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    At Comic-Con earlier this month, the Teen Wolf cast looked ahead to the end of Season 2 and said the finale would not end on as much of a cliffhanger as the concluding episode of a year go.

    That may be the case, but Executive Producer Jeff Davis has certainly made the upcoming season-ender sound rather intriguing.

    “At the end of the finale, you will meet Season 3′s new bad guys, whose sudden arrival is the real reason Derek has been so persistent in building a pack of his own," Davis told Entertainment Weekly.

    Teen Wolf airs a new episode (teased above) and has already been picked up for the summer of 2013. Moreover, it has received a 24-episode Season 3 order.

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    I hate to be repetitive, but it is too difficult not to praise Jeff Davis and company week after week for their ability to find this perfect pace for a summer action series. Sometimes you expect to see a dull episode every once and a while, but during Teen Wolf Season 2 it has yet to come.

    "Party Guessed" was filled with crazy hallucinations, uncontrollable new wolves, a stalker at his finest, plenty of goofs from Stiles, a husband and wife going through the most terrible of situations and two giant reveals. In other words, stuff went down!

    Returned from the Dead

    The dream sequences, which were all beautifully created by director Tim Andrew, began early with Lydia's vision of a shower that turned into a lax game, which led to Peter chasing her down. When she woke up, the former Alpha remained by her side, but this time in what we assume was just his semi-dead spirit form.

    Thanks to Lydia, her immunity and that purple dust that allowed her to drag Derek back to the abandoned house, it might have been the last we see of Peter's spirit form. The alpha is back!  There was no explanation for why digging a dead claw into the current alpha brings the former one back to life, but that's what happened!

    It raises a couple of questions about the future: Does this change the wolf pack standings? Derek just finished explaining that it is all fluid. Alphas can turn to betas or even omegas. Is this why? Will Peter return, steal Derek's pack, and force him to go lone wolf?

    The way they told the story was captivating enough to forgive most other faults, but I still can't get over the fact that they're just bringing back to life the big bad from Season 1. It took so much effort and development to murder him in the finale last year.

    In any show, when you bring a character back to life, you are reducing the stakes. When you know people have the chance to just come back to life (I understand that not every character may have the knowledge and strength of Peter to do so on this series), then you won't care as much when they die. Or in this case, you may not be as proud of the protagonists that helped kill such a character.

    Hopefully now that Peter is back, Lydia can get out of his grasp and go back to not being "the town whack job." How great was Stiles once again tonight? Between that whack job bit, preferring to think of himself as "not on [Lydia's] radar," and not being able to fit his gift through the doorway, the man was in rare form.

    As funny as he is, sometimes it's easy to overlook how big Stiles's heart is. Well, that wasn't the case tonight. He wore it on his sleeve after going through that terrible vision of seeing his drunken father telling him that it was his fault his mother died. I don't care if it wasn't real or not, that is a tough pill to swallow. We all felt awful for Stiles in that moment. Right?

    Scott's hallucination seemed to be the least interesting, as it was simply Allison hooking up with Jax/Kanima. We get it. You heart her. Jackson's, on the other hand, showed his desire to know his real parents, and Allison's just messed me all up. Another version of herself murders her with an arrow to the gut? Explain that one, Dr. Freud.

    All of the dream-like states were interesting to watch, thanks to that fantastic punch everyone was guzzling down. I really have to get the recipe from Lydia. Nothing may have been more exciting, though, than when we finally found out whom the master was!

    That dirty rotten stalker! Who guessed Matt? Not on your second or third guess. Who picked him as your first choice as the kanima's master? I bet it was a very select few who tabbed him as the one. Now we just have to figure out what his connection to it all is, and what on earth he's planning on doing next.  Then our crew can enact a plan to stop him.

    Thankfully, now that Scott and the gang will have both the kanima/master AND a resurrected Peter on their hands, the Argents may be out of commission for a while. At least Chris should be. The heartless Gerard might solider on with an attempt to take out Scott, but I can't imagine Chris will get involved too soon after helping his wife commit suicide.

    THAT certainly added to the emotion that "Party Guessed" evoked from the audience. It was emotional, action packed, and at times it was hilarious. It was another solid effort by the Teen Wolf crew, and I for one, can't wait to see how this season will come to an end over the next three episodes.

