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    In its simplest terms, feminism is about equality when it comes to gender. A deeper examination of the term also places a specific look into the way that minority groups are uplifted and given the same chance as white women and men.

    Looking at the way TV explores the topic, many examples of a male character that could fit the term feminist is based on the relationships they share with those around them, specifically women, and the way they confront their privilege if they are a white male. 

    Usually, these characters don't actually reference that they are feminists, but their view of equality allows for conversation to go there regardless. 

    Here is a slideshow of male TV characters that are probably feminists, many of whom are men of color that obviously fit that example, and some white men as well that are aware of the privilege that they hold and that learn how to not let that dictate the way they view equality. 

    1. Magnus Bane - Shadowhunters

    Magnus bane shadowhunters
    Magnus Bane is many things, and supporting equality just happens to be one of them. This is an inspiring character that continues to represent nothing but love and appreciation, which means there is no doubt in anyone's mind that this includes feminism as well.

    2. Bellamy Blake - The 100

    Bellamy blake the 100
    Bellamy's view of all the women in his life has been nothing but supportive and respectful. He is honestly in awe of just about all the women in his life, which is kind of the perfect way to frame a male lead, one that isn't always afforded to us. The 100, in general, does well with placing women in places of power without any question of gender, and Bellamy is the main example of the trust that continues to take place from that. He is also one of a few men that just happens to be in a well-developed partnership with a woman, allowing for a real sense of equality to shine through.

    3. Garrett McNeill - Superstore

    Garrett mcneill superstore
    Garrett on all fronts is just a great character, so even though Jonah is the one that rightfully so announced that he was a feminist, Garrett deserves the shout out too. Who can forget the way he easily described how to handle a period to Jonah? It is an effortless conclusion to come to when a character seamlessly joins a conversation like that.

    4. Ravi Chakrabarti - iZombie

    Ravi chakrabarti izombie
    Ravi is a guy that shouldn't even be questioned when it comes to assuming he is a feminist. He doesn't have to say it for us to see it, especially in his relationship with Liv. But even outside of that, Ravi is obviously supporting and helping contribute to equality as opposed to anything else.

    5. Alex Crawford - The Bold Type

    Alex crawford the bold type
    Alex works for a magazine that aims to promote feminism on a daily basis, so it should come as an absolute surprise to no one that this is a character that fits that label as well. Alex is a presence in Kat, Sutton, and Jane's lives as a voice that is on their side but that also isn't afraid to push them when they aren't aware that they need that themselves. Now if only we got even more of Alex because he is truly a presence to adore on The Bold Type.

    6. Marcus Kane - The 100

    Marcus kane the 100
    Marcus has come a long way, which is why it is safe to say that he is now slipping very easily into this list. There were earlier moments where that couldn't always ring true, but if there is anything that Kane admires now it is powerful women that he supports without question. His treatment of the women around him has quickly become supportive, with any women in a position of power immediately having to prepare herself for Kane wanting to befriend her.
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    Some characters just end up clicking in a hilarious way. Their scenes make for the most comedic moments on their respective series and it's not always just because of the written script. Actors are able to create both funny and iconic moments just by playing off of their dynamics with others. 

    As long as they have the right on-screen chemistry, you can find a hilarious pairing in almost any show no matter the genre.

    Here are 21 duos who we think have the right personalities to co-star in their own sitcoms.  

    1. Bronn and Tyrion - Game of Thrones

    Bronn and jamie game of thrones
    Despite not interacting for a couple seasons, when they are together Bronn and Tyrion's witty humor always makes for a fun time. They manage to add comic relief to an otherwise heavy show.

    2. Damon and Bonnie - The Vampire Diaries

    Damon and bonnie the vampire diaries
    Bamon was the most hilarious thing to ever happen to The Vampire Diaries. As we saw in Season 6, all we have to do is stick them in a house alone together and we'll be laughing our asses off.

    3. Wynonna and Nicole - Wynonna Earp

    Wynonna and nicole wynonna earp
    Nicole's cuteness and Wynonna's bluntness makes for the perfect good cop bad cop scenario. Can we please have a show about these two being partners (in crime)?

