turn Mason back into a normal teenager or a chimera.

    This also means we are not on the same side as Theo. Yeah, remember him? I know it's been like two episodes since we've seen him, but Theo wants to take the Beast's power and kill him. Sure, maybe Theo could take Mason's power and not kill him, which would be good and it would potentially prevent Mason from turning into the Beast again.

    Okay, now I'm unsure as to whether Theo's plan could be beneficial. What do you think: can Mason be saved and do you have any theories on how?

    Did you love the flashback? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.

    Remember you can watch Teen Wolf online anytime via TV Fanatic.

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    Alison's back!

    On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 18 the fan favorite made her way back to the show, but just how did it all go down? 

    Was she even the same person she was before she died? You'll need to watch the full episode to find that out. 

    The episode featured a whole lot of flashbacks that will give you a lot more insight into what who the Argents really are and why they acted the way they did.

    Use the video above to watch Teen Wolf online to see the full episode!

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    You know a TV death is sad when years later you can still get a lump in your throat just thinking about it.

    These deaths are like that.

    In some cases it's how the character went out that caused all the pain. The injustice of seeing such a great character meet a terrible end, or a heroic character going out beautifully.

    In other cases, it is the reaction of everyone around the character that gets the wracking sobs going. 

    Either way, some of these ripped our (we, the collective, the viewers) hearts out. Which ones got to you?

    1. Will Gardner - The Good Wife

    Will gardner the good wife
    As it is with many of the deaths on this list, it's not so much crying about the death itself that happens during these episodes, but it was impossible not to cry watching Diane and Kalinda dealing with the melee at the courthouse and trying to get in touch with Alicia. Will's body on the table, knowing nothing could be done. It was all horrific and unexpected.

    2. Joyce Summers - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Joyce summers buffy the vampire slayer
    This death happened just like in real life. It was completely unexpected. There weren't bullets or vampires. Joyce thought she was doing fine, but succumbed to a brain tumor while at home alone on the sofa. Buffy walked into the surreal situation, and we got to see a girl who is normally surrounded by death utterly floored by the reality of someone close to her dying of natural causes. "The Body" remains my favorite episode of the series.

    3. Nate Fisher - Six Feet Under

    Nate fisher six feet under
    Nate had a brain problem called AVM. He had it under control, and had just had surgery even, ensuring he was well. But he died due to post-op complications. Um. NO! That doesn't happen to our favorite television characters. That's too real. But coming from a show about death, would we expect less? The funeral afterward was another sucker punch. Of course, this was before we knew the finale was coming and we'd never hear Sia again without crying softly (or heavily).

    4. Mark Greene - ER

    Mark greene er
    Mark Greene suffered from cancer for a long time before he died, and his daughter was really suffering as well. He decided to spend the end of his life tring to make hers better by taking her to Hawaii where he grew up. Rachel eventually calls Elizabeth to come help her with him and while his family is on the beach and life carries on and he listens to that damn sappy version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, he dies. Seriously, reliving these on YouTube is killing me!

    5. Allison Argent - Teen Wolf

    Allison argent teen wolf
    It seemed like something was off with Allison long before she died, on a season that threatened to kill off one of the main characters. Nobody expected it to be Allison or Scott. They're going to find their way back to each other! Well, in her final moments, as she lay dying in his arms, she did tell Scott he was the only guy she every truly loved. Another truly shocking moment. The tighter lid the keep on the story, the more emotional the loss.

    6. George O-Malley - Grey's Anatomy

    George o malley greys anatomy
    Oh man. George made a major decision, to join the Army and do his doctoring there. So OF COURSE nobody would recognize him when a heroic man in uniform who had just been dragged by a bus after stepping in front of it to save a pedestrian was rushed in, barely alive. But when they figured it out? Holy tears batman. Sob much?
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