    What did you all think? Was it the best hour yet? What do you think of Matt being the master? Or Peter coming back to life? Or those crazy hallucinations? What are you looking forward to most next week? And how is this crazy season going to end?

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    Teen Wolf is about to get especially furious.

    On tomorrow night's "Fury," the third-to-last episode of what's been an outstanding Season 2, Allison will follow Derek to the sheriff's station, where a volatile situation has broken out: Scott, Stiles, Melissa and Sheriff Stilinski are being held hostage.

    Return to TV Fanatic soon after the installment airs for a complete rundown/review and watch an official promo and sneak peek at what's to come now:

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    Other than Stephen Lunsford's slightly over-the-top performance as a psychotic killer on his last leg, "Fury" was yet another action-packed hour of Teen Wolf that managed to simultaneously scare the audience to death and pull at its heart strings.

    Just like always, every second was pulse-pounding, as Jackson was paralyzing main characters and murdering extras at the drop of the hat. He wasn't doing it on his own accord, though. We learned at the end of last week's episode that Matt was indeed the master, and he put that title to use here, thinking about killing almost everyone in his sight.

    Scott Transforms

    While it still ended up being a bit confusing, the flashback to Jackson's camera recording session helped a great deal. It might not have shored up why or how Matt became the kanima's master, but his watching of the video, and the hand touching between master and kanima, explained when it all began.

    Through a long-winded speech to Scott, Matt then revealed more about his murderous tour through town, telling his rival about how the 2006 swim team laughed and did nothing to help while he almost drowned to death. Apparently the murders weren't linked simply because the swim team sucks, like Stiles hilariously joked.

    Each time Matt's anger towards one of the former swimmers arose, the kanima would go in and murder them. That sounds like a pretty sweet gig. Matt got to release all of his frustration, and watch the jerks who screwed him die, and Jackson was taking all the heat for it. He couldn't leave well enough alone, though, and his need to come out of the wood work cost him his life.

    Who saw that one coming? Gerard just drowning Matt in order to take on the master's powers? We all knew this guy was up to no good, but becoming a kanima master? I didn't even think he was that crazy.

    Now that Gerard is in charge, and Matt is out of the picture, I'm expecting very different things out of the kanima for the final two episodes of the season. You would assume the old man is going to be methodical with this new power. He'll probably find a way to use the creature to his advantage strategically.

    On the other hand, doesn't he hate all of these beasts? Isn't it his life's work to kill werewolves and lizards and everything else? Is this emotion taking over? Or is it just a part of a bigger plan to defeat the wolves?

    If it is, he's certainly got his work cut out for him because Peter is back, and he saw everything go down. Between Scott, Derek and Peter, those wolves aren't going to back down. Luckily for Gerard, I don't think any of his kin are big fans of Peter.

    There were a couple of other big emotional moments during "Fury."

    1. Momma McCall finally found out about everything! I can't imagine everything that was going through her mind as she saw Derek and the kanima fighting, only to then see her son come in and turn into a wolf!
    2. Allison and Scott hit a major rock in their relationship. Fueled by the fire of her mother's death, Allison was on a war path towards Derek and not even her love for Scott could get in the way.

    The episode also gave us the insight that the vet has been a mentor to the Hales for many years, and allowed us to enjoy the Sterek love as Stiles and Derek were paralyzed on top of each other for a short while.

    With only two hours remaining in the Teen Wolf summer, I can't wait for next Monday. What about you all? What did you think of "Fury?" What was your favorite moment? Will you miss Matt? And how badly do you want Gerard's life to end?

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    In its final episode before the Season 2 finale, Teen Wolf did many of the same things it has done throughout this fantastic summer. "Battlefield" answered a number of questions, gave the viewers plenty more to ponder, and fired all of it out at a rapid pace.

    The hour began with a terrifically directed sequence, in which extreme close ups and strange angles were used to build tension as Stiles spoke with the guidance counselor. Tim Andrew deserves credit for hooking us into the hour in a new and interesting fashion.

    Hunting Alison

    The action didn't stop there. After hearing howls from wolves in the woods, and apparently realizing that they had lost the current war, Erica and Boyd decided that they wanted to join the new pack they thought they heard. Unfortunately for them, the pack was actually Chris and Allison playing a recording.