    4. Steve and Danny - Hawaii Five-0

    Cheryl and betty riverdale
    Steve and Danny's bromance is one of the highlights of Hawaii Five-0. And let's be real, at some points it felt like they were already on their own sitcom.

    5. Hanna and Emily - Pretty Little Liars

    Winston and schmidt new girl
    Hanna's ludicrous plans throughout the series mixed with Emily's tendency to go along with them always brought about interesting situations. Not to mention that we can never get enough of their friendship. The possibilities for these two are endless.

    6. Winn and James - Supergirl

    Winn and james supergirl
    Winn and James are already funny on their own but put them together and their interactions are priceless. As we've seen in the past, they make a great team and we'd love to see a comedic spinoff about their adventures fighting crime.
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    Do you ever find yourself watching amazing groups of people on television and saying, "I wish I was a part of that!"? So do we. 

    There are some friendships that can only be found in fiction, but even if we don't get to be a part of them physically watching them is (almost) just as satisfying.

    Below is a slideshow featuring 29 TV posses that everyone wishes they could be a part of because why not??? 

    1. The Serpents - Riverdale

    The serpents riverdale
    No one has each other's backs more than The Serpents do. With a show full of betrayals and morally gray characters, The Serpents have proven time and time again that there's nothing they wouldn't do for each other.

    2. Team Family - The Walking Dead

    Team family the walking dead
    Okay, we're not saying that you'd actually want to live through a zombie apocalypse, but if you happened to be there, this would be the top crew to ride it out with.

    3. The Friends Gang - F. R. I. E. N. D. S.

    The friends gang f r i e n d s
    Who wouldn't love to be part of a group of best friends who conveniently live across the hall from each other? How about always being able to convene in the same place multiple times a day while having full-time jobs and different work schedules? It may not be realistic, but that's what makes it the dream.

    4. Team Cockroach - The Good Place

    Team cockroach the good place
    No matter what place they were in, these six always looked out for each other. To quote Eleanor herself, the only real Good Place is when they're all together.

    5. The Loft Crew - New Girl

    The loft crew new girl
    Not only were the members of the loft a hilarious bunch of people, but Jess, Nick, Winston, and Schmidt had the kind of tight-knit friendship that we all strive for.

    6. The Runaways - Marvel's Runaways

    The runaways marvels runaways
    Although these teenagers may not always see things the same way, sometimes life just chooses your path for you. In the end, their ability to band together makes them one hell of a dream team.
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    What's the fun in creating chaos if you have to do it alone? Whether it's actual detective work or just crazy shenanigans, everything's better when you have a partner in crime. 

    Some characters may be polar opposites, others may be exactly alike, but something about the combination of the two makes them the perfect team.

    We've created a slideshow of duos who we think are extremely entertaining partners in crime. 

    1. Shawn and Gus - Psych

    Shawn and gus psych
    Shawn and Gus were BFF goals. They might have ended up in some insane (and hilarious) situations, but they always managed to come out of it even stronger than before.

    2. Raj and Howard - The Big Bang Theory

    Raj and howard
    Ever since the beginning of the series, these two have been joined at the hip. No matter what type of mess they get themselves into, they always have each other.

    3. Jake and Charles - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Jake and charles brooklyn nine nine
    Considering that these two are actual cops, you would think partners in crime may not be the best way to describe them. However, these two get themselves into so many crazy situations that it's easy to forget they're some of Brooklyn's finest detectives.

    4. Liz and Tracy - 30 Rock

    Liz and tracy 30 rock
    Every time these two have a scene together we end up laughing our asses off. A crime show staring Liz and Tracy would most certainly be an entertaining watch.

    5. Seth and Ryan - The O.C.

    Seth and ryan the oc
    These two besties always had each other's backs no matter the consequences. What more could you ask for in a partner in crime?

    6. Stiles and Lydia - Teen Wolf

    Stiles and lydia teen wolf
    Stiles and Lydia are a detective duo we'll always love. Their sassy personalities matched with their intelligence made them an unforgettable pair. And of course, watching them fall in love was fun too.
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    There are plenty of tropes that make interactions between characters, and couples, stand out to us. A good height difference isn't an official one, but maybe we should make it one?

    A good height difference almost determines how much a couple will stay with us, how much it will stand out, and how much promise they can have down the road.

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    Every iconic couple on television had some kind of considerable differences when side by side, and isn't that what it is all about? 

    Here are a few examples of aesthetically pleasing pairings that make you want to see them together, and who make anything more memorable because of their height difference. 

    1. Bellamy and Clarke - The 100

    Bellamy and clarke the 100
    Where does one even begin with Bellamy and Clarke? This two aren't just partners or best friends or soulmates. But they are also all of that, wrapped up in this one relationship that you get to watch unfold while Bellamy stands tall(er) than but always right next to Clarke. No matter what they face, be it the end of the world or the prolonged stagnant plot of a current season, it is the way they interact with each other that keeps you unable to look away.

    2. Alex and Maggie - Supergirl

    Alex and maggie supergirl
    Alex and Maggie may not have ended up together (yet) but on screen, they were pure magic. They worked in a perfect way and their height difference was just a cherry on top of the beautiful sundae.

    3. Joyce and Hopper - Stranger Things

    Joyce and hopper stranger things
    The best thing about a couple can be that first hug, which is where Joyce and Hopper come in because they mastered that a while ago. Their considerable height difference only adds to how nice it is to watch them interact together.

    4. Tommy and Lindy - Eye Candy

    Tommy and lindy eye candy
    These two left us too soon, but that doesn't mean they weren't epic together. Tommy and Lindy were an underrated pairing that spent their days solving cyber crimes and giving heart eyes to each other. The fact that they also looked aesthetically pleasing next to one another was just a great height coincidence, right?

    5. Stiles and Lydia - Teen Wolf

    Stiles and lydia teen wolf
    It was clear that Stiles and Lydia were always meant to be endgame by the way they perfectly fit together.

    6. Teresa and James - Queen of the South

    Teresa and james queen of the south
    It would be shocking if you haven't heard of Teresa and James already, they have quickly managed to steal fan's hearts with their chemistry. And their height difference just adds to how easy it is to appreciate them.
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    You don't always have to say those three words (eight letters) to get your message across.

    Some characters prove their love with words and others prove it with their actions.

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    Either way, it doesn't make a declaration of love any less special. 

    We've put together a slideshow below of 17 times a character declared their love without actually saying "I love you."

    1. Brandon Foster - The Fosters

    Brandon foster the fosters
    Brandon loved Callie from the very beginning and he even said as much. However, they had a very unique situation once Callie was adopted into his family. This moment showed that Brandon did still love her, and he wasn't quite ready to let her go.

    2. Commander Lexa - The 100

    Commander lexa the 100
    While she stopped herself mid-sentence, it was obvious from this moment that Lexa was in love with Clarke. Even though we never got to hear an actual "I love you," from Lexa, anyone with eyes could see how she felt about the leader of the Sky People.

    3. Lydia Martin - Teen Wolf

    Lydia martin teen wolf
    Before being taken by the ghost riders, Stiles used his last words to tell Lydia he loved her. When they finally reunite, she doesn't even have to say it back because Stiles already knows.

    4. Casey Gardner - Atypical

    Izzie and casey atypical
    While these two aren't together yet, it's pretty obvious that Izzie and Casey have feelings for each other. This incredibly sweet moment made us realize that the love they feel for each other is a little more than friendship.

    5. Andy Dwyer - Parks and Recreation

    Andy dwyer parks and rec
    Andy is a light-hearted type of guy who expresses his love in some very interesting ways. When April says "I love you," to him for the first time, he says it back simply by saying "awesome-sauce."