    Unfortunately for all of us, Allison is now an all out ass kicker. Well, maybe it's unfortunate for the rest of y'all because I loved watching her show no mercy on the two defenseless pups. Crystal Reed was great at playing the stone cold killer that she was in that moment, and it is exactly the kind of crisis that will give this series legs. Allison is losing it a bit, and if that creates tension between her and Scott while giving our hero a formidable opponent, I'm all for it.

    Speaking of boy wonder, I know wolves have super hearing, but Scott's ability to tune out every other voice in the stadium while zeroing in on Gerard's quiet conversation was pretty darn impressive.

    During that conversation from afar, Gerard emphasized his stance on needing Derek. He promised that he'd kill someone if he didn't get his way. After all, he IS using the kanima as a weapon of vengeance. He came to avenge his daughter.

    When Derek never showed, Gerard made good on his promise. Or did he? When the lights went out we heard someone scream, Jackson seemed to have cut himself up, and Stiles was missing. Jax was the only one in immediate danger of losing his life, as his pulse was absent while laying on the ground, but who knows what happened to Stiles?

    If Jackson doesn't make it out of that, it will be a shame because Peter - yes, Peter - had a plan to save him. That's what the man from the grave told Derek anyway. I really enjoyed everything Peter had to say during the hour. His attitude - not wanting to steal the alpha thrown from Derek - whether honest or deceitful, is an intriguing mindset for the former villain to have.

    Has he changed? Will he work as an ally with Derek and/or Scott? Or is this a new strategy for the man we knew to be as terrible as they come during season one?

    Whatever Peter ends up doing, I hope it somehow helps save Stiles. Not only was he hilarious again this week, but he scored goals while actually playing on the field in a Beacon Hills lacrosse game!

    As long as we can disregard the fact that he never would have been left by himself in his offensive third (because lacrosse rules require defensive players to remain in their defensive third of the field), we should all be happy for the kid.

    Oh, but not too happy, because after winning the game, Stiles is now missing. Between the ending of that lacrosse game, and Peter claiming that they myth that calling out a werewolf's Christian name can cure it, there were certainly some big surprises during "Battlefield."

    What was your favorite part of the episode? What do you think of Peter's return? Is Jackson going to be okay? And is Stiles going to make it back home?

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    We're just days away from new villains appearing on Teen Wolf, as producer Jeff Davis has teased that Monday's finale will introduce "bad guys" that will play a key role on Season 3 of this MTV hit.

    How might they arrive? Take your best guess now, but we can report that Scott will race to uncover Gerard's master plan on the aptly-titled concluding episode, "Master Plan."

    What the official preview for it now:

    Also, check out the following sneak peek - and then visit TV Fanatic soon after the finale airs and react to our weekly review of the thriller...

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    At the end last summer, I said that "we may all be in for a whole lot of fun" in regard to Teen Wolf's second season. It's certainly safe to say that fun was had by all who watched this highly entertaining and very much improved season two.

    "Master Plan" was a great end to the run, as it gave viewers highlights from most of our favorite characters, plenty of action towards the end, a few scares, a surprise or two - and a great tease of things to come in next year's super-sized season three.

    Teen Wolf Season 2 Finale Pic

    Teen Wolf did what it does so well over the first 30 minutes or so. It kept things tense while leading to an epic event. As the story progressed toward the battle royal, there was a lot of attempting to figure out what exactly was going on, and I was on the edge of my seat the entire way through.

    Although the tension remained high, the moment between Stiles and Lydia in his room was so tender that it deserves its own mention. Holland Roden was fantastic. She really does prove to do more with a shiver than most can do with a five-minute monologue. Too bad for us Stiles fans, he pushed his 10-year plan back to a 15-year one due to his blow up late in the conversation.

    Eventually the entire gang got together for the war... and it was awesome! Well, other than Gerard's "bringing Derek to meeeeeee" overacting and the fact that the kanima looked more like a kid in a lizard Halloween costume than ever before, it was awesome!

    Watching the wolves take on the kanima for the final time was glorious. Seeing Chris get in on the action, and even Allison ripping it up, made it live up to the promise of a season finale.