    6. Oliver Queen - Arrow

    Oliver queen arrow
    This one may be cheating, but he doesn't actually tell her "I love you," so it counts right? Olicity is just too good not to include.
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    As the song says, when you're accidentally in love there's no escaping it. Some people are polar opposites, others are too alike, and some just outright hate each other.

    But whatever the reason may be for their differences, there are many characters on television who fall for the person that they would least expect. These relationships keep the audience on the edge of their seat and make for some of the most entertaining (and ironic) romances on television.

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    And let's be real, who doesn't love some good relationship development?

    Below is a slideshow featuring 31 couples who accidentally fell in love with each other. 

    1. Lucifer and Chloe - Lucifer

    Lucifer and chloe lucifer
    It's safe to say that Lucifer and Chloe didn't fall in love on purpose. But after going through what these two have, it's insane that they didn't get together sooner.

    2. Clarke and Lexa - The 100

    Clarke and lexa the 100
    Considering they started off as leaders on opposite sides of a war, it was definitely an accident that Clarke and Lexa fell for each other. But you can't help who you love. With much to learn from one another, their relationship ended up changing both Clarke and Lexa for the better.

    3. April and Jackson - Grey's Anatomy

    April and jackson greys anatomy
    Jackson and April were friends for seasons before anything actually happened between them. Jackson was always protective of April but it wasn't until later in the show that they realized they were a lot more than friends.

    4. Jackie and Steven - That '70s Show

    Jackie and steven that 70s show
    Jackie and Steven are a couple that deserved better. Their relationship was an unexpected surprise and despite their bickering, they were just right for each other.

    5. Logan and Veronica - Veronica Mars

    Logan and veronica veronica mars
    Logan and Veronica are another example of a couple who went from hate to love. Although they didn't like each other at first, they ended up falling head over heels for one another.

    6. Barney and Robin - How I Met Your Mother

    Barney and robin how i met your mother
    Robin was in love with Barney's best friend and Barney was the type of guy who hated relationships. In fact, he hated them so much he even made a video for his friends begging them to get him out of any future relationship he may be in. But for some reason when Barney and Robin fell for each other, it made perfect sense.
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    Death in television is inevitable. Practically every TV show from The Walking Dead to Sesame Street has addressed the topic in some sort of way.

    The death of a fan favorite TV show character is always painful to watch, but sometimes they make sense. They add to the overall story being told, and the character's legacy is never forgotten throughout the course of the show's run.

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    Yet, some shows decide to kill off a character without any real reason behind it. The loss of that character didn't progress any storylines and it for sure didn't make the show any better. In fact, these needless TV deaths just pissed fans off and had them questioning why they even watch the show. 

    You would think showrunners would have learned by now. Don't kill off our favorite TV characters unless there is a very valid reason for it. But somehow every year it keeps happening. 

    Be warned; this is bound to trigger anger and resentment for television shows that you thought you had forgiven. Also, make sure to share your picks for the most needless TV deaths in the comments below. 

    1. Glenn Rhee (The Walking Dead)

    Glenn waits in line the walking dead s7e1
    Glenn's death was super sad, but it seemed like it was going to pay off by the end of the season. Rick and Co. would get their comeuppance, and the show would grow in the process. Two seasons later and none of that has happened and doesn't look likely to happen. The Negan storyline continues to drag on, despite how boring it has become. New characters that nobody cares about continue to be introduced and The Walking Dead is just not as popular as it once was. This can all be retraced back to the death of Glenn. His death has now become meaningless, and the show has lost fans because of this poor decision. Glenn deserved better!

    2. Abbie Mills (Sleepy Hollow)

    2 abbie mills sleepy hollow
    There wasn't a lot of diversity in the sci-fi/fantasy genre before Sleepy Hollow. That's why so many people were excited when the character of Abbie Mills was introduced to the world. A black female lead in a fantasy show is a rare commodity. It was an exciting time, but after a couple of seasons, Sleepy Hollow's use of Abbie began to frustrate fans. And just when it looked like the show was finally going to give Abbie a good story to tell again, she was killed off. She supposedly served her purpose by helping Ichabod. Abbie's death destroyed any chance of the show surviving. Sleepy Hollow only had one more season before the show got canceled. A leading lady should never be treated the way Abbie was.