    Once Gerard took the floor, though, that's when things really got interesting. We finally got a confirmation on those dang pills he has been popping. Gerard was dying, a much slower version than most on this show, but he certainly was dying. The pills weren't a cure, so his master plan, if you will, was to become a wolf and let the supernatural elements heal his disease.

    Oh, you poor old man. Why didn't you expect our boy Scott to outsmart you? Is it because you're so old? Or was it that you didn't expect much from that good for nothing teen? With the help of the vet, Scott did Gerard dirty, causing the bite to make him spit up copious amounts of black stuff (which was also a pretty awful effect).

    Unfortunately, Gerard isn't definitively gone. He got away somehow, and if he survives this, I will be very upset. You shouldn't be able to come back from that.

    Fortunately, Jackson isn't gone either. Although we questioned whether he was alive at the end of last week, and again a couple of times during this episode alone, getting a double slice from the Hale brothers only seemed to turn him from kanima to wolf. That transformation, by the way, was gorgeous. And that's not only because Colton Haynes' naked silhouette is a sight for sore eyes.

    Now I welcome all explanations for why and how Jackson became a wolf at that point in time. He took the bite a while ago, it didn't work, and he somehow became the kanima. After an attempted transformation, and a couple of near deaths, a stab from both Derek and Peter sent him out of commission for a few minutes. He then rose again as a beautiful wolf. I'm all for it, because the flashbacks of his humane self were a breath of fresh air for the character, but I will wait eagerly for a clear explanation of why it all went down the way it did.

    As exciting as the climax of the final battle was, the quazi-epilogue might have been even more interesting. Allison broke up with Scott and he was fine with it, the vet and the guidance counselor seem to be jumping into the game with both feet, and there is a pack of alphas in town to take out all of our favorite wolves.

    It will be a long time before we get to witness all of that, but thankfully Teen Wolf will be doubled in size for season three. What story line are you looking forward to most? What was your favorite part of the season two finale? And what's your explanation for everything Jackson went through this summer?

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    Teen Wolf Season 3 will be comprised of 24 episodes, that much we know.

    But following a shocking Season 2 finale, fans are clamoring for plenty more scoop to hold them over until next summer.

    Enter Jeff Davis. The Teen Wolf creator spoke to Carina Adly MacKenzie of Zap2It this week and provided the following scoops, teases and spoilers for what's ahead...

    Jackson With a Question

    Why were Jackson's eyes blue when he transitioned? For a very specific, important reason. Stay tuned.

    The Alphas will return: "What happens to Erica and Boyd will be answered in the first two episodes... They are alive but they are definitely not out of danger."

    Allison will be isolated and alone at the outset of Season 3.

    Isaac, Dr. Deacon and Ms. Morell will all play significant roles.

    Who are Jackson's real parents? That question will play into the Alpha pack storyline.

    How is this for an intriguing preview? Says Davis: "I think Scott's ultimate destiny will be to become an Alpha in his own right. We'll see how that plays out over Season 3."

    Visit Zap2It to read the full interview with Davis and sound off now: What grade would you give Teen Wolf Season 2?

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    Teen Wolf Season 2 finished up its run on MTV this Monday.  

    We reviewed the finale in detail, but now it's time to take a deeper look. In the first-ever Teen Wolf Round Table, the panelists discuss the best moments of the episode and the season, while taking a look ahead at Teen Wolf Season 3. Oh, yes, it's never too soon.

    Below, TV Fanatics Dan Forcella, Carla Day, Nick McHatton and Carissa Pavlica are joined by Laurel Brown of as they breakdown the concluding episode. Won't you join them?


    What was your favorite moment from the final battle scene?
    Nick: Stiles being the hero! It was the perfect Stiles moment as it allowed him to be the hero he wants to be, but it's still very true to his character

    Laurel: How to choose? I honestly don't think I can pick one. Stiles and Lydia crashing through the wall was my "Yay!!!" moment. The big reveal about Grandpa Gerard's cancer was my "Finally!" moment (I've been obsessed with his pills all season). Allison stabbing Isaac with her many knives was my "Holy crap!" moment. And Jackson's transformation was my "You go, Teen Wolf!" moment.  So one of those.

    Carissa: I hate to say it, but watching gramps discover Scott had turned the tables on him. He was so sure he had the upper hand.