    3. Leslie Shay (Chicago Fire)

    4 leslie shay chicago fire
    Dick Wolf loves killing off major characters; it's just what he does. However, no Chicago Fire fans saw this one coming. The Season 2 cliffhanger saw a building that had all our favorites from Firehouse 51 inside explode. Fans knew a character was going to be killed off, but no one thought it would be Shay, especially because she was one of two women in the male-dominated cast and the only LGBT character on the show. When the show came back for Season 3 and fans found out it was Shay that died in the explosion, they were outraged. It didn't help that after just a few episodes, Shay had become an afterthought. The rest of the characters moved on from her death and never looked back. Yet, fans are still angry, and four seasons later, the show still hasn't found someone that's been able to replace this beloved character.

    4. Anya Jenkins (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

    5 anya jenkins buffy the vampire slayer
    Although Anya just started off as a one-episode "demon of the day," she ended up coming back and became a fan favorite. She and Xander's relationship became a focal point in the last few seasons of the show and helped them both grow as characters. When Anya rejoins the Scooby Gang in the final season, fans were hopeful that she and Xander would reconcile. That did not happen. Anya was abruptly killed in the series finale, and very little was made of it for the remainder of the episode. Not only were fans upset that Anya and Xander never got their happily ever after but they were also angry that Anya was killed without any fanfare.

    5. Poussey Washington (Orange is the New Black)

    16 poussey washington orange is the new black
    The number of black LBGT television characters can probably be counted on one or two hands. Poussey was one of the first representatives of this community on television, so Orange is the New Black fans had every right to be upset when she was killed off in the fourth season. The show tried to defend its decision to kill off the beloved character by saying they wanted to draw attention to the serious problem of prison and police brutality towards the black community. With a show consisting of so many characters, the same story could've been told without killing off a character who meant so much to so many people.

    6. Robin Hood (Once Upon a Time)

    6 robin hood once upon a time
    Regina just couldn't catch a break. Even though she was supposed to be an evil character, in the beginning, Regina became a fan favorite right away. Once Upon A Time fans wanted to see her find love and after seasons of waiting for it to happen, she finally found it. Robin Hood was someone who could match Regina in every way. Outlaw Queen faced so many obstacles throughout their courtship including him accidentally getting her sister pregnant (it's a long story) but they managed to overcome it all. Just when it looked like Regina would finally get her happily ever after, Robin was killed by Hades. It was devastating and an unnecessary blow to fans of the show. There was so much more to explore in the Robin and Regina relationship, and it was ruined by this moment. Team Outlaw Queen Forever!
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    Most shows are marketed uniquely. In a lot of cases, they draw us in with the storyline, but we stay for the characters. Not all of those characters stick around for long, for better or worse. It gets so bad sometimes that people completely drop the show from their watch list, never to be revisited.

    But that is why we watch TV -- the excitement and the characters who serve as surrogates for our imaginations. So, when the time comes for a character to make her exit, it is more often than not because of a carefully crafted reason, and the audience is left to either mourn or rejoice, depending on their perception of the character.

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    In the chaos of all the departures and entrances, some characters get lost in the shuffle, and we are left to wonder where they are or what happened to them. We have selected 19 of those characters who were dropped for one reason or the other and never returned!

    1. Patty Spivot (The Flash)

    Patty spivot the flash
    Patty wasn't a terrible character by any stretch. She was being mentored by Joe West and her relationship with Barry was adorable, but the people in charge saw her as more of an obstacle on Barry's path to Iris. They decided to snatch this character from us by having her go back to school to become a CSI, but not before she tricked Barry into revealing his identity as The Flash as a giant middle finger directed at him and his friends.

    2. Alex (Fear The Walking Dead)

    Alex fear the walking dead
    We first met this character when she was tending to her injured friend. For those who followed the companion web series, then your introduction to the character came even earlier. An Emmy was won for her portrayal too. She was abandoned at sea by Strand and the others, and she held on to that grudge until she joined a band of pirates who helped her capture Travis. Travis and his friends escape not long after, and she has been absent ever since.