    Carla: Have to agree somewhat with Carissa. That moment when Gerard realized that Scott had betrayed him was awesome, but Derek's reaction to finding out the truth was even better. Derek has always underestimated Scott. No more.

    Dan: My favorite moment kind of piggy backs on Carla's answer.  I loved the fact that Scott had this plan the entire time. Not only does Derek underestimate him, but I think we all did a bit. He may be failing school, but he's kind of winning life right now.

    Teen Wolf RT Logo

    Explain why and how Jackson turned from kanima to wolf?
    Nick: I believe it's a culmination of everything. Lydia was able to resist the bite, and I believe her ability to calm Jackson out of his Kanima state, along with Scott outwitting Gerard, and Jackson's bite finally come through and turned him.

    Laurel: As we saw when he was hallucinated at the party, Jackson didn't feel like he has any identity or connection to humanity. Lydia and her never-wavering, ill-advised love provided that lone connection that could bring Jackson back to the pack, as it were. Once Jackson knew he had unconditional love, he was psychologically healthy enough to finally transform.

    Carissa: Truly, I have no idea, but I've thought since the beginning of the season that he hadn't turned into a wolf because of his parents. They must be related to the supernatural in some way. I thought they might be wolf descendants of some sort. The Kanima needing love fit perfectly due to his orphan status, and Lydia breaking the genetic code with her love turned him into something we have yet to discover. He's more than a wolf.

    Carla: That's a question I'd love to know the answer to. Since his parents are unknowns, I figured he genetically was predisposed to be a kanima rather than a wolf. My guess is that it still comes down to his parentage somehow. Or, due to something that happened to him as a child. I loved the scene of his transformation. The blue-eyed wolf is a new fave. 

    Dan: I won't complain about Jackson sticking around too much, and him as a wolf will probably be better than him as the kanima, but it still seems a bit to exact to actually make sense.  He needed a connection. He needed love.  I get it, but it just seems a bit too on the nose for me.

    What was the best thing about season two of Teen Wolf?
    Nick: Last season was very much about Scott and his journey, and, while this season is very much more of the same, it did so while bringing more characters into the fold. It made for a richer story by broadening the relationships, the scope, and the focus. Jackson has had a wonderful character arc as a Kanima and the emotional struggle that served as a metaphor for it. Allison found her inner strength, tested her relationships, and decided which side she belonged on.

    Laurel: Other than everything? My personal favorite moments were Stiles playing lacrosse, that bestiary conversation, and the scene where Mrs. Argent sharpened those pencils so aggressively. But the most defining, "We are Teen Wolf, hear us roar!" moment was definitely Peter Hale's resurrection. That was awesome!

    Carissa: Scott gaining inner strength not because of his status as a wolf but because of his personal character. That's why I believe he was created as an alpha and has learned so much so quickly. He was a great kid, undiscovered, but made a fantastic wolf once he realized it was only confidence he lacked to lead.

    Carla: While the show is primarily teenagers, it didn't feel like a high school show. The teen angst and romantic drama was not overplayed. They were issues that adults would have difficulty dealing with and in many cases better than the adults. I love the supernatural aspect, but I keep coming back for the characters and their interactions.

    Dan: Jackson shirtless.

    Which character is most underutilized?
    Nick: Lydia, but I think that was done on purpose. I've also grown to love Isaac's character, and I want to learn more about him in Season 3.

    Laurel: Despite her many going-crazy scenes, the character I always wanted more of was Lydia. Her story felt too slow, and the girl kept disappearing for an episode or two throughout the season.

    Carissa:  I kind of have a crush on Danny, so if they'd like to get him involved in the supernatural reindeer games, it would make me a very happy camper indeed.

    Carla: The vet. Now, that he's back in the supernatural business, I'd love to see more from him.

    Dan: I'm with Carla.  Let's get Sergeant Carver more involved.

    What are you most interested in moving forward; The pack of alphas, the vet getting back in the game, or Jackson's wolfhood?
    Nick: All of the above!

    Laurel: While I think the Alpha pack is going to have the most story potential, I am just too happy about the idea of Jackson as a blue-eyed werewolf. That's going to be so much fun!

    Carissa: I'm really interested in both the pack of alphas and Jackson's wolfhood and believe they will somehow interconnect. Both Jackson and Scott are going to be the linchpins to something bigger and I really can't wait to find out what it is.

    Carla: I'm going to answer this in reverse: I'm least interested in the pack of alphas. I'm not fond of a group of trouble-making wolves coming to town. That said, I'm going to trust Jeff Davis that they will be handled in an unexpected way and I will end up enjoying the story.

    Dan: I'm most interested in seeing how a pack of alphas work.  Doesn't that go against the point of being an alpha amongst betas?

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    Colton Haynes will not be returning for Teen Wolf Season 3.

    The actor made the surprise announcement himself this afternoon, posting on Twitter:

    "These past few yrs have been the best of my life. I'm sad that this chapter has ended, but excited for a new one to begin. Thx for the love."

    Jackson Whittemore Photograph

    Haynes' Jackson was revealed to be the Kanima toward the end of Season 2, with the character transforming into a werewolf on the finale.

    Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis has said the series filmed an alternative scene to close that run of episodes, just in case the actor did depart the MTV smash, one in which Jackson dies. Does this mean we now know the creature's fate?

    "You'll just have to wait and see," Davis told E! News.

    MTV has yet to confirm Haynes' departure, while insiders say contract negotiations fell apart this summer between the two sides. We'll update this story as news breaks.

    UPDATE: A MTV spokesperson has told Us Weekly there is "absolutely no truth that Colton is being pushed out or that he, or any cast member, is being replaced. We love Colton and look forward to his returning with the entire cast for Season 3 of Teen Wolf.”

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    With fans still reeling over the rumored departure of Colton Haynes, we have an update on new characters headed to Teen Wolf Season 3:

    Charlie and Max Carver (Desperate Housewives) have been cast in the major recurring roles of twins Ethan and Aidan, a pair of alpha wolves that help comprise the pack coming to Beacon Hills.

    Snake Eye

    Elsewhere, according to Deadline, Felisha Terrell (Days of Our Lives) will portray the drama's first female alpha, a ruthless young animal named Kali.

    Finally, Australian actress Adelaide Kane will play Cora, a 17-year old with a connection to the Beacon Hills werewolf line.

    MTV is yet to announce a premiere date for Teen Wolf Season 3, but look for the first of 24 new episodes to kick off in June.

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    Gideon Emery will play a major role on Teen Wolf Season 3.

    As first reported by Zap2It, the actor (currently appearing as Booth on Last Resort) will come on board this popular MTV drama as Deucalion, the head of the pack of Alpha werewolves that entered the picture on the Teen Wolf Season 2 finale.

    Gideon Emery on Resort

    Look for the leader and his pack to try and turn Derek and Scott against each other, while tearing Beacon Hills apart, when the show returns this summer.

    Yesterday, we reported on three other Teen Wolf casting notes:

    • Charlie and Max Carver will play twin wolves in this new pack.
    • Felisha Terrell will portray the first female alpha.
    • Adelaide Kane will take on Cora, a young woman with a connection to the Beacon Hills line.

    0 0

    With the news that Colton Haynes is out of Teen Wolf Season 3, fans of this MTV hit could use a few laughs.

    Enter other cast members and the video below.

    Released this week by the network, the following teaser takes viewers on to the set for the first day of filming. We aren't privy to any new footage and no Teen Wolf spoilers are revealed, but it's a fun look at one of the youngest, most fun casts on television. See for yourself:

    Teen Wolf returns to MTV this summer with a super-sized season, as the network has doubled the episode order from 12 to 24. There's another reason to smile, TV Fanatics.

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    You’d think I spent time in the old West this week, considering the way guns were a-blazing all over the place in my latest scoop-filled Notebook.

    Shots will be fired on this Monday’s Bones; we will get the repercussion of Ann shooting her evil ex on last week’s Dallas; cops will be in the line of fire on the Southland Season 5 premiere; and finally - because why not? I-  stopped by the werewolf-heavy set of Teen Wolf for some chats with the cast...

    Jim's Notebook

    BONES We already know that Emily Deschanel’s Brennan is shot in this Monday’s episode - and while the actress didn’t want to spoil anything, she did tell me yesterday that one thing fans can expect to see throughout the rest of Bones Season 8 is more of those great scenes between BFFs Brennan and Angela, as well as with Cam.