    3. Fiona Larkin (Sons Of Anarchy)

    Fiona larkin sons of anarchy
    SAMCRO owes a lot to Chibs, and he was a major player for the whole duration of the show, so it was inevitable we were going to meet his estranged wife, Fiona, who was as dangerous as they come. We were given snippets into her backstory and how she played a vital role in the IRA. After all these, they suddenly start to chip away at her screentime until she completely faded into the background.

    4. Mark Brendanawicz (Parks And Recreation)

    Mark brendanawicz parks and recreation
    After Mark switched jobs at the end of the second season, it was clearly being set up to be a situation where he pops in and out of the show depending on when and where the story needed him. It didn't work out that way. Instead, there was no reference of him made for the rest of the show's time on air, he was even cut out of flashbacks.

    5. Cora Hale (Teen Wolf)

    Cora hale teen wolf
    Wait! Derek has a sister? Any recollection anyone might have of her is vague at best because she left almost as abruptly as she showed up. It probably had to do with the actress who played the part landing the lead role in the now-canceled reign on The CW. Still, recasting a character isn't a new thing, and it certainly would've been better than the vanishing act they pulled with the character.

    6. Heath (The Walking Dead)

    Heath the walking dead
    Alexandria's expert in supply runs, or at least that's what they made us believe. Heath and Tara rode out in search of guns and ammo but ran into trouble (shocker!). Somehow, Tara safely made it back to camp, but he didn't. It would've been easier if he had been eaten by walkers, but apparently, he's still out there. No one was bothered enough to go looking for him, and that probably hurt his feelings so much he decided not to come back and help them fight the saviors.
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    Some TV couples shouldn't break up, because when they do they truly make us question if love even exists. This isn't always referring to romantic love, although that is usually the kind of breakup that hurts the most.

    We spend enough time watching relationships build up that anything short of a happily ever after feels very wrong. If two people make sense, in whatever capacity, having their connection cut off is a feeling we are all familiar with.

    13 Scariest Moments in Television History

    And yet there are couples that have to make that difficult choice, even if at some point they do find their way back to one another. 

    Here is a slideshow of the most painful TV breakups that we had to go through, some that still haunt us to this day and others that we are still holding out hope for.

    1. Jace and Clary - Shadowhunters

    Jace and clary shadowhunters
    Jace and Clary have to win the best breakup reason, not everyone can pull off the possible sibling excuse. Thankfully it isn't true so we can still believe that true love can prevail.

    2. Kat and Adena - The Bold Type

    Stefan and elena the vampire diaries
    This was a relationship that was handled so well at the beginning of the season, only to end up with such a confusing breakup. Not only did it come out of nowhere considering how little Adena appeared onscreen, but it also didn't do either characters justice. This all helped solidify that if Kat and Adena can't be together then we need to question everything we knew about true love.

    3. Betty and Jughead - Riverdale

    Betty and jughead riverdale
    No matter how brief of a break these two could take from one another, every time it would hurt to see that happen.

    4. Bellamy and Clarke - The 100

    Octavia and lincoln the 100
    Breakups aren't always rooted in romance, and no one knows the term platonic better than Bellamy and Clarke. These platonic soulmates went through the roughest time during The 100 Season 5 because of their separation from one another. Now they need to get back on track (as friends and even more) if the show wants any kind of new storylines to make sense.

    5. Klaus and Caroline - The Vampire Diaries

    Klaus and caroline the vampire diaries
    Is it a breakup if the couple never managed to really get together? Klaus and Caroline were headed to their happily ever after, only for a series finale to kill any hope for a future for them.

    6. Harvey and Sabrina - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    Harvey and sabrina chilling adventures of sabrina
    Harvey and Sabrina are what is most pure and innocent in Greendale, and their love was kind of perfect during Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1. They grew alongside each other so there is no chance they won't find their way back together, at least for our sake.
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