    “Yeah, there’s definitely some kind of hearts to hearts,” Deschanel said. “We’re overdue for even more connection between Angela and Brennan. I think we could have more of those. There’s a big thing [when] Cam’s romance is revealed...and Brennan and Cam interact about that... you will see more heart to hearts.”

    The star also said that Pelant will definitely figure into future episodes but, as Executive Producer Stephen Nathan revealed to me on a separate phone call, the writers are still breaking those season end episodes. Still, expect Pelant’s presence to be felt in a big way. (More on my chat with Nathan next week.)

    SOUTHLAND If you want a good cop show, look no further than this TNT gem, which opens Season 5 next Wednesday. As for what we can expect? Especially concerning what happened at the end of last season with Ben McKenzie’s character, Officer Ben Sherman?

    “We’re not really ever going to know,” he told me earlier this week. “At best case, he tracked down a pimp that he had a beef with and the guy pulled a gun and then shot in self-defense. At worst, the pimp never even pulled a gun and Ben shot him in cold blood. Regardless, he’s getting rewarded for it [in the season opener], and that leads him to believe that he’s invincible, more or less.”

    Who Shot Brennan?Frozen Stiles

    And watch for guest star Chad Michael Murray to play a very different character than what we’re used to seeing on One Tree Hill - and that goes for more than just the moustache you’ll see him sport in the first two episodes of the season.

    DALLAS Brenda Strong is so good at keeping secrets! While she hinted to me recently that her character of Ann would be going through a lot in Dallas Season 2 who knew that meant pumping her evil ex Harris full of lead?!? Does the actress think Ann knew exactly what she was doing when she pulled the trigger?

    “I think there was an altered state that I felt she needed to be in in order to make that decision,” she told me. “I don’t know that she knew when she arrived that she was going to complete the intention of shooting him. I think she has been pushed to such a degree of heartbreak that there was an altered state that she was in and it was the last thing that he said that allowed her to say ‘Yes, he deserved it.’”

    One thing that surprised the actress was that she’s gotten so many thank-yous from fans for plugging Harris with a bullet. (I’m among them. He had it comin’, for sure!) But don’t count Harris as dead. His portrayer, Mitch Pileggi, was upped to a full-time cast member this season, so he’s sure to survive. But Strong promised Ann will be butting heads with Harris’s mother (the awesome Judith Light) in coming episodes. 

    TEEN WOLF The MTV series is shooting season 3 in Los Angeles and I stopped by the set this week to chat up fan favorite Dylan O’Brien, who was definitely not slacking off during his hiatus. Instead, he was working on a big screen comedy with some very big box office names.

    In The Internship, “Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan are guys in their 40s, middle-aged salesmen, who lose their jobs, the company goes under, and they have to reinvent themselves in the new world of technology,” he told me. “They sign up to be interns at Google…and it’s a disaster because they’re a part of intern week and the interns are grouped into teams and compete against each other and the winning team gets jobs at Google.”

    But like Stiles on Teen Wolf, O’Brien’s character isn’t one of the cool kids: “We’re kind of the ‘Bad News Bears’ who get slumped together,” he said with a smile. “Our team sucks and we have Owen and Vince, who don’t know anything. Then the rest of us are just the outcasts. There’s a reason why we’re not in any other group.”

    The Internship also features familiar TV faces like Rose Byrne (Damages) and Jessica Szohr (Gossip Girl) and is set to hit screens on June 7. (More Teen Wolf chats coming closer to the premiere later this year)

    That’s a wrap for this week! Anything else you’re dying to know about your favorite show? Leave a comment here or you email me directly at And remember: follow @TVFanatic for all your TV scoop!

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    Mark your calendars and get excited, MTV viewers: Teen Wolf Season 3 will premiere on June 3 at 10 p.m.

    Teen Wolf Season 2 Finale Pic

    Aside from revealing the return date, we can confirm the following Teen Wolf spoilers and scoops for the summer:

    • The super-sized season (24 episodes!) will be split into two segments.
    • Four months time will have elapsed in Beacon Hills, with Jackson having moved out of town, Stiles experiments with a new hairstyle and Derek living in a new bachelor pad.
    • A flashback episode will air this summer in which we meet a young Derek Hale, played by Ian Nelson. We'll learn this character was not always so dark and brooding.
    • We'll meet Derek's mother and sister in the same episode.

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    Teen Wolf - and TV Fanatic - are headed to WonderCon.

    Confirmed today in a MTV press release, the drama will be featured at the event on Saturday, May 30 in Anaheim.

    The panel, which will include Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien and creator Jeff Davis, will be moderated by TV Fanatic West Coast Editor Jim Halterman and will give fans an idea of what's ahead on Teen Wolf Season 3, which premieres on June 3.

    Derek Transforms

    What sort of nuggets do you want discussed? Which storylines are you most interested in? What questions do you have for Teen Wolf cast members?

    Send them to @JimHalterman now and/or leave a Comment below!

    NOTE: For more WonderCon details, visit the website,

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    It's not everyday that one of our own gets to moderate a panel at WonderCon 2013 - but that's what happened this weekend when West Coast Editor Jim Halterman took the stage with Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis and actors Tyler Posey (Scott) and Dylan O'Brien (Stiles) to talk about the upcoming third season of the popular MTV series.

    Before the panel, however, we were in the Teen Wolf press room to get a quick preview from Davis, Posey and O'Brien about what's to come when the new season kicks off June 3.

    Take it away, Mr. Davis!

    And now a few words from Mr. Posey:

    And we wrap things up with the always-hilarious Mr. O'Brien:

    Visit TV Fanatic all spring long for series updates, interviews and spoilers. And check out the first Teen Wolf Season 3 teaser now!

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    We're inching ever close to the premiere of Teen Wolf Season 3.

    And while a new promo that debuted during last night's MTV Movie Awards doesn't offer any fresh footage from the MTV series, it does leave us more excited than ever for June 3.

    That's what happens when we watch Tyler Posey's Scott being tortured by an Alpha… who turns out to be himself?!?

    Will Scott therefore be starting his own pack? Joining the group of Alphas set to be introduced this summer? Watch for yourself and try to make sense of the teaser:

    0 0

    MTV has given fans their first extended look at Teen Wolf Season 3.

    Look for new episodes - which kick off June 3! - to pick up four months after Peter Hale's resurrection, with a new threat hitting town for Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Allison.

    As these four begin their junior year, they'll face a new imposing foe, along with a pair of Alpha werewolves portrayed by Charlie and Max Carver. Is a major death on the way? The following preview sure makes it seem that way:

    Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer

    On May 27, MTV will air an hour-long special - Teen Wolf: Back to the Pack - while a Teen Wolf Season 2 marathon will air on June 3, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., leading up to the premiere.

    Adjust your DVR accordingly.

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    With under one week to go until the Teen Wolf Season 3 premiere, TV Fanatic is giving fans a chance to catch up on last summer's run of episodes.

    Indeed, TWO (2) lucky readers have a chance to win ONE (1) copy each of the Teen Wolf Season 2 DVD, whose features include:

    • Interviews with new cast members Sinqua Walls (Boyd), Gage Golightly (Erica) and Daniel Sharman (Isaac).
    • Alternate, deleted and extended scenes.
    • A montage of shirtless scenes.
    • A blooper reel.
    • Commentary from producers Jeff Davis and Christian Taylor.

    Teen Wolf DVD Cover

    Just follow any or all of the steps below to enter. The winners will be selected and announced on Tuesday, June 4. Good luck!!!

    UPDATE: Thank you to all who entered. The winners are... Rahne Fellwalker and Melody Paris!

    Also available this week on DVD:

    Longmire Season 1: There may be no werewolves but the stakes are just as high in the A&E Western series, Longmire. The second season of the modern-day Western just began last night on A&E so it’s the perfect time to check out the inaugural season of the series based on the popular Walt Longmire novels by Craig Johnson. Robert Taylor stars alongside Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica), Lou Diamond Phillips and Cassidy Freeman (Smallville)

    Mountain Men Season 1: And think reality series can’t keep you on the edge of your seat? Think again. History’s Mountain Men premiered last year and captivated audiences by following three different men in three different wilderness areas. Travel from North Carolina, Montana and Alaska with this captivating series. The second season kicks off June 9th so catch up with the eight episodes of the first season.

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